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Best Wet Dog Foods for 2022

It can be hard to find canned, pouched or tray dog food on the market these days which contains a balanced variety of ingredients and isn’t necessarily aimed at those who need something grain-free, hypoallergenic or for medical conditions.

You will still want to avoid artificial colourings and ingredients, and try to keep all ingredients as natural as possible, but adopting a specialised diet when there is no medical need can cause your pup more harm than good in the future.

If you are actually looking for something a bit more specialised, check out our reviews on Grain-Free Dog Food or Hypo-allergenic Dog Food

So, we have reviewed the best wet dog foods on the market, which are still healthy and perfect for your little hound but balanced to prevent any future intolerances, allergies or tummy upsets.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Wainwright's Adult Complete Wet Dog Food
    • Variety of flavours
    • Will not upset stomachs
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    Cesar Deliciously Fresh Wet Dog Food for Adult Dogs
    • Fresh tasting
    • Tender chunks of meat
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    Harringtons Grain Free Wet Dog Food
    • Great for nutrition
    • Good quality meat
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    The Top 10 Best Wet Dog Foods Reviewed

    Wainwright's Adult Complete Wet Dog Food

    This food isn’t grain-free or hypoallergenic as such, but it still contains minimal ingredients and no known additions which are linked to upset tummies, so it is good for the vast majority of pooches out there.

    The variety of meats and flavours will suit any fussy hounds who get sick of eating the same thing day in day out, and each pouch is packed with minerals which can boost their immune system.

    You can adjust the amount you feed them based on weight with ease, as well as if you mix with dry kibble. But the best part? Opt for the Easy Repeat Service option before you buy, choose how frequently it is delivered and never have to think about rushing out to the pet shop before it closes again.


    • Variety of flavours
    • Will not upset stomachs


    • Type: Tinned Jelly
    • Capacity: 12 x 395g
    • Ingredients: Turkey/Lamb/Duck, Rice, Minerals, Seaweed, Chicory Root

    Chappie Adult Dog Food Tins Favourites

    This food is great for any dogs who aren’t allowed fatty meat, or who can struggle with the balance between weight and appetite.

    It is a vet-recommended product for a variety of conditions, such as pancreatitis or digestive issues, and is great for stomachs which are sensitive for no real reason too. Chappies is also known as great recovery food if your dog has had an operation or is recovering from ill-health.

    There is no eggs, dairy, red meat or soya, which dogs can sometimes struggle to digest and can really add on weight if they aren’t used to it, so their overall diet is easier to manage.

    Not only is it good medical food, but it also costs a lot less than many of the vet prescribed foods out there. If your dog doesn’t have a serious condition and you want to try them on different food to see how things go, Chappies is a perfect option.


    • Good for sensitive dogs
    • No red meat


    • Type: Tinned Jelly
    • Capacity: 6 x 412g
    • Ingredients: Chicken, Rice

    Cesar Deliciously Fresh Wet Dog Food for Adult Dogs

    Cesar is the brand for small dogs breeds – the infamous Westie model displays that perfectly.

    These pouches are 100% complete but can also be mixed with small kibble if preferred, and indeed Cesars do recommend this. In gravy, they are akin to a human-quality meal and nice and moist for easier digestion.

    A single pouch should do most dogs for one meal, so there is no complicated measuring for you either. This selection box includes beef, turkey and lamb flavours which are good if your pooch needs to avoid chicken or fish.


    • Fresh tasting
    • Tender chunks of meat


    • Type: Gravy Pouches
    • Capacity: 48 x 100g
    • Ingredients: Beef/Turkey/Lamb, Carrots, Peas, Gravy

    Pooch And Mutt Multipack Wet Food

    With three chicken, pumpkin and pea, three chicken and beef, three turkey and duck, and three turkey and chicken, your canine will be spoilt for choice.

    And since this wet food is grain-free and junk-free, it’s a gift for sensitive stomachs as well. Pooch and Mutt ensure optimal ingredients that are needed to boost your dog’s mood and behaviour. It’s brimming with nutrient-dense vitamins and minerals to keep your pup healthy and happy! For a healthy gut, there’s also the all-important prebiotics to help with better digestion as well.

    This multipack is formulated with no added artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, with no grain, cereal, gluten, soy, dairy and non-GM produce, so it’s pretty much one of the best hypoallergenic dog food options around.


    • Delicious and healthy
    • Packaged in 100% recyclable cartons


    • Type: Carton
    • Capacity: 6 x 375
    • Ingredients: chicken, pumpkin and pea, three chicken and beef, three turkey and duck, and three turkey and chicken

    Harringtons Grain Free Wet Dog Food

    A long-standing choice for pet owners, Harringtons will always be a trusted brand, and it’s with good reason. It’s a grain-free formulation for sensitive stomachs that’s packed with a range of benefits, including vitamin C, omega fats from muscles, mineral and vitamins from seaweed and prebiotics from chicory extract.

    It’s also made from wholesome and clean ingredients with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.


    • Great for nutrition
    • Good quality meat


    • Type: Pouches
    • Capacity: 400g
    • Ingredients: Chicken/Lamb/Turkey/Salmon Carrots/Potatoes

    Butcher's Wholegrain

    A complete food, which doesn’t just contain the best possible meats and vegetables but also supports farmers.

    You get a third beef, a third chicken and a third lamb, so can rotate and offer some variety. The Loaf recipes are wholegrain and contain rice and oils to make them easy to digest.

    With added parsley, rosehip, chicory and mint, they are completely natural with nothing artificial, and also contain omega 3 and 6 to promote healthy coats and skin.

    A plus point for anyone economically minded too – the packaging is 100% recyclable, and Butchers only works with suppliers they know and trust so everything can be sourced.


    • No nasty ingredients
    • Garden vegetable additions


    • Type: Tinned Jelly
    • Capacity: 18 x 400g
    • Ingredients: Chicken/Lamb/Beef, Wholegrain Rice, Peas, Salmon Oil, Chicory, Mint

    Forthglade Wet Dog Food with Brown Rice Variety Pack

    Four turkey, four lamb and four chicken pouches make this variety pack good for any dogs who need to avoid red meat, beef or fish, and every ingredient is completely natural.

    Your dog will get plenty of protein from the added brown rice and vegetables, and they are suitable for any pooch aged 1 year and above. Brown rice can be better than white as it is a low gluten carbohydrate and rich in fibre, antioxidants, manganese, magnesium and selenium.

    The meat content is at least 75% in each serving, which is perfect for anyone concerned about commercial dog food being too ‘filler’ based.


    • High meat content
    • Natural ingredients


    • Type: Jelly Trays
    • Capacity: 12 x 395g
    • Ingredients: Turkey/Lamb/Chicken, Brown Rice, Carrots, Peas, Seaweed

    Pedigree Vital Protection Wet Dog Food Pouches in Gravy

    Perhaps one of the biggest and well-known names in the dog food industry, and with over 80 years of experience, you are almost guaranteed that it is going to be good.

    Perfect as a standalone meal or with kibble, these pouches are nutrient-rich, filled with natural fibres, calcium, vitamin E, omega 6, zinc and sunflower oil to protect their inside and outside.

    There are four varieties – chicken and veg, beef and veg, turkey and carrots, and beef with lamb, so you can switch it daily for variety. Each mixes really well with kibble, and it adds moisture to what would otherwise be a really dry dinner!

    An opened pouch will keep well in the fridge for up to two days, so you can perfectly control servings.


    • Large box for better value
    • Keeps fresh when opened


    • Type: Gravy Pouches
    • Capacity: 100g
    • Ingredients: Chicken/Beef/Lamb/Turkey

    Forthglade Complete Wet Dog Food Ocean Fish with Brown Rice

    Dogs can like fish just as much as cats do! Forthglade is an expert in making natural high-quality food, and this complete food is packed with fishy flakes.

    Each tray is full of at least 75% fish and with the addition of brown rice, is a great source of protein and calcium. They use brown rice which has more beneficial qualities compared to white, and there are no fillers or artificial ingredients either.

    You can easily add to kibble or dried biscuits, and the daily feeding guide is simple to follow. Any unused food can be kept in the fridge for up to 48 hours to stay fresh and healthy.

    Thanks to the added prebiotic, it is all really easy to digest too, so even stomachs which aren’t very hardy and substantial will be unaffected by the food.


    • High fish content
    • Designed for sensitive stomachs


    • Type: Jelly Trays
    • Capacity: 18 x 395g
    • Ingredients: Ocean Fish, Brown Rice, Carrots, Peas, Minerals, Linseed Oil, Seaweed

    Arden Grange Partners Wet Adult Dog Food

    An independent family-run brand who have been making dog food for over 20 years, based on their very own experiences.

    Their motto is “nutrition without compromise”, and every food is naturally hypoallergenic because it uses natural products and no fillers or unnecessary additions to bulk it all out. With 70% fresh chicken and added vegetables and rice, you will know all your dog is eating.

    Partners dog food can even be frozen, so there is nothing to stop you bulk buying and keeping stock for emergencies. You can feed it to any canines over one year old, and it is fine for sensitive digestive systems.


    • Can be frozen
    • No added ingredients


    • Type: Tinned Jelly
    • Capacity: 6 x 395g
    • Ingredients: Chicken, Rice, Vegetables

    Buying Guide


    Dog food can contain a wide choice of ingredients.

    Most will be majority meat, but this can be chicken, beef, duck, offal or fish. Most dog foods now contain single meat sources so it should be easy to find one for your doggy or avoid what they don’t like.

    Many will also include dog-safe vegetables, and rice or a similar grain such as quinoa. Rice is commonly added to foods as it is easy to digest, quick to prepare, and low in fibre, especially for dogs who can get upset digestive systems.

    Also, look for added nutrients and vitamins, so your dog is getting a balanced diet.

    It is a good idea to provide variety for your dog, which is why we have included several variety packs. Feeding your hound on a range of meats and ingredients will prevent allergens developing and will also stop them from getting too bored.

    Jelly or Gravy?

    Wet food will come in two varieties – in gravy, or in jelly.

    Some dogs like both and others can really turn their nose up at one. If your dog prefers firmer food compared to softer ‘mushy’ style food, going for jelly over sauce or gravy may be best.

    The latter is great on its own or as a kibble topper as it can be easily distributed over the food, and the jelly is often best mixed through dry biscuits.


    The cost of your dog food will depend on how much you buy and the quality.

    Most of the above come in bulk packs, which is more economical for your purse and easier for you to manage. It is all high-quality, from trusted manufacturers and using human-worthy foods, so while most won’t break the bank, it is still better spending that bit more compared to the tinned cheap brands which many shops still sell today.

    Wet food is more expensive than dry dog food overall, but the benefits can outweigh this.

    Grain-Free and Hypoallergenic Food

    We have tried to include foods which contain a good balance of ingredients and don’t necessarily fall into these groups above.

    It can be tricky to find dog food which isn’t described as one or both of the above these days.

    But despite being trendy and common, the majority of dogs have no need to avoid certain ingredients. As you have read above, rice and a balanced variety of meats are hugely beneficial for all dogs.

    Unless your dog has a confirmed allergy or intolerance, you don’t need to hunt out these food types. Many will naturally be hypoallergenic if they have used minimal food sources and are natural, but it isn’t necessarily something which is needed.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    Why should I choose wet food for my dog?

    Most people will actually feed their dog a combination of wet food with some kibble or dried biscuits, but in general, wet food is:

    • More digestible
    • The chosen preference for dogs
    • More appealing natural taste
    • Less strong smell
    • Better for older dogs to eat

    How much/often do I feed my dog with wet dog food?

    This will depend on their breed, size, weight and how active they are. All foods contain guidelines on how much to give and often offer some flexibility too, like a certain amount which can be spread over a number of meals.

    Is wet food good for my dog?

    Spend that bit more and get food which contains good, human-worthy ingredients and easy to digest additions, and dog food is perfect for many dogs.

    Despite the trend for more raw or homecooked diets, most modern wet dog foods are packed full of goodness without the complication. Gone are the days of tinned food as cheap to buy and produce – brands understand that a good diet means a happier, healthy dog too.

    How long does wet food last?

    Unopened, this depends on the manufacturer’s guidelines but it can be up to three years.

    Opened, most can be kept in your fridge for around 48 hours, but again this depends on the guidelines and can be lower for speciality ingredients. Always cover it tightly and keep away from human food.

    When in the bowl, all uneaten food should be thrown away after four hours, especially if temperatures are over 10C degrees.