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The Best Gifts for Wildlife Lovers

Your friend/family member/fabulous work colleague is quite the wildlife fan, and so you want to keep with the theme of that passion when choosing a gift for their birthday, Christmas or other life event.

They may love to be treated with something which is practical and a part of their home, or they will appreciate something which is not just good for them but also helps the birds, bees and other creatures which visit their garden.

Below is a selection of gifts perfect for those at one with nature, whether they are just starting out on their journey or need to boost their collection.

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    Pretty self-explanatory, but unless your giftee is a professional level bird watcher, this book will come in handy.

    It is a colourful, detailed and perfectly illustrated guide to all of the birds which can be spotted in the British Isles, ideal if they are just starting out encouraging birds to their back garden or if they frequently venture further afield in the hunt for a woodpecker.

    215 of the most common species are in the book, and there are detailed descriptions in case they can only hear the birdsong.

    We all know who Bill Bailey is, and if your recipient is a fan or would just appreciate his quirkier takes on wildlife, this is an ideal book.

    Perfect as a Father’s Day gift or for birthdays, despite its humorous content, it’s a book for avid birdwatchers and is best for those who love a good old fashioned pocketbook guide as opposed to an e-book.

    They’ve got birds. They have squirrels. The bees love their little wildlife area. This set has a home for all of them.

    It is great value and looks more expensive than it is (which is always a plus when it comes to gifting), and is a fab gift for nature lovers and those who you’re stumped for an idea of what to buy.

    Wildlife watching, supporting and interest doesn’t stop at any point during the year.

    This book gives a fascinating insight into how the natural world never stops, and there is something to see every day. It takes the reader right through from January to December, features a great history of wildlife watching, and there are creatures in there which your recipient is guaranteed to never have heard of.

    Is your recipient just starting out with nature? Maybe they have all of the butterflies, bees and bugs they could wish for but birds need a bit more encouragement? Or have they just moved house and need to start afresh with their natural attractions?

    This collection not only gives them a wicker birdhouse and nesting material, but also a gardening kit so they can get planting. It includes gloves, sunflower seeds, a planter, and a plant marker.

    Fine-tuning their ears to birdsong won’t just tell them that there is a woodpecker in the trees, but will also help them truly be at one with nature.

    They will be able to understand what birds are saying. Adapt to the changing seasons the way nature intended as calls come and go. And will also be able to listen to the accompanying podcast if they need audible assistance.

    Everybody can benefit from having a little mirror in their bag or suit pocket for when they’re out and about, whether it be checking for smudged eyeliner or a bit of their lunch between their teeth.

    Choose from six designs on this one, so you can pick their favourite animal (Badger, Fox, Deer, Hare, Otter, Squirrel), and the illustrations are fab.

    The perfect way to bring nature into their living room/kitchen without actually having animals all run amok on their furniture.

    They are natural, earthy designs that will add calmness to any space while also giving the perfect nod to their passion. There is four in the set so that they will have plenty for all the family as well.

    Is your recipient on the younger side but no less passionate?

    This kit is made with junior bird watchers in mind. Nature Trail child-sized binoculars will be their perfect first pair, and they also get some cosmos seeds which will allow them to get their hands dirty – and are perfect for attracting all sorts of natural creatures.

    There is also a wooden birdhouse, feeder, bag with fat balls, sunflower bird food and scoop in a jar, and a seed envelope.

    Jewellery fans are catered for perfectly for here. This hibernating hedgehog is adorable and the perfect little buddy.

    It is timeless and can be personalised on the tag at the clasp. The chain is also available in three lengths – 35cm is suitable for under 8’s, 41cm is suitable for small adults and children and 46cm for adults – so you have an option for all ages.

    Everyone needs a little notepad to jot random reminders, ideas and information into throughout the day, and every wildlife lover needs this notepad! With an adorable fox illustration that’s been beautifully painted, this notepad is both classy and has all the nature vibes that your recipient digs so much!

    The binding is stitched for a nice added touch, and the papers are lined for ease of use. As an A6 size, it’s perfect for carrying around and will make for an ideal stocking filler.

    A perfect statement piece for all wildlife watchers, but particularly those who have previously been stag watching.

    You can buy the cover only, or with a duck feather insert, and the Indian yellow colour is the ideal colour pop.

    The bees flock to their lavender every year but they don’t know their bumblebee from their mining bee. Or, maybe they can give you the name of every bee at the drop of a hat and you don’t know how they do it.

    This print features 19 of the most popular ones and is the perfect reminder that a bee isn’t just a bee.

    A mug will be ideal for them as they have 1746 cups of tea every day. But you want it to match their love of Badgers/Stag Deer/Foxes/Hares/Otters/Squirrels.

    Or maybe you want to buy them the full set of six? Either way, these perfectly drawn mugs are perfect for their cuppas and their tastes.

    Sea birds are their particular passion, and it has been a particularly good day if they have also spotted a dolphin or seal.

    This print is a great present for any coast lovers or any wildlife lovers who live by the coast. The marine colours are ideal for a bathroom or similar, and it looks perfectly retro.

    The little hedgehogs which visit their garden around the summer months are treated like an extended family. This little plate is great for art collectors or those who just want a subtle nod to their favourite animal.

    It is bone china with a watercolour print, and they won’t fade in the sunlight thanks to the way they have been dried. They can even remove the wall hook if they’d rather use as a coaster.

    They love bees and are quite the Queen at the same time.

    This bee is ideal for nature lovers, princesses or any Manc, with the Queen Bee being the symbol of Manchester. It can be personalised, so you can pop their name or a little note under the bee.

    There would be no wildlife if it wasn’t for the flowers.

    Each attracts different animals, and this print gives you the most popular options which will go very well in a conservatory or kitchen looking out to any gardens full of them.