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Best Dog Halloween Costumes for 2021

It is one of the best times of the year, and if you always dress up for the occasion, why not allow your dog to join in?

Whether you’re taking the kids and family Trick or Treating or having a house party, your pup will love to wear a costume (and get plenty of attention in return). It is also a must for any pet influencers with their own Instagram account.

Whether you want them to look utterly terrifying, cuddly, amusing or even join in on the group costume (is that a real donkey with Shrek?!), there is so much choice out there. And they are available in lots of sizes, too.

Dogs At Halloween

Before you buy a dog costume for your dog to wear on this spooky holiday, think about where you will be taking them.

If you are thinking of allowing them to tag along on a Trick or Treat night, be aware of things which could scare them, such as busier areas, more people coming up to them and having to go places they haven’t been before. There is also no guarantee that there won’t be fireworks, even if you don’t go on October 31st.

Dressing up your dog is also cute, but only if they like it. If they have never worn a jumper or coat before, they won’t like this suddenly being forced upon them. You should also keep a close eye on your dog when they are wearing costumes, in case they become uncomfortable at any point.

If you have considered the above, check out our picks of the best costumes for your dog at Halloween below.

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    Our Top Picks

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    Pumpkin Dog Costume
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    Halloween Devil Horns and Tail
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    Giant Spider Pet Dog Costume
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    The Top Dog Halloween Costumes

    Pumpkin Dog Costume

    The traditional Halloween option. They look super cute but at the same time give off the right spooooky vibes. And there is a little hat for maximum effect. The costume has a velcro fastening to ensure your dog has a comfortable fit as well.

    Halloween Devil Horns and Tail

    They chew your slippers. Scare the postman. Run through the house shaking mud everywhere after a walk… that’s right dogs can be more of a terror than anything on Halloween. But as you’ll know with your own pooch, their cuteness makes it all worth it, and there are few things cuter than this little bat hat.

    This is a great option if you want a costume that’s not intrusive for your dog, and since it has an adjustable velcro fastening and ear holes, it’s designed for complete comfort.

    Spell Binding Pet Hat

    We have no words for the cuteness of this little hat, but they still give off a cheeky air of “I can easily cast a spell on you if you don’t give me that treat right now”.

    DC Comics Batgirl Pet Dog Costume

    An officially licensed DC Comics outfit which will look *perfect* if you’re also planning on going as Batman or The Dark Knight. Jokers beware.

    Giant Spider Pet Dog Costume

    You can get nothing scarier than a spider for some people. Thank goodness this one will have an adorable dog inside it.

    Bat Dog Costume

    For those dogs who won’t be keen on wearing vests and hats and jumpers but want to join in with the fun. Just look at how that finishes off the costumes of the rest of the family.

    Magic Witch Dog Costume

    Introducing the friendly neighbourhood witch. Extra points here if your dog has big fluffy dangly ears which stick out underneath the hat.

    Pets at Home Halloween Starry Eyed Pumpkin Dog Jumper

    If you’re looking for a more subtle way to get into the Halloween spirit, then this pumpkin jumper is perfect! Not only is it adorable, but it’s full of spooky vibes with the pumpkin face and the classic orange design. It’s also a more practical alternative to a costume as well since it will keep your pooch cosy and warm and those cold October nights.

    Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine Pet Dog Costume

    You’re all going as the original spooky crime-fighting gang but Dave already has that Scooby-Doo outfit that he has been waiting to have an excuse to wear (you haven’t asked how he has it). So, the dog has to rethink and this is perfect.

    Ghostbusters Pet Costume

    There are three of you, so Barry says that you can’t go as the Ghostbusters team because “it just wouldn’t look right”. Step in Fido.

    Lion Mane Fancy Dress

    This gives off cuddly lion vibes rather than super scary terrifying vibes (if that is even a thing) which is a good thing for maintaining neighbour relations.

    Deadly Doll Dog Clothes

    Basically a costume of Chucky Doll which is one of the scariest characters of any Halloween movie. Your dogs slightly bewildered face probably will tell everybody they needn’t worry however.

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Tyrannosaurus Rex

    You’re a fan of the film, where dinosaurs go on a bit of a rampage. The neighbours will definitely do a double-take when they see this bounding down the street.

    Toy Story Rex Pet Dog Costume

    The scary Jurassic park dino costume will either scare the kids or your dog’s tongue hanging out all the time will slightly ruin the effect, so this is the next best dinosaur costume.

    Bumble Bee Fancy Dress

    Cute enough to accompany the Trick or Treaters on October 31st and also take to the park where they can be at one with nature. The perfect all year round option if you want to get your money’s worth.

    Pets at Home Halloween Pumpkin Spice Up Your Life Dog Hoodie

    Let your pooch be Scary Spice for a night and bring back a little 90s nostalgia with a nod to our favourite girl band!

    The Pumpkin Spice Up Your Life slogan on this dog hoodie is a cute and fun way to celebrate Halloween without having to wear anything too spooky, and it will keep your pup cosy and warm on a dark October night!

    Rubie's DC Comic Wonder Woman Dog Costume

    Who doesn’t love Wonder Woman? As the absolute female hero, we think it’s a pretty fitting costume for your darling girl! Your pup might not have superpowers to fight evil, but they will have a super cute costume, and that’s really all dog Halloweens are about!

    Shark Dog Costume

    Not a massive Halloween person? Need a way to scare off unwanted visitors? Voila. (Keep some trick or treat sweets in a bucket by the door for the kids who won’t give up though).

    Superman Dog Costume

    It is a scary night, but you will all be okay with Superman on call to right any wrongs.

    Rubie's Star Wars Darth Vader Dog Costume

    As far as Halloween costumes go, Darth Vader is certainly the most dramatic, and this outfit is bound to win any best-dressed competition! It’s made from breathable polyester, and since the sizes are XXL and XXXL, for once, the bigger dogs don’t have to miss out on all the dressing up fun!

    Star Wars Ewok Pet Dog Costume

    Every single dog is certified cute at birth *anyway*, but we can’t think of a single dog which wouldn’t look even cuter dressed up as Ewok for the night.

    Paw Patrol Marshall Dog Costume

    Definitely one for the kids and parents out there. If you get questions about what exactly it is meant to be, say Paw Patrol and people will appreciate the wittiness even if it still makes no sense. Bonus points if you have a Dalmation which looks just like Marshall.

    Hulk Dog Fancy Dress

    The Hulk has pretty immeasurably strength levels. Perfect for your dog who uses their strength levels to pull you towards dirty puddles on walks rather than to fight crime.

    Star War Princess Leia Pet Dog Costume

    This set includes a pet jumpsuit and a Princess Leia wig so they can have their very own space buns for the night.

    Leonardo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dog Costume

    A complete outfit for your pizza crust loving pup which will also keep them warm. Dress up your other three children as the other members of the gang and train him to bark ‘Cowabunga’ and you’re good to go.

    Buying Guide

    What To Consider When Buying A Halloween Costume For Your Dog

    Treat it like you are buying a costume for a child.

    They may look cute, but if the outfit isn’t safe for them to wear then you can’t enjoy the night as much. You may need to look out for certain pointers such as:

    • Any small pieces which could become a choking hazard
    • Costumes which are too large could be trip hazards
    • Costumes which are too small may restrict your dog, making them uncomfortable and warm
    • It should be fire safe, even if you think there is little risk of this being required – Halloween can involve candles

    Also, think about the material – it gets pretty chilly at the end of October, so look for something like fleece which will keep them warm if they are Trick Or Treating. You should also see which fasteners it uses, as something like velcro will be easy to put on but may not stay together for a very active dog.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    Where can I buy dog Halloween costumes from?

    You have a lot of choices. There are online stores such as Amazon, Pets at Home and Not On The High Street, as well as ones on your highstreet.

    One big thing to remember – always get it from a brand who knows what they are doing, and are best known for making costumes for humans, dogs and any other creatures. This way, you know that the costume has passed the strict quality and fire tests before it can go on sale and that the right materials have been used.