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Best Horse Fly Masks for 2022

We all love the summer, mainly because it’s the time of year when our good pal the sun comes out to play, bringing hot weather and sunny vibes.

But for horses, it’s also a time of year when their greatest enemy comes out to play – the fly.

If your horse is literally being bugged on the daily by hundreds of insects and flies, it’s time to invest in a horse fly mask to help give a filly some much-needed respite.

Coming in plenty of diverse styles and materials, it’s important to find a comfy option which protects the eyes, ears and muzzle, and also offers some sun protection.

So to help you provide the ultimate horse fly mask for your mare, we’ve picked out the very best choices currently on the market, so we can finally say our goodbyes to those pesky flies!

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Equilibrium Field Relief Max Fly Mask
    • Blocks 80% of UV rays
    • Donkey sizes available
    • Sponge padding
    Check Price
    Hi Ryding Fly Mask
    • Bridle fastening mask
    • Anti-UV material
    • Great for riding!
    Check Price
    Shires Fine Mesh Fly Mask With Ears
    • Ergonomic ear protection
    • Adjustable double velcro closure
    • Fleece padding
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    The Top Horse Fly Masks Reviewed

    Mark Todd Fly Mask for Horses

    With a fleece-lined inner material to maximise mare comfort, this Mark Todd Fly Mask is constructed from a durable fine mesh to banish midges and fight flies!

    Available with ears or without, it’s an all catering headgear that fits fine on any horse thanks to small, medium and large options.

    It’s best asset though is its closed fit, designed to ensure it effectively prevents flies from sneaking their way through gaps and causing irritation and distress. This is effectively achieved through a soft and elasticated edge, providing a secure but snug fit!

    Coming in a sleek silvery grey, it’s also a great way to nab yourself a stylish steed!


    • Choose with or without ear covers
    • Fine mesh material
    • Elasticated edges


    • Sizes: S, M, L

    Equilibrium Field Relief Max Fly Mask

    Designed to be one of the most comfortable options on the market, the Equilibrium Field Relief Max is an ideal choice for horses who need to wear protective fly gear for long periods of time, its features helping to minimise irritation!

    First off, this little beauty blocks up to 80% of UV rays making it easily the premium choice for sun protection and uses a detachable and adjustable nose piece to allow perfect protection to delicate pink muzzles!

    A full-face net design, it offers fly protection from ear to nose and features soft sponge padding on the nose and brow areas, which are known to be hotspots for rubbing!

    One of the most popular and beloved masks for horse owners, it’s also available in donkey sizes for all you Eeyore lovers!


    • Blocks 80% of UV rays
    • Donkey sizes available
    • Sponge padding


    • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, Donkey S & L

    Equilibrium Field Relief Midi Fly Mask No Ears

    Another phenomenal fly mask from Equilibrium, this Field Relief Midi Fly Mask uses quality fabrics for long-lasting, ultra-protective headwear.

    Coming in a variety of sizes it can provide respite to the smallest and largest of fillies and unlike other Equilibrium models, it uses a finer mesh material to create an effective barrier to both flies and midges while still offering 70% UV protection!

    Adjustable fastenings under the cheeks and behind the ears guarantee a more secure fit than your average mask and sponge and padded areas provide max comfort for long periods of wear!

    It also offers great visibility and comfort around the eyes thanks to carefully placed darts that ensure the mask sits slightly away from the face.

    This makes it an ideal choice for horses with vision issues or who are spooked easily!


    • Effective mesh midge barrier
    • Blocks 70% of sun's rays
    • Black & Orange or Grey & Yellow colours


    • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

    WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Airflow Mask

    Let’s be honest here, horse fly masks are often quite thick and heavy, which is great for preventing flies, but ironically not so hot when it comes to keeping your horsey cool!

    That’s why this ComfiFiTec mask from WeatherBeeta is such a great design, as it manages to provide 70% protection from UV rays and block fly attacks without turning your steed into a sweaty, distressed mess!

    This all thanks to the mask’s polyester mesh material, which is incredibly lightweight, but more crucially, it also offers an airflow design to provide max breathability for your horse’s skin, keeping them from overheating.

    The attractive grey and white designs also help to reflect the sun’s rays and the material itself are so soft there’s no risk of rubbing or irritations!

    With an adjustable touch tape chin strap, it’s easy to put on and off too, meaning you and your faithful four-legged friend can enjoy the summer frustration-free!


    • Polyester mesh mask
    • Adjustable touch tape closure
    • 3 available colour designs


    • Sizes: Pony, Cob, Full

    Hi Ryding Fly Mask

    Not every horse just sits around in a field all day and some steed requires a bit more of a get-up and go style fly mask, so they can block out bugs on the move.

    The ideal mask for riding, this mask features velcro and string fastenings so it can be easily attached to your horse’s bridle, effectively becoming a pony pair of shades for your stallion!

    Unfortunately, this means there’s no ear or muzzle coverings on this model, but this quite frankly makes it a lot comfier for horses and still provides UV and fly protection for the eyes!

    It’s sure to be your horse’s new best pal on those irritating summer hacks!


    • Bridle fastening mask
    • Anti-UV material
    • Great for riding!


    • Sizes: S, M, L, XL

    Harrison Howard CareMaster Fly Mask

    The Harrison Howard Caremaster is quite frankly the ultimate horse fly mask and if we were to describe all of its incredible features in detail, we’d probably end up writing a small book.

    However… we’re still going to try!

    First of all, this mask features a truly unique anatomical shape, so it can provide full protection from ears to nose without slacking or becoming loose. This provided great comfort and stability while also ensuring less rubbing or irritation which is so common on bad fitting headgear.

    Engineered for durability and snugness, it will also last your horse a lifetime thanks to fleece padded edges and seams which keep material away from the eye and nylon webbing to reinforce the nose area. It can also adapt itself to the shape of any horse thanks to its adjustable double closure straps to ensure a secure but soft fit.

    And of course, it doesn’t skimp on the important stuff either.

    A high-tech midge-proof fabric is a breathable barrier which offers the utmost protection for your horse’s skin while also preventing sweating and overheating due to its fine translucent mesh. This can also block out 50% of harmful UV rays making it an effective weapon against both of summer’s biggest bugbears for horses.

    They weren’t lying when they said it was a master of care!


    • Unique anatomical shape
    • High visibility
    • Thick fleece padding for comfort


    • Size: S, L, XL

    WeatherBeeta Stretch Eye Saver With Ears

    For those a little uncertain about horse fly masks and how much they might obstruct horsey vision or actually prevent flies from getting in, this Stretch Eye Saver from WeatherBeeta is a total anxiety eraser and a sure-fire way to provide an irritating-free experience for your mare.

    Unlike other models, this unique mask utilises a lightweight, soft and flexible nylon stretch mask, which moulds to the shape of your horse’s head ensuring it always fits like a dream! It also features ear covers and a raised mesh insert for maximum comfort.

    The mesh allows for plenty of vision while keeping material away from the eye itself and the nylon ensures that around the muzzle and the poll, there’s no way any bugs are gaining entry!

    It even blocks 65% of UV rays, making this a great opening gambit for those looking for a trustworthy first mask for their pretty pony!


    • Blocks 65% of UV rays!
    • Raised mesh insert
    • Nylon stretch material


    • Sizes: Small Pony, Pony, Cob, Mini, Full

    Shires Fine Mesh Fly Mask With Ears

    Shires’ horse fly masks are some of the most sought after in the UK and it’s for good reason as they provide some of the lightest weight models that also offer clear visibility.

    This fine mesh fly veil is one of their best offerings, as it’s ultra-thin mesh prevents even the smallest and sneakiest of flies and midges sneaking through the material while airstream fabric ear coverings protect the lugs without sacrificing breathability!

    Ergonomic shaping also allows for a softer, snugger fit, while fleece padding along the seams keeps the mask slightly off the face, avoiding eye irritation but also closing off gaps at the poll and nose.

    It’s also one of the absolute easiest models to fit onto your horse, as it’s adjustable touch close safety straps make sure there’s no slips or lack of stability, guaranteeing the mask will stay in place for long-lasting protection.


    • Ergonomic ear protection
    • Adjustable double velcro closure
    • Fleece padding


    • Sizes: Pony, Cob, Full, Extra Full

    Buying Guide

    Types of Horse Fly Mask

    Full Face Masks

    These might seem a bit extensive and odd to look at, but full face masks are vital if your steed is suffering from bites and insect attacks from their ears all the way down to their muzzle. These are the best option for super sensitive horses, as they ensure every area is protected.

    Eared Or Earless

    Most masks either do or don’t feature ear coverings. These coverings are much softer and malleable than the main mask material giving horse’s plenty of movement, while still forming a protective barrier. If your horse rarely suffers bites to the ears though, an earless mask will do just fine

    Nose Protective Masks

    It’s rarer for horses to suffer bites on the muzzle, but not outside the realms of possibility. Mostly though, nose protective masks are to help offer a bit more sun protection to horses with pink or white noses which are more susceptible to sunburn.

    Features To Consider

    Midge Protection

    If you find your horse is still getting bitten despite them donning a brand new mask, it’s likely that they are suffering from midge bites, as they are small enough to squeeze through standard materials. However, mesh designs will prevent midges from getting through.


    Not only does padding prevent a mask from rubbing and irritating a horse’s face, but also prevents smaller flies from getting inside the mask. The downside is this can make things a little hotter and so it can cause sweating around the ears and nose.

    UV Protection

    Masks that provide UV protection are great for preventing sunburn on particularly sunny days, so they are a good choice for horses who are sensitive to the sun.


    Sculpted masks feature a band within the mask to hold it slightly away from a horse’s face. This can be more comforting for steed’s who find standard masks irritating.

    Other Important Things To Consider


    Naturally, getting the right size of mask is important if you want it to successfully repel flies and be comfortable for your horse.

    A fly mask should be a snug fit which allows two fingers of space between face and material. There should also be few gaps at the poll or around the nose, as this makes it easy for flies to get inside and also simple for horses to lose or pull off their mask. This can be prevented by purchasing masks with stretch seams or velcro chin straps.

    Vision & Eye Comfort

    Although fly masks are designed to allow horses to see through them, it’s obviously difficult if the mask you buy is right up against their eye, causing rubbing, irritation or even damage. Try and choose a model which offers some structure over the eye area to prevent this.


    Material is obviously very important as it can have an impact on comfort, fit and even effectiveness at repelling flies. Mesh materials improve vision and midge protection, however, if this is too thick it may cause sweating and discomfort. Fleece linings can help prevent rubbing, but if this is synthetic it can also cause sweating and rubbing. Try and find a balance where the mask repels flies without being thick and heavy.


    Believe it or not colour can actually have an effect on how successful a horse fly mask is.

    As they are primarily going to be used in the summer, it’s wise to choose colours which reflect heat rather than absorb it. This means white and pale coloured masks are probably a wiser choice than black and dark ones. Although just like sunglasses, black masks can provide better shade for the eyes from sunlight.

    Remember though that keeping cool is a secondary requirement for horse fly masks and that protection and comfort should always be your first thought!

    Ease Of Use

    Remember that your horse doesn’t actually possess the ability to put their own mask on! That means it’s important to make sure it’s simple for you to work out any straps or securing fasteners. That way removing it and putting it back on is not an issue!

    Other Buyers Ask...

    Can horse’s see through fly masks?

    Yes! While fly masks can look a little like someone is taking your horse hostage by placing a bag over their head, fly masks are actually made of fine materials which horses can easily see through. Their purpose is to repel flies, not blindfold your poor pony!

    Can you leave a horse fly mask on overnight?

    Horse fly masks are less necessary at night as insects tend not to bother your mares quite as much at this time. They also will likely impair the vision slightly more when it gets dark!

    However in some cases, a vet may advise wearing one through the night if a horse has an eye condition, but it’s still important to regularly check on such horses to ensure they are comfy and spend some time without the masks!

    How do you wash a horse fly mask?

    Usually, it’s as easy as hand washing a mask in a bucket of warm, soapy water, waiting for the dirt to loosen and gently scrubbing the material with your fingers.

    However, it’s best just to read the instructions or label of your horse fly mask to determine which washing technique is best!

    How much do horse fly masks cost?

    Most horse fly masks of good quality are priced between £10 and £15. Of course, there are premium options which go for a lot more, but in general, you don’t really need to spend more than £30.

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