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Beautiful Pet Memorials for 2022

Faithful companions and unjudgemental best friends – the love of a devoted pet can never quite be matched. This is why when we lose them, we’re left with a huge void in our lives.

But no matter what others might think, pets are undeniably cherished family members. It’s only natural to seek out ways in which you can commemorate and celebrate their memory.

Whether you’re looking to immortalize your own loved one or want to console a grieving friend, a pet memorial is a touching way to relive those happy memories.

From frames, stones and urns to more unique individual items, there are plenty of unique and heart-warming ways to pay tribute. You’ll have to think about where the memorial will be placed first. If outside, it needs to be weatherproof. Do you want something subtle with a name engraved, or something with a picture?

It is ultimately a big decision. To help you find something that best reflects their wonderful life, we’ve picked out some of our favourites.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Personalised Pet Pebble
    • Finely engraved pet memorial stone
    • Personalise with pet’s name, dates and paw graphic
    • Gift boxing available
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    Hoobynoo Pet Memorial Wooden Keepsake Box
    • Hand-made keepsake box
    • Personalised photo and message on the lid
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    So Close Pet Memorial Plant Pot
    • Pet memorial flower pot
    • Personalise with name, dates and message
    • Flower seeds optional
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    The Most Thoughtful Pet Memorials & Sympathy Gifts

    Personalised Pet Pebble

    When a beloved pet sadly passes, it’s common for grieving owners to look for a simple but beautiful gesture to honour their memory.

    Personalised memorial stones are often a favourite choice, as they are a kind sentiment which is not grand or garish enough to offend personal taste and celebrate a lost pet in a more gentle and sympathetic way.

    This often makes them a thoughtful condolence gift and these palm-sized pet memorials are small enough to be displayed pride of place inside your home or as a marker stone in the garden, reminding us our pets are with us forever and always.

    Sandblasted to create strong raised text and graphics, these stones have an engraved appearance and can be customised with a graphic or symbol of your choice and your pet’s name.

    With plenty of graphics available from paw prints to more detailed portraits, it’s the best way to honour your pet, in your way.


    • Finely engraved pet memorial stone
    • Personalise with pet’s name, dates and paw graphic
    • Gift boxing available


    • Material: Natural Stone
    • Dimensions: 8-15 x 6-7 cm (size varies)

    Personalised Rainbow Bridge Decoration

    The Rainbow Bridge is a pleasing poem of no known origin, describing a beautiful journey that pets who have passed on take on their way to an idyllic heaven.

    Over the years, the rainbow bridge has become a beloved and treasured idea that has given grieving owners comfort after the loss of their pets.

    This rainbow bridge decoration celebrates a pet’s crossing into paradise in the form of a ceramic rainbow decoration, with a beautiful multicoloured watercolour illustration to remind you of your pet’s beautiful new chapter in life.

    Homemade and kiln-fired, the disc is made from high-quality porcelain and can be customised to feature whatever quotes or pet names you wish on both the back and front of the piece. There is also room for a suitable image too, allowing you to choose from paw print, horseshoe, hearts, stars and more.

    A warm and thoughtful gift, it’s the ideal ‘thinking of you’ sentiment, as it also comes with a personalizable keepsake card to better express your sympathies.


    • Comes with keepsake sympathy card
    • Homemade with ceramic & kiln fired
    • Hanging decoration based on ‘The Rainbow Bridge’ poem
    • Personalise with pet name


    • Material: Porcelain
    • Dimensions: 9 x 9 cm

    Hoobynoo Pet Memorial Wooden Keepsake Box

    A small and personal little keepsake box to treasure all of your wonderful memories inside, this is a very special gift that allows you to keep those precious moments close to your heart forever and always.

    Designed to work as both a physical reminder of your lost pet and also be a tender display piece, the design allows for a chosen photo of your pet to be displayed in the lid, with a chosen text of your choice. This text can be as long as you wish, meaning there’s the versatility to either keep it simple or write a more dedicated and moving message.

    The box itself is fairly quaint but will hold photos of 4” x 4” as well as your pet’s favourite items such as collars and toys. Moving on from a loss should never mean having to forget the ones you love and this wonderful box means you can keep possessions and memories alive forevermore.


    • Hand-made keepsake box
    • Personalised photo and message on the lid


    • Material: MDF Wood
    • Dimensions: 7 x 12 x 12 cm

    Pearhead Pet Picture & Paw Mould

    A heavenly way to display and honour your pet’s memory, this special photo and object dual-frame allow you to display a loving portrait of your lost pal alongside a beautiful handmade DIY clay paw mould.

    Available in espresso stain, white or distressed grey frame colours, you can ensure this wall memorial fits in with any type of home decor and your chosen picture is sure to serve as a pleasing reminder of how happy and joyous your pet always was.

    It’s the DIY paw print mould that makes this display frame truly special though, giving you a lasting physical imprint of your beloved pet to treasure forever, with easy step-by-step instructions and everything you need to create a lasting model of their beautiful paw.

    Actually creating the paw print mould obviously isn’t possible if a pet has sadly already passed through, meaning many owners choose to buy this keepsake in preparation for the passing of currently older or ill animals.


    • Paw print mould & photo display
    • Available in 3 different coloured frames
    • Ink paw print option also available


    • Material: Wood, Clay, Glass
    • Dimensions: 30.48 cm x 24.13 cm

    Pet Memorial Pebble Art

    An unusual and delicate display piece that can have a more heartfelt impact than a basic print, this unique handmade pebble art piece comes framed and ready to display, making a beautiful tribute to the loss of a family dog.

    Coming in a colour scheme of your choice, it features the words: “When tomorrow starts without me, don’t think we are apart, for every time you think of me, I’m right inside your heart” with a pair of angel wings below.

    Artist Daisy Maison then creates a dog silhouette over the wings using natural pebbles and you can complete the piece by including names, dates or any other message of your choice with a personalisable section below the angel figure.

    This is a truly special piece of art that stands out amongst other more basic memorials and so is a fitting choice for an amazing pet like no other before or after them.


    • Framed pebble art with thoughtful poem print
    • Can hold collar, paw print mould & photo
    • Personalise with pet’s name


    • Material: Natural Stone, Glass, Wood
    • Dimensions: 26 x 26 cm

    Typecast Gallery Pet Memorial Print

    Understated and attractive, these warm and sweet memorial prints help capture a feeling of love for a lost pet without the need for words.

    A custom print featuring an endearing silhouette of your treasured lost friend, the memorial is available for dogs or cats, with over 50 dog breeds and 11 cat illustrations to choose from, helping you best replicate the personality and look of your precious pet.

    The tender image is then completed with your pet’s name and a love heart, creating a gorgeous display piece for your home in an unusual but comforting combination of brown and red colours with black typeface.

    Should you require an extra message or sentiment, this is available, and you can also add another pet to the display should you want to honour more than one memory.

    The image is then printed with the finest giclee method onto luxurious 300gsm paper, and delivered with a backing board and glacier white mount so that it is kept in pristine condition and is ready to be framed.

    If words can’t quite capture how you’re feeling, the quiet beauty of this print may be just the token of love you’ve been looking for.


    • Personalised silhouette pet print
    • Add personal message
    • Honour up to two pets in one print


    • Material: Paper
    • Dimensions: 21 x 29.7 cm

    So Close Pet Memorial Plant Pot

    Sometimes a memorial gift needs to be that little bit more unique to truly capture just how special a lost four-legged friend really was and this simple flower pot is easily one of our favourites.

    Helping you remember a lost pet with the most fitting and sensitive words that come to mind, you can personalise the pot with a pet’s name, dates and a loving message, all written in beautiful calligraphy on both the front and back of the pot.

    There’s also the option of choosing from a variety of seeds to be included with the pot, so in celebration of a life well-lived, you can help cultivate new life in the form of lavender, forget-me-nots, sweetpeas or other available seeds.

    Once the flowers are fully grown, the memorial really begins to catch the eye, with vibrant colours bursting from the pot and reminding you of the joyous and colourful personality of your much-loved pet.

    To complete the package, it’s also available with a handwritten gift note, so you can better express your sympathies and the meaning behind your unique gift.


    • Pet memorial flower pot
    • Personalise with name, dates and message
    • Flower seeds optional


    • Material: Ceramic
    • Dimensions: 10 x 9 x 6 cm

    Silver Pet Loss Bracelet

    A commemorative piece of jewellery is always a sweet way to honour a pet’s memory, allowing the wearer to remember their best friend fondly and keep their spirit close to them at all times.

    Stylish and sensitive, this understated charm bracelet is made from high-quality sterling silver and features a wonderful set of trinkets designed to thoughtfully honour the passing of a pet.

    These are a paw print charm, an angel’s wing to signify their new life and a heart stamped with the initial of their name.

    A particularly sweet gift for younger children who are struggling with the loss, this attractive bracelet will ensure they never forget their four-legged friend and that their memory will live on every time someone asks about the meaning of their beautiful charms.


    • Sterling silver charm bracelet with pet-themed charms
    • Personalise with pet name initial
    • Adjustable bracelet length


    • Material: Sterling Silver
    • Dimensions: 6.5” to 8” length

    Floral Engraved Oak Memorial Plaque

    A sweet and simple home decoration, this memorial photo block for rabbits comes adorned with the message ‘If love alone could have kept you here, you would have lived forever’, a beautiful sentiment to honour a cotton-tailed companion.

    Decorated with a fine and flourished calligraphy, the photo block is made of an attractive chunky pine and leaves plenty of room for you to have your pet’s photo and name printed lovingly alongside the quote. Keeping it’s natural wooden aesthetic, it’s a heartwarming keepsake for anyone grieving the loss of a pet and a perfect sympathy gift for loved ones.

    There’s nothing to say this memorial is only for rabbits either and if you’ve fallen in love with its sentiments, it will undoubtedly create just as lovely a piece if used to commemorate another animal.


    • Wooden memorial photo block
    • Add pet’s photo and name
    • Free standing plaque


    • Material: Wood
    • Dimensions: 12 x 18 x 2 cm

    Buying Guide

    The Best Ideas For A Pet Memorial

    While there are many beautiful memorial ideas out there, we realise purchasing such a sensitive gift can be a risk if the memorial is for a friend or family member rather than yourself.

    People like to keep their pet’s memory alive in different ways and while one person may appreciate a unique gift and find it a wonderful gesture, another may find the idea upsetting and not something they are comfortable displaying in their home or on their person.

    However, the memorial gifts and ideas featured below are some of the most common gestures and so if you’re unsure of your recipient’s tastes, these should be relatively safe and sympathetic gestures to go with.

    Memorial Stones, Urns or Ornaments

    If looking for a memorial for your own pet, there are plenty of ways to celebrate their memory with ornaments, stones/grave markers and urns for keeping ashes in. There are so many different designs of these available and so if you look hard enough, you’re bound to find something which reflects the beauty and love of your pet, which can become a sweet and lasting memorial within or outside your home.

    If purchasing as a gift, there’s also things like shadow boxes and poetry picture frames, which make more appropriate sympathy presents, allowing your loved one to place their pet’s photos and items into a memory box.

    Objects and Jewellery

    One of the most distressing parts about losing a pet is simply being unable to touch and hug your companion again. That’s a hole in your life that’s difficult to replace, and so finding a memorial item you can touch and feel can help bring you some comfort.

    The most traditional of these would be a piece of customised jewellery commemorating your pet’s memory such as a necklace or bracelet which you can read and touch when you are missing them. However, there’s nothing to say it couldn’t be a larger, more interactive commemorative object.

    Memorial Gifts & Ideas To Avoid

    Although any idea that involves commemorating and celebrating the love of a lost pet can seem like a thoughtful and beautiful one when it first occurs, not all pet memorials are a sensible option.

    For example, although getting a tattoo can be a fitting way to pay tribute to your pet, many people these days choose to mix their pet’s ashes into the ink… which is not a good idea. Any reputable tattooist should reject this notion, as this is essentially putting an unhygienic foreign body into your skin and can potentially give you a nasty infection.

    Things like floating lanterns are also a bad idea as these can have awful effects on the environment. Although they display a nice metaphor for your pet’s soul, they could harm other animals such as birds or even sea creatures as they tend to not be biodegradable.

    Finally, if buying something as a gift, we would also suggest trying to be sensitive and intune with how the recipient is feeling and more crucially how they might be planning to commemorate their pet themselves. It’s probably not your place to send them an urn or memorial stone, as these feel like deeply personal objects that someone grieving will buy for themselves if they feel they need them.

    Things To Consider

    When purchasing something with so much emotional gravitas behind it, you need everything to be perfect and of the highest quality.

    Crucially, you also want whatever you buy to boast durability and longevity, to ensure it will be a long-lasting memorial that stands the test of time.

    Here are some features to pay especially close attention to:


    Particularly if jewellery or a memorial stone, you need your gift to be made of the most premium and high-quality material. Memorial stones need to be made from a strong material resistant to scratches and preferably treated with weatherproof coatings if they are to be kept outside in the garden. Jewellery also needs to be carefully constructed and well put together, as if it falls apart or breaks easily, it will be even more heartbreaking than normal.


    If you want a memorial gift to carry more emotional weight and feel more special than a standard Clinton’s Sorry For Your Loss card, personal customisation is a must. This allows you to write your own words and feelings, describe your pet on their own terms, or more commonly just insert their name and a paw print on an ornament.


    While any memorial gift is usually a beautiful and much-welcomed gesture, it’s often important to think long and hard about where a piece fits into a home before you buy it. For example, there’s no point buying a pet memorial stone for the garden if you have a yard, because it just won’t look particularly beautiful or moving when sitting on a paving slab or patio.

    Therefore you need to make sure there’s a perfect spot in your home just waiting to be filled with love and remembrance before you buy any ornament!

    Size & Weight

    If buying a memorial stone, the size and weight of a gift can be important, as placing it outside or inside your home shouldn’t be a difficult task. A seriously heavy ornament can also be potentially dangerous if it topples or falls from its spot and isn’t it best that your gift remains a memory of your pet rather than that time you broke your foot!?

    Size is of course also crucially important for things like frames or jewellery, where getting the wrong measurements will mean a poor fitting and a memorial which never sees the light of day.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    What is an appropriate pet memorial gift?

    Any gesture of sympathy is helpful and comforting to someone grieving the loss of a pet and a personalised gift is always a beautiful and thoughtful way to commemorate the life of their pet.

    However, that being said, it’s impossible to know people’s own tastes and while you might think a huge grand ornament of a dog with angel wings is a stunning and special gift, they may well find it a displeasing eyesore that doesn’t capture the memory of their animal at all. Although we’re sure they’ll appreciate the gesture.

    For that reason, we think the very best memorial gift you can buy someone is a shadow box, as it is a very thoughtful gift, which doesn’t require you to stress or fret as to whether what you’ve bought is aesthetically pleasing to their taste or appropriate for their home.

    Memory or shadow boxes come in the form of nicely designed display sets, often with a personalised message and a pet’s name, as well as room and supports to place items such as photos, collars and a pet’s favourite toys. Essentially they are a beautiful 3D scrapbook of memories and about the most wonderful memorial gift you could give someone.

    Even if they choose not to display it, the recipient will likely be grateful for the kind thought and it can still be used for storing their pet’s old items!

    What should I write on a pet memorial?

    Many pet memorials that are customisable offer you the chance to write a personal message, poem or memory to further commemorate the memory of your pet. But finding the words to sum up their loss is essentially impossible and it’s only natural to hesitate over what you might choose, as what might seem a fitting gesture now may well feel off the mark in a few days time.

    Our advice first off, is to take your time with it. If you’re constantly switching between several different messages or epitaphs every few days, you’re probably not ready to choose and just need more time to get a feel for what’s right.

    The other situation you might find yourself is having no words at all, as loss and grief often leaves us speechless. This is often especially the case if you’re trying to find words to comfort someone else’s pet loss, as you are often worried you’ll find the wrong words.

    The best thing to do is often to go simple with a basic message that reads something like ‘Faithful, Loyal and Loving Companion’, ‘Always By My Side’, ‘A Faithful Friend’, ‘Always In Our Hearts’.

    However, if you want to do something more personal, just take your time and search your memories for something meaningful to yourself or the person you’re writing it for.