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Best Cat Milk for 2022

The idea that cats can drink ordinary cows milk is nothing more than a widely believed myth. Cats are actually lactose intolerant, so consuming milk can be really bad for their stomachs and digestive systems. This is why dedicated cat milk replacers exist.

Cows milk is very high in fat content, which is why cats love it so much! But this isn’t good for their daily intake of nutrients, leading to an unbalanced diet and weight gain.

Appropriate kitten milk should only really be given to kittens that need to be hand-reared. Once they are a few months old, they should be fully weaned off milk and only on cat food and water.

Milk replacements are also available for adult cats. While cats don’t need the extra fat contained in this milk daily, it can be beneficial for any who need to gain weight and nutrient intake or who are only consuming liquid because of illness. It also makes for a nice occasional treat, but this should be very sparing.

This is why many cat milk options come in small sachets or single servings. Kitten milk, on the other hand, often comes in larger bottles or is even dried to mix as and when needed.

We have spent hours finding the best kitten and cat milk around for all needs.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Royal Canin Baby Cat Milk
    • Easy to dissolve
    • Close composition to mother’s milk
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    Whiskas Cat Milk
    • Ready-made bottles
    • One bottle per week
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    Webbox Cats Delight Lick E Lix Cream with Yoghurt
    • Single servings
    • Highly creamy to appeal
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    The Top Cat Milks Reviewed

    Royal Canin Baby Cat Milk

    Finding an appropriate milk replacer for a kitten is perhaps one of the most common cat milk searches. It is vital to ensure they get the correct nutrients to help grow and build up their immune system, especially if they aren’t feeding on a mother.

    This kitten milk is good for young cats aged up to 2 months. It contains all of the oils, proteins and minerals they need for physical and cognitive development, as well as taurine which they otherwise wouldn’t get until they are eating solid meat and fish.

    Just mix it with boiled, cooled water and it dissolves very easily so is good to go almost immediately. With no sediment, it is safe and easily digestible.


    • Easy to dissolve
    • Close composition to mother’s milk


    • Size: 300g
    • Ingredients: Milk proteins, animal fats, protein, soya oil, copra oil, fish oil and minerals, fructo-oligo-saccharides

    Whiskas Cat Milk

    Containing less than 0.2% lactose to ensure it is safe for cat consumption, this Whiskas formula is perhaps the best-seller when it comes to cat milk.

    With balanced mineral ingredients, it contains all of the calcium, fibre and protein they need for a boost, and it is free from any artificial additions.

    You should limit consumption to around one bottle per week, and adjust the main meal and treats accordingly. It can be fed to cats over the age of six weeks, so is also great if you need to still slowly wean them off milk.


    • Ready-made bottles
    • One bottle per week


    • Size: 3 x 200ml
    • Ingredients: Milk and Milk Derivatives, Cereals, Various Sugars, Minerals

    Beaphar Lactol Kitten Milk Powder

    While this powder is primarily designed with kittens in mind, it is also suitable for adult cats or those who are nursing, when extra nutrition is needed.

    The texture closely resembles natural queen’s milk, and it contains DHA for brain development as well as taurine for a healthy heart and vision and biotin for healthy hair and skin.

    Just mix around 100ml with seven scoops of milk. This means a tub should last for just over a week if it is a daily food source.


    • One tub lasts approx. one week


    • Size: 250g
    • Ingredients: DHA, Biotin, Taurine, Lactol

    Pets at Home Grocery Adult Cat

    This is one of the more affordable ready-made milk options, suitable for cats over six weeks old. The price could really appeal to anybody who knows that the milk will actually be a vital part of their cat’s diet as opposed to an occasional treat, especially when bought in bulk.

    It contains good levels of everything the cat will need, with enough room to still provide them with a relatively regular diet and treats. Each bottle is sealed with foil and includes a lid so it can be stored for a few days safely if you are limiting intake.

    It has quite a thick consistency too, which should appeal to cats as they are naturally drawn to creamier milk for the fat content. Other users say it is also easy to slightly warm, in case your cat prefers it this way.


    • Low price
    • Ready-made


    • Size: 250ml
    • Ingredients: Milk and Milk Derivatives, Cereals, Various Sugars, Minerals

    Webbox Cats Delight Lick E Lix Cream with Yoghurt

    Rather than possibly being a diet staple, these little sachets are for any owner who wants to provide their cats with milk purely as a treat, snack or behaviour reward.

    The soft creamy texture is appealing to cats, and each sachet contains just enough for one serving so you don’t have to adjust their ordinary diet too much.

    They can be given to adult cats over one year old, and many other users have also said that it is the only way they can get their cat to take medication, so could be good if they are usually crafty enough to detect it in water or food.


    • Single servings
    • Highly creamy to appeal


    • Size: 7 x 10g
    • Ingredients: Milk and milk derivatives (milk and cream 91%, yoghurt 4%)

    Toplife Cat Milk

    This is low-fat reduced lactose cow’s milk, with the addition of taurine and natural prebiotic to help develop healthy immune systems and hearts.

    It is good for cats of any age above the kitten stage. You can feed it to your cat as often as you like, but treats should not make up more than 10% of a diet so always keep everything else balanced and in check.

    This milk isn’t suitable for kittens, but for adult cats, the texture is easily digestible.


    • Specially formulated for adult cats
    • No preservatives


    • Size: 200ml
    • Ingredients: Protein, Fibre, Oils

    Animonda Milkies Cat Snack

    A food supplement for adult cats, these little individual servings can all be given as a snack, over food or in water, for when they need a boost in health and nutrients.

    This is a mixed selection pack, with sachets to help with taurine, vitamin D and E consumption, zinc or malt. These can assist with a range of issues, from ‘Beauty’ (fur health) to ‘Harmony’ (happiness). Each nutrient is available to buy in a box of its own, however, in case there is one particular issue which needs tackling.

    As it can be placed over food, it could be good if you need to give your cat medication mixed in. Portion sizes are kept small so they can generally eat and drink as normal on top of this, and one pot per day is a good guideline.


    • Dedicated servings for specific issues


    • Size: 20 x 15g
    • Ingredients: Milk, dairy products, cereals (0.1% malt) and fruit (0.1%).

    Cimicat Milk Substitute for Cats

    This milk is perfect for rearing kittens from birth, but can also be given to cats of all ages.

    It contains nutrients which help digestive health, coat condition and natural defences, ensuring they are as strong as possible for that next stage in life. With added taurine, there is everything they need until they begin weaning too, to ensure a strong heart and sight.


    • Small tub for freshness


    • Size: 250g
    • Ingredients: Protein, Fat, Ash, Vit A, Vit D, Vit E

    Beaphar Kitty Milk Supplement

    A complete milk replacement which has been created specifically with orphans or those who aren’t feeding well in mind.

    There are all of the vitamins, nutrients and minerals included which are necessary, as well as taurine which is essential for growth and development at such a young age.

    Easy to make up, it can be gently warmed and is a generous size so should last for quite a few uses.


    • Easy to mix


    • Size: 200g
    • Ingredients: Milk and milk derivatives, Oils and fats, Minerals

    Pickle's Milky Mice Natural Flavoured Milk Drinks

    These cute little mice come with a measured amount of liquid, so you don’t need to worry about giving your cat too much milk, and they come in a variety of unique flavours that will make them even sweeter for your feline friend; the flavours include coconut, cream, cranberry and honey.

    Each mouse contains 12.5 calories with no added sugar or artificial flavours, and they’re lactone free, so you can rest assured that your cat is only getting goodness. This cat milk is purr-fect to keep your feline friend hydrated and is a great source of cilium for healthy teeth and bones.


    • Great reviews
    • Adult formula


    • Size: 2 x 5.3 x 9cm
    • Ingredients: Milk

    Buying Guide

    What we looked for in the best cat milk

    Firstly, there is kitten milk and cat milk.

    We chose the best across both categories. We looked for big-name brands, as this is an easy way to ensure the milk has been tested and formulated to give the best results. it is also a good idea to stick to the same brand, so popular names will be more widely available.

    We looked at all of the reviews to ensure cats loved the taste, happily drank the milk but also to ensure that it was easy to use for the owners.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    Do I need cat milk or kitten milk?

    Kitten milk formula is a similar idea to the human baby formula. It contains all of the nutrients they need to help grow and can be made up as and when required as a replacer.

    Most kittens will feed on their mother until they reach the weaning stage. This milk gives them everything they need when they need it, so there is no need to intervene and feed them extra. At the weaning stage, once they start eating solid foods, providing them with water is enough for hydration.

    If your kitten is an orphan, not feeding for some reason or is so weak that they need extra help, then a formula is a great alternative, but you can still follow the general weaning pattern and gradually bring them off it after four weeks of age.

    Adult cats will often get everything they need from ordinary cat food and water. Therefore, milk should just be provided as a treat as opposed to a huge part of their diet.

    Because of this, always ensure you are staying on top of their daily intake of nutrients. Just as you would with biscuit treats, ensure you aren’t giving them too much of any one thing, and their diet is balanced and healthy. Adjust meals and treats accordingly, and try to limit the cat to around 200ml per week. Treats should not make up more than 10% of a cat’s daily consumption.

    Cat milk can, however, be good if you have noticed they are a bit off their food or are losing weight. As long as you know there is no medical issue, milk could help to give them the nutrients they need.

    Base your decision on their age and needs.

    Does my cat really need cat milk?

    There is nothing to suggest they must have it, no. While it can be good for abandoned or weak kittens who need nutrients to grow, adult cats should get everything they need from food. In terms of hydration, water does the job – whether it is out of a dish or out of a fresh puddle (but always provide them with some from a fountain).

    Milk can be a great treat for cats if you want to give them something other than solids for a bit of variation. It can also be good if you have noticed that your cat isn’t eating properly or is losing weight, and you are concerned about them getting enough nutrition. Always talk to a vet to ensure there is no underlying issue, however.

    Do I buy cat milk as a bottle or powder?

    Adult milk is available in both ready-made bottle form and powder form. The former is easier, although the latter will have a longer shelf life.

    Most kitten formula is dried powder, so the protein is available in a digestible form. You have to manually mix it with water according to instructions.

    My cat doesn’t like cat milk – what should I do?

    It could be a possibility that your cat just isn’t fussed about having the milk. They may not like the idea or taste, or they may be getting enough nutrients elsewhere so they don’t feel the need to top up their intake. Cats have a habit of being fussy about their food depending on what their body is telling them.

    Different brands also taste different (according to cats, of course). Your cat may not like one brand if it is slightly watery but love another which is thicker, or has slightly different ingredients. Trial and error may be worth doing, but if you’ve exhausted all options, stick to the treats you know they love.

    What is Queen’s milk?

    Not milk for the Royal Family as the name suggests – queen’s milk is simply the term used to refer to the milk of a nursing mother, whether it be from a dog, cat or other.

    Finding kitten milk which closely resembles this is vital to ensure it is easily digestible and they won’t realise the difference, which could lead to them rejecting one form if they are having both forms.

    You may also see milk that is suitable for a ‘lactating queen’, which just means a nursing mother who may need a boost in nutrients for their own health.