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Best Cat Toys for 2022

Cat toys are important in order to keep cats physically active and mentally engaged, as well as entertained and able to fight boredom.

Cats instinctively play, chase, hunt and scratch. Playing can help get this natural behaviour out of their system. It is also a great way for you both to bond if you get involved.

But when trying to find the perfect toy, you will soon see that there are dozens of variations out there, and hundreds of products – some of which aren’t great.

Quality is a big issue with cat toys and there are plenty of potential dangers. Most cats admittedly are destructive, so you can’t expect a toy to last forever. However, some budget toys are easily torn. This could result in small pieces, such as filling or fibres, being ingested by your cat.

You should always avoid toys with small parts, or with dangling strings. Even popular feather toys are risky because they’re fragile.

But cats should have a range of toys to play with. All their senses need to be encouraged, so toys which keep them active both mentally and physically are important. Something like an interactive cat toy could also keep them stimulated when they’re left alone.

So we have narrowed hundreds of cat toys down to the must-haves for your precious kitty.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    KONG Kitten Teddy Bear Catnip Cat Toy
    • Makes a noise
    • Cuddly so can be comforting
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    FroliCat Fox Den Cat Teaser
    • Motion activated
    • Easy to keep clean
    Check Price
    Kong Kickeroo Cat Toy
    • Multiple uses and sections
    • Several colours available
    • From a trusted brand
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    The Top Cat Toys Reviewed

    KONG Kitten Teddy Bear Catnip Cat Toy

    Just as human children would have a favourite teddy or toy, kittens can also really benefit from having a safe toy.

    Made from ultra-soft plush, it is very comforting to hold or cuddle, but it also makes a crinkle noise for when they are feeling a bit more active and ready to pounce. It taps into their natural curiosity – they can’t see the crinkle but will have to find out where it is coming from and make that noise again.

    The teddy is filled with KONG high-quality North American Catnip to encourage positive feelings as well.


    • Makes a noise
    • Cuddly so can be comforting


    • Dimensions: 10 x 3 x 9cm
    • Material: Plush

    Petstages Tower of Tracks

    With very sturdy construction, this tower will stand up to the most manic of playtimes.

    There are three levels for the balls to spin around, keeping your cat entertained for hours as they work out how to get the ball from one place to another. The balls are very hard to remove too thanks to the grooves on the edge, so they aren’t going to have the whole thing destroyed within minutes.

    If you are after something simple yet which your cat will adore, this is a perfect item and price.


    • Three balls included
    • Bright colour to attract attention


    • Dimensions: 13 x 25.4 x 25.4cm
    • Material: Plastic

    FroliCat Fox Den Cat Teaser

    Featuring a realistic fox tail which can excite a cat, this is the perfect cat toy to keep your feline on the edge.

    The tail will hide until suddenly popping out to your unexpecting cat, encouraging them to pounce and then keep an eye when it tucks away again.

    It is activated by motion sensors, so your cat can play away with it all day without needing any input from you. When they approach, it will start working, which gives off the realistic impression that it is prey.


    • Motion activated
    • Easy to keep clean


    • Dimensions: 9.6 x 18.1 x 18.1cm
    • Material: Plastic

    Catit Treat Ball

    When your cat moves this ball in the correct direction, a small treat will be dispensed, which is obviously very appealing to them.

    In response, they will continue working out how this can happen again, giving them hours of fun until there are no treats left. It helps with cognitive practice, and could also be beneficial to cut boredom if the cats are left on their own during the day.

    When they can’t have any more treats as they have hit their daily limit, this function can be cut off so they can continue to play and get the treats, without knowing that they won’t come. Crafty on your end, but will still keep them occupied.


    • Can pause dispensing of treats
    • Can be cleaned


    • Dimensions: D7.1cm
    • Material: Plastic

    Jolly Moggy Catnip Play Fish

    This catnip fish is enticing and is filled with premium catnip already.

    It will give your cat some exercise and tire them out ready for their nap. They can roll around with it, chew it, and throw it. The material is nice and soft, and can be sprinkled or sprayed with catnip for the longevity.


    • Nice size
    • Great quality


    • Dimensions: 37 x 16cm
    • Material: Fabric

    Kong Kickeroo Cat Toy

    This toy is able to keep your cat entertained for hours on end, but the tri-texture design also has the ability to come in handy no matter how your cat is feeling.

    The playful tail on the end is great for chasing and stalking if you get involved, giving into their instincts. Then, the soft fabric section is great for cuddling and snoozing up against when it is time for one of their multiple naps for the day.

    The burlap section will then entice them to scratch their claws when they awaken, ensuring they remain in good condition. It makes a crinkle noise when crushed, which will encourage them to keep revisiting the toy. Great for bringing the inner kitten out of older cats.


    • Multiple uses and sections
    • Several colours available
    • From a trusted brand


    • Dimensions: 5.1 x 9.5 x 40.6cm
    • Material: Assorted

    Ferplast Tornado Circuit Clever And Happy Cat Toy

    A full entertainment centre, the Tornado is ideal for those cats who often get a bit bored and need a break from one thing as they move onto another.

    There is an illuminated ball which they can scoot around the base, and it lights up when interacted with to encourage continuous play. Another plastic ball is present for playing, and there is also a central column with a pompom attached which they can try to grab or bat away.


    • 3-in-1
    • Stable base


    • Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 34cm
    • Material: Plastic

    Tribal Produce - Interactive Indoor Cat Toy Puzzle Box

    A toy that is sure to keep your cat stalking, pouncing and ambushing. It taps into their desire to continually watch small holes and cracks in case anything happens to pop out.

    Just partially hide some of your cat’s toys, and they will keep an eye for them emerging. With no movement, they will try to do the job themselves by poking their paws into the holes until they bring the toys out.

    It comes with four toys consisting of a catnip ball, 2 plastic balls and a mouse! And if you want to switch it up a little bit, as you have some to hand which fit, there is no reason why you can’t add more, or maybe even use food.


    • Holes around blocks for interaction
    • Can be used with treats or toys


    • Dimensions: 34.2 x 34.2 x 7cm
    • Material: Wood

    KONG Cat Play Spaces Bungalow

    The ideal little hideaway for when your cat wants some peace but wants to play as soon as they wake up, without straying too far.

    A curl and cuddle space, it is perfectly plush, so they can relax in private but also have somewhere they feel comfortable when they need to let their energy out. Springy toys encourage activity, and they can pop their head out of the bungalow at any time they wish. The door can also be folded down to give them some quiet.

    To make your life a lot easier, the whole bungalow can be collapsed down when not in use and then will pop up again in seconds with no fuss. The ability for it to also act as a bed will surely come in handy for many, though.


    • Pop-up design
    • Can be a bed


    • Dimensions: 25 x 10 x 15 cm
    • Material: Iron, Polyester

    Happy Pet Giant Catnip Mouse Cat Toy

    Your cat is one of the ones who react to catnip in a wonderfully crazy way, so it has to form a part of playtime.

    This cute mouse is made from felt so is soft in your cat’s paws, and the tail will react to your cat’s movements to make it like the real deal. It is overall on the larger side too, which makes it much easier to control.

    The hole to stuff it with the catnip is on the small side, so taking it out is tricky too, but seeing your cat happy while playing with it should be enough to make the frustration worth it.


    • Large size
    • Colourful


    • Dimensions: 26 x 6.5 x 7 cm
    • Material: Felt

    Buying Guide

    What we looked for when finding the best cat toys

    First of all – cats should have a range of toys to play with, which all do different things. So, it isn’t a case of finding your cat’s dream toy and leaving it at that. They need to tap into all of their instincts (smell, taste, activity etc), and move on to another if they become bored.

    There are wands, teasers, interactive and catnip toys around to name but a few. All of these can do different things, giving your cat both solo and group play. We have tried to pick a variety of cat toys on our list, so whether you’re just looking for a single replacement or you have a new furry joy on the way, there’s plenty to choose from.

    We’ve tried to pick quality toys. You can get a bundle of toys online for a few pounds, but the quality of the toys is often not great. You don’t want fraying, unravelling or toys falling apart as this could be dangerous.

    No toy is completely indestructible, even if we have mentioned it is a solid build or durable. Always watch your cat when they are playing, check the toys regularly for wear and tear and replace if damaged.

    If your cat has a very destructive streak, it could be worth buying one which is plastic, rubber or other tough material as opposed to fabric. You may have to spend a little more, but it will be worth it in the long run.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    What is the best toy for a cat?

    There is no one set answer here. While we have picked some of the best available to feature on our list, all cats will want something different. One may simply love a laser pen while another may prefer a soft fluffy catnip toy. Variety is the spice of life for most cats, so while they may end up having a ‘favourite’ toy, they’ll need to swap and change occasionally.

    This is why cat subscription boxes could be good. They’ll get something new every month.

    How much should I spend on a cat toy?

    They’re not usually pricey. Some can be bought for as little as under £5 and are still great quality, and will make your cat very happy.

    The price can go up to over £50 for some which involve electronic components or larger toys. Be wary of very cheap toys, especially if your cat is destructive, as they could break and your cat could ingest small parts.

    How do I know which toys to buy my cat?

    The only way to know is to experiment. Get a variety of toys they have to interact with, toys which involve your input and ones which use catnip or other odd materials.

    Once you have narrowed it down to some favourites, you can always get a variety in these categories. Many will appreciate a range, however. Don’t worry if they don’t touch something – they can be donated to a shelter, or even sold online if you want to get some money back.

    How many cat toys should a cat have?

    There is no set minimum or maximum. Some are fine with two or three whereas others have an entire box of them.

    Having more will mean they have more choice and there is a reduced chance of boredom, and they are less likely to get worn if they aren’t played with for so long.

    Does my cat really need toys?

    Toys for pets provide a lot more benefits than just having fun. They can help with their hunting instinct, help to keep claws sharp and intact and help when they need to be calmed down.

    While you may feel your cat would not bother with a toy, finding the right one could have a whole host of benefits.

    This is particularly crucial if you have an indoor cat. They need the stimulation and fun that toys provide, as they can’t get it from the outside world.