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Best Catnip Products for 2022

Around 8 out of 10 cats react to the power of catnip. It is a form of herb which makes cats go a little bit crazy. The scientific name is nepeta cataria, but it is also called catswort, catwort, and catmint.

It gives off a slightly minty, lemony scent when fresh and growing, and is a cousin to basil and oregano. But if you’re buying it for a cat to use, you’ll likely buy it cut and dried. Originally from Europe and Asia, even larger cats like lions have been known to not be able to get enough of it.

Why? It simply releases a chemical that cats respond to. It is the oils within the plant that are the key to the reactions.

While the exact reaction can vary from cat to cat, the buzz tends to last for around 10-15 minutes. It is genetics that determines whether your cat will like it. Around 50% of all cats will react, and kittens start to show reactions between the ages of 3-6 months.

Perhaps you’re wondering what is the best way to give cats catnip, and what the best catnip products are? How exactly do you use it? We have a full guide to catnip.

If you’re buying for a cat, also having one of the best catnip toys to hand is a really easy way to keep mess to a minimum and encourage your cat to play. Catnip can also be rubbed or sprayed onto scratching posts to encourage their use or sprinkled onto new beds.

Catnip comes in various forms and can be ingested, licked, sniffed or rolled around in, all to garner different reactions. From dried catnip to sprays, we have reviewed all those on the market and whittled the selection down to the best picks.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Our Pets Catnip Jar Cat Herb
    • Very potent smell
    • Good size tub
    Check Price
    KONG Catnip Spray
    • No mess
    • Strong scent
    Check Price
    The Innocent Cat Catnip Treats
    • Choice of flavours
    • Suitable for raw diets
    Check Price

    The Top Catnips Reviewed

    Our Pets Catnip Jar Cat Herb

    100% organically grown, this loose catnip is perfect for filling toys with or using in bags dotted around the house.

    It really packs a punch, able to give out a really strong smell for a prolonged amount of time so you can get the most out of the tub. The size is very generous, which should mean it goes a long way, which is particularly important if you have several cats.

    Users describe it as one of the most potent options, which is good if other brands just don’t seem to have been able to hit the spot.


    • Very potent smell
    • Good size tub


    • Size: 1.25oz
    • Form: Loose leaf

    KONG Naturals Premium Catnip

    Able to be stuffed inside your cats favourite toy to encourage playtime, or given to them to chew and have a calming effect, these leaves are designed to appeal to natural instincts while being completely natural.

    It is highly potent, and can even bring the shyest cats out of their shell. From as early as eight weeks old, kittens can use catnip as part of their training and playtimes.

    They can also use loose catnip to roll in before socialising, which will increase their appeal to other moggies, both indoor and outdoor.


    • Comes in keep fresh tin
    • Completely natural


    • Size: 56.7g
    • Form: Loose

    KONG Catnip Spray

    A real benefit of catnip in oil spray form is that it creates a lot less mess and you have a bit more freedom in terms of where it goes.

    It can reduce the potency, however, which is why we have picked the Kong brand as out number one catnip spray. It is still as potent as the loose-leaf stuff but gives you more freedom, for use on cat towers and scratching posts or on toys.

    This could make it a great addition to a training programme when you are trying to stop them from scratching the sofa or carpets. A small bottle will last a lot longer than you’d imagine as only one spray is needed, and it won’t stink your room out either.


    • No mess
    • Strong scent


    • Size: 30ml
    • Form: Spray

    The Innocent Cat Catnip Treats

    Catnip is edible in order to give a calming effect as opposed to hyperactive, and these little treats are the perfect way to subtly introduce the herb into your cat’s diet.

    They’re grain-free, hypoallergenic and taste just like ordinary chicken treats, but with 0.5% catnip, there is just enough in there to have an effect without overdoing it, so the treats can be regular.

    Up to six a day can be given, as part of a balanced diet, and they are soft and pliable so the perfect way to hide any medication while keeping them calm enough to properly digest it.


    • Choice of flavours
    • Suitable for raw diets


    • Size: 70g
    • Form: Treat bites

    King Catnip Dental Sticks

    Your cat’s teeth aren’t the easiest part of their body to look after, so these catnip sticks will kill two birds with one stone and remove plaque while giving them a bit of an activity and brain boost.

    These sticks are made from the dried stalks of the catnip plant, so are completely natural and ensure that no part of the plant has gone to waste in the process. They are designed to help your kitty floss and remove plaque and can be used from the age of six months so are a great way to start them off on healthcare from an early age.

    You’d be forgiven for thinking that they are not as potent as the spray or loose forms, but in actual effect, they are just as strong and attractive.


    • Strong sticks
    • Highly scented


    • Size: 21.5 x 7.5 x 2 cm/10g
    • Form: Sticks

    Cosmic Classic Catnip

    The strong, aromatic scent of this loose catnip is irresistible, and it can be sprinkled on toys or scratchers to encourage playtime.

    It is North American grown, like the most decent stuff around, and it comes in a nice small bag for easy storage.


    • Good price and size


    • Size: 1/2 oz.
    • Form: Loose Leaf

    Pet Touch Catnip

    A nice low price, perhaps for anyone who hasn’t used catnip before and wants to test the waters before plunging in.

    This is a great size for refilling toys or sprinkling on sleeping or playing areas. It is 100% natural and suited to cats over 8 months of age. The bag will reseal tightly to keep it fresh, and it is easy to store somewhere cool and dry.


    • Small bag - good if you're not sure


    • Size: 30g
    • Form: Loose Leaf

    Buying Guide

    How we chose the best catnip

    Catnip comes in four different forms. Loose is the natural leaf but dried. A few pinches will usually last a few weeks. It is great for stuffing into catnip toys, sprinkling over carpets to encourage playing, or rubbing onto cat scratching posts to encourage their use.

    Sprays can be sprayed onto any toys, beds or scratching posts to encourage their use, too. This is a bit less messy than the loose-leaf, although the smell isn’t as strong. It still contains the oils of the plant, so only one or two sprays are needed and it should last a week or so.

    Catnip toys can be bought ready-made, with pouches that contain loose leaf catnip. This is a bit less messy than rubbing it onto the toy, and there’s more in the toy, so the smell will be stronger too. The catnip can usually be replaced after a few months when the scent wears off. When finding the best catnip toys, we ensured the catnip could be replaced, which makes it longer lasting and more useful.

    You can also buy catnip scratching posts ready-made. Catnip is infused in the sisal rope or cardboard as they come and can be topped up with sprays or by rubbing the loose leaf on the frame. You didn’t have much choice here though, and to be honest, it is nothing that can’t be done by yourself, so not really any of these stood out to us for a recommendation.

    However, a good way of giving your cat catnip but in smaller doses for more regular results is catnip treats. If your cat is calmed down by catnip, it is a great way to keep them calm throughout the day. Some catnip treats come as dental sticks too, meaning they’re doing two jobs at once.

    We also looked at value for money. Often, buying catnip in bulk online is more financially sensible than smaller packs in supermarkets. We looked at how long the catnip lasts, and when it needs to be replaced.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    What are the effects of catnip?

    Why should you buy catnip for your cat? Well, it can have several effects on their behaviour. This can alter from cat to cat, but in general, with inhalation, you may get:

    • Hyperactivity and increased excitement
    • Inquisitiveness towards new products
    • Rubbing against the catnip to cover themselves on the scent

    It can also be ingested, which causes:

    • Sleepiness
    • Calmness and slower senses
    • Purring and meowing from being content
    • Euphoria

    These effects tend to last between 10 and 15 minutes, followed by a period of around 2 to 3 hours where they will not be affected by it. The effects can vary between cats, but there is also the chance that your cat is one of the 2 in 10 who aren’t affected at all.

    It can reduce stress, anxiety and depression, as well as increase socialisation and confidence.

    How can catnip be used?

    Depending on the form, catnip can be used in many ways.

    People who purchase the sprays like to use them on toys in order to encourage playing and also make the cat a bit more hyperactive, which will tire them out more. It can also be used on scratching posts and even on beds, to attract the cat to the item and encourage them to use it, which is especially important in the early days of bringing the item into the house.

    Toys can also be rolled in loose leaf catnip, and bags can also be bought to pop the catnip in and place around the house or near items.

    Can my dog use catnip?

    The herb is fine for dogs to use, although you should discuss it with your vet first because dogs can be more sensitive to certain things than cats are.

    With dogs, many owners use catnip as a calming remedy as it doesn’t cause them to become hyperactive. This could be ideal if they get nervous on a trip to the vet, or on Fireworks night. It can also calm upset stomachs.

    A small amount of catnip can be sprinkled into the dog’s food, but it is essential to remember it shouldn’t be used at all times – only when necessary. Dogs also should not play with dedicated catnip toys, because they’re often too small and contain parts which could easily be swallowed by larger animals, and they are more likely to chew them with their stronger teeth too.

    Can I give my pregnant cat catnip?

    No. It is a uterine stimulant, so could cause premature labour. Avoid buying if you have a pregnant cat in the house.

    How much catnip can I give my cat?

    Only a few pinches or a couple of sprays will be needed. Bear this in mind before buying – a small bottle will actually last a surprising amount of time. It is possible for them to overdose which can cause vomiting, but this is easy for them to recover from.

    If you grow it, keep it out of reach of your cats.