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Best Horse Fly Sprays for 2022

A good quality horse fly spray is an absolute essential for mare care during the summer months, as keeping insects away from your steed can help prevent the infections and irritations that occur from constant fly attacks.

But with so many sprays, gels and lotions on the market and so many ingredients to get your head around, finding the right repellent to help keep your horse happy and healthy can be a bit of a headache.

So to help you frighten off swarms of flies from upsetting your filly, we’ve observed the very best solutions on the market in a variety of forms, ensuring every horse owner and cob gets the ideal respite for them.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Barrier Super Plus Fly Repellent for Horses
    • 100% natural solution
    • Soothes and calms irritation
    • Gel option available
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    NAF Off DEET Power For Horses
    • Offers year-round protection
    • 19% DEET solution
    • Super concentrated
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    Nettex Fly Repellent
    • Contains moisturiser
    • DEET based formula
    • Suitable for sensitive skin
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    The Top Horse Fly Sprays Reviewed

    Leovet Power Phaser Fly Protection

    The most potent horse fly repellents are ones which provide long-lasting relief throughout the day, ensuring your horse can enjoy the daylight hours in peace after just one treatment.

    This Leovet Power Phaser solution is, therefore, an absolutely ideal option for fly-free afternoons and insect-irritating evenings, as it provides your pony with an astonishing 7 hours of effectiveness!

    An optimised blend of powerful ingredients, including the ever-reliable DEET, it protects against horseflies, ticks and all biting and not biting flies, ensuring complete stay-off power from a variety of insects. It also boasts a high concentration and comes in either a gel or liquid form, with a free sponge to help enhance application.

    Gentle on skin, it’s harsh on horseflies and soft on our steeds, just how we like it!


    • Effective even if horse sweats
    • Works against biting & non-biting insects
    • Tubs, spray or bottle options


    • Type: Gel, Liquid or Spray
    • Sizes: 500ml, 550ml, 2.5L

    Deosect Spray

    If you’re looking for a seriously strong fly repelling solution, it doesn’t get much more powerful than this cypermethrin spray from Deosect, an effective and efficient concentrated solution.

    Cypermethrin is easily one of the most revered and commonly used insecticides on the planet, a pale yellow liquid which in this instance makes up just 5% of the entire formula.

    Diluted at 10ml per 500ml of water, it can be applied as a liquid rinse or placed in a spraying device, promising some of the longest-lasting effects on the market and an easy application.

    So powerful is the amazing cypermethrin that most horses who suffer occasional fly distractions will only ever need monthly treatments to keep insects at bay, an amazing guarantee of longevity you won’t find anywhere else on the market.

    However, if your horse suffers quite badly from nasty insect attacks they’ll likely need the treatment on a more fortnightly basis.

    Although a fantastically fruitful insecticide, this also means you have to take a lot more care when using it, so be sure to always study the label before purchase and use!


    • Dilutable spray solution
    • Effective against flies & lice
    • 1 use repels for up to 1 month!


    • Type: Liquid
    • Sizes: 250ml, 1L

    NAF Off Citronella Spray For Horses

    Citronella is an essential oil that’s well known for it’s fresh and lemony scent, but what a lot of people don’t realise is that it’s also a fantastic natural insect repellent.

    This citronella based horse fly spray from NAF Off is therefore a little match made in heaven as unlike many horse fly deterrents – it actually smells amazing!

    A long-lasting spray solution, it can make your horse’s whole body a no-go area for such everyday stable villains as midges, horseflies and blackflies while also making sure horse coats stay soft and shiny!


    • Long-lasting repellent
    • Natural lemony citronella smell!
    • Stops midges, mosquitos & flies


    • Type: Spray
    • Sizes: 750ml, 2.5L

    Barrier Super Plus Fly Repellent for Horses

    One of the absolute most caring and gentle formulas out there, Barrier’s Super Plus Fly Repellent is all about protecting your pony without any of those nasty ingredients we all fuss and fret over.

    A 100% natural and high strength composition, it guards against both nuisance bugs like midges as wells as bloodsucking biters like the blackfly and horsefly!

    Providing extreme relief and comfort, it’s also the ultimate soothing agent for sore and distressed mares, as it’s non-toxic and everyday ingredients help pack a nutrient boosting punch that majorly enhances horse skin vitality.

    Nourished with pure avocado extract, it boasts high Vitamin A, D and E content, which helps to soothe and calm deep irritations in a horse’s broken and bitten skin.

    It’s a sure-fire way to say goodbye to flies and hello to fresh filly skin!


    • 100% natural solution
    • Soothes and calms irritation
    • Gel option available


    • Type: Gel, Liquid or Spray
    • Sizes: 500ml, 1L, 5L, 20L

    NAF Off DEET Power For Horses

    Another fantastic offering from NAF Off’s horse fly spray specialists, this powerful DEET based offering is designed to give year-round protection from a wide range of flies and insects, so your horse can live irritation-free regardless of the season!

    Containing a significantly high percentage of 19.6% DEET, it’s one of the stronger insect repellents on the market, but it’s important to note that DEET is not an insecticide, so it’s a perfectly safe and non-toxic way to help shoo away pests and biting bugs.

    Providing incredibly long-lasting effects and relief, it’s a super-concentrated solution that’s the optimum choice for keeping them relaxed and re-energised after eventing schedules and travelling.


    • Offers year-round protection
    • 19% DEET solution
    • Super concentrated


    • Type: Spray
    • Sizes: 750ml, 2.5L, 5L

    Nettex Fly Repellent

    Providing their customers with an all out arsenal of weaponry to protect against insect attacks, Nettex’s number one fly repellent product is formulated for sensitive steeds and available in wipe or spray form for quick and easy application.

    Seeing off stable flies and bitey bugs looking to make your horse ill and upset, Nettex are purveyors of the DEET based formula and so these products are particularly adept at fighting blackflies and horseflies, two of the nastiest culprits when it comes to sores and skin issues.

    But thanks to added moisturisers and conditioners in the solution, Nettex’s spray allows such sensitive and damaged skin some moisture to help it repair and rest, making it far and away the best option for eczema suffering or rash plagued ponies!


    • Contains moisturiser
    • DEET based formula
    • Suitable for sensitive skin


    • Type: Spray or Wipes
    • Sizes: 250ml, 500ml, 2L, 5L

    Global Herbs Flyfree For Horses

    A slightly more interesting product than the usual, this anti-fly formula is not a spray or liquid solution but, in fact, a supplement.

    Using only natural, healing ingredients such as, cedar, turmeric and garlic, the plant-based concoction provides owners with an entirely natural tablet, whose nutrients are absorbed in digestion by a horse and then passed through to the skin where they can reap the benefits.

    This provides wellness targeting for the whole body and can be fed to horses at choice times to help provide a day’s respite from pesky pests.

    Unlike some sprays, it’s also safe for horses to lick each other after the treatment and this pick is a great way to avoid picking ‘evil’ chemical compound solutions if natural formulas are a preferred choice for you.


    • Plant-based, non-toxic formula
    • In-feed additive
    • Benefits digested & passed to the skin


    • Type: Supplement
    • Sizes: 500g, 1Kg

    Effol Horse Fly Blocker

    One of the more popular sprays across the world, Effol Horse Fly Blocker is trusted in over 50 countries and is a dermatologically tested solution that guarantees safety for horse’s skin and success when it comes to scaring away insects.

    Crafted from icaridin based ingredients, it uses a strong smell that’s deemed distasteful by bugs and is a ready-to-spray solution that not only fights flies, ticks and midges but also helps prevent summer eczema too!

    A long-lasting treatment, it was developed in collaboration with the Swiss Tropical Institute, a leader in the fight against tropical diseases spread by the likes of mosquitos. This undoubtedly ensures its spot as one of the most trustworthy and safe treatments on the market, helping to keep your horse disease and infection-free!


    • Strong Smelling
    • Also effective on ticks & mosquitos
    • Prevents summer eczema


    • Type: Spray
    • Sizes: 500ml

    Equimins Lice & Mite Formula

    Totally free of harsh chemicals and long ominous compound names which leave you feeling hesitant and unsure, Equimins Lice & Mite formula for horses is the perfect remedy for every day flies and the more concerning issue of lice.

    Containing quassia, Equimins is a formula concocted of natural plant extracts, which offers great control over insects without the harsh, skin-irritating qualities of classic insecticides.

    But what we really like about it is the extra support it offers against mites, another horse issue which often goes unmentioned and untreated by other formulas.

    Particularly effective on leg areas, the strong herbal remedy can help keep the feathers around the feet of certain horse breeds a lice-free location and is proven to bring positive results at a rate of just two treatments a week!


    • Natural plant extract formula
    • Contains Quassia
    • Effective on leg lice


    • Type: Spray or Lotion
    • Sizes: 500ml

    Lincoln Fly Repellent Gel for Horses

    There’s nothing more satisfying and soothing for irritated, swollen and sore horses than a good quality repel gel, which keeps biters away and helps bring calming ingredients and healing to their wounds.

    Not only do non-spray applications help prevent the stinging distress that comes with treating such sores, but they also allow easier access to plenty of other areas like the belly and also spray sensitive areas like the face!

    This repel gel from Lincoln is one of the best of these formulas, as it contains the powerful and well-revered fly repellent DEET as well as moisturising ingredients to create a non-drying gel that settles skin issues and upsets insects.

    Best of all, it even has a pleasant aroma, so you can apply some aftershave like treatment to your deserving equine!


    • Ideal for horses who dislike spray
    • DEET based gel
    • Moisturising agents


    • Type: Gel
    • Sizes: 400g

    Buying Guide

    Types of Fly Repellent

    When buying fly spray for your horse you might understandably expect to be shopping through a range of sprays like we humans use, but horse fly repellent actually comes in so many different forms, meaning finding the perfect type for your steed can often be a lengthy process, as some respond better than others.
    Here are the main forms you will come across when browsing:


    Of course, just like with us humans, spray solutions are seen as the most common and convenient choice, as they only use a small concentrated burst of solution at one time and aren’t fiddly or messy to use. However, despite only using small amounts at once, it’s often easier to be overzealous or wasteful with sprays and so they tend not to be as long-lasting you’d expect.


    Most fly creams are better for targeting particular areas of your horse rather than all over covering. They penetrate the skin and also often contain moisturisers which help keep skin supple. They usually come in a container and are of course slightly more messy to apply and a fair bit greasier than other types.


    Lotions are emulsions which contain more water than oil in their solution and so are quickly absorbed by the skin, this makes it lighter than cream solutions and not dry or greasy.


    Similar to creams in terms of being easier to apply to specific areas gels are often very soothing and perfect for applying to broken and irritated skin. They are however also similar to cream in the negative sense too as they can be quite messy.


    Before sprays, people would often take their fly repellent solution and just gently rinse them in it! These pour on solutions still exist and are still incredibly popular as they give you more control over how much you’re using and the spots you can apply them too.


    Just like a roll-on deodorant, roll-on solutions are great for treating specific areas and are best for applying a solution to sensitive areas of a horse such as the face. This allows for more accurate and careful treatment without the messiness of gels and creams or risks of spray.


    For fast and efficient relief, wipes are a quick and non-messy way to provide some instant respite for your horse. They also have much more longevity than you would expect too, as one wipe is often enough to treat every area of your horse.


    A fantastic way to tackle two birds with one stone, fly repellent shampoos are a great washing solution during the summer months as they keep horses clean and insects away! However, they should probably be used in combination with another repellent, as it’s not good to shampoo your horse too frequently.


    A classic remedy that’s been used for years, ‘flea powder’ style solutions are good for mares who seem to react distastefully to sprays and gels, giving you a dry option that still works wonders.


    A good way to help horses who suffer particularly badly is to help them build up a natural tolerance through supplements. However, there’s only so much a supplement can do and we’d only really suggest this option if you’re looking for natural non-chemical remedies. For horses who are already suffering from bites and broken skin though, they, of course, won’t provide any instant relief.

    Features & Things To Consider


    It’s often difficult to know how effective or harmful an ingredient is by just reading it on the back of a label, so make sure to do some research on some of the chemicals and compounds being boasted about on your desired solution. Then you’ll be able to ascertain which type of chemicals and compounds you think your horse will respond best too, as well as which ones to avoid.

    Your Horse’s Needs

    As hinted to in the types of repellent section, some forms of fly spray are better than others depending on your horse’s condition. For example, if your steed is badly suffering from cuts and open wounds due to infection or biting, a spray or liquid solution probably isn’t going to be particularly nice for a filly, as it will likely just cause stinging and upset. Horses mostly affected around the face and the eyes also aren’t going to enjoy being sprayed in such a sensitive area and so again, you’ll need to consider all alternatives.

    Water Vs. Oil

    It’s often important to check whether a fly spray has is water-based or oil-based when choosing a solution as they both have their good points and bad.

    Water-based sprays do not attract dirt and keep horses fresh, unlike oil solutions. However, oil works much faster at repelling insects and sticks well to the coat.


    If you’re someone who’s very concerned about using any kind of chemical ingredient on your horse, you’re going to want to watch out for something that uses only plant-based and natural ingredients.


    For a perfect horse fly repellent, you want something that provides both longevity in effectiveness and how long one bottle/tub will last you.

    This means it’s always best to purchase large litre solutions in bulk which will last you the whole summer and best part of the year. But it’s most important to check how long your fly repellent stays effective for. Ideally, you want something you can apply in the morning and then not worry about for the rest of the day!

    Skin Repair/Soothing

    If your horse’s skin is really suffering from broken areas, rashes, irritant and bites, it can often be a wise idea to choose a cream, lotion or gel-based repellent which can give them moisturising agents and soothing ingredients to help them heal!

    Other Buyers Ask...

    What is DEET?

    When browsing insect repellent you will occasionally come across the ingredient DEET, which often comes across as intriguing and mysterious. Not much more information is given other than it’s a formula that’s incredibly effective at getting rid of flies – so what exactly is it?

    DEET is the shorthand name for a chemical formula known as diethyltoluamide, which was actually specifically created in the 1940s to help combat bugs and bug bites.

    This was in response to insect issues suffered by US army services during World War II jungle warfare and it slowly developed into the most popular form of biting insect protection.

    It’s now seen as one of the most effective and successful ingredients when it comes to horse fly sprays and so a product which contains it is always a good choice!

    What is the best horse fly spray?

    The best horse fly spray is definitely one of NAF Off’s DEET or Citronella-based sprays, with citronella being the better choice for those who prefer a more natural essential oil solution. They also smell great and offer some of the best longevity in terms of both effectiveness when applied and how long they’ll last you, with 5L options available!

    Another brilliant solution is Barrier’s Fly Repellent as not only does it feature 100% natural ingredients, but they’re also soothing to broken and wounded skin! They also come in incomprehensible 20L sizes!