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Best Dog Beds for 2022

An adult dog should be getting between 12 and 14 hours of sleep every day. Unlike human dog owners, they spread it out into blocks throughout the day, so it can be vital that they have a dog bed to go to in order to get that shut-eye.

A dog bed won’t only be a napping spot, however.

Many dogs like having their own space to just have some time out in, somewhere quiet that they can make their own. Whether their bed will be kept in the living room, in the human bedroom, inside their dog crate or simply moved around depending on the time of day, it is key they’re comfortable.

There are a few other key things to look for, too. You will likely want something that is easy to wash, with a removable outer cover. A bed that doesn’t lose its shape over time is also crucial. It also needs to be large enough for them to sleep how they wish, but not so large that they don’t feel safe.

Something which costs a little more but offers better quality and durability will be better for most than a cheap bed. This way, it can last for your dog’s whole life! Yet, you don’t have to spend hundreds to find what you need.

Below are our top choices for the best dog beds available to buy, whether you need something spacious for a Great Dane or something warm and cosy for your precious Chihuahua.

But if you’re looking for something a bit more specialised, we have reviewed some other dog bed varieties too:

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Silentnight Airmax Pet Bed
    • Range of sizes - for S-L dogs
    • Durable cover which is reversible
    • Completely machine washable
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    Ferplast Siesta Deluxe Hard Plastic Dog Bed
    • Hard-wearing
    • Low price
    • Easy to clean
    Check Price
    Earthbound Tweed Flat Cushion Grey Dog Bed
    • Top-end look
    • Gives dogs unlimited room
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    The Top Dog Beds Reviewed

    Silentnight Airmax Pet Bed

    This is a dog bed by a brand that knows how to make quality sleeping products. It is available in small, medium and large and it is our pick for the best grey dog bed too because the exact shade hides the everyday dirt associated with dog bedding.

    Silentnight dog beds use the same technology that goes into their human products. So, this is technically great value for money. The outer fabric is really durable, yet soft and fluffy too. With a reversible cushion, you can always ensure it remains plump. One side of the cushion is covered with cosy teddy fleece, whilst the other side features a cooler quilted polyester wicking fabric too. We love a product that can do all year round.

    This cushion uses Airmax walls so it always stays cool and aerated. There is a non-slip base for use on all floor types, and a two-year manufacturer’s guarantee is perfect for peace of mind in regards to quality.


    • Range of sizes - for S-L dogs
    • Durable cover which is reversible
    • Completely machine washable


    • Size: Small 61 x 48 x 18cm; Medium 75 x 58 x 19cm; Large 90 x 70 x 20cm
    • Colour: Grey
    • Material: Polyester

    3 Peaks Nevis Scalloped Dog Bed

    All 3 Peaks beds are designed to perform in tough environments. So maybe you’re looking for a bed that can be taken in the car for that post-walk dog nap, or simply a bed that can cope with a dog who scratches, smells slightly and is always covered in mud?

    It is made from water-resistant fabric and has a non-slip base so won’t slide about in the car or on hard flooring (that is easier to clean with muddy pawprints). Talking of cleaning, the whole thing is machine washable, and you can wipe it clean daily if required too.

    Everything on it dries quickly and can be wiped off too, so whether it is water and sand from the beach or mud from the forest, the bed won’t stop looking its best.

    Because it is waterproof, the material can sound a bit rustly from time to time if you have a fidgeter. It also isn’t the most cushioned on the base, but plenty of additional blankets can sort that issue right out.


    • Washable and easy to wipe/brush clean
    • Waterproof dog bed
    • Simple to transport and carry


    • Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL
    • Colour: Grey
    • Material: Synthetic

    Ferplast Siesta Deluxe Hard Plastic Dog Bed

    Hard pet beds create a good base for pets who love to snuggle and curl up with all of their blankets, cushions and toys, or for those who are making the transition from a crated dog bed and need something a bit more open but still private.

    With slits in the bottom to provide airflow, they will be able to stay warm without the whole bed becoming overheated. The XXL size will give larger dogs enough space, or the chance for little dogs to stretch out or play when they wake up.

    Anti-slip feet on the base opens up the possibilities of positioning, from the wooden hallway floor to the kitchen tiles. As it is hard, it also means less chance of destruction from sharp teeth and claws.

    A plastic bed is also a great cheap option if your dog is still growing or you’re simply on a budget.


    • Hard-wearing
    • Low price
    • Easy to clean


    • Size: H28.5 x W93.5 x D68cm
    • Colour: Black
    • Material: Plastic

    Earthbound Tweed Flat Cushion Grey Dog Bed

    Some dogs love to sprawl out, or you may need a mattress dog bed for the base of a crate or to pop in the back of the car.

    This cushion is the ultimate luxury and a real investment on your half, too. One of the deepest filled on the market, they won’t be near the uncomfortable hard floor, but will still have enough space to spread out.

    It uses a three-channel system where the cushion is filled in three places to prevent future sagging and any of the fibres moving around.

    Brass poppers mean you can take the washable cover off, so you can machine wash it. The tweed fibres dry quickly and retain their shape and stiffness once dried.


    • Top-end look
    • Gives dogs unlimited room


    • Size: S, M
    • Colour: Brown
    • Material: Tweed

    Joules Floral Square Dog Bed

    This bed is actually a joint venture between Joules and Rosewood, so you’re getting the quality and design you expect from the former alongside the expertise of the latter.

    Featuring the iconic Joules floral print, and in a lovely navy colour which offers something a bit different to all the other greys, blacks and creams, this Joules bed is a favourite of ours at Petz.

    Despite having raised sides, they are soft, so if your dog wants to cuddle in a corner they can. The next day, they can stretch out and you don’t have to worry about the bed losing its shape.

    The non-slip base is perfect if you have hard flooring or tiles in the kitchen. The cushion is reversible so you can plump it up and help it to stay in shape by regular turning. It is thickly padded on all sides, so they won’t notice the difference.

    As if that isn’t all enough, the bed is machine washable – and at 30C. Throw their other toys and blankets in there too and you have a fully clean boudoir for your pup.

    It’s available in small, medium and large – if you’re unsure which to get, the website has a really good size guide.


    • Lovely classic design to offer something different
    • Washable on an eco-friendly setting
    • Can stay plump and in shape no matter how it is used


    • Size: S, M, L
    • Colour: Navy
    • Material: Canvas

    Prestige Wicker Dog Bed Basket

    Wicker dog beds are hard-wearing, environmentally friendly and handmade to ensure the absolute best quality and area for your dog.

    Available in six different sizes, Prestige Wicker specialises in making wicker items of all varieties. That’s why we chose this product – you know it is from a company who knows their stuff.

    The beds are long-lasting, so perfect for anyone who would rather spend that bit more to get a product that will last for years.

    The inner fabric cushion can be removed and machine washed if necessary, and it is soft and thick so just like an ordinary dog bed.


    • Smooth finish and no sharp edges
    • Good choice of sizes


    • Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
    • Colour: Beige, Dark, Light
    • Material: Wicker

    Pets at Home Explorer Dog Crate Mat

    It can be hard to find a mat that is perfectly designed for a dog crate without buying a bed necessarily.

    But this mat is the most perfect option we found. It gives your dog the comfort of a bed, without necessarily being a bed. If that makes sense. Because it is just a liner, it is really easy to remove and clean before washing. It is the correct height as well, giving your dog enough cushioning without taking up the entire crate and creating a small step for them to clamber onto.

    It is grey so will hide that every day in-between washes dirt. It will also fit in with all decor. Despite being comfortable, it is still durable enough for all of those negative aspects too – if you’re crate training, accidents and chewing won’t phase the bed at all.


    • Really comfortable yet sturdy
    • Perfect fit for a crate
    • Not too padded


    • Size: XS, S, M, L, XL
    • Colour: Grey
    • Material: Polyester

    Wainwright's Self Warming Square Bed

    Super plush and self-warming, Wainwrights’ self-warming bed ticks all of the boxes when it comes to giving your new puppy the best start in life.

    The luxurious grey dog bed includes a specially made layer of reflective material designed to help reflect some of your dog’s body heat onto them and help them maintain their body warmth. This will help your pup to get comfortable quickly and to feel more soothed and reassured as they sink into a warm bed.

    And when the summer months come around, the inner cushion can be reversed to prevent the self warning effects.

    It’s machine washable at 30 degrees as well, making it ideal for any puppy accidents!


    • Sleek, sophisticated design
    • Ideal for soothing puppies


    • Size: Medium
    • Colour: Grey

    Scruffs Thermal Black Box Cat & Dog Bed

    There’s plenty of cooling mats and pads out there for the summer months, but what about keeping your pooch warm in winter?

    Thermal dog beds reflect natural body heat back to your dog, to keep them warm without the need for electricity or heaters. It also comes as an all-in-one, so there is no need for extra blankets or layers.

    The foam layer, backed with reflective foil, gives your dog comfort and won’t sag too much under their weight. With a non-slip base, it can be placed on kitchen tiling or wooden floors without moving when your dog goes to step inside.

    Heated beds such as these are great for pets with arthritis, ill pets or those who are young and feel the cold more.


    • Machine washable
    • Recycled green fibre filling


    • Size: Small, Medium
    • Colour: Black/Grey
    • Material: Polyester, Fibre

    Danish Design Arctic Snuggle Dog Bed

    A very popular brand when it comes to pet beds, this is not only stylish design but also incredibly comfortable for your dog.

    The inner cushion is slightly elevated naturally, so when they lie down, it adapts to their shape and they can really snuggle into it. The area around the cushion is slightly higher so they can rest their head, without being too restrictive or completely pushing down.


    • Strong material
    • Deep padding


    • Size: XS, S, M, L
    • Colour: Grey
    • Material: Faux suede and fur

    My First Bed Puppy Bed

    Your puppy will want a dog bed in which they feel comfortable, safe and can snooze all day without being bothered. This Danish Design one has been made with all pups in mind.

    For ease of washing, the Sherpa Fleece cover is fully removable and will not lose any of its softness or plushness. A unique comfort ring will allow them to cuddle up and can be removed as they grow to increase the area of the bed. The inner cushion base features a waterproof liner too, to ensure any accidents are easy to clean up.

    It may be a bit more than you were planning on spending on a dog bed, but it is important to get their first-ever bed just right.


    • Removable washable cover
    • Comfort ring design
    • Can be used with heat pads


    • Size: 56 x 50 x 30cm
    • Colour: Cream
    • Material: 100% Sherpa Fleece

    Terri Pet Teepee

    If you’re tired of the same old dog bed design, then this pet teepee might just be the alternative you’re looking for.

    There’s an option of small or large, so it’s suitable for larger dog breeds such as Labradors or Border Collies, and since it’s designed with a super plush cushion inside, it will be popular with any dog.

    The nordic tent design is sleek, fun and ideal for giving your pet a little bit of privacy. In addition, it naturally provides a dark space so your little buddy won’t struggle to sleep as much as they would with an open bed.


    • Great reviews
    • Machine washable, reversable cushion


    • Size: Small and Large
    • Colour: Grey
    • Material: Sherpa cushion, felt and pine tent

    Buying Guide

    How we found the best dog beds

    The shape was a big factor when looking through the best dog beds available. We wanted to find a range of both round and rectangular beds, so you can consider your pet’s comfort and sleeping style.

    The former is great for any dogs who seem to like to curl up and sleep in their dog bed, whereas a rectangular larger shape could be better for any dogs who like to either stretch out or have the option.

    Just like your human mattress, your dog’s bed needs to be able to take their weight and remain plump and cushioned. But you also need to factor in the fact that they are in their dog bed for even longer that you’re in your human bed, and may also be jumping around, scratching and playing in it.

    Even if your dog is an angel behavioural-wise, you will want a bed that is very sturdy with strong materials and a washable cushion. Materials such as nylon and tweed are heavy duty, and the best dog bed will be able to cope with both their sleeping habits and playtime/downtime. We only chose beds which are up to the task.

    The best dog beds are also ones that can be kept clean. Your canine companion will appreciate a dog bed which can be free of smells, loose hair and things like mud.

    We only looked for beds with washable covers – unzip it from the foam padding centre, and put it in the washing machine according to instructions. It won’t only smell nicer but will keep your dog cleaner too. Some beds are even entirely washable as they are.

    Finding the best dog bed for your dog should mean you’re willing to spend that bit more. They are generally available for between £20 and £80, with it not uncommon to find the best dog bed for a larger breed such as a Great Dane reaching over £100. We looked for beds that had the perfect balance of affordability and quality.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    How do I pick the right size dog bed?

    Measure your pooch from the base of their tail to the tip of their nose, which gives you a good maximum standard size to play with. Then consider how they sleep in a dog bed – will they want something a bit smaller and cosier so they can curl up, or something even longer so their paws and legs can stretch out?

    Ensure it is wide enough for your dog too, and bear in mind where you will be placing the dog bed – you don’t want your dog to knock themselves on furniture when getting in and out of the dog bed. Remember to assess the height too – some are high for extra cushioning, which may be hard for dogs with joint pain.

    Most dog beds are available in several sizes. Usually, they are available in three sizes, which suits small, medium and large dogs. Make sure you keep an eye on them in the first few days of use – any signs of being uncomfortable, and you may need to rethink.

    How often will I need to replace my dog bed?

    They will likely become attached to their bed, but as a dog owner, it is vital you look for general signs of wear and tear or a sagging inner cushion almost touching the floor. This could be a good sign that it needs replacing.

    There are no general rules, such as human mattresses needing to be replaced every seven years, so you will need to inspect the bed regularly and keep it clean. Make sure you check as often as possible – even heavy-duty beds can wear eventually.

    Also bear in mind older dogs may change their sleeping habits if they develop joint pain or simply spend more time in the dog bed. So, just because they love their dog bed now doesn’t mean they always will. You may even have to opt for something which is water-resistant if they start having accidents.

    Should I get a raised bed?

    Platform beds on four legs can be good for dogs who usually chew or destroy other beds, or if your dog seems to like being high up (many rescues can like to look over the area rather than being low down for instance).

    Remember that a raised dog bed is pretty plain, with no cushioning or soft plush sides so you’ll have to jazz it up with other blankets. While they won’t be for every dog, some are inexpensive so could be worth trying for any dogs who don’t seem to like other forms.

    They also won’t be machine washable so aren’t as easy to clean, so you may have to spot clean. If your dog does like to be high up, there are also beds that sit flat on the floor but are quite chunky so still require a step up.

    Does a puppy need a dedicated bed?

    It is a good idea to buy a puppy a bed which matches their size so they know it is their own. As mentioned, most beds are available in three sizes so you may want to start with the smallest and increase, but there are also dedicated puppy beds out there.

    It’ll need to be high quality to prevent it from wearing away with chewing or clawing the fabric, and have a removable cover that is machine washable to get them used to cleanliness and also cover any accidents. Make sure they’re comfortable with it so they get used to sending time alone.

    Where can I buy the best dog bed from?

    Local pet shops will sell dog beds, but you will find the best dog bed for your pet online. Here, there is more choice and you can see real details about the material, filling, and other details such as sizes. There may be more options for medium and large dogs too, which physical stores can’t hold.

    Ensure you’re using a confirmed website and retailer – we have picks from the likes of Pets at Home, Amazon, Not in The Dog House and Jollyes.