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Best Outdoor Bird Baths for 2021

As much as flowers and plants serve to make your garden an idyllic little home haven, it’s never quite complete without the sweet tones of a songbird or the pleasing sight of fledgelings and other wildlife enjoying the space as much as you do.

But how are you meant to attract them to your wee garden when there’s a whole world of them out there for flocks to choose from?

While feeding stations and feeders are an understandably easy way, they require a lot of maintenance and create a lot of mess!

A high-quality birdbath is often a much more attractive way to achieve the same goal, providing your garden with a beautiful ornament as well as a relaxing space for birds to enjoy.

From baroque columned masterpieces to more modern hanging and wall-mount designs, we’ve cast our eye over the market and picked out some of the very best birdbaths currently available, to help you become the first-pick resort for neighbouring flocks!

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Copper Heart Bird Bath Sculpture
    • Unique design
    • Easy to install
    • Safe shallow dish
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    Venus Cast Iron Bird Bath And Feeder
    • Wall mounting fixture
    • Clam shaped bowl with bird figurines
    • Attractive sturdy bracket
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    GardenKraft Solar Lit Bird Bath With Planter
    • Flower planter base
    • Solar powered lighting
    • Durable design
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    The Top 10 Bird Baths Reviewed

    Peckish Secret Garden Bird Bath

    Featuring a simple but stunning tree design with coiled leaves and branches around the column, the Peckish Secret Garden Bird Bath is as pretty as it is practical when it comes to attracting birds!

    Since the feeder features a strong ground spoke to keep the dish in place during bad weather, there’s no need for construction.

    Ideal for attracting smaller pleasant birds such as robins, tits, finches and sparrows, it’s also the perfect choice for DIY phobes thanks to its no tools required assembly.

    So we thought… why keep it a secret?


    • No tools assembly
    • Decorative bird design


    • Dimensions: 20.5 x 20.5 x 84 cm
    • Material: Metal

    Copper Heart Bird Bath Sculpture

    Not everyone wants a traditional cast iron design, and if you’re looking for something a little more fun and modern, then these copper love heart bird baths will make for an interesting piece in your garden.

    These handmade copper hearts can be used as a birdbath, birdfeeder or contemporary garden sculpture. They look fantastic in a set of three but can be spread out around the garden as a rest bite for birds at different points.

    And if you’re looking for an easy way to help your garden wildlife, these copper hearts don’t need any construction, you simply plunge the spiked ended stems of the sculptures into the ground, and they’re good to go!

    As this piece is made from copper, it will weather naturally over time to a beautiful verdigris.



    • Unique design
    • Easy to install
    • Safe shallow dish


    • Dimensions: small heart - 23 x 20 x 5 cm, Medium heart - 27 x 24 x 5 cm, Large heart - 30 x 28 x6 cm
    • Material: 100% Copper

    Venus Cast Iron Bird Bath And Feeder

    2 crucial garden fixtures in one, this beautiful cast iron bird bath is also a fashionable antiquated bracket for hanging flower baskets, helping bring flora and fauna to your little world!

    With a bird bath bowl securely fixed to the bracket, it can be mounted directly onto a wall, making it a lovely garden ornament for those who are perhaps unable to host much natural greenery on their property.

    It also boasts cast iron construction with a bronzed finish, helping it age gracefully and become a timeless feature for your garden or a lovely gift for the bird lover in your life.


    • Wall mounting fixture
    • Clam shaped bowl with bird figurines
    • Attractive sturdy bracket


    • Dimensions: 29 x 20 x 25.5 cm
    • Material: Iron

    Bird Bath Polyresin Feeder Bird Bath

    If you’re looking for something that’s a little bit more imaginative, then this fairytale-like birdbath is perfect. It will fit into any woodland-inspired garden and will create a refreshing haven for any small passing bird.

    It’s been delicately handmade with a weather-safe resin bath with a tree base intricately sculpted. While it’s handmade, it’s durable thanks to the heavy-duty polyresin material that it’s made from.


    • Fantasy-like design
    • Big bath with large water capacity


    • Dimensions: 20 x 9 x 6 cm
    • Material: Polyresin

    Relaxdays Cast Iron Bird Bath with Stand

    An eye-popping centrepiece to spruce up any patio or lawn this stunning birdbath looks like it’s straight out of The Secret Garden with its tranquil feel. And since it’s weatherproof, stainless and frostproof, it will weather any storm.

    The design is crafted beautifully with engraved flowers and detailing on the stand as well as a hummingbird perched on the basis as it takes a drink.

    In short, it’s the simplest way to add a bit of stunning scenery to your little piece of land!


    • Weather resistant design
    • Attractive bird figurine design
    • Quick three part assembly


    • Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 18 cm
    • Material: Cast Iron

    Bird Bath & Feeder With Solar Light

    This birdbath has a multitude of uses and is a fantastic way to bring flora, fauna and a little bit of light into your garden. With a lower tray to fill with flowers, the birdbath itself also features a lamp protruding from the column so that you can turn your little corner of the earth into a peaceful twilight zone.

    But don’t worry about having to find a power source, as the LED light inside features a rechargeable battery and also has built-in solar panels to provide gentle light into the wee hours.

    A bird pleaser by day and an atmosphere creator by night!


    • Large bird bath with lamp post design
    • LED lamp & rechargeable
    • Lower tray for plants & flowers


    • Dimensions: 43 x 43 x 96cm
    • Material: Plastic

    Windsor Cast Iron Bird Bath

    Naturally, anything with the name Windsor is going to be elegant, and this birdbath is no different with its vintage sophistication.

    It’s ornate in design and is made from cast iron to maintain a beautifully aged look. Two birds sit on top of the bath, lending a little extra decoration and company for any visiting birds.

    The depth of the dish itself is roughly 5cm, and while it’s primarily a birdbath, it can also be used as a free-standing feeder – ideal for serving a range of bird foods, including seed, nuts and mealworm.



    • Beautiful style
    • Sturdy build


    • Dimensions: 27cm x 33cm x 54cm
    • Material: Cast iron

    Kingfisher Bronze Effect Plastic Bird Bath

    Boasting a striking metallic bronze effect, this Kingfisher plastic resin bird bath is guaranteed to bring grandeur and an air of majesty to your little patch of land, with a clam-shaped bowl and handsome bird figurines.

    Easy to assemble, it’s freestanding and made of weatherproof plastic, meaning you can leave it outside in the most torrential of conditions and it will still boast that alluring antiquated aesthetic and most important of all, it won’t have fallen over!

    This ensures it’s a perfect choice for year-round use and won’t discolour or decay within months.

    It’s a simple way to bring a little slice of majesty into your garden without breaking the bank!


    • Lightweight, weatherproof resin
    • Bronze effect
    • Easy to assemble


    • Dimensions: 81.5 x 49.5 x 39.5 cm
    • Material: Plastic Resin

    GardenKraft Solar Lit Bird Bath With Planter

    A slightly less conventional and more modern style, this bird bath features a weathered verdigris colour and provides a multi-functional bird bath and planter combo!

    Visually enticing and practically accommodating for smaller birds, it also features a built-in LED light, giving your garden some warm illumination and making it a cosy spot to drink in some evening air and admire your personal green space.

    For those who require their bird baths to be low maintenance, there’s no need for that to put you off either, as the structure utilises solar power to charge itself up automatically, meaning there’ll be no unattractive wiring snaking its way back into the house.

    As for the planter, it’s expansive shelf is the ideal size for filling with seasonal flowers, which will only help attract even more wildlife and add an extra eye-pleasing dimension to your already brilliant bird bath.


    • Flower planter base
    • Solar powered lighting
    • Durable design


    • Dimensions: 30 x 45 x 90 cm
    • Material: Metal

    Kingfisher BBATH Traditional Bird Bath

    An effortlessly attention-grabbing statement, this verdigris bird bath is simple in style and low maintenance yet still adds so much character and decorum to your garden.

    With a lightweight resin construction which helps make repositioning easy and achievable, it features a traditional design of antiquated pattern base and distressed column and bowl, a timeless look that never goes out of style.

    A three-part, bowl, column and base construction means it’s also incredibly fast to assemble and each part fits together nicely with screws for a secure and stable bird bath that can be made in minutes!

    It’s a baroque beauty on a budget that will go down as well with garden guests as it’s guaranteed to with the birds!


    • Solid, sturdy resin material
    • Attractive vintage aesthetic
    • Easy assembly


    • Dimensions: 71 x 38 cm
    • Material: Plastic Resin

    Buying Guide

    Types of Bird Bath


    If your garden features a lot of trees with strong and sturdy branches, a hanging bird bath is a nice decoration and they can simply dangle from branch or beam supports thanks to their metal chain hangings.

    They are often best for smaller gardens or balconies as a nice additional feature.


    Fixed by a bracket to a wall or fence/railings, they help attract wildlife to areas that are perhaps a little less green!

    They tend to be quite shallow and small to remain as sturdy and strain-free as possible and so are usually shallower structures that attract smaller birds.


    These are by the far the most common type of bird bath and are most commonly shallow bowls placed on a stand. They usually either come with a wide base which allows them to stand freely on most surfaces or spikes and pegs which help secure them to your lawn.

    Depending on their material, pedestals need to find a balance between being light enough to easily reposition in the garden and heavy enough to withstand strong winds and prevent falling over.

    Features To Look Out For


    Bird baths are most commonly made of metal or plastic resin materials, but can also be stone, ceramic or glass. Plastic materials are often lightweight and easier to move around but can struggle in frosty weather. Stone and metal designs tend to be the most durable and stable.


    Of course, it’s nice to attract a variety of pretty birds into your garden, but let’s not pretend that bird baths don’t make seriously attractive garden ornaments too. Make sure to pick a design which helps bring out the best of your plot and that you’ll enjoy for many years to come!

    Ease of Assembly

    Nobody enjoys reading instructions and spending hours constructing garden furniture and so you want a bird bath with as few pieces as possible so that putting it all together is as near effortless as possible!

    Easy To Clean

    Unfortunately, rainwater isn’t always a chore saver when it comes to keeping bird baths clean and they can often quickly become covered in seeds, bird faeces and plant debris from your garden. A bath with a shallow dish that’s not too low down is going to be quick and easy for you to clean and the smoother the surface, the less scrubbing involved! Although intricate patterns look pretty, they also mean more nooks and crannies for you to clean.


    As your bird bath is going to spend all of its time outside, it needs to be able to withstand tough conditions, in particular harsh rains, winds and frost! Try and find products which guarantee weather-resistance to ensure a more durable, long-lasting bath.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    How much do bird baths cost?

    How much a bird bath will set you back is usually dependent on which extra features you require or want.

    Hanging and wall-mounted models along with most standing plastic resin baths are often the cheapest options and usually won’t cost you anything more than £25 and are even closer to £10 if the two former.

    Cast iron materials will often go for slightly more as well as those with features like LED lamps, but should still only cost around £30 at most.

    What is the best type of bird bath?

    In terms of appearance, there’s nothing quite like a freestanding column structure and if your garden is of the size and style to accommodate it, it’s definitely the best option.

    It’s also good to choose an option which offers a multitude of features such as a planter or led light, which can help spruce the bath up a little bit if it stands out too strongly on your lawn or patio.