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The Best Dog Hampers & Gift Sets For Christmas

This Christmas, we’ve decided to splash out on a certain big hairy chap who really makes December our favourite time of year.

And no, we’re not talking about Santa…

While it’s often tempting to just throw your pup a bone every 25th, there are far more luxurious and special ways to let them know you love them on Christmas Day, with Christmas Dog Hampers being one of our absolute favourites!

Getting your dog into the festive spirit faster than you can say ‘walkies’, a Christmas Dog Hamper is the simplest and most joyful way to shower your pooch with a ton of prezzies, ranging from collections of seasonal treats to bounties of fun and interactive toys!

Often coming gift-wrapped or boxed on purchase, gift-giving doesn’t get any easier than this and there are plenty on the market to choose from – so much so that you may find yourself in a bit of a quandary.

Never fear though, as to save you browsing and falling down the internet’s black hole of Christmas shopping, we’ve done all your research for you and picked out 9 of our absolute favourite doggy hampers available online, focusing on high-quality, healthy treat packages which boast big brand names you know and love!

Check out our picks below and see if you can spot a hamper that’ll make your pup’s Christmas wishes come true!

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    The Top 9 Dog Christmas Hampers

    There is nothing better than some homemade cookies on Christmas and Lord knows St. Nick gets through his fair share the night before…

    But does he really love biscuits as much as the average dog?

    Because as far as we’re concerned… it’s not even close.

    While Santa Claus is polite enough to only take the glass of milk and cookies offered, Santa Paws would almost definitely hound down the biscuit tin and raid your cupboards bare. Thank god he doesn’t exist eh?

    A truly unique and special gift for your resident biscuit scoffer, this set of personalised Christmas cookie treats for tykes is a really sweet and touching handmade prezzy which will bring a smile to you and your pup’s faces on Christmas morning!

    Hand-stamped with personalised xmas messages and your dog’s name, these cookies come in seasonal shapes such as stars and Christmas crackers and are available in Peanut Butter & Cinnamon or Christmas Carob (That’s dog-friendly chocolate to you and me) flavours.

    Carefully wrapped and sent in a plastic-free, compostable Christmas gift box, it’s also a thoughtful gift that is as eco-friendly as it is tasty!

    The best gift a four-legged friend could ask for, this unique personalised Christmas hamper from Kelso & Titch contains a range of fantastic natural dog treats to get Fido feeling festive with a prezzy of their own to unwrap!

    Coming in an elegant keepsake box you can use to wrap puppy presents in year after year, the gift is finished with a gorgeous hand-tied ribbon and the box itself can be personalised with your dog’s name to make it that extra bit special!

    This comes in an attractive gold calligraphy, which looks beautiful against either a gloss cream or red coloured gift box – the choice is yours!

    Available in standard or premium hamper sizes, inside the box you’ll find a dog biscuit selection box and a sausage selection box for your pup to devour come Xmas day, with premium hampers adding a box of Christmas sausages and tin of handmade paw and nose balm to complete the set.

    Best of all, the treats inside also have a shelf life of 8-12 months, meaning you can order one in plenty of time and your pooch also doesn’t have to eat all their goodies in one go! (Although you just try and stop them)

    With a name like Pet Hamper, it’s clear these guys know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to putting together a luxury pooch package and this Signature Deluxe Dog Christmas Hamper is easily the most supreme selection of goodies on the market.

    To kick things off, there’s a bounty of great toys and comforts, including a reindeer-themed Kong ball, a paw print blanket and a red tartan Joules festive bone, which is just the start when it comes to the included quality dog brands you know and love.

    Treat-wise, there is a Lily’s Kitchen dog treat cracker, an Innocent Hound ‘bake your own’ cake recipe kit, a Barking Bakery Christmas Cookie, Mini Woofins and a collaboration with Molly’s Patisserie for exclusive cranberry, peanut butter and oat treats.

    This unfathomably classy collection is then gift wrapped in your choice of either grosgrain chocolate ribboned gift bag or linen Santa sack, for that final ready-to-receive seasonal flourish!

    Quite simply, it just doesn’t get any more luxurious than this and so the hamper is the ideal choice for a seriously pampered pup who always gets everything they want,  whether it’s Christmas Day or just Tuesday.

    An ideal mix of cute Christmas gifts and tasty treats your dogs will savour, this is a fun hamper which helps pups get into the Xmas spirit and make the day as special for them as it is for the rest of your family!

    With some of the most unique and humorous prezzies on this list, Not In The Dog House’s hamper includes favourites such as Billy & Margot’s edible Christmas Tree Decoration (filled with venison treats) and the hilarious Woof & Brew’s ‘Pawsecco’ a non-alcoholic meaty version of everyone’s fave Xmas tipple, so that pooch can join in on a toast to the new year too!

    So that they’re dressed for the occasion, there’s also a House of Paws snazzy tweed bow tie and a lush tweed reindeer toy from the same company to be their friend for the evening.

    To complete the set, you’ll also find some Xmas-themed mini-bone dog treats from Pooch and Mutt, so that your mutt can have a merry much while the rest of you all finger your way through the seven boxes of Quality Street you’ve received.

    Gift boxed in a dog-themed pattern, there’s no fuss here either, as it can be simply slotted under the tree in preparation for the big day!

    While Christmas is a magical time and it’s certainly fun to pick up your pooch some doggy-themed gifts or seasonal-flavoured goodies, sometimes it’s just best to get them exactly what they want.

    Bones and meat.

    Lot’s of bones and meat.

    For good boys & girls only, this treat set from Pets At Home is at the top of every mutt’s Christmas list, featuring five types of bone, three of which are stuffed with a tasty meat filling. These include Beef Rib, Trachea, Hoof and Bone and a Paddywack, a kind of sheep ligament.

    While that might be disgusting reading for you, this is basically the equivalent of reading out a five-star Michelin menu for your pooch and we can guarantee that if they could read or surf the web – this would be their number one pick.

    Keeping pups occupied for hours and hours throughout the holiday season, if you need a spare few hours to greet the in-laws or get some Christmas down-time… just give a doggabone.

    Forget seasonal gimmicks or second-grade goodies, this is the doggy hamper to end all doggy hampers, priding itself on good old-fashioned quality grub that will make your canine’s Christmas the most indulgent and delectable ever!

    A beautiful wicker basket of joy to give away on everyone’s favourite day, this bone-shaped bounty features nutritious treats such as biscuits bites with peanut butter and jelly, mature cheddar and duck and parsley flavours, as well as puppy popcorn and canine crisps – both dog-friendly, so your pup can gorge on Boxing Day just as much as you.

    Best of all, there’s even a bottle of ‘Woof Dog’ beer, an alcohol and hops free bevvy for your wee beastie to wash down their dinner with!

    These treats are in fact so good that they’re all human grade, meaning you can scooby snack along with your best pal! (or eat the whole thing yourself like the greedy git you are)

    Covering all bases, there’s also a selection of three colourful bow ties and an added assortment of rope, bone and tennis ball toys, making this the undisputed king of Christmas dog hampers!

    Why should it be kids who get all the fun toys on Christmas?

    An ideal dog hamper full of toys and treats to keep your pup busy on the 25th, Boxing Day and beyond, there’s plenty in here to amuse owners too, helping you engage in some seasonal cheer with your hairy little Rudolph.

    Inside you’ll find a tennis ball, doggy rope toys, some big biscuits and a whole bag of tasty gravy bone treats!

    And for all you fans of an after dinner quiz, there’s also a mini doggy intelligence test to keep canines stimulated and the family amused on Christmas evening!

    Ready to receive, it comes gift boxed with a hilarious ‘Paws Off Till Christmas’ sticker and sports a fetching seasonal ribbon to complete that classic Christmas present look!

    If you ask us, Christmas is all about one thing and one thing only – stuffing your face with as much chocolate, sweets and alcohol as humanly possible.

    Sorry Santa and Jesus, we hope you can forgive us (we know one of them definitely will).

    However, we understand that while wanting to treat your pooch to the same indulgent world of Christmas gorging you’re in, you don’t necessarily want to make your pups ill or feed them anything you wouldn’t normally treat them too!

    So if you’re always conscious about what grub you’ve got your mutts on, this Natural Dog Treats Gift Set With 100% Grain Free ingredients is guaranteed to be a hit hamper with your hound!

    Featuring leading natural dog food brands such as Green & Wilds, Billy & Margot and The Innocent Hound, the hamper offers a variety of chews and treats, so that your four-legged friend can get into the holiday spirit, without giving themselves indigestion (lucky gits).

    These also include an assortment of doggy-approved flavours, such as Salmon, Tripe and Venison treats, and a nutritious Antler Chew to keep them occupied throughout the big day!

    It also comes in a charming gift box with every item wrapped in tissue paper, so it’s all ready to pop under the tree on arrival!

    Do you love the idea of a doggy Christmas hamper but are downright terrified of some of the dodgy grub stuffed in them?

    If so, this beautiful hand-crafted box from Lisa Angel is the perfect Xmas-themed hamper box to stuff full of your very own, owner-approved treats and toys!

    An engraved wooden box with the pawdorable phrase ‘Santa Paws is coming to town’, you can then personalise the hamper-to-be with your pup’s very own name, creating a Christmas gift box and keepsake you can use year after year for presenting poochy prezzies!

    There’s even enough space to add a lovely 10 character message and a 13 x 20 x 30cm size gives you plenty of room to tuck away a treasure trove of holiday goodies!

    Christmas Hampers For Dogs