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The Best Gifts For Tortoise & Turtle Lovers

Looking to shell-ebrate a big occasion or just need a turtley on point prezzy for the tortoise and turtle lover in your life?

Well put down that turtle neck and allow us to enlighten you by revealing a whole host of gifts that will bring even the shyest of recipients out of their shell!

From tortoise trinkets to turtle tuxedos, we’ve rounded up the best gifts to please any slowpoke obsessive no matter their taste or style.

Whether you’re in desperate need of a birthday gift, stocking filler or just want to please a special someone, these awesome gifts are sure to be accepted graciously without re-tort!

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    A funny and heartwarming gift for dads and grandads who can never quite catch up with their supercharged, sprinting offspring, this matching t-shirt set for adults and nippers is a sweet gift that will have all the family chuckling.

    Featuring high-quality tortoise and hare graphics on dove grey tees, these t shirts are a super choice for new dads or just new parents in general, as an extra adult tee is available should mum want in on the action.

    But who’s who you might be wondering?

    Well, hares might have all the energy in the world, but they lack the wisdom and smarts of the old wise tortoise, and so of course it’s the adult t-shirt which features a plodding tortoise graphic, while the child’s tee sports a speedy hare.

    Slow and steady still wins the race folks!

    Whether you’re 8 or 80 years old, there’s nothing quite like diving into an arts and crafts project on a rainy day.

    A perfect family bonding experience, this unusual Felt Tortoise Sewing Kit is the little wrinkly pal you never knew you wanted and a great gift for those who love torts but don’t have the time or money for the real thing.

    This sewing kit package contains everything you need to help bring your shy shell creature to life, with lots of woollen felt, needles, pins and thread (and instructions of course)! All you need to do is add scissors.

    Bizarrely named Jenson Jones, the finished tort is an ideal decoration for any room of the house and best of all he doesn’t need feeding every few hours!

    A bright and happy print to decorate your wall with, these tortoises in love are adorable and are bound to bring a smile to your recipient’s face.

    The illustration is hand screen printed onto 300gsm acid-free paper, using fade-resistant inks to ensure the print retains its colour, and since the water-based ink is eco-friendly, you’ll be giving a gift to the environment as well.

    There is also an option to personalise if you get in touch with the seller, and the print is gift wrapped for free!

    Socks are usually seen as a bit of a cop-out gift when it comes to treating your nearest and dearest, but this personalised pair of tortoise tootsie warmers are an idyllic gift for anniversaries or Valentine’s day!

    A pair of black socks featuring an adorable duo of hand-drawn tortoises, they come emblazoned with the tear-inducing words ‘Grow Old With Me’, four little words that are sure to have any shell-lover weak at the knees!

    To make things even sweeter, you can then add yourself and your partner’s name to each foot, making them the most romantic tortoise-themed socks in existence.

    Coming gift-boxed and available in men and women sizes, you can even nab yourself two pairs – so you and your loved one can be a matching Mr & Mrs.

    An irresistibly cute creature for keen gardeners and tortoise superfans, this cartoon planter is both an efficient grower of mini succulents and cacti – or just a fun desk ornament!

    A sturdy and well-made ceramic pot, it’s a handmade friendly figure that’s great for showing off little floral superstars and who knows, he might even strike up a kinship with any real garden-dwelling tortoises he bumps into!

    For those who like their jewellery a little more delicate and dainty, these dinky and distinguished turtle studs are a heavenly pair of ear decor.

    Coming in at a positively teeny turtle size of 65 x 85mm, they’re a subtle earring which shows your appreciation for the world’s most wondrous creature in a cute, non-garish style.

    Best suited to teenagers and those with newly pierced ears, they’re also a great additional stud to an already glittering and glamorous set of lobes!

    While there is plenty of turtle-themed jewellery available out there, you surely won’t find anything as stunning or beautiful as this aquatic turtle pendant from Simon Kemp, a third-generation British Jeweller who has poured his heart and soul into this speech-stealing necklace.

    Formed from solid sterling silver and an 18-carat gold layer for artistic effect, this is turtle love epitomised and provides a truly dazzling and effective emphasis to its wearer.

    If you value quality above all else when purchasing fine jewellery, you’ll certainly struggle to find another piece that outshines this one.

    Part of a collection of adorable creature cups, this ceramic cup features a fun and fancy turtle figurine at the bottom of the cup, who reveals himself from the depths of your liquid as you drink!

    Handmade and coming in a fetching Wedgewood blue, it’s a lovely mug for any ocean lover’s crockery collection and comes boxed in premium packaging that’s ready for gifting! 

    Apparently, the turtle is a symbol of good health and long life, which is said to attract good fortune and many blessings.

    This makes a pair of the shelled cuties a fantastic motif for any wedding present, which is why this personalised turtle chopping board is our number one wedding gift option!

    Crafted in a beautiful oak wood with all the grains, you can have a personalised message, names and dates carved beneath the stunning sea turtle engraving!

    A fun pick for a pair of foodies, this is something a little bit different for shell-fans!

    A great symbol of surfers and a wise and majestic animal, beach dwellers love the turtle as well as the many jewellery items which revolve around it’s majestic image.

    This is one of our favourite turtle necklaces on the market due to its cute gold-plated terrapin charm and semi precious green aventurine bead combo which can give sparkle and character to any wearer!

    Available gift pouched, it’s a handmade ready to gift prezzy for that precious person in your life.

    The finishing touch to any fine tux or suiting up occasion, these elegant silver and gold cufflinks from Simon Kemp come in attractive turtle design to appeal to any shell papa who loves looking a million dollars.

    Made from solid sterling silver and layered with an 18 carat gold, they’re a very thoughtful gift, with a 10 year guarantee of quality.

    Presented in a high-quality cufflink box, they’re also easily stored away for safekeeping, and we’re sure you’ll agree a valuable gift for any men who takes their style seriously!

    Perfect for sharing your love of the ocean, this gorgeous ickle turtle ring is an understated and pretty piece that makes a tender gift for lovers of quaint jewellery and of course – turtles!

    Constructed from sterling silver and crafted with love and affection, it can be adjusted to fit the size of most fingers, meaning you don’t have to worry about learning a loved one’s size.

    That way it can stay a surprise!

    Charm bracelets are a really sweet gift for a special someone, as not only do they look pretty, but they also almost always come with an inspiring or heartwarming message attached.

    This Happy Turtle Charm from Joma Jewellery is exactly what it sounds like, an ickle turtle friend to ‘bring happiness every day’!

    For turtle obsessives and pandora addicts, it’s plated with high-quality silver and comes with a gift pouch and silk bow presentation!

    A touching and thoughtful gift for a tortoise lover and newcomer to parenthood, this attractive baby rattle in a tortoise shape is a great way to get bairns started on a life-long shell obsession as early as possible!

    Ideal for girls and boys, this smiley Mr. Turtle design will be a baby’s best friend, with hardwood rings for gentle rattling and stimulating of a child’s senses.

    Made from sustainable eco birch wood, it has natural anti-bacterial properties and so is a perfect gift for teething tots who stick just about everything in their gobs!

    To make it extra special and a keepsake the parents will treasure forever, you can also have the child’s name engraved into the wood!

    Suiting up for a special occasion is never complete without a quality tie and nothing’s smarter or sexier than a good old-fashioned silk number done in a traditional knot.

    But not only is this bad boy both high-quality and made from 100% silk…

    It also has turtles on it.

    Handmade by Reef Knots, a company whose designs are inspired by the summer and the ocean, this beautiful suit accessory comes in a signature gift box and is a superb gift for surfers and ocean dwellers who don’t want to sacrifice their style when it comes to looking sophisticated!

    While a pair of mugs might not seem like a particularly romantic way to express your love for someone, we think you’ll find nothing gets across that four letter word quite like some tortoise tea holders.

    Featuring the impossibly cute pun ‘Turtley Awesome Together Since…’ and a year of your choice, the mug features two sea turtles riding the waves and space below to add yours and your turtle-obsessed partner’s initials to create a super sweet anniversary or birthday gift.

    You can also choose whether you want your prints on a beautiful bone china, or a more everyday mug!

    This is a present for a real-life Esio Trot love story!

    While tortoises might seem humble and good-natured, don’t always be fooled by their slow and plodding nature because some of them… some of them can be absolute mad lads.

    I mean, if you were about to fall prey to a menacing terrapin… you’d want some warning, wouldn’t you?

    A funny or useful gift for the tortoise owner in your life, this yellow caution sign is an ideal gift to hang up in the garden to warn visitors genuinely or facetiously that there is an ickle shelled friend going about their business and to be careful they don’t take a false step!

    Adorned with the phrase ‘Tortoise Crossing’, the sign features a printed tortoise graphic and natural background, creating a pleasant illustration. Made of lightweight aluminium, it’s also a durable and long-lasting metal which will survive the elements and is easy to hang thanks to rounded corners and pre-punched holes.