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Best Puppy Pens for 2021

A puppy or dog playpen is the perfect place for your dog to be able to stretch, get some exercise and tire themselves out with excitement without running amok in your house.

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Designed for use indoors but able to go outside too, a playpen keeps your pooch contained in a small space while giving them all they need, such as food and somewhere to go to the toilet.

We have found the best dog pens online, with a host of sizes, heights and features so you can find your perfect one.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    KingCamp Pet Playpen
    • Great for puppies
    • Breathable mesh window design
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    KCT Large Heavy Duty Pet Playpen
    • Removable plastic floor
    • Strong build
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    Amazon Basics Dog Exercise Fence Pen
    • Choice of heights
    • Indoor or outdoor use
    • Easy to store and build again
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    Top 8 Best Dog and Puppy Playpens Reviewed

    KingCamp Pet Playpen

    With great reviews, it is no surprise that this is a quality pen.

    The pen is designed with complete usability in mind since you can fold it up in seconds and place it back into its bag. At 127 x 127 x 60cm, it’s great for small pets up to 26 pounds. It’s ideal for puppies as the pen is made from 100% polyester 600S oxford with an anti-tear PVC net, so no sharp teeth or nails will rip through.

    There’s a steel frame within it to make the pen sturdier and it benefits from a bowl holder as well as roller blinds, so if your puppy gets a little anxious, you can simply put the blinds down to give them some privacy.


    • Great for puppies
    • Breathable mesh window design


    • Dimensions: 127 x 127 x 60 cm
    • Material: Metal, nylon and polyester
    • Weight: 2.3kg

    KCT Large Heavy Duty Pet Playpen

    This is one of the best quality built pens on our rundown, in case you have a very strong dog who will likely just move their pen with them wherever they want to go.

    It is made from strong thick wire for sturdy construction and benefits from a plastic floor so they can’t tup the pen over. This plastic bottom will also protect whatever surface it’s on from mess or toilet activity.

    It has a lockable front for added safety and can be put together or taken down again with minimum assembly. so you can use it when you need and store it away when you want space.


    • Removable plastic floor
    • Strong build


    • Dimensions: 128 x 80 x 12 cm
    • Material: Metal
    • Weight: 17.3 kg

    Amazon Basics Dog Exercise Fence Pen

    Available in multiple heights, and with or without a door, this is a great dog or puppy playpen for when you need them to stay in one place for a short time.

    The diameter is 150cm, but with a height of between 60.9 and 121.9cm to choose from, it can be used for all breeds.

    It is lightweight and portable, so can be used both indoors and outdoors, and is suited to dogs from 16 inches tall up to 30 inches tall. The eight connected panels all make it simple to store or take in the car too, in case it isn’t needed at the moment or you are off on a staycation with a garden.

    You can fold it flat for easier storage, and it can be built up again in a matter of seconds. Eight ground anchors make it secure if it is going outside, and AmazonBasics have included a one year warranty, although the durable iron metal with a rust-proof black finish and secure-locking slide-bolt latches should ensure it is always reliable and easy to maintain.


    • Choice of heights
    • Indoor or outdoor use
    • Easy to store and build again


    • Dimensions: D150cm
    • Material: Metal
    • Weight: 10kg

    Rosewood Hexagon Play Pen for Dogs

    Designed primarily for puppies and outdoor use, so when your pet is taking their first steps onto the soft grass, this playpen is made with regular folding and building in mind.

    It folds flat for easy storage and is made up of six separate panels. The 63cm height should be plenty sufficient for young dogs and small breeds. You can also use it with tortoises, rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens who need a bit of outdoor fresh air but can’t be given free reign.


    • Really simple to put up
    • Minimal storage


    • Dimensions: 63 x 63 x 63cm
    • Material: Metal
    • Weight: 7kg

    Ellie-Bo Easy-Up 8 Piece Puppy Play Pen

    Thanks to its concertina build, this playpen can be erected in just 15 seconds, making it a great option for anyone who doesn’t want something too complicated to build.

    The lightweight steel construction makes it suitable to move around, such as if your dog is in the kitchen during the day but you move them upstairs to sleep. It can be folded down to transport, too, making it nice and portable.

    The hinged door, with a bolt action lock, is both easy to access and open yet won’t be able to be pushed open by your pet. It all connects using three spring-loaded clips, which are secure yet simple for you to fit.

    At 61cm tall, it should be too high for your puppy to jump, and the horizontal bars are too spaced out for them to climb up. It comes in eight pieces, so can be left square or as an octagon depending on the setup you prefer.


    • Easy to set up
    • Can be folded down


    • Dimensions: 64 x 6.5 x 63 cm
    • Material: Steel
    • Weight: 7.56kg

    Pet 45 Playpen Foldable Portable Dog/Puppy Exercise Kennel

    Fabric pens are good if you want something which can fold down and is relatively covered, which can help with nervous pets or ones who chew the bars.

    It could be a great item if you are taking your puppy to social situations, such as round to see friends or family, or to the park. It pops up and is relatively small so can be placed almost everywhere. There is a carry bag with handles so you can place it in the car.

    It has been reinforced with an attached floor mat, which doesn’t only keep the sides erect but also helps to keep any mess confined to the pen and gives your pet somewhere comfortable to stand and lie on.

    There are some handy pockets and handles around the outside to keep things safe, and the door zips up so can’t be chewed open. As a final touch, it is available in several colours and sizes.


    • Zip door
    • Reinforced floor


    • Dimensions: Various
    • Material: Fabric Mix
    • Weight: 2.4kg

    Doggy Style Puppy Play Pen

    A playpen with a base is great if you are in the toilet training stage, so need something easy to clean and which won’t damage your flooring.

    It all folds flat once this is taken out, so you can have space back when the dog is elsewhere. There is a little step for them to navigate in order to come out of the door, which is good if you don’t want them escaping when you’re nipping in to top up their food.

    The tall edges are pretty jump-proof, and two secure latches will keep the door closed when it needs to be.


    • Strong build
    • Curved edges for human safety


    • Dimensions: 107 x 73 x 70 cm
    • Material: Metal/Plastic
    • Weight: 10kg

    PawHut Heavy Duty 8 Panel Dog Play Pen

    An eight-panel pen, which can be used in a square or octagonal shape. Made from high-quality steel it is incredibly strong and stable, for durable use over time.

    It is easy to set up, as you just unfold it and connect all of the panels together. When not in use, it can be reduced back down. At a height of 79cm, it should be impossible for even the most bouncy of doggies to hurdle over.

    Because all of the panels attach to each other, there is nothing to stop you extending it even further with the help of another pen – ideal if you have a few pups to look after.

    As it is so strong and sturdy, you could use it outside in the garden if the weather is nice but you don’t want Fido running off or eating all your begonias.


    • Strong metal build
    • Fence which you can step over


    • Dimensions: 158 x 79cm x 79cm
    • Material: Iron
    • Weight: 17.7kg

    Buying Guide


    You should ideally aim for something as large as possible. This will likely be where your dog sleeps, eats, plays and uses the toilet, so all of these areas need to be spacious.

    If you have a large breed, buying something suitable for a toy poodle would be pointless. Also bear in mind that your dog may really like their pen so could want to use it as a safe haven even when they are a bit older, in which case it will need to be large enough for them when they grow.


    The most vital thing when thinking about size is perhaps the height. The best for you depends on whether your dog is a bit of a climber or jumper. Something around 2-3 feet is usually the standard, so you may need a crate with a top or a cover if yours could jump over this, or look for one which is extra tall.

    Many pens are meant for puppies, so wouldn’t be tall enough if you have an active larger dog.


    There are two choices here – a metallic pen, or a fabric one. The former is the most traditional, and it still allows your dog to look out and see what is going on around them. It is also unchewable and the bars are close enough to prevent squeezing out.

    Metal pens also usually come as separate sections, so you can extend them or make it smaller by adding and replacing panels with a secure fastening.

    A fabric model is usually just easier to transport or use as a temporary solution. Many people may prefer a soft fabric pen if it is used indoors on a hard floor so it doesn’t scratch everything. Be aware that they could be chewed through and may be harder to clean if there are any accidents, so they are usually best suited to dogs who are used to being confined.

    Bases and Trays

    The majority of pens don’t have bases, so they will be on your floor and you will need to put down the appropriate covers or blankets.

    But a base can be good if your dog is toilet training or if they have a history of moving the crate around when inside, as they won’t be able to push the sides.

    Dog Pen Tips

    Your playpen is not a prison, and you should never keep your dog in there for prolonged periods. It is only for temporary situations when they can’t be supervised, such as overnight or when you’re out of the room.

    Don’t use the pen as a form of punishment, as they can grow to hate their space. Your dog must see their pen as a positive place, where they can be comfortable and they can go if they need space.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    What Is A Play Pen?

    A playpen is a secure area in which your pet can be placed, which prevents them from having freedom in the house if you can’t supervise them temporarily. This is good if you don’t want to risk damage or injury.

    It prevents them from needing to be tethered or secured to a tie-out, so they are comfortable and can still get exercise.

    They’re usually used to keep dogs secure overnight or if they are alone in the house. Portable models are also available which can be taken on holidays or elsewhere.

    The pens often have their food, water, toys and a toilet area in, so they have all they need in one place. They are different from crates, as they don’t have a roof, so are a bit more open for any dogs who need to get used to new views or environments.

    Are There Any Alternatives?

    Dog gates are used to seal off rooms, or sections. This gives your dog the freedom to use a whole space or room, but stop them from going around the whole house.

    People can also use extra-large crates or soft crates, but if they grow, be aware that this could become too small for them to move around in freely.

    Can I Use A Pen For My Rabbit?

    Many people buy puppy pens for their rabbits, yes. These are used indoors as a run area, or outside to keep them safe when out of the hutch.

    You may also wish to buy them for guinea pigs, kittens, or other animals who need some space but you need to restrict their freedom.