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Best Bird Tables for 2022

Enticing a flutter of birds into your garden these days requires nothing more than a selection of suet, seeds and nuts for our feathered friends to gorge on. A bird table is a great, easy way to make food accessible to birds.

They’re strong, and the large stable surface makes it easy for all bird breeds to land on. Feeding stations, in particular, can be quite flimsy and hard for larger birds such as woodpigeons and blackbirds to feed on.

Despite being a better choice for some, there’s scope for you to make the wrong decision when purchasing a table. High-grade woods, a quality roof, bird security and frame stability are all hugely important factors that can make or break a bird table’s practicality and longevity.

You want something that will be protected from rain and bright direct sun. You also don’t want corners that are too sharp. Some cheaper models can also be dangerous when it comes to the fixings they use.

You also need to look for something that is easy to clean. Dirty tables can harbour bacteria from sick birds, spreading disease between birds. So, you need to be able to scrub with disinfectant and easily brush off the old seeds.

To help you make the optimum choice for the good of visiting birds and your garden, we’ve perused the market to find some of the very best bird tables available, from classic standing designs to more quirky wall mounted dwellings!

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Wildlife World Bempton Bird Table
    • Solid Timber Construction
    • All-year round protection
    • Easy maintenance
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    PawHut Deluxe Bird Stand Feeder Table
    • Metal sheet roof for protection from the elements
    • Fir wood treated with weather protecting
    • Solid 3 legged base
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    Hove Fence Wall Mounted Bird Table
    • Designed to blend into fences & garden walls
    • Heavy duty timber
    • Built to last
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    The Top Bird Tables Reviewed

    Riverside Woodcraft Triple Platform Bird Table With Anti Bacteria Coating

    With a small nest box included in the roof, this bird table is a phenomenal little home as well as a fantastic feeder, with enough space to accommodate several tiny tits at once!

    Hand made in the UK by Riverside Woodcraft; this bird table is smart as well as pretty with an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, colour-rich coating. The stand is chunky and sturdy with a large, heavy base so you can feel confident when the weather takes a turn. 

    A minimal assembly job, the birdhouse comes ready-made, meaning all you have to do is attach it to the post, position in your garden and then wait for the flock to arrive!


    • Nest box included
    • Minimal assembly


    • Dimensions: 42 x 42 x 180 cm
    • Weight: N/A

    Natures Market Slate Roof Bird Table

    This, Natures Market, bird table of the most premium quality and features a unique two-sided slate effect roof and scallop detail. The elegant design isn’t the only thing that’s impressive about this bird table with its stained FSC certified wood.



    • Pre-assembled table top
    • Four sided slate hip roof


    • Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 172 cm
    • Weight: 10.6 Kg

    Wildlife World Bempton Bird Table

    For whatever reason, you might find that a traditional bird table and stand is just never going to look graceful or grand in your little garden and what you really need is a bird table that’s going to be a stunning supporting artist rather than an arrogant lead.

    Made from FSC certified timber, this attractive bird table house from Wildlife World blends a distressed green finish, intricate latticework and an authentic verdigris copper roof, making it without question one of the prettiest models on our list.

    But unlike standard bird tables, this one is meant to be used as a small hanging feeder thanks to a natural rope attachment and can also be a fancy decoration for any fencepost or low hanging tree branch.

    It’s a perfect product for twitchers who prefer to care for smaller, more vulnerable birds, as its design provides a safe area for dinky fledgelings to feed in peace, away from the likes of crows, pigeons and magpies.

    Best of all, a clever detachable side panel and plastic tray insert make this bird table the easiest to clean model on the market!


    • Solid Timber Construction
    • All-year round protection
    • Easy maintenance


    • Dimensions: 30.5 x 20.3 x 20.3 cm
    • Weight: 998 g

    Hutch Company Maypole Bird Table

    One of the more sturdy and secure options on the market, this bird table for twitchers is one of our absolute favourites due to its incredibly high-quality wood material at a very affordable price!

    Utilising a timber construction, it’s a heavy-duty bird post which is surprisingly lightweight, meaning it can withstand harsh windy weather, but can still be easily re-positioned and moved around the garden by green-fingered perfectionists.
    The wood has also been specifically twin treated with an anti-bacterial coating that helps prevent disease, keeping birds healthy and your table more durable.

    However, there is a little more work involved with this model and although you’ll make plenty of savings, it’s at the cost of having to put the table together, with easy-screw pieces which take on average 1 to 2 hours to completely fit together.

    Still, if you can afford the time, it’s an enjoyable garden project for you to take on and the finished result is a fine table which will take pride of place in your garden for many years to come!


    • Twin Treated with Anti-Bacterial Marcide
    • Coating Made from sustainable forests
    • Competitively priced


    • Dimensions: 136.5 x 36 x 29 cm
    • Weight: 6.1 Kg

    The Hutch Company XL Ballycastle Bird Table

    With its dome-shaped designs, this bird table has an elegant quality and will make for an incredibly pretty feature in any garden.

    It’s extra-large, giving your birds ample space to feed and has twist out feet to increase stability in high winds.

    Not only is it pretty and practical, but it’s also ethical since it’s made from sustainable forests in Britain and with every tree that is cut down to make it, two trees are planted.


    • Anti-bacterial coating
    • Ready-made for super easy assembly
    • Sustainable


    • Dimensions: Height - 1720mm; Roof Head Size - 520mm x 420mm x 420mm

    PawHut Deluxe Bird Stand Feeder Table

    Cost-efficient with a design that boasts bags of character, this gazebo-esque bird table and stand from Pawhut features a truly unique aesthetic that trumps dull, traditional models.

    Constructed from premium fir wood, it’s treated with weather-resistant varnish to extend its longevity and features a metal sheet roof to protect bird feed from the elements.

    A hexagonal shape also ensures that it’s one of the most open, expansive and easy to access tables on the market, meaning plenty of feathered friends can feed under its shelter. This makes it a doddle to maintain when cleaning and refilling seed too, as there’s no nooks and crannies for you to have to squeeze your hands in!

    Inviting birds in and keeping bad weather out, there’s a reason Pawhut’s bird feeding pal is so sought after!


    • Metal sheet roof for protection from the elements
    • Fir wood treated with weather protecting
    • Solid 3 legged base


    • Dimensions: 113 x 40 x 40 cm
    • Weight: 3.18 Kg

    Hove Fence Wall Mounted Bird Table

    If you’re not a fan of classic bird tables and want something a little less traditional and quirky for your little corner of the earth, this bird feeder from Hove is designed to mount to fences or walls, so you can make it a more immersive and included piece of garden furniture.

    Hand-built from construction-grade timber, this a seriously heavy-duty birdhouse and will remain structurally sound and securely fixed to wherever you decide to mount it. Built to last, it also features a felt roof with food tray waterfall off, so seed and suet remain dry and fresh even in the worst of weather!

    It’s a great choice if you’re someone who cares deeply about bird welfare too, as it comes pretreated with antibacterial marcide coating, preventing disease spreading so that fledgelings stay healthy and nourished with every visit!

    Who says stunning designs can’t be subtle too?


    • Designed to blend into fences & garden walls
    • Heavy duty timber
    • Built to last


    • Dimensions: 25.5 x 26 x 25.5 cm
    • Weight: N/A

    Hutch Company Bath Universal Feather Edge Bird Table

    Although built by The Hutch Company, this bird table is no rabbit enclosure and features an array of great details which make it a truly excellent table for attracting a variety of fanciful feathers to your patch.

    Made in the UK from sustainable forests, for every tree used in the construction of these bird tables, another two are planted, making this an archetypal environmentally friendly design.

    It’s also one of the most inclusive models and if you’re a true twitcher with an innate love of every winged thing, you’ll enjoy seeing every type of bird pottering around in its expansive, open design, fit for any sized bird.

    With a feather edge slated roof and antibacterial marcide coating, this is a model which will look after every garden guest too, protecting from disease and keeping food dry and edible.

    But The Hutch Company isn’t exclusively all about the birds, and their design thankfully looks to improve things for us too!

    Built with DIY phobics in mind, it comes fully assembled in two parts so that putting it together is an effortless task that even grandma can manage!

    I mean, is there anyone this sky hutch hasn’t catered for?!


    • Universal design for all bird sizes
    • Unique Feather Edge Slated Roof Design
    • Fully Assembled in 2 Parts


    • Dimensions: 133.4 x 35 x 35 cm
    • Weight: N/A

    Peckish Supreme Garden Bird Table

    Supreme by name, supreme by nature, this garden bird table form Peckish offers up one of the largest feeding areas available, minimising squabbling and helping to attract a range of gorgeous garden birds!

    It’s constructed from 100% FSC approved wood with a strong cross base and four-sided roof providing stability for the structure and security for visiting birds!

    The wood has also been pre-treated for your convenience and the clean, classic design with roof finial is sure to be a hit with any of your garden guests.

    If you have a green-fingered grandma or bird-loving relation in your life, this choice is also a fantastic gift, as Peckish’s colourful single box makes it a ready to wrap reward for that special someone!


    • Easy to assemble
    • 100 percent FSC certified wood


    • Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 100 cm
    • Weight: 4.5 Kg

    Buying Guide

    How we chose the best bird tables

    We wanted to find a selection of different types of tables to give readers more choice, and then find the best in those categories.

    Freestanding bird tables are the most popular and best-selling kind of bird table as they can act as a statement in your garden and even become something of an ornate centrepiece. However, there are also wall-mounted options if you’re short on space or hanging tables, which are nest-box-like structures that can be easily hung up in the garden on a supportive tree branch or fence post, giving you plenty of versatility on where you place your table.

    We considered the materials. It’s very rare that a bird table is not made from wood, as these naturally have a nicer aesthetic than a metal structure and are also naturally comfier for birds. However, not all woods are made equal and it can often be a good thing to check the type of wood and its density. For example, heavy-duty woods like timber are going to be more durable and resistant to strong winds! These got more brownie points from us.

    If you care about the environment, you might also want to choose an option that’s FSC certified or made of wood from a sustainable forest.

    We also opted for tables that are spacious enough to house a few birds at once. Without sufficient space, you can end up with serious squabbling as certain birds look to rule the roost – and eat all the food! Check the dimensions to ensure your space is large enough to cater for all different kinds of birds, with 50 – 60 cm of width usually being the most satisfactory.

    Although wood is definitely a material that blends in well with your garden, it’s not always so durable if it has not been given the correct treatments. The most important type of treatment is a weather-resistant coating which will help protect the wood from soaking up water and becoming damp or rotted over time. Some bird table brands also offer coatings of antibacterial solutions like marcide. This helps prevent the wood from becoming infected with funguses or diseases which could then be passed on to birds and make them ill.

    Putting together furniture can be a real pain in the neck sometimes and a bird table with an accompanying stand always sounds like it’s going to take a lot of DIY work. Thankfully though, this isn’t the case more often than not and many bird tables come delivered pre-assembled, merely needing you to fix the nest box to its stand or wall mount. We chose tables that had no complaints when it comes to assembly.

    One big thing we factored in aside from how great the table is for birds, though – cost. Bird tables can be mighty expensive, with certain styles and brands charging up to £150 for a high-quality timber table! However, they are plenty of cheaper options out there that are still aesthetically pleasing and sturdy models that will do the job just as well. In general, a top of the range designer table will cost you around £100, whereas standard tables tend to go for around £30 to £60.

    We also avoided bird tables with nesting boxes on the roof. Surprisingly, there are some available, and while they sound like they could kill two birds with one stone (to use the phrase), you should never encourage birds to the nesting site of another bird.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    How do I attract birds to a bird table?

    A bird table on its own won’t magically convince birds to visit your garden and so you’ll need to pay attention to these bird table tips if you want to get the best out of your new purchase.

    First make sure it’s clearly visible to passing birds by placing it in an obvious, more central spot, away from incredibly tall fences or walls. This will help birds feel more secure and able to spot any potential predators. However, if you also know that there are plenty of birds nesting in a tall hedge in your garden, you may want to place it nearby so they can easily pop in and out.

    You then need to offer plenty of different food types on your table to attract different types of birds. Good choices include seed, suet and mealworms and by refilling the table with food regularly, local feathered friends will quickly learn that there is always a good meal to be found in your garden!

    Do bird tables attract rats?

    Bird feeders and tables don’t attract rats but the seed and other types of bird food at ground level do. Discarded seeds knocked off the table by birds can easily attract all kinds of pests. If you’re aware of rats, you may want to prevent them from climbing up the table by using non-slip paint or a baffle:

    Baffle on Bird Feeder

    Rats and squirrels can’t cling to this or go any further. You may also want to fit a large tray underneath the table to catch fallen seed so it doesn’t end up on the ground.

    Also, buy a quality bird seed which should mean less waste and discarded husks, and rat-proof your garden providing them with nowhere to hide.