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Best Dog Travel Beds for 2021

When you’re off on a Staycation, camping or just a long day out hike, taking all of your dog’s usual bedding and bowls can seem like you’re carrying everything but the kitchen sink.

That’s why travel bowls and bedding exists. Easier to transport and carry without taking away from the experience, they allow your pooch to come with you wherever you go.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    OneTigris Portable Dog Sleeping Mats
    • Water-resistant
    • Lightweight
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    Alcott Explorer Sleeping Bag for Dogs
    • Packs up small
    • Zip so the bag can open wide
    • Machine Washable
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    Chuckit Travel Bed
    • Built-in loop for convenient air-drying
    • Double padded for comfort
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    Top 10 Best Camping and Travel Beds For Dogs Reviewed

    OneTigris Portable Dog Sleeping Mats

    Made from sturdy oxford fabric on the outside and a polyester lining on the inner, this travel bed is that’s water/grease/scratch resistant, and thanks to the 320g of poly-cotton filling, it will keep your pet comfy and warm as well.

    It is incredibly travel-friendly, being that it’s foldable and rolls up easily when not in use. The bed has a hand-carry handle-strap that can also be attached to MOLLE webbing on your bag, so whether you choose to carry it or attach it to your bag, it’s designed to be as convenient and flexible as possible.

    Since everything gets a little dirty when hitting the hiking trails, this dog mat is super convenient and can be cleaned with a wet cloth or machine washed.


    • Water-resistant
    • Lightweight


    • Materials: Oxford fabric and polyester
    • Dimensions: ‎32 x 17 x 15 cm

    Alcott Explorer Sleeping Bag for Dogs

    If you are sleeping outside on a camping trip in a tent and the warmth dips slightly overnight, you probably will value your sleeping bag. Your dog will happily use one, too.

    It doesn’t just offer warmth and protection but is also relatively cushioned below to offer a shield from the harder ground. The heat retention is completely natural, and they can be completely covered thanks to the generous size that’s suitable for a small/medium dog.

    As with human sleeping bags, it folds down nice and small for transportation, inside a nice handy bag. There is a side zip for easy entry which you can close when they are safe and snuggled, and the water-resistant fabric is quick to dry, and any dirt can be shaken off.


    • Packs up small
    • Zip so the bag can open wide
    • Machine Washable


    • Materials: Polyester
    • Dimensions: 20" x 27" (suitable for small/medium dog)

    The Dog’s Bed Premium Waterproof Dog Bed

    A flat, premium quality bed which has an easy-clean cover, tough zips for security and a waterproof underside.

    It is great for use at home or as a temporary travel bed when you are off on a staycation, as well as on day trips or picnics. You can also place it in the car when you are going from A to B, as it is the perfect size for a back seat or estate car boot.

    There is a generous choice of sizes, and you can also choose from different colours in case you want it to match the decor or other travel items. Spare covers are also available to purchase, which is great for anyone off on a possibly muddy trip.


    • Utility build for long-lasting results
    • Durable
    • Lightweight


    • Materials: Oxford polyester
    • Dimensions: Choice

    Lightspeed Outdoors Self Inflating Travel Dog Bed

    Some padding is probably a must for your dog’s travel bed, but this does mean carrying two separate items – not ideal if you’re trying to keep equipment to a minimum.

    So this ultra-plush microfleece, cushioned bed is great for those pups who need their home comforts wherever they are in the world.

    The filling consists of a removable overstuffed cushion with a baffled design that keeps the filling from shifting

    The outer shell is made from a durable, water-resistant 1680D oxford polyester and is machine washable for effortless cleaning.

    It also comes in a convenient bag that includes added mesh pocks and a large handle for easy transportation.


    • Great for older dogs
    • Added bag to store all your pet accessories along with the bag


    • Materials: Polyester
    • Dimensions: 112 x 82 x 11 cm

    Noblecamper 2-in-1 Dog Bed and Sleeping Bag

    This is admittedly a pricey bed, so best for anyone who will be using it very frequently when they take their pooch on trips.

    It is a soft, cushioned bed and a cover to act as a sleeping bag, keeping them warm and sheltered from the elements. The nylon lining is soft, breathable and dries fast, so they won’t be uncomfortable or too warm.

    There are three stake-out loops, for fastening to the ground or hanging to dry. A stuff sack comes with it, so you can carry it as you would a human sleeping bag. It should also attach to a large dog backpack so they can carry it themselves.

    To unfold it all, just undo the bottom zipper and fold it all out. The material isn’t just insulating, but also rip-proof for durability against tough surfaces and doggy claws. Available in small and large, there is a model for all dogs.


    • Quick-drying
    • Simple to transport


    • Materials: Nylon Ripstop
    • Dimensions: Small D22”; Large D30”

    Ruffwear - Highlands Dog Pad

    Lightweight and durable, this bed ideal for those dogs who love an adventure and love to have an authentic camping experience.

    The packable dog bed with an accordion-fold is effortless to use and ideal for keeping your pup comfortable while you set up camp.

    The closed-cell foam and synthetic down insulate against cold surfaces, while the non-slip waterproof base will protect against damp. And thanks to the soft microsuede sleeping surface, the bed is soft to the touch and easy to clean.

    There’s also hook and loop straps to roll it up with ease, as well as an integrated handle for portability.



    • Down fill for warmth
    • Rolls up completely for transporting


    • Materials: Closed cell foam & Micro suede
    • Dimensions: Medium: W-60cm x L-84.5cm Large: W-68cm x L-110cm

    Da Jia Inc Breathable Washable Pet Tent

    When you are camping in Summer, it can get quite hot and stuffy in a tent – especially when you have furry four-legged friends in there, too. You may also want a day on the beach or in the park and want to take them with you.

    This dog shelter will give them their own space during the day, and most importantly will shelter them from the blaring sun. Overheating for dogs is just as dangerous as it is for humans and they can’t self-regulate as easily, especially when you are all socialising and they just want to be involved. That’s why the breathable mesh windows are perfect for keeping your pets cool in the hot sun.

    You can wipe it clean if it becomes dirty, and it will also protect from rain or wind if the great British weather takes a turn.


    • Mesh for fresh air
    • Durable material, waterproof and scratch resistance


    • Materials: Polyester and Oxford Cloth
    • Dimensions: M (50x50x45cm) L (60x60x55cm)

    Henry Wag Alpine Travel Snuggle Bed

    When protection from the hard ground is the most vital thing, this pad is ideal. It is compact, yet the foam insulation offers both heat and softness.

    It has a waterproof base so is still great if the ground is a bit damp, or if it is just cold. The whole thing folds or rolls up into a small bundle to make it easier to carry in a rucksack, great if you are on-the-go.

    It can also be used on the seats or in the boot of a car, or on a surface such as the sandy beach for offering some comfort.


    • Easy to carry
    • Well padded
    • Very lightweight


    • Materials: Brushed polyester
    • Dimensions: 86 x 70cm

    Selections Folding Travel Dog Bed

    Raised beds are great for use at home for any dogs who have issues with joint pain or with chewing fabrics.

    But when camping, they keep your dog off the floor (which can be cold and wet, or even a bit too hot), and also protect them from draughts. You can use the space underneath as storage to maximise the room in the tent, and they will probably appreciate being able to see more.

    An elevated travel dog bed needs to be foldable, unlike those made for home, and yet sturdy when in use. This one is, with strong supports and good base feet. When it is all folded up, there is a bag so it can be carried and contained easier, and the whole unit is simple to keep clean.

    Finally, the long length of 117cm can accommodate two small dogs or one larger breed.


    • Foldable for easy carrying and transporting
    • Stable when built


    • Materials: Textilene mesh, Steel frame
    • Dimensions: 117 x 62 x 25 cm

    Chuckit Travel Bed

    This is a well-loved choice amongst other dog owners, and we can understand why…

    The bed features a poly-suede top that’s soft to the touch and a double quilted construction that will ensure your dog stays comfortable no matter what terrain you’re on. The rest of the bed is made from a durable nylon ripstop liner, making it water-resistant and built for a rugged landscape as well.

    To make travelling as easy and streamline as possible, the bed also rolls up into a nylon stuff sack.


    • Built-in loop for convenient air-drying
    • Double padded for comfort


    • Materials: Nylon
    • Dimensions: 99.06 x 76.2 x 7.62 cm

    Buying Guide

    What To Look For In A Travel Dog Bed

    Your desired properties may depend on where you are going, your dog’s personality and how they like to sleep so it can be hard finding the right balance. But in general, you should bear the below in mind.


    It is a good idea to buy something which is both warm but can stay dry and clean, too. Waterproof materials could stay dry in the rain and be wiped clean if on mud or grass, and will also not get dirty if your dog is muddy itself. This is great for having on one end which you will be putting on the ground.

    But a softer, fluffy material may be good for any dogs who get cold, are a bit less active and will mostly be wanting to stay comfortable. Whatever material you opt for, you should check that it is able to keep your dog warm overnight.


    There is no point in buying something which is small and space-saving during transportation if your dog can’t fit on it when going to sleep. If you do need a larger bed for your huge breed, look out for portability properties such as it being foldable/rollable or coming in a carry bag with handles.

    But don’t get one which is too big for your sake – when space is limited, you don’t want to be struggling.


    Most will either roll or fold up, with buckles or ties to keep it all together and handles for easier carrying, think about just how you will be carrying it, though. If you’re just going from the car to a campsite or beach, carry handles are fine, but if you are off on a hike with a large rucksack, you may want something which can fasten to this like your human sleeping bag.


    This ties in with the material chosen. Most are made from nylon or polyester so can be wiped clean or the dirt can be shaken off. You should check it can be wiped, cleaned or machine washed to get it fully clean again. This is why a normal at-home dog bed usually doesn’t suffice as they can’t stand up to the outdoor conditions.

    Elevated Camping Dog Beds

    Just as a human may have a camping bed, these are also available for dogs. You may see them referred to as cots or raised beds, too.

    You can also buy these for home use, and the elevation can help with dogs who suffer from joint pain or those which chew softer materials. But when looking for one to take camping as opposed to in your house, pick one which can fold up small or collapse yet will still provide a sturdy surface when erect.

    Keeping your dog raised can prevent them from getting too warm/cold from the floor, as well as keeping the whole bed aerated to prevent any dampness. Most have a mesh panel insert. You could also store things underneath to save a bit of space.

    Dog Shelters

    While you may not use these inside a tent, you need to think about your dog during the day. A shelter will protect them from the sun as the rest of you sit outside, so your pet can still be social.

    If you were to keep them inside the tent, it could get far too warm and stuffy for them. You may also wish to buy a shelter for those pit-stop breaks when you’re hiking or having a pub lunch on your trip.

    Pet Sleeping Bags

    If you are an off-grid camper or trekker who likes to slum it ‘the proper way’, a doggy sleeping bag could be the best option. It will cover them up entirely and keep them warm, but as with a human model, rolls up and is lightweight for easy carrying over your shoulder.

    Foam Pads

    If you need that extra bit of softness or warmth, you should buy a foam pad which can go with your chosen travel bed. Some will come with one, which can be removed and placed as needed depending on the temperatures and your dog’s comfortability.

    This could be particularly important if they are just sleeping in a dog bag or on top of a very flat blanket-style bed, and if you are sleeping on top of the rougher, less even ground.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    What Is A Camping Travel Bed?

    A travel dog bed is one specially designed for taking on trips and using outdoors. This means it needs to be easy to carry, relatively waterproof, warm (or cooling, depending on when in the year you use it) yet still comfortable for your pet.

    They are often used in car boots or dog crates too when you are getting from A to B. There are loads of different varieties, so the best for you may depend on your particular dog or situation.