Recommended Dog Products

Find the Paw-fect product for your Dog. We’ve reviewed everything from Accessories and Apparel to Toys, Food, Furniture and Doggie Tech.

Finding The Best Products For Your Dog

Finding the right products for your Dog or Puppy can be trickier than some may think. Does expensive always mean better? How do you deal with a fussy pup? What are the best brands?

We’ve answered these questions and many more throughout our regularly updated reviews of the best products for your dog. We understand no two dogs are the same and their requirements and preferences are an individual thing. Because of this, we’ve reviewed something for every pup.


We’ve covered everything from the latest Dog Fashion to functional essentials such as Collars, Harnesses and Leads. The accessories we’ve reviewed include anything your dog can wear, ranging from affordable basics which ‘get the job done’ to luxury options if you prefer to kit your companion out in the latest designer gear.

Beds and Furniture

Dog and puppy beds, crate cushions, bedding, duvets, blankets and petsheets for chairs and sofas – they all add to the enjoyment and comfort of your pet.

Dogs like to have support when they sleep, so the choice of a quality bed is vital in this regard. If your dog is in pain, has arthritis or is just suffering from general wear and tear, the choice of bed becomes even more important.

We’ve reviewed some great options for indoor and outdoor use, for travel, for all temperatures and for dogs of all breeds and sizes.


Everything your dog needs from Dog Bowls to Teething toys and Water Bottles. We’ve covered travel essentials such as car ramps and car seats, and listed some of our favourite equipment to make your life easier as a pet owner, such as Pet Cameras and automatic feeders.


The effect of your dog’s diet on their wellbeing should never be underestimated. Many pet owners are now opting for food recommended by their vet, or choosing a particular diet such as hypoallergenic / grain free for certain conditions or sensitivities. More recently, owners are looking to feed their pups with natural or vegan options, often for ethical reasons, so we’ve reviewed all of the best available options.


Most grooming routines are fairly simple and can be carried out in the home without the need to see a professional. This can save you time and money, while your pooch stays in top shape.

Beside looking great, there are other benefits to grooming – many of them medical. Like the old phrase ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’, looking after teeth, nails, coat and skin can generally reduce your dogs chance of developing a condition (although we still recommend regular vet checkups!)


Like grooming, there are a number of topical treatments you won’t need to visit your vet for. These include Flea and Worm treatments, however we’d always recommend visiting your vet in the event conditions don’t clear quickly or appear to be causing your pet considerable discomfort.

Housing and Crates

Whether you’re travelling with your dog, providing a safe space or temporary confinement within the home, or looking for the perfect outdoor shelter – our guides and reviews are here to help.

Getting the right size of dog crate is important, and the size you need may not be as big as you think. Crates become your dog’s special place, and can be used to create a natural den, as well as a travel aid. They can also be used to assist in toilet training.

Check sizes by breed and you will see that there is a range of dog crates, soft crates and outdoor kennels for every size of dog, with a choice of styles from lightweight to super strong – small, medium, large or extra large dog crates up to 54 ins, 60 ins. and even 72 ins! For that added touch of style you can even add a crate cover.

Make sure your dog is secure while travelling. We’ve reviewed a range of the best car crates in both single and double sizes, in a variety of materials and have even included some crash-tested options for the frequent traveller.

Take care of mums, expectant mums and those precious puppies with the best puppy playpens. Pens can be as simple as 4 wire panels clipped together, or they can be made of strong tube and mesh with a base floor tray. Or why not make the size of puppy pen you need by clipping together purpose made panels?

Fully galvanised dog run panels represent a long term investment, so it’s right that that you make the best choice, first time. They make an excellent exercise or play area for your dog, and offer peace of mind to the owner. You can easily create a dog run or dog pen to the size of your choice and in a variety of heights.


There are many training toys and tools available, but only a select few of them are ethical and cruelty-free. We can help you to cut through the noise to find the best training aids available such as whistles, clickers and drug-free remedies.