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Best Dog Bandanas for 2022

Dog bandanas are a great way to show off your pup’s personality without making them uncomfortable or getting in the way of their harness and other necessities.

They are sure to get tons of compliments and praise from passers-by on walks, and you can even colour coordinate so you have the most trendy dog in the neighbourhood. But as you will find below, some can even be very practical.

With literally hundreds to choose from, we have found some of the best which we think will really take your four-legged friend from characterless to catwalk.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Barbour Tartan Bandana
    • Branded logo
    • 100% cotton
    • Fits with Barbour dog collars
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    GRUMBLE&GRUMBLE- Personalised Harris Tweed Dog Bandana
    • Embroider your pet’s name in handwriting style
    • Multiple colours
    • 100 % wool
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    TEDDY MAXIMUS Personalised Pink Liberty Print Neckerchief
    • Handmade with 100% cotton
    • Can be gift wrapped
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    The Top Dog Bandanas Reviewed

    Barbour Tartan Bandana

    Classy canines deserve more than just your standard bandana, and this beautifully designed tartan neckerchief from the collaboration between Landrover and Barbour is sure to make them the envy of every dog in town.

    From Barbour’s dog collection, this scarf is simply designed to fit over a pup’s collar, keeping them warm and stylish on country walks.

    This makes it suitable for dog breeds of any size and is a great way of showing off you and your pup’s personality!


    • Branded logo
    • 100% cotton
    • Fits with Barbour dog collars


    • Weight: 18.1 g
    • Dimensions: 20cm
    • Sizes: S/M

    GRUMBLE&GRUMBLE- Personalised Harris Tweed Dog Bandana

    Personalised items make the most adorable gifts for pooches, and this specially embroidered tweed bandana will let everyone know how much you love your little tyke!

    From Pink Herringbone to Cerise Check, you can choose from 14 different wool tweeds and can display any writing you want in the font of your choice. Each tweed has that classic country look that oozes quality and class, and the bandana is finished off with a small satin Grumble&Grumble label, which is placed carefully in the seam alongside a small Harris Tweed label.



    • Embroider your pet’s name in handwriting style
    • Multiple colours
    • 100 % wool


    • Weight: 49.9 g
    • Dimensions: N/A
    • Sizes: Custom made

    TEDDY MAXIMUS Personalised Pink Liberty Print Neckerchief

    Is there anything prettier than this floral design, and is there anything cuter than a personalised bandana for your little buddy?

    Handmade in Britain, this bandana is quintessentially English and features a beautifully delicate design that can be personalised with your dog’s name!

    There’s also a range of sizes, so no dog has to miss out!


    • Handmade with 100% cotton
    • Can be gift wrapped


    • Weight: 40.8 g (L)
    • Dimensions: Small: 10-12", Medium: 12-14", Large: 14-16"
    • Sizes: S, M, L

    Akord Adjustable Bandana

    For a classic western look, this dog bandana from Akord puts the cowboy into your collie with an easy and comfortable fit.

    Whereas plenty of bandanas must be tied on at the back, Akord’s neckerchief comes with an adjustable strap and clip, meaning you can maximise your dog’s comfort quickly and effectively.

    Best used as an everyday collar, you can choose from 6 fashionable colours in either a small (27 cm) or medium (44 cm) collar size, making it the perfect accessory for small and medium-sized breeds.


    • Available in 6 different colours
    • Adjustable strap
    • Clip-on to fasten


    • Weight: 9.07 g
    • Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 1.1 cm (M)
    • Sizes: S, M

    VIPITH Dog Bandana

    If you like to constantly customise your dog’s attire or have more than one lucky pup, you can’t beat a bulk buy!

    This classy pack of checkered bandanas comes in a pack of eight, meaning even the biggest furry families are covered. Each scarf is a unique plaid pattern of different colours, meaning you’ll be sure to find at least one that matches your pooch’s personality!

    Premium cotton ensures your pup gets the softest, most comforting collar alternative and takes two seconds to tie on!

    Great for dogs of all sizes thanks to its adjustable tightness.


    • Eight uniquely patterned plaid scarfs
    • Cotton material
    • Suitable for machine wash and dry


    • Weight: 136 g
    • Dimensions:60x40x40 cm

    Lionet Paws Bandana Kerchief

    A beautiful and unique design, a Lionet Paw bandana is ideal for everyday wear and are guaranteed to be as stylish as they are comforting for your pup.

    Made of high-quality cotton, their scarfs come in 9 unique designs from pretty floral pieces to formal pinstripes and are fashioned with durability and safety in mind.

    Suitable for smaller dogs with neck sizes of up to 40cm and larger ones of up to 58 cm, any pup can enjoy the rich, tender material of a Lionet Paws scarf!


    • 9 unique designs
    • Available in small and large sizes
    • High quality cotton fabric


    • Weight: 45.4 g (L)
    • Dimensions: 17.8 x 14.7 x 1 cm (L)
    • Sizes: S, L

    Dexil Bandana Caution

    Some dogs can get incredibly anxious in public, which often results in unwanted behaviours such as barking and aggression when coming across strangers. This makes taking your dog for a walk more stressful than it should be, especially when there is always the risk that an innocent interaction could become an incident.

    But how can you warn others quickly and easily?

    To help solve such problems, this innovative scarf from Dexil comes with embroidered CAUTION lettering to warn other dog owners and petters that your anxious pup is fearful of strangers.

    A red colour coding makes sure your dog and its message can be spotted from a considerable distance and is one size fits all, making it suitable for any nervous dog!


    • One size fits all
    • Caution embroidery to warn others
    • Colour coded to prevent incidents in public


    • Weight: 9.07 g
    • Dimensions: 15 x 10.7 x 1.4 cm
    • Sizes: One-size

    All For Paws Chill Out Bandana

    If your canine often overheats in summery weather, this bandana from All For Paws is a great way of offering long-lasting heat relief while also scoring serious style points!

    Made of a special material which can easily absorb water, simply soak the bandana under a cold tap and then apply to your pooch to keep them cool in the blazing heat, so they can reap the rewards of a sunny day! Velcro straps mean it really couldn’t be easier to fit around your pup’s neck and an interesting swimming pool design ensures they’ll look as cool as they feel!

    It’s a cheaper and more practical version of a cooling mat!


    • Keeps dogs cool in the heat
    • Comfortable and non-toxic
    • Swimming pool design


    • Weight: 36.3 g (M)
    • Dimensions: 27.9 x 27.9 x 1 cm (M)
    • Sizes: M, L

    Pet Pooch Boutique Vintage Bandana

    Finding a bandana to match your pup’s personality can be difficult, especially when they all seem to be traditional checkered designs.

    But if your pretty and pampered pooch is more suited to a delicate floral style, we think we may have finally found the neckerchief for you. Pet Pooch Boutique offers 5 different flowery bandana designs, coming in green, red, blue, pink and cream colours, so you can choose the best match for your pup’s beautiful coat.

    The 100% cotton material ensures it won’t itch or irritate and with sizes from XS to L, it’s a ravishing neckerchief for both Chihuahuas and Labradors!


    • Easy fit and adjustable
    • 100% cotton
    • 5 unique colour designs


    • Weight: 18.1 g
    • Dimensions: 26 x 0.1 x 32 cm (M)
    • Sizes: XS, S, M, L

    Party Dog Birthday Bandana

    Make your pup the centre of attention on their special day with this fantastic birthday scarf!

    This navy neckerchief is printed with a celebratory birthday declaration and is simply tied up at the back for an easy fit.

    It’s the ideal present for their big day!


    • Machine washable
    • 65% cotton 35% polyester mix


    • Weight: 18.1 g
    • Dimensions: Neck Size 25-35cm
    • Sizes: XS, S

    Buying Guide


    To ensure they are not irritating for your dog, bandanas are almost exclusively made out of cotton, polyester or a mix of the two. This keeps them soft, comforting and breathable for your dog. Sometimes a bandana with special features, such as a cooling scarf will contain an additional middle layer of gel which can reserve cold temperatures.


    Before purchasing a dog bandana, you need to consider the three different styles and which will be the best option for your canine.

    Adjustable Straps/Buckles

    Essentially collars with neckerchief attachments, bandanas with buckles and adjustable straps simply need to be clipped on and then adapted using sliders to make sure they are a comfortable fit for your pup. They are the best option if you are looking to replace your pet’s collar with the neckerchief style.


    Bandanas that are made of 100% cotton material are often just a cloth triangle with no added buckles or straps. This means they merely need an owner to tie them up at the back for a perfect fit.

    Collar fits

    Usually just a triangular piece of cloth, an over the collar bandana will have a flap stitched into the back so it can be fitted over the top of a collar. These are probably the easiest to fit and remove but are therefore consequently the least secure.


    Because dogs come in all shapes and sizes, it’s vital you check the size of a dog bandana before your purchase and also measure your mutt’s neck to best determine their perfect fit.

    How to Measure Your Dog’s Neck

    • Using a seamstress tape measure, fit the tape around your dog’s neck snugly but not too tight and record the measurement
    • Then add around 5 cm to your recorded measurement and fit the tape measure around your dog’s neck again with the 5 cm adjustment. This is to ensure your pup has a more roomy fit
    • If it’s perfect, you should be able to fit two fingers snugly into the space between neck and tape measure. If you can’t continue to add a couple of cm onto the measurement until you can. If there is a big gap between your fingers and the tape measure, begin taking away a couple of cm off the measurement until they fit perfectly

    Other Buyers Ask...

    How do you tie a dog bandana?

    The best form of knot to tie a bandana is a square knot. Place the bandana around the dog’s neck and hold both ends of the bandana, one in each hand. Pass the right end over the left end and then back under the left. Pass the left end over the right end and back under the right. Then carefully tighten the knot by pulling both ends until comfortably fitted without being too tight. Make sure you can fit two fingers in the space between your dog’s neck and the bandana!

    Is dressing up a dog in bandanas safe?

    Bandanas are generally safe for your dog, but it’s recommended they should always be worn under supervision. This is because pets can chew items very unexpectedly and ingesting the material would not be healthy for your pup.

    Although dressing up your dog is fun, you should also never force an accessory on a dog if it is clearly irritating or upsetting them.

    How do I make sure a bandana is comfy for my dog?

    Always check your dog’s bandana is comfortable by checking to see if you can snugly fit two fingers in the space between the scarf and their neck. If you can’t it’s far too tight!