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The Best Gifts for Bird Lovers

Is your friend a bit bird obsessed?

Whether they have a living room full of budgies or are obsessed with making sure the wild birds in their garden are living the high life, you want to get them something which shows off their passion but is also practical and something which they will make use of.

So don’t go rushing out to buy them something they can’t enjoy themselves – take a look below for some inspiration on how you can treat them while supporting a small business, instead.

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    With a slight nod to their love of birds, this scarf is available in multiple colours and can be worn as boldly or subtly as the wearer wishes.

    It will just go nicely with their outfit in the cooler months and nobody will bat an eyelid, but if somebody tells them that the scarf is nice or asks what the pattern is? Well, they better brace themselves for a loooong talk about how great birds are.

    Again, it is a subtle nod. The nondescript bird design means they are as good for parakeet lovers as they are bluetit fans, and they are dainty so perfectly suited to those who aren’t massively keen on bold statements.

    You can choose sterling silver or gold plated, and if you won’t be with the recipient on the day, they’re sent in a nice gift box with the option for a little note which you should ideally write something nice on.

    This unisex sweatshirt is available in various colours, and the parrot design is embroidered so won’t suffer from fade or cracking through the wash like those plastic print options.

    Bonus points for being vegan friendly and PETA certified, with no animals having been harmed in the testing of the dyes or garment production – which is ideally what you want for an animal lover, no? We all know somebody who this will suit to a tee.

    This beautiful garden dish is bound to make any bird lover happy! Not only is it ornately designed with birds, but it will attract real-life birds to their garden for a refreshing drink. However, perhaps the nicest part is that you can personalise it with your recipients name//names, making this little bird dish all the more special.

    There’s an option to add a gift card with a message that they will lovingly hand-write it for you, or they can leave it blank for you to write yourself. All of the cards come in an envelope as well.

    Since the bird lover in your life most likely cares about the environment as well, you’ll be happy to know that this bird dish is also made from recycled iron from the independent business within the UK, so it’s sustainable as well as personal.

    A sweet vintage brass locket, adorned with a tiny verdigris swallow in flight. 

    It has been tarnished to look perfectly vintage, and the chain is available at various lengths. If you have two photos to hand which they really love, you can even get it personalised, so the photos will be in there forever.

    Brightly coloured, and the perfect size for taking a little tipple with them on walks, weekends away or to festivals.

    You can personalise it with their name on the front, and it can also be gift wrapped in preparation. The flask features a toucan, so looks a bit prettier than one with their favourite bird, the garden pigeon (no offence to pigeons of course but we are sure they’d agree).

    Features birds? Tick. Will keep them protected from the rain? Tick. Ultra hard-wearing so will even help when they’re having to walk to the train station in the gusts of wind from a named storm? Of course.

    We will bet they will be happy to stand out in the crowd compared to all of those boring black brollies too.

    They will learn how to crochet with clear instructions on how to make a little cute bird, and they will be rewarded with the little cute bird at the end of their troubles which is definitely win-win.

    Just be prepared to probably receive a handmade crocheted blanket/jumper/top every birthday/Christmas in return.

    Something which will look absolutely ideal on any wall, particularly if they are a fan of wall art and prints. The detail is amazing, with a cascade of exuberant wild plants, flowers and jungle critters making up the bird.

    It doesn’t come with a frame, but this gives them the option to buy their ideal one separately.

    Do they have a particular favourite wild bird or one which practically lives in their garden? Say, a sparrow or blackbird?

    Choose from 16 designs of hand-drawn bird, which are applied to a made to order ceramic plate which can hang on their wall. Ideal for adorning an area where they love to birdwatch from.

    Perfect for a bird loving friend. It is pretty plain, so isn’t just for fans of the parrot or budgie, and the wooden design will ensure it’s of sturdy quality.

    It has a 70s retro style so ideal for those that love groovy vibes or a little bit of funk and soul, and it is also available in various colours in case you do want to get as close as you can to their own pet.

    They feed their robins, bluetits, blackbirds and starlings before they make their own breakfast. Birdseed is an essential part of their weekly shopping list.

    This bag can keep it all safe and is personalised so it really is theirs. They will also get 500g of birdseed included.

    Know someone that goes mad for birds of prey? If so, then these coasters are a perfect stocking filler! Standing proud in all their majestic finery, you’ve got the four big players to choose from, including a peregrine falcon and a golden eagle, but we think all four look great together as well!

    Each coaster is cork-backed, and the melamine has a luxury gloss finish that’s heat-resistant and easy to wipe clean.

    The world is divided into pigeon lovers and pigeon dislikers (hate is a strong word, after all).

    We love them, and there are thousands of people out there just like us, including the person you are buying a gift for. Whether they keep pigeons or just like them as visitors to the garden, this mug says it all.

    A beautiful idea for craft lover.

    It uses DMC threads for intense colours, and it features ten different stitches to keep them occupied. There is a guide with practical instructions, and they get everything bar the scissors and a pen.

    Pretty self-explanatory. You have a friend who has budgies and adores them. They also love themselves a little bit of wall art.

    Combine the two, and you have the ideal gift.