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Best Dog Jumpers for 2021

As the dark nights roll in and the temperature drops, we all begin to crave that extra bit of cosiness. The blankets are pulled out and the knitwear becomes the go-to choice. But if you’re heading out for a winter walk, while you’re grabbing your hat and scarf, don’t forget the warmth of your furry four-legged friend too!

Your dog’s coat of hair might fool you into thinking they never get cold, but dog’s feel the chill too and that’s why investing in a jumper for your pooch is the perfect way to keeping your canine cosy this winter.

So follow our lead as we scour through the internet to find the most popular and best-recommended dog jumpers available.


If you’re already thinking that a jumper isn’t the answer for your dog, why not browse our guide of Best Dog Coats instead?

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    The HOTTERdog Equafleece
    • Multiple colours
    • Water-repellent
    • Strap-free design
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    House of Paws Fleece and Knit Jumper
    • Machine washable
    • Collar/lead access
    Check Price
    Festive Snowman Dog Christmas Jumper
    • British small business
    • Long lasting
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    The Top 10 Dog Jumpers Reviewed

    The HOTTERdog Equafleece

    Generally, larger dogs tend to be more active, so flexibility and movement are key when choosing a jumper for your big bundle of love. The HOTTERdog Equafleece extends to the base of the tail yet allows complete freedom of the legs.

    It’s perfect for working dogs with its water-repellent material and strap-free design, so your dog can enjoy the big sprint that they need while being in complete comfort.

    And despite many websites offering an XL option, this one is actually measured to be big enough for Labradors and German Shepherds alike.


    • Multiple colours
    • Water-repellent
    • Strap-free design


    • Size: XS-XL
    • Colour: Red, Royal Blue, Grape, Black, Forest Green

    House of Paws Fleece and Knit Jumper

    Smaller dogs like Dachshund’s and Shih Szu’s aren’t always as well-equipped for the cold as larger ones and so a cosy jumper is perfect for helping your little buddy to stay warm.

    House of Paws has designed a  great choice, that holds warmth effectively, all thanks to the fleece top. Since the underside is a stretchy knit design, it’s not only perfect for retaining heat but allows flexibility of movement too. And with the sophisticated mocha colour of this jumper, your dog will be looking sleek all winter and will be the source of the other dogs’ envy as they strut their stuff around the park.


    • Machine washable
    • Collar/lead access


    • Size: S-XL (XL suitable for springer spaniel size)
    • Colour: Coco

    The Stately Hound Recycled Wool and Fleece Coat

    Handmade with recycled wool, this jumper is a great choice for those that are eco-conscious. The coats are made in small batches in Wales using luxuriously soft welsh wool that has been spun from sustainable recycled fibres.

    And since each coat is detailed with random coloured stripes, your dog’s jumper will be a truly unique piece that’s one-of-a-kind and supports British independent businesses.

    So for the jumper that takes care of your pooch as well as the environment, the Stately Hound jumper is a perfect choice.


    • Lined with breathable fleece
    • Adjustable


    • Size: XS-S
    • Colour: Mixed Stripes

    Barbour Case Fairisle Dog Jumper

    When it comes to quality dog clothing, Barbour is renowned for using premium materials that will go the distance, and Case Fairisle Dog Jumper is a perfect example of that with a thick and roll neck design for complete comfort and warmth. The jumper has an ‘English Country’ quality to it that’s synonymous with the brand and is finished off with the famous logo stitched on the back.

    It also happens to match the men’s Fair Isle Pom Beanie, so you and your pooch can coordinate!


    • Roll neck
    • Trusted brand


    • S, M, L
    • Colour: Grey Fair Isle

    The Danish Design Dog Towelling Robe

    The team here at Petz love a smart product and having a jumper that combines the comfort of a coat with the practicality of a towel is a great idea for those muddy, rainy walks. The Danish Design Dog Towelling Robe is made from a luxurious cotton and will keep your dog warm and dry without restricting their movement.

    This choice is also the perfect solution to avoid those couch destroying wet and muddy shake-offs!


    • Velcro fastening
    • Machine washable
    • Can be soaked in cold water in warmer months to keep dogs cool


    • Size: S,M,L
    • Colour: Navy

    Hugo and Hudson Navy Dog Jumper

    As the premium dog accessory brand, Hugo & Hudson London know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to delivering genteel sophistication. And this jumper is the definition of class with its navy knit, Union Jack flag and branded logo.

    All of the products are designed in the UK, and Hugo & Hudson only use premium materials that have been chosen particularly for their softness. The stitching is cross-stitched and has an additional line of stitching for added strength and quality.

    Combine this with the thick, soft turtle-neck, and you’ve got a jumper that will keep your pup cosy on those chilly walks and thanks to Hugo & Hudson’s attention to detail, your pooch will look stylish while staying warm as well.




    • Premium brand
    • Thick knit


    • S-L
    • Colours: Navy

    Festive Snowman Dog Christmas Jumper

    Every Christmas, there has to be at least one adorable snowman jumper at the party, and this Christmas, make sure it’s your little buddy that’s wearing it. With a cute design and little pom applique for buttons, it’s a jumper that’s hard to resist.

    It comes in a range of two sizes, so even the bigger guys don’t have to miss out on the festivities, and since the chunky knit is made from a high-quality poly blend of fabric,  the jumper will be long lasting as well as being comfortable and breathable.


    • British small business
    • Long lasting


    • Size: XS/S - M/L
    • Colour: Navy

    Dogsnug Fleece Dog Jumper Winter Sweater

    Since Dachshunds are so unique in stature, it only seems fair to give them an option that suits their specific requirements better. This snazzy little jumper from the British brand, Dog Snug, is designed with sausage dogs in mind and will keep your little pal cosy and stylish at the same time.

    With a star design and red lining, it’s bound to make an impression and since it’s been made with the same high-tech waterproof fleece material that’s used on outerwear, the rain won’t cramp your pup’s style either.

    The jumper offers a stretch-like quality and has flat seams which are stitched twice so there’ll be no chaffing or feeling itchy.

    And rather than simply offer S-L, Dog Snug has taken a range of body types into account and have provides a much more detailed sizing choice so you can find a fit that’s more tailored to your pooch.


    • Machine washable
    • Anti-pilling to stop bobbling
    • High-performance material


    • Size: Huge range of sizes for different body shapes
    • Colour: Red, black and white

    Personalised Knitted Dog Jumper

    Sometimes it’s nice to have something a little more special, and we think the Personalised Knitted Dog Jumper is the perfect gift for your beloved pooch. Made lovingly by The Little Boys Room, this option gives you the choice of colours and to have your pet’s name embroidered into the stitching – creating a jumper that is truly unique to your pet.

    So for the option that’s just that little bit more special, the Personalised Knitted Dog Jumper is the one to choose!


    • Supports small businesses
    • Machine washable
    • Choice of colour and writing
    • Made with 100% cotton


    • Size: XS-XL (XL based off Labrador)
    • Colour: multiple choice

    Wild Thing You Make My Heart Sing Dog And Human Hoodie

    While not technically ‘a jumper,’ these dog and owner matching hoodies were too adorable not to include!

    Designed by Cosy Chic Pet Boutique, the hoodies feature a play on the well-loved song by The Troggs and are a fun and original way for you and your pooch to coordinate outfits.

    The lyrics are embroidered for a more premium and sophisticated look, and the hoodies are made from a quality jersey that’s machine washable.

    Either way, it doesn’t get much cuter than twinning with your pup!


    • Quality made
    • Machine washable


    • Size: S-XXL
    • Colour: Red, Monochrome

    Buying Guide


    When it comes to choosing the right jumper, it’s important to remember every pet is different. Dog jumpers are designed to be fun and enjoyable for your dog so if they’re showing signs of stress and discomfort then the jumper should always be removed.

    As a general rule, dog coats and jumpers should never be worn for a long period of time.


    For maximum comfort, you should always aim for a material that is stretchy to allow your dog to move freely. Knitwear provides this moveability however it can sometimes be itchy. To avoid itchy knitwear, choose a fleece-like material.

    Cable knit will always be warmer, so if your dog really suffers from the cold, it’s wiser to choose a jumper that has a cable knit design.

    Fleece generally tends to be warmer than traditional wool so the material you choose will depend heavily on the level of warmth you want the jumper to provide.


    The most important thing to consider when thinking about the shape is the exact measurements of your dog. It’s also helpful to check the size guide of the product you’re looking at because general sizes, such as S, M, L, vary.

    If your dog has a thick neck and suffers from breathing problems, it’s wiser to get a jumper that starts at the base of the neck, rather than a turtle-neck, so your dog remains comfortable.

    It’s also important to consider the give in the jumper. If your dog is growing then a velcro option will provide more freedom and flexibility.

    Applique and Embroidery:

    Be wary of those cheeky pups that are prone to chewing.  Avoid jumpers with pom-poms, tassels or buttons on them.

    What to look for:

    When looking for a product, it’s always important to read the reviews and see how that product has worked for other buyers and whether it’s true to size and the description.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    Is a jumper harmful to my dog?

    Because jumpers are stretchy, they won’t constrict your dog if they’re the right size. If this is a concern then we recommend going a size up so you feel assured your dog is comfortable. Many small dogs really suffer from the cold and therefore a jumper is much better for them rather than shivering.

    Each dog will be different and that’s why it’s important to see how your dog reacts to know whether it’s the right product for them.

    Dog clothing does stop your dog getting wet and cold on walks and so the product is beneficial so long as it’s worn for small amounts of time – providing your dog isn’t distressed.

    How long can my dog wear a jumper?

    We recommend no more than four hours as it could begin to irritate your dog and have a negative effect on their coat. Since dogs produce natural oils, trapping these oils for a long amount of time may cause skin irritations so take the jumper off after a couple of hours to ensure your dog’s skin can breathe and cool off.

    If you’re still worried, only use a jumper on walks.

    Where to buy?

    Sometimes dog jumpers are in stock in your large pet shops such as Pets At Home and occasionally in superstores like Tesco or Asda if they’re on a seasonal offer. However, to get the best choice of quality, style and sizes, it’s best to buy online.

    What is the best brand?

    Brands that specialise in pet care are always more trusted than mainstream shops. Other than the ones we’ve recommended, a few favourites with dog owners include Equa fleece, Chelsea Dogs, Fetch and Urban Pup.