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The Best Gifts For Guinea Pig Lovers

Trying to pick the perfect gift for the guinea pig-lover in your life can feel like an impossible task when you know next to nothing about the world of these furry potato piggies.

But don’t worry too much, because with our help… it’s all guinea be okay.

To help you avoid a cavy-themed catastrophe, we’ve trawled through nearly every guinea gift on the planet to ensure you don’t make a disastrous decision before the big day.

Whether you’re in desperate need of a stocking filler, birthday gift or just want to please the guinea-mad lad/lady in your life, these squeal-inducing piggy prezzies are sure to turn any recipient into a certified grinny pig!

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    This mug is pretty self-explanatory in terms of the target market.

    It is also dishwasher safe, fade-free and durable. There is no better way for the loved one in your life to enjoy their morning cuppa.

    There is no better sound than the ‘wheek wheek’ their guinea pig lets out, so popping it on a t-shirt that tells the world they love their guinea pig is the best gift possible.

    With sizes from XS to XXL available, and a whole host of colours to choose from too, there is no better fail-safe gift than this one.

    Sadly, guinea pigs aren’t the most portable pets and you can’t just take them with you wherever you go…

    Luckily for those who crave constant cavy attention though, this backpack is a close second, allowing you to carry all your essentials… as well as some piggy friends thanks to a quirky print from IzzyRainey!

    Adorned with an army of super sweet pipsqueaks, it’s a heart-warming gift for any back to school guinea lover and a marvel in quality hand-made design.

    It’s quite simply the most superb and thoughtful gift on the market!

    Themed egg cups always liven up a breakfast whether you’re 7 or 70 and this dutch guinea pig egg cup is an irresistibly adorable addition to any lover of guinea themed crockery!

    A cartoonish replica of fluffy pipsqueaks face, it features chubby cheeks and dinky little ears that will make your morning egg a cheerful delight.

    High-quality and hand painted, it’s a wonderful gift for a birthday or Easter!

    Consisting of two guinea pig parents and their pups, this is the perfect personalised family portrait featuring pretty handwriting labels to assign each member of your brood a cute cartoon guinea counterpart.

    Drawn by illustrator Hanna Melin, you can add glasses to guineas of your choice, order pup sizes from smallest to largest and even feature twins if you so wish!

    It’s a lovely gift for a really special family and is printed on high quality paper ready for framing!

    A sweet-natured and beautifully illustrated luxury scarf, this Lettuce Be Friends decorative shoal from Wrendale Designs features guineas getting up to all kinds of mischief on a delicate blue material of elegant quality.

    Made from a super soft 100% polyester fabrics, it’s sleek, smooth and fashionable, allowing you to celebrate your love for the guinea in upmarket style!

    What is it with grown adults and colouring books at the moment? Can’t you get a real hobby like golf… or filling in your tax returns?

    Anyway, we’re not judging (too much) and adult colouring books are now an uber popular stocking filler come Christmas time. This Goofy Guineas collection is sure to be a hit with the cavvy cult, with a unique comic book style of over thirty hilarious guinea pig illustrations.

    With each drawing displaying a different character, you can colour in the likes of pigasaurus, Count Pigula and many other wacky porksters.

    A great gift for ages 7 to 70, you’re never too old to colour in… apparently

    If you’ve a shared passion for guinea pigs and pilates, you’ll be blown away by this phenomenal meeting of minds, a hilarious t-shirt which joins the forces of piggy power and yoga together for the very first time.

    The ideal garment for a hot yoga session, this silly tee features cuddly pipsqueaks modelling all your favourite poses and is a 100% cotton shirt which comes in 10 bold colour options!

    Forget the downward dog, it’s time to show your class the grazing guinea.

    A fantastic pin brooch originally intended for a kilt, this lovely piece of jewellery would look attractive on any posh winter coat and is a lovely piece for anyone with a passion for the piggy way.

    A serious good luck charm for any wearer, it features a small star, large leaf, heart shape, flower and of course, a guinea pig!

    To make it extra special, you can also personalise the charm with a single initial stamp!

    If you want to get the guinea pig lover in your life a gift that’s thoughtful, elegant and yet also practical, this brilliant hutch decoration is not only a great design but it’s also a useful everyday tool for piggy care!

    An attractive double sided plaque, this wooden sign states on one side “The guinea pig has been fed” and “the guinea pig has not been fed” on the opposing side.

    Featuring an impossibly cute cav, the sign includes a hanging cord attachment to make it easy for hanging on your hutch and easily reversing it when required. You can also choose to get it gift wrapped in a style of your choice!

    A great gift for guinea pig households with several different carers, there’ll be no confusion, overlapping or forgetting feeding time when this bad boy is on display!

    Although not an obvious choice for sentimental jewellery, for the guinea pig lover in your life, this piggy charm necklace will undoubtedly go down a storm.

    Made from your choice of either 18ct rose gold or sterling silver, this necklace features a subtle but stunning guinea figure, which is sweet and small enough to make the perfect statement of piggy passion without being garish.

    There’s even an option for personalisation, so you can make it a truly special gift with an engraved name tag.

    It also comes gift boxed, so it’s all ready to be received as a perfect present!

    Declaring your love for someone is difficult, especially through the medium of a gift.

    But nothing quite says ‘I love you’ like this personalised guinea pig couple cushion, featuring two snuggling cartoon guineas and space beneath to add any personalised message you desire.

    This is a heart warming gift even for those who aren’t so hot on ickle rodents, but for the guinea pig lover, they’re a certified heart melter.

    Although it might just seem like a silly little gift, the cushion is actually a perfect symbol of love, as guinea pigs are cohabitating creatures and without a partner they can genuinely suffer from heartbreak and loneliness.

    So tell your partner you can’t live without them the only way you know how… buy them a guinea pig cushion.

    What is it about guinea pigs that makes them just so darn cute and irresistible?

    Well, while we may never quite be able to nail down the answer, this funny ‘anatomy of a guinea pig’ print from Wraptious certainly goes some ways into attempting to define exactly why we love them so.

    Although sounding scientific and decidedly undecor-like, this porky print is actually a hilarious read featuring an awwww-inspiring guinea pig cartoon and several labels denoting the various body parts of a pig.

    But rather than going all Charlie Darwin on us, this print is purely here to entertain with such annotations as ‘stout-yet-squirmy chub tube’ for the stomach and ‘all-seeing vision beans’ for the eyes.

    It’s a certified chuckle extractor for your nearest and dearest cavy collector.

    Some of the more naïve of you in this world’s wee guinea gang may naturally presume there is nothing more adorable in this world than the humble g pig.

    But we’re here to tell you that you’re wrong and that anyone spouting such nonsense has clearly never seen a cavy adorning oversized Elton John-style specs.

    We’re not suggesting you trot your pet down to Specsavers though and a much cooler and less cruel way to bring this vision into your life is with this attractive and appealing print from Hannah Melin.

    Featuring several different breeds of pig, each cavy is sporting a different style of fetching eyewear which will raise a smile out of even the most arch anti-guineaist.

    Available in small or large sizes, the corking illustration is hand drawn by Melin and then digitally printed on an unframed print.

    It’s one heck of a vision!

    It’s an element of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice you’ve probably never even considered, and certainly not a plot twist you’ve been actively craving since reading it.

    However this guinea pig classics set is there to please that piggy obsessed minority, with an enjoyable illustrated set of books retelling some of your favourite stories through the chocolate button eyes of guinea pig characters.

    Who would have thought that the story of Romeo & Juliet would be twice as tragic and doubly as romantic when retold as the passionate star-crossed affection of two guinea pigs.

    And if that isn’t enough to sell it to you… the illustrated pigs also wear appropriate costumes for an official cuteness overload.

    The only thing sweeter than the love of a guinea pig is a nice cup of tea with milk and two sugars.

    But there’s no reason why those two passions can’t be brought together and in an orgy of cavy cup delight, this alluring mug allows you to drink your brew from a vessel completely plastered with perfect piggies.

    Coming in a unique paint and pen style from artist Jo Clark, these cute cups feature ickle pipsqueaks surrounded by dandelions and are the ultimate slurping device for super fans of the wee piglet.

    Dishwasher safe and boasting a hearty 330ml capacity, you’ll never touch another mug again!

    If you want to get your new-born started early when it comes to displaying a bit of piggy passion, this cute and funky baby grow is a first class ticket on a guinea pig love train that’s headed straight for a town called Obsession.

    A sight too endearing to imagine, if you think you fuss over guinea pigs, wait until you see an ickle baby in these pipsqueak PJs, coming in a tasty apple green or appetising bubble-gum pink.

    Plastered with pigs, each printed cartoon animal is an adorable shade of chocolate and cream and the back of the baby grow also features a sole cheeky cavy printed on the bottom!

    Once they’ve donned this little number, there’s no going back… they’re officially a cavy kid for life.

    If your recipient’s undying love for the guinea pig has gotten so bad they have to have everything guinea pig-related, then it’s only natural that they need a notebook to jot their thoughts about guinea pigs in. Whether they’re just making daily observations of their piggies behaviour, planning activities and foods they can try or simply writing poems about guinea pigs, they’ll need it all in a dedicated notepad.

    There are 120 pages to fill and a little introduction at the start to put their name into, which is pretty cute as well!


    A cracking prezzy for the keen gardener or those brave enough to grow their own guinea pig food, this plant pot features a lovely piggy illustration and can be personalised to feature any text you fancy!

    Designed for growing your own piggy provisions, this planter is available with Brussel sprout or rainbow carrot seeds so you can spruce up your very own nourishing vegetables for the cavy in your life!

    Printed in a studio in Devon, these pretty pots are also 100% ceramic as well as microwave and dishwasher safe!

    Wrendale are well known and revered for their gorgeous wildlife prints, but they also offer some fantastic pet adorned products too.

    Named ‘The Trendsetter’, this glasses case features a trio of ickle pipsqueaks in all their fluffy glory with one of the cutie pies sporting their very own pair of heart shaped specs.

    The inside is also filled with further piggy illustrations and a matching cleaning cloth, completing what is surely one of the most corking cavy themed products available.

    Ideal for guinea obsessives who are always misplacing their goggles, this case is certainly a sight to behold!

    Another pretty design from Wrendale, this large tin is an idyllic gift for those who love guinea pigs and baking, helping them to combine the two without resorting to whipping up a guinea flavoured gateau.

    Drawn by award winning artist Hannah Dale, this beautifully crafted design features sketches of guineas and floppy eared rabbits, making it a delightful aesthetic for hutch-loving family members.

    Ideal for baking or for storing biscuits, stationary, arts and crafts bits or anything you fancy in it, it’s a multi-use tin which is as pretty as it is practical!