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Best Cat Litter Trays for 2022

Cats are very clean creatures and luckily for you, they are likely to contain any of their toilet business in one place. If they stay indoors, this means in a litter tray.

But it can be a good idea to have one just in case your outdoor cat decides not to venture out today. Cats can use their trays 3-5 times every day. So, most cat owners will require a litter tray.

Cats can still be very fussy about which ones they like, though. Some may even be difficult for them to use, resulting in a lot of mess from time to time (which a cat litter tray mat may help with). To make the job of picking one out even harder, there are dozens of kinds available.

From selecting the right size to the placement of the box and how much privacy they need, choosing the right litter box could be just as hard as finding their dream bed.

Cat litter boxes should be put in a private spot at the edge of their ‘core territory’. This is where they eat, sleep and play. This could be a factor in the type of litter tray you buy. Most cats also like open designs but could adapt to a closed one.

Either way, the size of a cat litter tray should be one and a half times the length of your cat, from their nose to the base of their tail. This gives them space to turn around and cover their mess.

Here are some of the best cat litter boxes for every demand, chosen against a wide range of criteria, as well as a guide on how to narrow your selection down.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Catit Hooded Cat Pan
    • Carbon filter to trap smells
    • Carry handle for transporting
    Check Price
    PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box
    • Can be left for up to a month
    • Less waste
    • Electrical
    Check Price
    Flip Corner Hooded Loo
    • Compact size
    • Charcoal filter
    Check Price

    The Top Cat Litter Trays Reviewed

    Catit Hooded Cat Pan

    Cats usually like a bit of privacy when using their toilets – and you can’t blame them, really. This tray gives them what they need while keeping the litter in the tray, so you don’t have too much of a clean up to undertake.

    For your cat to enter the box, there is a nice large lid they can flip open which is paw-safe so they won’t risk any injuries. This also gives easy access for you when cleaning it out or changing the litter, and the top half can be unclipped for when the unit needs a full wash.

    The rear of the box is raised and the halves overlap, which reduces the likelihood of leaks outside of the box too. It’s suitable for larger cats, with enough space inside for them to turn around and do their business how they wish.


    • Carbon filter to trap smells
    • Carry handle for transporting


    • Dimensions: 57 x 39 x 46.5 cm
    • Colour: Grey/White

    PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box

    What exactly is a self-cleaning litter box? Is it completely hands-free, we hear you ask? Well, the ScoopFree removes waste into a discreet, concealed area where it does not have to be handled for around 30 days (for one cat), reducing your daily list of chores.

    You can set the sensors to automatically start cleaning 5, 10 or 20 minutes after your cat vacates the box, so it won’t sit in there for hours untouched. A silent motor moves it all, and blue crystals absorb any smells and waste, so you won’t even notice that they’ve been.

    Now for the ‘smart’ part. It will count how many times your cat has been to the litter box, to identify any health issues which may be present. When it does come to emptying, just remove the base tray, cover with the lid and throw the whole lot away. This means no loose litter in the tray and no mess.

    It should reduce the amount of litter you use, make your life a lot easier and also ensure your cat is comfortable at the loo. It is also available with or without a lid.


    • Can be left for up to a month
    • Less waste
    • Electrical


    • Dimensions: 69.5 x 48.2 x 17.9 cm
    • Colour: Brown/White

    Flip Corner Hooded Loo

    Corner cat litter boxes don’t only save you some floor space by conveniently being tucked away, but can also give your cat that more ‘concealed’ and private feeling when they’re busy.

    This tray has a lid, and there is a handy door flap which allows your cat easy access and exit in a safe manner. Thanks to the concealed design, you won’t find pieces of cat litter and mess outside the box when you wake up every morning.

    Odour is a big issue with indoor cat litter trays, but this box features a charcoal filter which should keep those bad smells at bay until the box is cleaned out.


    • Compact size
    • Charcoal filter


    • Dimensions: 52.5 x 39 x 55.7cm
    • Colour: White/Blue

    Ferplast Litter Tray

    Just because your cat spends every hour they aren’t sleeping outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t get them a comfortable place to go to the loo.

    Whether it be that you live in a small flat and need the tray on the balcony, or you’d rather they didn’t go in your flower garden, an outdoor litter tray can solve a few issues. This one is lidded and waterproof, so they can still use it even if it is raining, and any bad weather won’t ruin the litter.

    It is also made from hard plastic so should be durable in the windy conditions. To get into the box, the cat has to climb upwards through a mini tunnel, which should stop any larger or smaller wild animals getting access.

    The high edges also prevent any mess or litter getting out of the tray when they cover their business up to keep everything orderly.


    • Durable
    • Waterproof


    • Dimensions: 73.5 x 43.5 x 41 cm
    • Colour: Grey/Black

    PAWISE Kitty Cat Starter Kit

    A new kitten comes with a lot of stress and watching them like a hawk, but the last thing you need is extra stress choosing a litter tray and ensuring you have everything else you need.

    this is one of the best kitten starter kits out there, with the litter tray, litter scooper, double cat bowl and a toy all for a really great price.

    The highly polished finish keeps both the tray and dishes clean and hygienic, being easy to wipe after every use. It’s available in both blue and pink, great of you need two and want to keep everything separate.


    • Easy clean
    • Great starter kit


    • Dimensions: 38.1 x 27.9 x 7.6 cm
    • Colour: Blue/Pink

    Cat Centre Jumbo Litter Tray With Rim

    Some cats are simply big-boned. This doesn’t mean they should miss out when it comes to their toilet habits, though.

    This large litter tray will safely and comfortably accommodate them, while still having a rim around the edge to stop any litter being pushed out.

    With a low entrance point, it should be suitable for older cats too. There are four colours to choose from should you be fussy, and there are scoops provided which are sturdy and sufficient.


    • Large design
    • High back


    • Dimensions: 57 x 40 x 19cm
    • Colour: Blue/Green/Grey/Pink

    Curver Pet Litterbox

    The ultimate hideyhole for any cats who are very private creatures.

    It doesn’t just give your cat some peace and quiet, but also looks stylish, which isn’t something often said when referring to a cat litter tray. Covered in rattan material, it doesn’t look like a litter tray at first glance.

    They will use a swinging door to gain entry to the tray, and then a drawer system allows you to change the litter or clean it out without too much trouble. There is an odour filter present, and the beauty of the rattan design is that it still allows for good airflow inside the unit so it doesn’t get too hot.

    It isn’t good for any owners whose cats like to pee against the walls though, as this escapes through the gap between the lid and the tray. Purely a tray for cats with good manners to match the style.


    • Nice design
    • Easy to empty


    • Dimensions: 51 x 38.5 x 39.5cm
    • Colour: Black/Grey/Brown

    Savic Aseo Litter Tray With High Back

    High backed litter trays help leave less mess behind for the humans to clear up. This model has a super-high back, as well as risen sides to help keep everything contained, whether it be litter scatter or urine.

    There is still a low entrance, however, to help older or younger cats to get into the tray. It is a fairly large tray which is good for any bigger cats, and it’s also easy to clean thanks to the smooth surface and curved corners.


    • High back
    • Easy cleaned


    • Dimensions: 27.5 x 39 x 56cm
    • Colour: Grey

    Trixie Extra-Deep and Durable Cat Litter Tray

    Need something extra deep because your kitty seems to get cat litter all over your home when scooting?

    It comes with a detachable edging which also acts as a bit of a lip/lid, to prevent even the most active scooters from getting the litter removed. The rubber feet at the base keep the tray in place even if on wooden flooring, and the edges are removed/attached with a simple click lock.

    It’s a granite colour too, just in case you are bothered about how it looks in your home.


    • Deep with lipped lid
    • Easy to keep clean


    • Dimensions: 54 x 45 x 21cm
    • Colour: Granite

    OSTER Bionaire Odor Removing Litter Box

    While they have to go somewhere, cat litter trays aren’t pleasant for humans, especially when it comes to the smells.

    An electric odour remover, such as the one built into this model, can encourage the smell to disperse so it is a bit less intense. It is technically a fan, and it works alongside the odour technology filter, but it can be turned off when not needed.

    The roll-top lid makes it easy to access to clean, although the low lip design means there could be some mess in terms of litter escaping if your cat scats. The fact that it works with a fan can also put cats who are nervous off, so it takes a bit of monitoring.


    • Fan to remove odour
    • Roll top lid


    • Dimensions: 60.9 x 35.6 x 45.7 cm
    • Colour: Blue

    Buying Guide

    How we chose the best litter trays

    Research suggests that cats like a depth of around 3cm of litter in their tray, so we looked for cat litter trays that can comfortably hold this without causing your cat to struggle.

    The dimensions are also important. Your litter tray should be around one and a half times the length of your cat from nose to tail, as they like to have plenty of space to move around and scoot their litter when done. We tried to find ones that were this size on average, or have different dimensions available.

    We also mostly looked for open cat litter trays, as opposed to lidded or covered ones. Most cats will only use something which is open and allows them to look around as opposed to a dark, closed-in space.

    However, any who scoot litter over the edge of their tray or seem to prefer ultimate privacy may prefer a high-end or closed litter tray, so we also looked for the best in this category. Lidded cat litter trays with doors can also prevent smells from spreading throughout the house.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    Where should I keep a cat litter tray?

    Cat litter trays should be placed in corners or against walls so your cat has a full view of whatever is around them, yet are protected from behind. Placement is vital because your cat won’t use the litter tray if it isn’t right.

    It’s recommended that the tray is on the edge of their ‘area’, where their food and play things also are.

    Do cats prefer an open or closed litter tray?

    There are broadly two design choices to pick between, lidded or open.

    The former is great for any cats who tend to flick their litter over the edge of the tray when they are covering up their mess, or for any who may miss the tray and instead end up urinating over the edge of a normal tray.

    But not every cat will be happy going in the dark, or in a compact covered tray. If yours doesn’t, open design will likely be best. Many cats will like to be able to look around them when using the toilet as they feel vulnerable.

    You can often layer the floor with newspaper or a cat litter mat to protect it, and there are also high back or curved edge trays to reduce the likelihood of the litter flicking out of the box.

    Are self-cleaning litter trays worth buying?

    They sound like a dream, don’t they? A litter tray that largely deals with your cat’s toilet mess for at least one week, meaning you can take emptying the tray off of your daily chores list.

    But these are largely marketed towards the owner as opposed to the cat. Many use mains electricity to work, which could spell trouble in terms of positioning and wires around your cat. They can also make random noises that could scare a nervous cat, and if your cat happens to have diarrhoea or other tummy troubles, the tray may not clean itself properly, meaning that the smell and mess linger in the system.

    Any we have featured will have avoided these issues largely, but if you’re worried about smells and mess, tray liners, filters and deodorants are all available to partly deal with this. Remember that you should never use disinfectants to clean a tray though, as it could be toxic to your cat.

    How often will I have to clean a cat litter tray?

    They should be spot cleaned daily, and a full change is undertaken every two or three days. Trays should be cleaned fully when a full litter change is taking place.

    This can all depend on how often your cat goes and how messy things get, though, so use your judgement and ensure you always have plenty of cat litter in stock. It may be worth looking for one which says it is easy to clean if you feel you will have to do this on a daily basis.

    Will the right litter tray prevent accidents?

    If your cat currently goes to the toilet everywhere they shouldn’t, having the correct litter box in place for them to use could solve this.

    Ensure they know what it is for, and that it is in a good place for them to access away from any noise and busy areas. Also check it is big enough, and there is enough litter in there.

    A cat litter tray won’t solve the issue of cats having accidents due to stress, anxiety or fear, and you should never punish them as it is counterproductive.