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Best Dog Cooling Mats for 2021

There’s probably nothing more concerning in this world than a hot dog.

And no, we don’t mean the sausage-based American fast food, we literally mean hot dogs.

Dogs can struggle throughout the summer months with issues like overheating and dehydration, as they can’t control their temperature like us humans – hence all that panting!

So to prevent them suffering from discomfort or worse, a soothing cooling mat or pad is often the best course of action to help them rejuvenate and stay chilled.

But what’s the best option for your own specific melting mutt? And what types of cooling technology are best?

To help you decide, we’ve scoured through the best of the best in pet cooling pads and come up with a definitive list of the greatest chilling apparatus out there.

Because we want dogs to stay the coolest animals on the planet!

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Rosewood Chillax Cool Pad
    • Automatically recharges as pet moves around
    • Cooling activated by weight or pressure!
    • Lasts 3-4 hours of use!
    • Medium or Large sizes available!
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    Pecute Dog Cooling Mat
    • 300D soft Oxford Material
    • Scratch-resistant and wear resistant
    • Absorbs dog body heat
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    The Top 6 Dog Cooling Mats Reviewed

    Rosewood Chillax Cool Pad

    Although no one has actually said the term ‘Chillax’ since the late 1990’s, reputable doggy goods manufacturer Rosewood have taken a huge gamble by giving their ultimate cooling pad for dogs the dated nickname.

    But it’s a gamble that’s paid off!

    One of the most popular summer relief items for canines, Rosewood’s Chillax is one of the best options available thanks to its sensational four hour, continuous use time. This means rather than having to go backwards and forwards waiting for the mat to get cool again, your pup can just chillax on it all day in the shade!

    With pressure activated cooling technology, it automatically chills itself as your pet moves around on it and is suitable for car travel and kennels as well as just general lounging about!

    But best of all is it’s easy cleaning properties, as a wipe-down polyester cover allows you to simply grab yourself a wet wipe and slide away those muddy paws. No washing required!

    It’s 1990’s by name, 2020’s by nature.


    • Automatically recharges as pet moves around
    • Cooling activated by weight or pressure!
    • Lasts 3-4 hours of use!
    • Medium or Large sizes available!


    • Weight: 1.15 Kg (M)
    • Dimensions: 2 x 40 x 50 cm (M)
    • Sizes: M

    Rosewood Chillcore Mat

    Before Rosewood’s Chillax, there was the Chill Core, which not only has a far more bearable name, but in our opinion is also a far more comfortable cooling mat.

    Whereas the Chillax simply uses the standard cooling mat design we’ve seen a million times, the Chill Core is slightly different, and instead boasts a comfy, dog bed style, which feels closer to a mattress than a mat.

    It’s thick, cushioned edges decrease the chances of any inner gel leaking out, as well as provide your mutt with a pillowed rim to snuggle down on, making it a great choice for dogs who struggle to get comfortable on standard mat materials.

    A 100% polyester cover also ensures it is durable and resistant to wear and tear, meaning despite its cuddly appearance, it will work just as well outside as indoors.

    Still not convinced? Well here’s the hook – it’s also machine washable, meaning there’ll always be one less tiresome doggy cleaning chore to worry about!


    • Made using sports technology
    • Perfect for indoor or outdoor use
    • No electricity, refrigeration or water required!


    • Weight: 2.5 Kg (L)
    • Dimensions: 2 x 55 x 75 cm (L)
    • Sizes: M, L

    Danish Design Cooling Mat For Dogs

    Ah Denmark… a nation of innovators and architects, schemers and dreamers, famous for bringing us Lego, Lurpak and er… well… those things.

    But is there about to be a third great invention to complete this would-be triumphant triumvirate?!

    Danish Designs certainly hope so, and have brought us the Danish take on the doggy cooling mat, complete with three different sizes to cater for every kind of breed.

    And with a humongous 102 cm large mat available, you might even be able to fittingly squeeze a Great Dane onto one of their chilly blankets!

    Their mats boast incredible multi-functionality, and are suitable as both a standalone mattress or a dog bed topper, or perhaps even just a handy travel blanket for picnics!

    Our favourite feature of the Danish Design Mat though is that it is actually freezer compatible!

    While like most cooling pads it uses inner self-cooling gel to work, Danish Design’s model can also benefit from a short visit to the freezer to pick up some extra chill should you or your mutt so wish!


    • Freezer safe for extra chilling effect
    • Useable as bed or travel mat
    • Easy wipe-away clean material


    • Weight: 1.65 Kg (M)
    • Dimensions: 90 x 2 x 50 cm (M)
    • Sizes: S, M, L

    All For Paws Chill Out Dog Mat

    Beloved for their range of different doggy cooling products, All For Paws are well known for their Chill Out Canine Bandana which has helped canines stay cool in temperature and get even cooler in style over the last few years.

    It’s no surprise then, that when it came to making a truly exciting cooling mat, All For Paws really pushed the boat out to make sure they are one of the best on offer.

    And guess what? There is no self-cooling gel anywhere to be found!

    So for canine owners who’ve never liked the sound of a potentially dodgy liquid oozing out of their dog’s new blanket when it gets damaged, this one’s probably for you!
    Utilising a sports jersey-style material, this springy and bouncy mattress is both relaxing for your pup to lie down on and amazingly uses just fresh air to soothe your dog, making it the most natural cooling product available!

    It’s breathable material allows it to ventilate your pooch through the constant cool breeze passing through it, making it a refreshing chill out spot which is 100% safe.

    While that might not be as effective as gel based mats, it’s definitely more durable and a removable, machine washable cover means it’s also an incredibly low maintenance option.


    • Springy and comfy mattress design
    • Zip fastened cover for easy cleaning
    • Machine washable


    • Weight: 762 g
    • Dimensions: 40 x 25 x 7 cm
    • Sizes: M

    Scruffs Self Cooling Mat

    Don’t let the name fool you, as despite their tattered sounding moniker, there’s nothing scruffy about this high-quality and well crafted cooling mat from Scruffs.

    Unlike other products, Scruff’s model actually boasts a maximum cooling decrease of 10° less than current room temperature, making it probably the most efficient chilly pad on the market.

    It also doesn’t require freezing or refrigeration to work, and can be cleaned simply enough with soapy water and a clean cloth.

    With S, L and XL sizes, you’ll be able to accommodate almost any type of dog too, and a maintained cooling period of 1 hour makes it a reasonably long-lasting heat soother.

    On the negative side, it also takes an hour to ‘recharge itself’, so if your pup suffers from very heavy dehydration and overheating, it may not be able to to stay cool for long enough.

    But for your average pup looking to soak up some sun in the garden, it’s a nice, relaxing treat!


    • Non toxic cooling gel
    • Maintains cooling properties for 1 hour
    • 5-10° colder than room temperature


    • Weight: 499 g (L)
    • Dimensions: 91.4 x 1.3 x 68.6 cm (L)
    • Sizes: S, M, L, XL

    Pecute Dog Cooling Mat

    If you’re looking for a high-class option which covers the needs of every dog and dog owner out there, Pecute’s various sizes of cooling mat and high-grade materials ensure they can cater for even the pickiest of pups!

    The first thing to know about this range of mats is that they are crafted with a superbly durable 300D Oxford material, making it both a scratch-resistant force to be reckoned with, yet still smooth and snuggly for your prized pooch.

    As for their cooling technology, Pecute utilises the standard self-cooling gel, however unlike other models, the edges of their mat are double pressed which means they are a far more safe option for owners concerned with leakages.

    Finally, for those with large pups, Pecute also boasts one of the largest cooling mats available, so even if you’re housing one of the hounds of the baskervilles, you should manage just fine with their XXL size.

    But at a whopping 140 cm x 90 cm, just make sure your house or garden is big enough to handle it!


    • 300D soft Oxford Material
    • Scratch-resistant and wear resistant
    • Absorbs dog body heat


    • Weight: 4.62 Kg (XL)
    • Dimensions: 2 x 120 x 75 cm (XL)
    • Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL

    Buying Guide

    Features To Look Out For


    Naturally, purchasing a tiny morsel of blanket for your great dane isn’t going to keep them very cool, and is going to be even less comfortable to lie on. Ensure that you choose the correct size from small, medium or large options depending on your breed but then take care to look further at the dimensions of a product. Every manufacturer will be slightly different as to what measurements equate which size e.g. a large pad from one company may be another company’s medium size!

    Pressure activation

    Some cooling beds are always cold thanks to a specific gel, or a breathable fabric. Pressure activation is a great feature by which it only becomes cold once your dog moves around on it. This obviously makes it easier for handling and storage as you won’t be putting away a mini ice pack into your cupboard!

    Time limit

    A lot of cooling mats will have a limited amount of time in which they can stay cool and refreshing before they will need to be ‘recharged’. This can range drastically from around 30 minutes all the way up to an impressive 5 hours. Naturally then, you want something that is probably at least 2.5 hours or more to be considered good quality.

    Recharge time

    Similar to the above, it can also take models some time to become completely cool again once they have absorbed all your pup’s heat energy. Some models can end up being particularly lengthy waits, whereas the best mats can recharge in as quick as 15 minutes!

    Ease of Travel

    Sometimes cooling pads can make for excellent items on summer trips to the seaside or a picnic, but are also especially handy for car journey’s which as we know can become particularly unpleasant heatwise come summer. A mat which has an easy creased and foldable design is obviously a lot more handy then to fold up into a car seat or take it away with you on holiday.

    Ease of Cleaning

    Dogs love to get mucky and so you can bet that your chosen mat is going to get covered in all sorts of unwanted mess in no time. It’s therefore smart to get a pad which can be easily cleaned. This may be machine washable, or have a detachable machine washable cover, or you might find you have to get involved in some more choresome handwashing activities. The best mats will feature an easy wipe-away clean material which will prevent you needing to wash every time it gets dirty.

    Non-Toxic Gel

    If you’re going for a gel-based pad, it’s absolutely critical that the manufacturer states somewhere in it’s description that the gel is non-toxic. Some mats don’t use non-toxic gels which means if there is any damage to the mat and it begins to leak, your dog could become ill or worse if they ingest the unsafe contents.


    If using a gel based pad, you obviously don’t want any leaks or damage to the mat, as then it won’t work anymore. However dog’s haven’t quite caught onto this and are more than happy to bite, scratch and tear at their new cooling pad oblivious to the fact they are destroying their saviour from discomfort. A durable material with pressurised edges is therefore a must.

    Freezer Compatibility

    A lot of cooling mats don’t even require a freezer or fridge to activate, however some can benefit or simply need the power of the fridge/freezer to work. Therefore you need to make sure your fridge or freezer is big enough to handle a large cooling mat inside it!

    Other Buyers Ask...

    How much should a dog cooling mat cost?

    Dog cooling pads can range from around £5 – £30 on average, but for a good quality one you’ll want to spend between £15 and £30.

    Some models can cost more than £30 if you are after a particularly large size or very high quality model, but it’s rare to have to spend over that margin.

    Which is the best dog cooling mat?

    The best dog cooling mat available is probably the model from Pecute.

    This is because it caters for some of the main features every good cooling pad needs, those being size, durability and safety.

    They offer one of the biggest sized mats available, boast a 300D Oxford material to survive wear and tear, and have non-toxic gel and pressurised edges to prevent leakages.