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Best Cat Carriers for 2022

Cats are not like dogs, in the sense that you can clip their lead to their collar and take them wherever they need to be while they wag their tail excitably – including to the vet. So most owners will require a cat carrier.

Felines can get nervous going to new places. They may not like harnesses and leads, and you may need maximum security to take your feline Houdini anywhere with you.

A cat carrier could become indispensable, from trips to the vets and cattery to moving home, or simply collecting them after adoption. In fact, we’d argue they’re a must-have product for cat owners.

Choosing from all of the models out there can be a hard task. It all depends on your cat, your needs and where you’ll be going, which is why we have stepped in to help you decide.

You may need something which is extra strong and secure. Maybe your carrier needs to be larger than average to accommodate your Persian breed. Or, you could struggle to pick them up and lower them into a carrier through a small door, so need something which offers top-loading.

If you’re travelling by car, also bear in mind their security. Your carrier needs to be comfortable, stable and attach to the seat via a seatbelt or clips.

Cat backpacks are also available, but if you want traditional, look no further. These are the Best Traditional Cat Carriers for all sizes, needs and breeds of cat.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Catit Cabrio Cat Carrier
    • Sides fold down
    • Non-slip base
    • Suitable with a seatbelt
    • Dish area included
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    Siivton Pet Carrier for Cats
    • Folds out on four sides
    • Mesh windows
    • Lightweight
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    MDC Cat Basket Carrier
    • Top opening
    • Secure fastening
    • Easy to keep clean
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    The Top Cat Carriers Reviewed

    Catit Cabrio Cat Carrier

    Top-loading carriers are great if your pet is never ever going to go into the carrier of their own accord, and you need to gently place them inside without tipping the carrier up on its side or risking having your arms scratched.

    When we faced this issue, finding the best cat carrier which made life easy was important – and we stumbled upon this bestseller.

    This is quite a futuristic-looking carrier, and almost like a little temporary home for your feline. Both sides fold down to create a really open shallow dish-style base, which makes it one of the easiest to work with. Your cat won’t feel like it is being pushed into a confined space, and there won’t be any injuries for either party. It also means you won’t have to lower the top half onto them which could be stressful, like with other plastic carriers.

    The front door is clear so your moggy can see out, and this can also be opened so they can come out of the carrier in their own time. Within this door are two dishes for food and water, and these can be accessed externally without risk of escape. There is a collection gutter around the sides to collect any stray food or water.

    If you are travelling by car, the entire carrier can be attached to a normal seatbelt. The skid-resistant base will help keep your cat from sliding about, and the integrated moulded handle has been designed to reduce the risk of travel sickness and movement. There is also a shoulder strap option.

    We love it, and the quality suggests it is a carrier-for-life, too.


    • Sides fold down
    • Non-slip base
    • Suitable with a seatbelt
    • Dish area included


    • Dimensions: 51 x 33 x 35cm
    • Maximum Weight: 11.3kg
    • Material: Plastic
    • Colour: Red, Turquoise, Blue

    Siivton Pet Carrier for Cats

    There is a multitude of fabric pet carriers out there, so what made this one catch our eye?

    Simply put, it is expandable on all four sides. So not only does your cat have a secure amount of space when being carried if it is folded up, but if you are going on a long car journey, they can have a bit more room in order to stretch out, play or cuddle into a corner. You could also pop their water and food dishes at one end so they have a separate area to eat in.

    Folding it all out also means maximum air circulation, and they can see all around at what is going on if you feel it will help them to travel better, and the space could help with anxiety. Some users have also said that their cat likes to go into it just in the home if they’re feeling a bit nervous or need a nap, but it can be folded down flat if not in use.

    It comes with a fleece pet bed inside, and this is machine washable for a freshen up. There is an attachment inside should you have a harness on your cat for security and want to leave the top open for visibility.


    • Folds out on four sides
    • Mesh windows
    • Lightweight


    • Dimensions: 45.7 x 27.9 x 27.9 cm
    • Maximum Weight: 6kg
    • Material: Cationic Oxford and high density EVA board
    • Colour: Grey/Black

    MDC Cat Basket Carrier

    Wire carriers can be great if you think your kitty will want to see everything going on around them, and they are often a very secure option as well with rods and eye fasteners rather than zips, clasps and clips.

    The square steel mesh will not wear away, rip or crack over time so it is definitely good if you are after a long term solution. It is 2.5cm gaps, so even if you have a kindle of kittens, none will be able to break free.

    The basket is lightweight overall, so it isn’t going to be a strain to carry. A removable deep plastic tray on the inside gives a secure base, and it is easy enough to jazz this up with blankets, towels and toys as appropriate. This will also contain any spills or accidents, rather than them going over your car or the vet’s floor.

    It is top opening, and really spacious so good for those of a nervous disposition. The plastic and wire is easy to clean, and the moulded carry handle doesn’t feel too harsh on the hands. Overall, it is well-made too, with no sharp edges or corners.


    • Top opening
    • Secure fastening
    • Easy to keep clean


    • Dimensions: 30 x 46 x 30cm
    • Maximum Weight: 10kg
    • Material: Plastic
    • Colour: White

    PetGear Cat Carrier

    If your cat is prone to accidents before you even put them in the car, then a plastic carrier could be a good option for ease of cleaning.

    The plastic is tough and durable, so if it is scratched or suffers a few bangs in storage, it shouldn’t become unusable. A good amount of ventilation in the sides will help with airflow without leaving your cat too open to the elements, and the front door is wire which helps if they do want to look out.

    There is a strong, secure door locking system which is great if you are concerned about escape attempts. This is a quick release latch too, so they won’t have to spend ages in the carrier on the vet table as you both struggle for access.

    If you would rather lower your cat in gently, the sides can be unclipped and the top half removed fully, which also makes it easier to clean. We will say it can be fiddly to get these back in place though, so maybe isn’t an option for very nervous cats.

    It is available in large so great if your moggy is rather fluffy and on the bigger side. There is also a seat belt feeder at the top for secure car transportation and enough room for some extra bedding.


    • Secure door lock
    • Top loading option
    • Easy to clean


    • Dimensions: Large 39 x 35 x 58cm
    • Maximum Weight: 7kg
    • Material: Plastic
    • Colour: Grey/Black

    Sandy Hard Case Cat Carrier Bag

    This little mobile pet home is solid and really looks quite fabulous.

    It is a comfy, soft upholstered alternative to a wicker basket, which is great if you want the same shape and sturdiness wicker can offer. The interior is lined with plush faux fur, while the exterior is made from hard-wearing nylon. There are extra pockets on the side for travel accessories, and you can simply unzip the roof to have a regular cat basket. This is ideal for travelling since your cat will be used to having it in the house as their bed and so will feel less uneasy about being in it.

    When it is enclosed, the roof has a double mesh fabric for good air circulation and visibility. A short leash prevents your pet from jumping out of the bag, and to make things easier for you; the carrier has a solid and comfortable grip.


    • Security lead with carabiner clip for keeping them in place
    • Two-in-one design
    • Plush, soothing interior


    • Dimensions: 49 x 40 x 35 cm
    • Maximum Weight: 8kg
    • Material: Nylon
    • Colour: Brown

    Trixie Nylon Trolley Elegance Cat Carrier

    A wheeled cat carrier could help to ensure things are a bit more steady if you have to walk quite a while to get to the vets or cattery, as opposed to your kitty jiggling about on your back or being carried.

    It can open up at the side or front to let them out safely and has a padded bottom insert which can be removed and washed at 30 degrees in case of accidents. The transport handle comes up to 90cm off the ground, making it an ideal height for most adults to safely pull behind them without having to tip or tilt the carrier.

    With a load-bearing capacity of 10kg, it is also great for any heavier cats who you perhaps find are difficult to carry for long periods. The black colour will keep nice and clean despite being outside near the ground, and will also work well if you have to take public transport.


    • Top or side loading
    • Cushioned base
    • Perfect for public transport


    • Dimensions: 45 × 41 × 31cm
    • Maximum Weight: 10kg
    • Material: Nylon
    • Colour: Black

    FEANDREA Lightweight Fabric Pet Carrier

    We have picked this carrier as the best for two cats because of the sheer choice in sizes. Do you have two sleek Sphynx cats, two Ragdolls or two burly Scottish Folds which are mistaken for wild cats when out and about? Maybe you have a litter of kittens ready for their first injections? We don’t know, but there will be a size for you here.

    Not only will your cat(s) have plenty of space, with enough to add furnishings too, but there is plenty of mesh which will allow them to see out and get some much-needed air. One side rolls up, so they can get into it themselves, or the top also opens.

    Pet carriers large enough to fit two animals can be rare, especially if your cats are both very huge, but it can really come in handy if they are inseparable or it makes life easier for you. Measure well, because the largest is actually plenty big enough for a medium-sized dog so won’t be necessary, but could instead be good if you want to give your cat a play area or dedicated sleeping space when indoors.


    • Choice of size
    • Fleece mat for comfort


    • Dimensions: 50 x 35 x 35 cm/60 x 40 x 40 cm/70 x 52 x 52 cm/81 x 58 x 58 cm/102 x 69 x 69 cm
    • Maximum Weight: 7kg
    • Material: Oxford cloth, PVC, Fleece, PP cotton
    • Colour: Beige

    Sleepypod Air Cat Carrier

    Travelling with your cat on an aeroplane is probably only something you’d do once or twice in your cat’s life, but big moves do happen. If you are about to undertake one, then you need to do things properly.

    Airlines can be strict when it comes to sizes, materials and weights, so no ordinary old carrier will do. The bag usually needs to be kept under the seat in front, and secure enough to ensure your animal won’t escape. This Sleepypod is specially designed with flying in mind, perfect for in-cabin travel. Made from luggage grade nylon, the inside is nice and plush for comfort too.

    We love the fact that there is a dedicated large strap section so it can be secured to the handle of your suitcase, freeing up your hands and shoulders for other bags and keeping your cat as steady as possible.

    The exact rules of each airline can vary, so if your flights are already booked then double-check before you buy. This carrier could also be a great option if you are going on a boat or a really long drive and you need something secure in the car.

    It is a bit of an upmarket pick but must be done if you’re sticking to regulations. It weighs over 2kg on its own, so double-check it is okay for your airline depending on how much your cat weighs.


    • Very sturdy
    • Nice and roomy
    • Easy to carry around
    • Plenty of circulation


    • Dimensions: 26.7 x 61 x 26.7 cm
    • Maximum Weight: 7kg
    • Material: Nylon, Polyester
    • Colour: Choice

    Pets At Home Cream Fabric Cat Carrier

    This Cream Fabric Carrier is both chic and practical with its classy cream shade and minimalist design. If you want a carrier that’s dependable but not too expensive, then this is a great option. It has a low price point and lots of glowing reviews, so it’s not going to disappoint.

    The carrier has both a shoulder strap and handles, so you can choose what kind of transportation you prefer, and for added peace of mind, the carrier has a collar clip for extra security.


    • Great Value
    • Great Reviews
    • Chic style


    • Dimensions: 43.5 x 23 x 26cm
    • Maximum Weight: 5kg
    • Material: Polyester, Mesh
    • Colour: Cream/Stone

    AmazonBasics Pet Carrier Bag

    Available in either small, medium or large, this is a good option if you need the choice of size and something which is spacious on the inside, too.

    It is soft sided, so comfortable for your cat and also easy to fold away when not in use. The entirety of the build is mesh panelling, great if your animal wants to be able to see out or you are concerned about airflow.

    There is a soft blanket on the inside for a lining, and this can be taken out and washed as and when needed. Two generous length carry handles and a shoulder strap means your choice of carrying is a bit flexible, as well.

    The carrier is on the small side, so measure your cat rather than thinking the large will suit your cat. Also bear in mind that as it is mostly mesh, it may not be good for those who like to be cut off from the world.


    • Mesh outer
    • Fleece lining
    • Easy large access


    • Dimensions: 41.9 x 23.9 x 24.9 cm
    • Maximum Weight: 7.3kg
    • Material: Polyester, Fleece
    • Colour: Black

    Buying Guide

    What we looked for in cat carriers

    There is a huge scope of choice out there for prospective cat carrier buyers, but depending on your lifestyle and your cat, there are a few things you have to look out for.

    You want a size perfect for your cat. Not too small so they don’t have enough room to move and make themselves comfortable, but not too big so they are being thrown around when you’re carrying the box.

    As a general rule, it should be around 1.5x the size of your kitty. Take all measurements, including standing height and full length, then add around 2 inches on. If you want to bulk up the inside with blankets and towels, take these into account too. We tried to find a range of cat carrier sizes for you to choose from, but some of our highest-rated picks could be extended.

    Some carriers are limited in terms of the weight they can hold. Not all cats weigh the same even if they are the same size, and if your carrier is slightly flimsy or thin this could be an issue. Durability is a huge factor, and it could be worth spending that bit more to ensure the best quality. We opted for cat carriers which had great reviews in terms of strength and quality.

    Where will you be keeping the box when not in use? As well as checking for size in terms of internal capacity, think about whether you have the space to comfortably store the carrier. If it is a concern, a foldable fabric option could be good, and luckily we found many which easily made it into our top 10.

    Remember that, unfortunately, you may need to grab the carrier ASAP should you need an emergency trip to the vet. You don’t want to store it in the loft or somewhere out of reach which could delay you or be hard to get to.

    Fabric is harder to clean versus a plastic carrier, however. So, if your cat gets travel sick or is prone to nervous accidents, you may want to choose one of our top picks for the best traditional plastic cat carriers instead.

    We looked for carriers with plenty of ventilation, but where this wasn’t a safety risk. So, if it has a mesh window, the material needs to be thick to prevent cats from scratching or chewing their way through. If it is a plastic carrier with gaps in the sides and door, these gaps can’t be too large as to get paws trapped but need to be large enough to allow airflow and visibility. All these things were analysed by us.

    We’ve also looked at variation when it comes to entrances. The way your kitty gets into their carrier could be a massive factor, especially if they are nervous or know that it means they are going to a vet or cattery. So, a carrier with a really big door that they can go through themselves as opposed to having to be lowered into could make a huge difference. Or, why not opt for a tunnel entrance which makes things a bit more fun?!

    You’ll likely put yourself second, but you do need to think about how you want to carry the carrier. Are you going on long journeys or a quick nip into the vet from the car? Do you want a handle or a shoulder strap? Where will you be putting it if you are travelling in the car? Again, the range was important for us to find here, but all have reviews stating they’re comfortable to carry and hold.

    Is your cat a ninja? If so, one zip or a simple clip fastening may not be enough to keep them inside. Accidents can also happen, from forgetting to seal it up to materials breaking. Ensure a bit of a double barrier if you feel your kitty could try to escape. We’ve looked for high security across the board, as even the calmest of cats need it.

    Also, think about how they will be transported. If in a car, there are belt attachments to keep them secure.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    Does my cat need a cat carrier?

    Every cat is going to have trips to the vets and maybe the cattery. There may even be plane travel, public transport or moving home at some point. Carriers are often the safest way to transport any animals, especially if they are in a car or moving about.

    But there are a few alternatives, as below, which could be better for your cat. You will know your cat’s temperament and personality best so can judge this, but always bear in mind that carriers are the most secure if you’re going to be in public.

    What can I use instead of a carrier?

    There are cat lead and harness sets out there which could be used if you are only going a short distance, or are confident your cat could travel in the car without being restricted.

    We like the idea of cat carrier backpacks, which are really easy to carry and also keep your feline secure and safe while helping them lookout. Our guide on how to get your cat used to a cat backpack could come in handy before you make a purchase.

    You can also buy pet strollers, or carriers on wheels, which could help if you want to keep your cat steady and can’t carry them yourself.

    Do cats prefer small or large carriers?

    It may make sense to buy the largest carrier possible, but actually, this could stop your cat from feeling secure and stable as they slide around. Carriers on the small side may not give them enough room to get comfortable.

    So what’s right? A carrier that is no larger than 1.5X their full measurements is bang on.

    What else needs to be in a cat carrier?

    This depends on how far and where you are going, but as a general rule of thumb, this is what else you need to buy.

    • Blankets – Especially if it is a hard case carrier. You want them to be comfortable, and warm in winter too
    • Towels – If your kitty is a bit prone to some nervous wees or travel sickness, this could be a better idea over a blanket as it is easier to wash up
    • Water – Some crates have dedicated bowls on the door latch. This is important on longer journeys as cats don’t naturally have the thirst drive to make them drink unless the water is within easy reach
    • Toys – They may play by themselves, or it could just act as some comfort and normality to them
    • Litter Tray – If you have a large, expandable crate then keep an area for this, especially if is likely they will go
    • Ice Packs – Only applicable on hot days, but place ice under their blankets to help keep them cool. Heated blankets could help in winter
    • Cover – Not for the inside, but the outside. Covering the carrier with a towel, blanket or sheet can help cats who get nervous about going places they’re unsure about