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Best Puppy Teething Toys for 2022

Unlike humans, dogs get their baby teeth very early on in life. Then from the age of four months, these teeth are replaced by their adult set, which begins quite a journey.

During all of this, your puppy may seem obsessed with chewing. Getting new teeth can be painful and confusing, so chewing acts as an aid to the pain and discomfort of sore gums. As dogs have 42 teeth, this means a lot of activity.

Teething toys are perfect for this, and can also teach your puppy what to chew and what to avoid. There are dozens out there, so we have reviewed some to bring you the best.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    KONG Puppy Teething Stick
    • Can be used with pastes or treats
    • Grooves help to clean gums
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    Rosewood BioSafe Puppy Ring
    • Keeps dogs mouth clean
    • Choice of shapes
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    KONG Puppy Goodie Bone with Rope
    • Different chewing sensations
    • Good for human involvement
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    The Top Teether Toys For Puppies Reviewed

    KONG Puppy Teething Stick

    Able to soothe and clean new teeth as they grow, this stick is packed with ridges which you can fill with toothpaste or peanut butter to extend chew time and the benefits.

    It can be used with dogs up to nine months of age until their teeth are fully formed. Available in small and large sizes, you can purchase the one which matches your breed best. Made with unique Kong toy rubber, it will withstand even the toughest of chewers.


    • Can be used with pastes or treats
    • Grooves help to clean gums


    • Size: Small 4 x 9 x 4cm, Medium 5 x 9 x 5cm
    • Material: Rubber

    Rosewood BioSafe Puppy Ring

    Chewing a toy over and over again, leaving it on the floor and going back to it can obviously cause a bit of a germ-fest, which isn’t ideal if your puppy’s gums and teeth are in such a fragile situation.

    This toy is biocote protected, which is an antimicrobial technology which prevents the growth and survival of microbes including bacteria, mould and fungi. Lower levels of all this mean a cleaner toy, mouth and home, and a longer-lasting toy.

    It massages their gums to prevent any pain and is treated with a mint scent to make it more appealing until they get used to it. As a bonus, it can also float, so can be taken outside near water or into the bath.

    The plastic material is durable yet soft, and it is also available as a ball, bone or dumbbell and in various colours.


    • Keeps dogs mouth clean
    • Choice of shapes


    • Size: 9.5 x 9.5 x 1.5 cm
    • Material: Plastic

    KONG Puppy Goodie Bone with Rope

    This is a bone and rope which encourages chewing sessions. The bone and rope offer different textures and sensations which is great for a puppy who is newly exploring the world.

    Made from the Kong classic rubber, it won’t wear away when chewed and it will soothe aching gums and teeth. The rope design also makes it easier for you to get involved, if you want to throw the toy or encourage playfulness.

    It is an extra small size, great for young puppies or smaller breeds who may struggle with other larger, heavier toys.


    • Different chewing sensations
    • Good for human involvement


    • Size: 2.8 x 8.3 x 1.8cm
    • Material: Rubber, Rope

    Nylabone Bacon Flavoured Dummy Puppy Chew Toy

    Bacon flavoured (because what dog can resist), and the perfect small shape for them to get their jaws around, this dummy toy will satisfy their natural need to chew as well as helping to produce their future undestructive chewing habits.

    Made from polymer, they aren’t only pretty indestructible but are also simple to wipe clean with a wipe of water. This will keep them clean for the next chew session. Both chews are slightly different shapes, which adds to their natural curiosity and sensations.

    The bacon flavour is throughout so will never wear away, and it will keep them chewing for ages. Tiny bristles on the bone help keep every single tooth clean, and it will also help them beat boredom.

    They are definitely best for small puppies, as larger dogs could break pieces off.


    • Two toys for different sensations
    • Wipe clean


    • Size: 14.6 x 4.1 x 6.4 cm
    • Material: Polymer

    Little Rascals Teething Rope Ring Toy

    Made from an inert soft thermoplastic polymer, this toy also has a braided rope which can help satisfy the chewing instinct in puppies, and provide them with the surface they feel most comfortable.

    The bristles on the key toy help to clean all those difficult to reach places on teeth, and also massage gums to relieve any pain. You can get involved too, throwing it for your puppy to fetch or using the rope as a tug toy.

    Even if the rope was to become worn, the little teething toy would likely survive so we think it is great value for money.


    • Strong build
    • Can be used to play


    • Size: 13 x 8 x 3.5cm
    • Material: Polymer

    Nylabone Dura Chew

    Made from durable nylon to ensure no bits break off or it becomes tatty, this chew is available in peanut butter, chicken or bacon flavour to heighten the appeal of long-lasting use.

    It not only helps to clean teeth but also controls plaque and tartar – very important when their teeth are only just coming through. It also encourages non-destructive chewing later in life.

    The flavouring is throughout the chew, so is long-lasting and means they aren’t sprayed or dipped in artificial tastes. No matter how much they are used, they won’t splinter or cause any internal damage.

    There is some natural wear over time, but any broken pieces will be too small to have an effect. We will, however, say that if your pup is quite a ferocious chewer, this may not be the best for them as some users have said it lasted a matter of hours with their dog.


    • Flavoured


    • Size: S, M, L, XL
    • Material: Nylon

    ZNOKA Arctic Freeze Cooling Teether Chew Toy

    Freezable chew toys are essentially designed to keep your dog cool in the warmer weather, and the cold temperatures can also help relieve any pain on your dog’s gums.

    This ring is filled with purified water, so it can stay cold for hours. It still remains soft on gums and can relieve boredom and that innate need to chew. The ‘X’ shapes either side can hold any small treats to encourage them to use the toy, and ZNOKA suggests using standard Dentastick-style long chews in this shape.

    It can float in water, and be thrown quite a distance in case you want to play a game of fetch.


    • Can be cooled
    • Large size for older puppies


    • Size: 11.8 x 11.8 x 3.4 cm
    • Material: Nylon

    Little Rascals 3 Piece Rubber Multi-Pack Dog Toys

    A three-piece selection of toys, which cover teething, playtime and interaction.

    The bone is for their teeth, with bristles to get every surface cleaned. Then there is a ring, which is fab if you want to get involved in throwing it or playing ‘tug’. A ball will also give them plenty of choice for interaction, chasing and playing.

    All toys are made out of rubber and safe for little teeth and gums.


    • Different sensations and sizes


    • Size: Various
    • Material: Rubber

    Nylabone Puppy Teething Keys

    For puppies with no adult teeth just yet, these keys encourage non-destructive chewing and control plaque and tartar.

    They aren’t for aggressive chewers as they aren’t the strongest and bulkiest, but could be good for any dogs who can’t seem to get to grips with the large, chunky, solid toys. On a more positive note, they can hold the toy with their front paws and use their very back teeth to chew, which gets those neglected back teeth cared for.

    The plastic ring can provide a slightly different chewing texture, and also gives them a handy way to carry the keys around if this is something your pup does.

    They’re available in three different sizes, so the extra small is great for toy breeds who can’t cope with something too large.


    • Very soft plastic
    • Thin for smaller dogs


    • Size: XS, S, M
    • Material: Rubber

    Buying Guide


    The majority of chew toys are made from some form of rubber/plastic chew polymer. This makes them long-lasting, soft on teeth and gums, and ensures that if any bits break off, they aren’t harmful (although care should always be taken to ensure they aren’t digested).

    Some toys may also involve materials such as rope which gives your dog something a bit different, in case they want a different sensation. They’re also easier to interact with in case you want to encourage playfulness.


    The perfect size of dog toy for your puppy depends on their age, breed and general preference.

    Toys made for a 4-month-old puppy at the start of their teething journey may be too small for one aged nine months. One which is too large for your puppy may cause injuries as they try to carry or hold it. Most toys will have appropriate guides on their page for the best size for your dog.


    Along with textures, the shape of the toy can be important. Dogs like and dislike certain things, and may prefer something long as opposed to round and solid.

    But it can also be a good idea to give them some variety, so if they get bored with one toy, they still have another backup. Familiarity can cause boredom, and a toy which has been hidden for a week in place of another toy can suddenly be treated as a brand new addition to the home.


    Some teething toys are edible these days, and others can be stuffed with treats or lined with peanut butter or meat pastes.

    Some also come as flavours, such as beef, chicken or peanut butter. Look for a toy which has this flavouring throughout and ensure it is natural. This makes them more appealing, and also causes a longer chew which should have a better effect on their teeth.

    Freezing Teething Toys

    Most teething toys can be frozen as they’re just rubber. This cold temperature can provide even more relief to painful, swollen and inflamed gums, and relief in hot weather too.

    There are some toys out there which are specially created for putting in a freezer, filled with water to keep them cold for longer.

    What To Avoid When Your Puppy Is Teething

    Soft toys

    These can be ripped up by dogs of any age, but especially by little dogs who don’t know any better and have very sharp teeth. This fabric and string can cause issues if swallowed

    Squeaky toys

    Some dogs often don’t understand that causing the toy to squeak is good enough – they want whatever it is that is squeaking. They can, therefore, rip into the soft toy and get the squeak, again a swallowing risk

    Moving toys

    Toys with moving parts are another swallow risk as they are easier to break

    Human toys

    As tough as you may think that bouncy ball toy which once belonged to your daughter is, it wasn’t made for dogs. A pair of sharp teeth will probably prove you otherwise

    Anything which looks like a household item

    That rubber toy which looks like a shoe is promised to be strong, but also looks suspiciously like your work shoes. They don’t know the difference at that age, so wait until they do

    Other Buyers Ask...

    What Do Puppy Teething Toys Do?

    Help pain

    Just as with human babies, getting teeth can be painful for a puppy. The chewing helps to alleviate some of this pressure and pain

    Gum health

    Rubber dog chews and toys can help to rub gums clean and therefore encourage teeth to push through and fight off any plaque or germ build-up

    Clean teeth

    Any teeth which have come through need to be kept clean from the first few days, so plaque doesn’t build-up and cause issues in later life

    Chewing behaviour

    All dogs have an innate need to chew, just like cats with scratching. Getting the correct toy and means for them to do this safely can mean they learn how to properly chew their food and stay away from your furniture or skirting boards


    The main point of a toy is to stop boredom, so a puppy-safe chew toy can help them cope with when they need to be left alone and separation anxiety

    Encourage playing

    Dogs should be playful, which keeps them active and social and also limits less appealing behaviour. With an appropriate chew toy, you can encourage them to fetch, wrestle and seek out the toy, and they can chew it afterwards which acts as a reward

    Can My Puppy Destroy The Teething Toy?

    No toy is 100% indestructible. While the majority above are obviously quite hardy against little sharp teeth, little bits can still break off, as with any toy.

    Most are designed so that these broken pieces are very small and soft so they won’t cause blockages if swallowed. They may even be advertised as digestible.

    But you should always watch your pet when they’re playing with toys, and check the toys daily for any sign of wear and tear. It isn’t ideal that they’re eating this material, even if safe.

    Are There Any Alternatives?

    We wouldn’t call them alternatives, but there are edible chews which you can also give to your puppy which help to clean teeth. These are good used alongside the toys and offer something a bit different. Ensure you get ones which are age and size appropriate.

    Some people may have once believed that antlers or bones are great, but you should never use them – even with adult dogs. They can splinter which can cause issues if digested, and are also often too hard so can chip teeth.