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Best Hamster Balls for 2022

Hamster balls are a popular purchase for hamster owners, as they provide a more interactive and entertaining form of exercise for your pet.

Often coming in two plastic shells which can be screwed together into a ball shape, they allow your hamster to run around outside their cage and explore your home!

But while seemingly all appearing to be the same thing, subtle differences in hamster balls can have a huge impact on your pet’s comfort and health. Size, ventilation and even colour are things which can affect a hamster’s enjoyment of their ball and so you need to be wary of a ball’s features before you make a purchase.

So to help you find the best run-about for your little furball, we’ve reviewed tons of hamster exercise toys and collated our favourites into one ultimate list!

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Kaytee Transparent Premium Hamster Ball
    • Easy twist to lock lid
    • Provides a controlled exercise environment
    • Secure and durable plastic
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    Living World Exercise Ball
    • Secure and easy twist to lock lid
    • Well-ventilated for improved air circulation
    • Fitted stand to stop your hamster rolling away!
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    Savic Large Runner Ball
    • Huge 25 cm diameter, perfect for Syrians
    • Easy to clean
    • Strong, safe plastic design
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    The Top Hamster Balls Reviewed

    Kaytee Transparent Premium Hamster Ball

    The perfect outlet for your hamster’s seemingly endless supply of energy, this premium exercise ball from Kaytee combines healthy activity with interactive fun!

    At 18cm, it offers adequate space for larger hamsters without requiring any strenuous effort from smaller breeds and is a great temporary area for your pet to play while you clean their cage.

    Made of strong, durable plastic, the ball uses a simple twist to lock lid to ensure they are protected, while it’s transparent design means you can always spy what your furry pal’s up to!

    It’s the best way to promote your hamster’s health in a secure and safe way!


    • Easy twist to lock lid
    • Provides a controlled exercise environment
    • Secure and durable plastic


    • Size: 18 cm
    • Dimensions: 17.8 x 17.8 x 17.8 cm
    • Weight: 181 g

    Rosewood Boredom Breaker Small Animal Activity Toy Glitter Hamster Ball

    Adding a bit of sparkle to the hamster ball game, this pink glitter ball made of shatter-resistant plastic is guaranteed to make your little squeaker a true rock ‘n’ roller.

    Made by respected small pet brand Rosewood, it’s a trustworthy wee toy with a great 18cm diameter which will be perfect for most medium-sized hamsters!


    • 18 cm diameter perfect for medium-sized hamsters!
    • Glittery finish!
    • Shatter resistant plastic


    • Size: 18 cm
    • Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 18 cm
    • Weight: 200 g

    Living World Exercise Ball

    Although hamster balls are a fantastic and fun way for your hamster to raise their activity levels, trying to avoid trodding on a speedy plastic ball every five seconds can often be a nuisance!

    Therefore it can sometimes be a good idea to pick a ball that provides a stand, meaning your hamster will go nowhere fast and that you’re free to roam around your house without accidentally kicking a hamster ball!

    This exercise ball from Living World provides a secure and sturdy stand that clips onto either side of the ball, keeping it fixed in place while still allowing your hamster to run wild.

    Made from non-toxic, non-breakable plastic, the ball provides hamsters with a durable and stable toy which is well ventilated to ensure continuous air circulation.

    At 17cm it’s best suited for smaller dwarf hamsters!


    • Secure and easy twist to lock lid
    • Well-ventilated for improved air circulation
    • Fitted stand to stop your hamster rolling away!


    • Size: 17 cm
    • Dimensions: 19.8 x 19.8 x 18.5 cm
    • Weight: 381 g

    Savic Large Runner Ball

    Big hamsters need big toys, and exercise balls don’t come much bigger than this gargantuan runner ball from Savic. At 25cm, this ball makes a perfect and spacious playground for chunky Syrian breed hamsters and is so large that it’s even suitable for ferrets!

    The durable plastic material makes it incredibly easy to clean and it’s a fantastic toy to help effectively provide exercising and weight management for larger hamsters.

    Its ribbed design also allows your hamster to get better grip and leverage while running, for a comfier experience with a better-controlled roll.


    • Huge 25 cm diameter, perfect for Syrians
    • Easy to clean
    • Strong, safe plastic design


    • Size: 25 cm
    • Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 15.5 cm
    • Weight: 662 g

    Savic Medium Runner Ball

    Savic is one of the most trusted brands for hamster balls, and this medium-sized runner provides absolutely brilliant value.

    Its 18cm diameter means its suitable for hamsters of all sizes and a simple clip to lock lid makes it easy to quickly transfer your hamster in and out of the ball. This lid also provides secure and safe protection, ensuring there’s no chance of the lid being bumped or knocked out of place and your hamster falling out.

    Simple to fit together and an all-round great workout, it’s a high-quality exercise ball with a very low price tag!


    • 18 cm diameter
    • Quick and easy to put together
    • Strong clip-in lid
    • Comes in assorted colours


    • Size: 18 cm
    • Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 18 cm
    • Weight: 99.8 g

    Kaytee Critter Cruiser

    For hamsters who always seem to be trying to beat a land speed record on their wheel, this funky exercise toy is sure to help them unlock their inner Lewis Hamilton!

    This exciting pet-powered critter cruiser is a simple exercise wheel with an amusing sports car exterior, which can be attached or removed at your discretion.

    Two simple settings allow you to choose whether you want your hairy Hamilton to zoom around the floor or if you just want the car to act as a funny spin-in-place stand, so you can keep a better eye on your hamster while they workout.

    It’s even compatible with Kaytee’s Hamtrac racing track, meaning your hamster can finally become the speed racing demon they’ve always dreamed of!


    • Exercise ball with sports car design!
    • Removable and detachable car exterior
    • Use 10-30 minutes per day
    • Car useable as stand


    • Size: 20 cm
    • Dimensions: 14.6 x 30.1 x 23 cm
    • Weight: 22.7 g

    Interpet Critter Chopper

    If your hamster seems a little bit too cool for the standard exercise ball, then perhaps this rebellious chopper bike design from Interpet will be more up their street.

    More of a wheel shape, this toy comes with a hilarious flame-detailed plastic motorbike attached, so everyone will spot your easy rider coming from a mile off!

    Due to the plastic bike structure, it’s probably slightly too heavy for dwarf hamsters to power up, making it most suitable for larger breeds.


    • Exercise ball with cool motorbike design!
    • Secure detachable exercise wheel
    • Suitable for larger hamsters only


    • Size: 18 cm
    • Dimensions: 20.3 x 10.2 x 10.2 cm
    • Weight: 454 g

    Buying Guide

    Choosing a Hamster Ball

    Although hamster balls might all seem the same, subtle differences can have a huge impact on your pet’s experience, so you need to keep your eye on several features before making a purchase.


    When shopping for hamster balls, you’ll notice that they come in many different sizes. It’s critical that you pick a ball which matches the size of your hamster, as too large and they’ll struggle to move it, and too small and they’ll struggle to get in it. Make sure to check what the full adult size of your hamster’s breed is to avoid making a big (or little) mistake!


    Colour isn’t just an aesthetic when it comes to hamster balls, and some designs are far better for your pet’s health than others. Dark colours naturally absorb more heat, which means when used to decorate a ball they could potentially expose your hamster to overheating. Dark colours also make it more difficult to observe your pets welfare in the ball and so it really is best to go with light-coloured and transparent options.


    Due to the high energy hamsters are creating in their ball, heat can build up quickly as well as any ammonia from their droppings. This can put them under threat of dehydration and inhaling noxious fumes. To combat this problem, hamster balls should really have at least a few large holes to help ventilate and circulate the air.

    Easy Clean

    Hamster balls can get very dirty very quickly thanks to your pet leaving droppings and the ball’s ventilation allowing it to pick up lots of dust. Therefore they need cleaning before and after every use, so try and choose one which is easy to take apart and fast to clean.

    Why Hamster Balls Are Useful

    Hamsters are incredibly active creatures in the wild and can amazingly clock up to 6 miles a day. However, when kept as pets, we keep them in a cage to ensure they don’t get lost, meaning there’s no way for them to act on their biological instincts. Hamster balls, therefore, help them fulfil this instinct and also provide a host of physical benefits.

    Due to hamsters living in a cage and being given free food by you, there’s a very real chance they could become obese without exercise! Regular activities such as an exercise ball can help a hamster maintain a healthy weight. A lack of exercise causes a whole host of health issues in your pet, including problems such as bone and muscle degeneration, which can in severe cases lead to paralysis!

    Hamster balls also offer a fun way to interact with your furry friend and can also be used as a convenient space for them to be housed while you clean their cage.

    How To Use A Hamster Ball

    Using a hamster ball is not as simple as just chucking your hamster in and letting them run wild. They are rules to using them effectively, so make sure you’re aware of them before you purchase!

    Keep lid secure

    It’s integral that you make sure any lids are doors are twisted tightly shut to ensure there’s no way of your hamster falling out at high speeds. If the ball is not secure, your pet could potentially injure themselves


    Hamsters should be supervised by an adult at all times when in an exercise ball to make sure they are happy and are staying active and alert. This is important especially if there are small children or other pets in the house, as non-gentle handling of the ball cold harm the hamster inside.

    Limit roll time

    A common misconception about hamster balls is that they can be used for long periods of time. Although hamsters have high energy, leaving them in a ball for longer than 30 minutes is cruel as they can become overtired and stressed very easily.

    You should also never force a hamster to roll in their ball or get in if they seem agitated, nervous or sleepy! Sometimes they just don’t want to exercise!

    Avoid sun

    Direct sunlight can cause a hamster to overheat very quickly when inside a plastic ball!

    Avoid stairs and heights

    It goes without saying that falling down a flight of stairs in a hamster ball could very well be a fatal activity. Keep hamster balls on the floor or in a penned off area where they are away from heights that could cause serious damage.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    How do I clean a hamster ball?

    Hamster balls must be cleaned before and after use as their ventilation allows them to pick up dirt very quickly.

    To clean, simply take apart a ball and leave it to soak in warm water with soap or disinfectant. Then rinse thoroughly to remove any cleaning product and make sure to dry fully before it’s next use.

    Are hamster balls dangerous?

    Hamster balls are a fun and entertaining way for your pet to exercise but without proper supervision, they can be dangerous.

    Hamsters have poor vision and rely on their other senses to get a feeling for their environment which means they are unlikely to avoid banging into objects when in their ball. They are also unlikely to be able to avoid dangers such as stairs or heights. Therefore to reduce stress and dangerous situations, it’s important to keep constant supervision or create a safe, penned off area for them to play.

    You should also limit the amount of time they spend in a ball, as anything longer than half an hour can be disorienting and leaves them without access to their food and water resources for an extended period of time.