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Best Cat Harnesses for 2022

You will fit into two categories when it comes to the idea of a cat harness. Either you think they are a glorious product to provide your cat with a safe, crate-free way to get about, or you think that it is a nightmare waiting to happen.

Even if you fit into the last category, there will still be an option out there for you. Cat harnesses and taking your feline for a walk are now more popular than ever. In response, harnesses come in all shapes, sizes and styles to suit.

If you’re currently struggling to take your cat to the vets in a cat carrier, or they’re usually indoors but you want to be able to take them on day trips, a harness could be the way forward. They’re also ideal if you’re moving house and want to allow your cat to explore before they are allowed out for the first time on their own. People with shared gardens could also benefit.

It’s even easier than you’d imagine training your cat to use a harness.

We have selected picks that should fit a range of sizes, security levels and styles. All are easy to get on and off and come with suitable leads. They can also all be used with cat backpacks if this is your chosen method of transport.

Here are some of the best harnesses and lead sets available to buy.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Ancol Cat Harness & Lead Set
    • Great adaptable size
    • Easy to alter
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    Black Stretchy Kitten Harness
    • Nice and comfortable
    • Very secure and small size
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    Pets at Home Fish Bone Cat Harness
    • Fun style
    • Secure around neck and waist
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    The Top Cat Harnesses Reviewed

    Ancol Cat Harness & Lead Set

    One of the best quality cat harnesses on the market – which is no surprise given the name of the brand behind it.

    The figure of 8 design doesn’t just give your cat better security but also makes it easier to take on and off. It is also comfortable for your cat to wear, so they aren’t going to hate putting it on and dread their time outdoors.

    It is a one size fits all design as well, so is really flexible when it comes to adjustment, meaning you can get it just as tight as necessary. The back clip buckle allows you to pull the harness one way to tighten, and the other way to loosen, but it won’t budge unless you specifically move it.

    Snap buckles also make it simple to fasten. The length should accommodate most cat body shapes, too. As a bonus, it is partially reflective.


    • Great adaptable size
    • Easy to alter


    • Size: 22.4 x 18 x 1 cm
    • Colours: Black, Blue, Red

    Black Stretchy Kitten Harness

    If you want to get your kitten used to their new environment or get them used to being in a harness and lead for adult life, it can be hard to find a harness which goes small enough.

    It’s made from soft nylon fabric, so will be gentle on your kitten whilst keeping it safe and secure. The buckle fastening makes putting it on and taking it off easy, causing less stress for all parties involved.

    The lead fastens securely, so you don’t have to worry about this coming undone when you’re far from home. But the harness will also be suitable to use with other leads, such as extendable models or car belt clips.


    • Nice and comfortable
    • Very secure and small size


    • Sizes: Neck 1 x 21-26.5cm, Chest 1cm x 30-35.5cm
    • Colour: Black

    Trixie Cat Car Harness

    If you are taking your cat to the vet, or to a safe space where they can be on the lead, then a car is probably involved somewhere.

    This harness is suitable to use in a vehicle, as it comes with a lead which can be clipped into the seatbelt fastener. It is padded at the chest and tummy, and fully adjustable for various sizes.

    A cat lead is available to buy separately for walks, and the belt clip is suitable for most car models.


    • Easy clip fastening
    • Fully adjustable size


    • Sizes: One size, adjustable
    • Colour: Red

    rabbitgoo Cat Harness

    This cat harness, which comes with a lead set for walks, is perfect for average-sized cats.

    It is comfortable, designed to fit snugly to your cat without making them recoil. Soft and lightweight, it is fully adjustable for the perfect close fit. The vest style design will also reduce the pressure of a lead around their neck, instead spreading out any pulling around their chest.

    Reflective strips are great if you want to go out when it is going dark, or before everyone else is awake in the morning. The 2 snap side-buckles and 4 fully adjustable straps will ensure it can go on safely without being too much of a struggle for both parties.

    It’s available in XS or S sizes, so measure up before buying.


    • Easy to put on
    • Comfortable to wear


    • Sizes: Chest Girth 13.5-16 Inches/18-20 Inches
    • Colour: Red, Black, Green, Pink

    Ancol Velvet Cat Harness

    Not only is this harness comfortable to wear thanks to the soft velvet finish, but it is also nice and secure and well-fitted which is even more important.

    The soft edging prevents any rubbing around joints, such as under the arms, and it can be adjusted to ensure a snug fit to prevent any breakouts.

    The small size would also make it suitable for toy dog breeds, or small animals such as rabbits. It comes with a lead, which is permanently fastened to the harness and will therefore never risk breaking free.


    • Snug small size
    • Available in various colours


    • Size: Underneath 15cm
    • Colours: Grey, Teal, Pink

    Pets at Home Fish Bone Cat Harness

    Vest harnesses are great if you just aren’t sure how your cat is going to react so you want the most secure fit possible.

    This one is strong and securely wraps around your cat for maximum peace of mind. It has been designed based on the feedback of cat owners and breeders, and what they would like from a harness.

    The design is fun and will ensure your kitty stands out from the pack, and the D Ring will keep the lead fastened throughout the walk.


    • Fun style
    • Secure around neck and waist


    • Sizes: 35.56-45.72cm chest
    • Colour: Black

    Deggodech Escape Proof Cat Harness

    Great for size choice as it is available in S, M and L, this harness is designed to keep even the riskiest of kitties safe and secure.

    It is made from soft sandwich mesh, which is light-weight, strong and breathable. The smooth edges have been designed to reduce rubbing, especially around joints, and the quick-release buckle and adjustable chest belt will get a good fit and make taking it off easier.

    The reflective strips will improve visibility at night in case you are taking your cat outside to get used to the dark, and the anchor hook for the lead has been double stitched to enforce the strength. It has also been designed to reduce pressure on the trachea and throat, so any tension will be spread across the chest.


    • Choice of sizes
    • Colour options
    • Easy to take off


    • Sizes: S 28-35cm/M 35-40cm/L 40-46cm
    • Colour: Black, Blue, Grey, Pink

    Trixie 41960 Cat Harness and Lead

    Trixie is a big name in the pet product world. This harness has been made with larger cats in mind if you have previously been unable to find something which will comfortably fit them without causing issues.

    It comes with a lead and is nylon so can be cleaned if necessary. It is also quite substantial and strong because of this, with little risk of wearing away or fraying. Snap buckles make for quick and easy fastening, and they’re also secure.

    The straps are adjustable so can be made smaller or larger and smaller if needed, to get the perfect snug fit.


    • Bigger size
    • Strong material


    • Sizes: 34-57 cm
    • Colour: Black

    Ancol Soft Nylon Cat Harness

    This soft harness, with permanently attached lead, is ideal for anybody who is worried about their cat coming loose out of the harness.

    The large surface area makes it more difficult to get out of, so it is one of the best for being escape-proof. This support isn’t the only benefit, however – it also makes it easier to put on a struggling cat, with the vest design being much simpler than buckles and awkward straps.

    Available in black or pink, you can also purchase it in Small, Medium or Large so measure up before parting with your money.


    • Choice of sizes
    • Good secure fit


    • Sizes: M 27.5 x 13 x 35 cm
    • Colours: Black, Pink

    Pidan Cat Harness and Leash Set

    This is a very stylish cat harness and is secure as well with fully adjustable straps, quality buckles and an unbreakable infinity ring for the lead. The quick-release buckles around the neck are also ideal in case your cat is struggling on a hairball.

    We love that it’s lightweight as well, so your kitty won’t even notice they are wearing this harness.

    It can be hand washed and dried, so it looks its best at all times, and the polyester is weather resistant.


    • Lightweight for comfort
    • Easy to keep clean and dry


    • Sizes: Neck Girth 7.8″-12.2″, Chest Girth 10.2″-16.9″, Leash Length 48″
    • Colour: Multicoloured

    Buying Guide

    How we found the best cat harnesses

    Reviews for cat harnesses were key here. A cat is either going to be happy to wear one or completely against it and while all cats will need time to get used to a harness, comfort can play a huge part in whether they say yes or no.

    So, we looked for reviews that mentioned the comfort of their cat and how happy they seemed to be to wear the harness. Soft materials, and an adjustable fit so it isn’t too tight around their chest or stomach, are key here.

    Aside from reviews, we looked at the way the harness can be put on to the cat and the fastenings. Putting a harness on a cat is different to a dog, so harnesses that don’t slip over their head were the ones we looked at first. Side release buckles were also preferred, as they’re less faff than metal buckles.

    Side buckles can also be more secure as there’s little risk of them coming apart or breaking, which is vital when your cat is away from home. A secure D-ring was also essential, which their lead can fasten on to.

    Talking of leads, most cat harnesses come as harness and lead sets which we looked for. You can’t use a dog lead on a cat as they’re too strong. However, some leads which come with cat harnesses can be flimsy and thin, so we tried to avoid any which had reviews stating that the lead wasn’t secure or safe.

    Cat Harness Styles

    Harnesses can come in various styles.


    These allow your cat to literally step their two paws into the harness so you can avoid slipping it over their head. This could be good for any nervous cats but is often the least secure method


    Literally an H-shaped piece of fabric which sits on your cat’s chest and wraps in front and behind their front legs, securing on the side or on their back

    Vest Style

    These are the most secure but could be too restrictive for your cat. They are the best for cats who are likely to try and escape though

    Harness and Lead Sets

    Most harnesses are available with a lead as a set. These are great if you’d like the two to match, or something that is an exact fit. It could also help save a bit of money as opposed to buying them separately.

    Do bear in mind that most leads which come with harnesses will be standard, made from the same material and with no special features. You may wish to purchase a lead which is extendable or a bungee lead.

    Dedicated cat leads will be a bit more gentle than dog leads, but there isn’t a huge amount out there, so look for a lead suitable for a puppy or small dog such as a chihuahua if you can’t find a dedicated cat model.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    How do I find the perfect size of cat harness?

    Measure girth around the chest, and around the neck where the collar would naturally sit. Do this snug against their fur, but still leave around one finger-width of space between the harness and cat.

    Why do I need a cat harness?

    Your cat doesn’t necessarily need a harness. You may find it is easy enough to take them to the vet or cattery in a cat carrier.

    But a harness could come in handy if they absolutely hate being in these enclosed spaces. It is also usually a good idea to have a harness on your cat if you are carrying them in a dedicated cat backpack so they can be securely fastened into it.

    Other reasons for a harness and lead are:

    • If you want to take them for a walk to a local park/around your garden if they are an indoor cat
    • If you have moved house and would like them to get used to the new area before letting them out
    • Going camping or on holiday with them
    • If your cat has had an operation so you need to control their whereabouts

    It is worth noting that collars on their own should never be used as a restraint or walking method for a cat as you may with a dog. Even the slightest tug can harm their trachea, which is more delicate than with a dog.

    What else do I need to buy for my cat?

    It would be a good idea to have a tag on your cat’s harness in case they do escape or run away, and can, therefore, be found. Also, think about microchipping them for maximum security.