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Best Cat Tunnels for 2022

A cat tunnel is a great way to encourage your cat to play. They promote exercise and give your cat a dedicated area to not only play but sometimes sleep, hide and rest too.

Cats love exploring dark, enclosed and small spaces which is why many are really attracted to a tunnel, especially if it is indoors. They’re perfect for multi-cat homes where the cats engage in playtime. Many have materials such as paper or foil in the lining too, which makes a noise when stepped on. Cats love this noise and it encourages them in.

But buying a cat tunnel isn’t an easy task. Some are quite short and can be part of a wider play area. Others are long or have various avenues darting off, so they can go through different holes. Some have holes in the centre, so they can pop their head out when halfway along.

You can even connect some models together, to make longer tunnels when required. Some will also connect to a cat tree. A few have toys dangling from their entrances, as well.

While the majority are collapsible for storing when not in use, some are made from wood and other strong materials too. This can make them more stable, but they will take up more space.

We have found some cat tunnels perfect for your feline below. So whether they have bundles of energy or just prefer to have a little nap after they’ve been out on the prowl all night, you can find the ideal one.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    PAWZ Road Leopard Print 3 Way Cat Tunnel
    • Can be extended
    • Multi-directional
    Check Price
    Catit Play Pirates Cannon Tunnel Cat Toy
    • Fun design
    • Thick material
    Check Price
    Ancol Large Red Spot Tunnel
    • Play lure
    • Holes for watching through to add dimension to play
    Check Price

    The Top Cat Play Tunnels Reviewed

    PAWZ Road Leopard Print 3 Way Cat Tunnel

    For the real hunter in your life, only a leopard print covered tunnel will do. With three directions, they have plenty of options for running and hiding, and there is a hole in the centre so they can pop their head up and survey their empire from safety.

    It emits a crinkly sound, but the polyester is tear-resistant and so should stay intact throughout their crazy playing. The leopard print is actually faux fur, so makes the unit darker inside and makes it a bit warmer.

    A bell toy at one end will help to keep them busy and interested until it is time for them to have a runaround. There are also other designs available, such as a four-way tunnel or long straight option, and multiple tunnels can even be interconnected.


    • Can be extended
    • Multi-directional


    • Dimensions: 55 x 25 x 25cm
    • Colour: Leopard print

    Catit Play Pirates Cannon Tunnel Cat Toy

    An ideal cat tunnel for anybody who likes to add the fun element to the design of their cat products, there are wheel and fuse design elements, perfectly blended into the practicality.

    The back of the tunnel is closed, but there is a small slit in it which they can still escape in and out of if they wish. This gives them full darkness when inside, for those cats who love to hideaway.

    The material is really strong and great quality, which is good if they tend to rip other items apart. In terms of playing, the fuse is bright orange and yellow feathers to provide a bit of activity. It can all be folded up when not in use, with removable wheels.


    • Fun design
    • Thick material


    • Dimensions: 29.5 x 5 x 29.5 cm
    • Colour: Black

    Ancol Large Red Spot Tunnel

    Offering a choice of play and rest options, this long tunnel is a great price and is perfect for any excitable cats.

    There are two holes along the side, and depending on the positioning, these can be at the top or side of the unit so your cat can pop their head out to check on the surroundings. On one end is a fluffy red ball lure they can bat at for some entertainment.

    The whole unit is collapsible and can be secured tight, for storage when not in use, and nylon material is durable against little sharp claws. It also creates a crinkly effect which they should love and be drawn towards.


    • Play lure
    • Holes for watching through to add dimension to play


    • Dimensions: 130 x 27 x 27cm
    • Colour: Red/White

    Crinkle Play Tunnel Cat Toy

    This tunnel is only short, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in excitement.

    The name perfectly sums it up – it is one of the noisiest on the market when your cat is running through it or rolling around. Perfect if they seem to be attracted to noise and respond inquisitively.

    Inside isn’t dark because of the material, and there isn’t much running through to be had because of the length, so this is a great tunnel for cats who love rolling and playing when pretty stationary.


    • Noisy
    • Sturdy build


    • Dimensions: 26 x 40 x 26cm
    • Colour: Blue

    Aibuddy Cat Scratcher

    A two-tiered tunnel designed to cater to a cat’s four favourite things – hiding, sleeping, playing and scratching.

    The subtle curved design helps make scratching easier, and it is made from recycled cardboard which cats love. It is surprisingly sturdy and well constructed, and the large surface area will even allow multiple cats to use it at the same time.

    The tunnel can be used as a sleeping spot, or simply if they need a little break from being out in the open. It isn’t as long as a lot of the other tunnels on the list but offers something different and


    • Great multi-use
    • Can be used by multiple cats


    • Dimensions: 50 x 33 x 30.5cm
    • Colour: Brown

    Cat Tunnel Pet Toy Tunnel 4 Way Collapsible Cat Tube

    A four-way tunnel if you want something that is long and can run straight through but will also provide a bit of a challenge with the option or corners and other directions.

    It encourages their curiosity and playing, and it is spring-loaded so it can be popped open and ready to be played with pretty instantly. A ball at one end dangles so your cat can play with it, but this is also removable.

    Tear-resistant polyester is great for cats who are a little bit haphazard when playing, and the steel frame has protective ends that won’t harm your cat if they happen to pop through the fabric.



    • Safe for your cat
    • Crinkle inside


    • Dimensions: 50.8 x 7.4 x 25.4 cm
    • Colour: Choice of prints

    PAWZ Road S Form Long Play Cat Tunnel

    Straight tunnels are boring for some cats who need a challenge. This ‘S’ shaped model has a solid frame so will retain its shape, and the two holes at the sides can help them keep an eye on the comings and goings of the rest of the house.

    It is very lightweight material so lets some light through and is also not going to be too restrictive when they’re bolting through to the other exit. It can also be made smaller, into more of a ‘C’ shape so they really have to turn the corner.

    The whole unit can fold right down and there is a storage bag included if you need to take it anywhere or keep it intact when not in use.


    • Choice of colours
    • Different shape to straight options


    • Dimensions: 130 x 30 x 30cm
    • Colour: Choice

    ANG Cat Activity Play Mat

    This isn’t a tunnel as such but rather a play mat which they can pounce, scratch, hide, tunnel and sleep in and on.

    It is great for kittens as it offers a bit of variety, and it will adjust in shape as it is used so they will never become bored.

    You can hide little treats inside and the material is thick, non-rip and machine washable. It can also all be collapsed and stored away when not in use any more.


    • A bit different to your standard tunnel
    • String material


    • Dimensions: 35 x 26 x 8 cm
    • Colour: Grey

    SNOWINSPRING Cat Tunnel Pet Tube

    One of the longest straight tunnels on the market, and it is also ever so colourful to really attract your kitty’s attention.

    It will hold strong as your cats play, with tear-resistant polyester and wiring with protective ends. Built-in crinkle paper will attract them in terms of sound, and there is a pompom toy on one end too for an element of fun.

    Cats can see blue, green, purple and yellow, which are colours this tunnel involves, so while it may not look the nicest in your room, your kitty will appeal.

    An elastic band will keep it all in place when folded down, and it also happens to be the cheapest on our list which is great if you want to test the water and see just how much your cat would appreciate a tunnel.


    • Colourful design
    • Low price


    • Dimensions: 115 x 25cm
    • Colour: Multicoloured

    Me & My Pets Cat Play Tunnel & Bed

    A tunnel and bed combination for all those cats who adore having their own space and home within a home.

    It is super soft fleece on the outside, including the bed, for the ultimate comfort and retaining heat. A dangling toy at one end will provide some play entertainment.

    The bed can actually be unzipped if you prefer to keep this separate, or if you want the tunnel to be straighter so they can see through right to the other end. It is also an ideal option if your cat is one which hates the popular crinkly material, as barely any noise is made from this one.


    • With a bed
    • Soft plush fabric


    • Dimensions: With bedding 100 x 28 x 35cm/Straight tunnel 130 x 28cm
    • Colour: Grey

    Buying Guide

    How we chose the best cat tunnels

    We looked for cat tunnels which had a bit more to them than just being a boring tunnel. Think toys, peepholes, different directions.

    Many cat tunnels are very reasonably priced, but you will tend to pay a bit more for those which are much larger or longer, have several directions or are lined with plush fabric.

    A cat tunnel can be bought for as little as around £5, and some will go upwards of £30. We looked for value for money with our picks – basic ones can be bought on a budget, but if other themes are brought into play, you’ll want to spend a bit more to ensure they’re all quality and the product will last (and is safe to use).

    Most tunnels are made out of a polyester blend material which is both lightweight, lets a bit of light through and will also crinkle under the pressure of your cat’s activity. All three aspects tend to appeal to cats, so this was our favourite material to look out for.

    There are some which have a softer plush material on the outside which can help to lock in a bit of heat, and also make the inside darker. Some are made with cardboard or have scratching sections which can be good for claws too. If your cat doesn’t like noise, we’ve picked out a few models which also have this on the inside to reduce the likelihood of crinkling.

    There are a few things you need to think about before you buy your cat tunnel:

    • Which type of player is your cat?
    • What will they be using the tunnel for?
    • How large is your cat?
    • Does your cat actually like dark spaces?

    Most tunnels are usually around 9 inches/30cm in diameter, so larger cats or those who prefer things a bit more open may need one which is larger. Don’t just settle for one which advertises itself as large, either – always check dimensions fully.

    If your cat doesn’t seem to like confined, dark spaces, it doesn’t necessarily mean a tunnel can’t be for them. There are some which are shorter so easy to escape from if needed, and which also have many holes for them to pop their head out of or are made from thinner material to let more light in.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    Why are cats drawn to tunnels?

    Cats love exploring new places generally, so a tunnel which they have never seen before and they have to get into to explore really appeals.

    Many also like confined spaces and being able to close themselves off to the world, while still being able to keep an eye on their surroundings.

    Longer tunnels can encourage running and playing, while shorter tunnels could offer some safety and somewhere to sleep.

    If your cat is predominantly an indoor cat, tunnels also create two worlds for them which can satisfy their need to explore.

    How big does a cat tunnel have to be?

    Check the measurements of your cat, and then buy a tunnel that is large enough for them to fit through comfortably. But you don’t want it to be too large – this could make it less ‘covered’ for your cat, and less stable too.

    When thinking about length – the longer the better! If you do buy a long tunnel though, look for other features like peepholes halfway through, so your cat doesn’t feel too enclosed and can check any predators aren’t chasing them (in theory, of course).