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Best Cat Backpacks for 2022

Your cat will either be one to absolutely love exploring, going on trips or staying out until all hours, or the type to really like their home comforts.

If it is the former, then taking your cat with you wherever you go is a very rewarding experience. From cycling trips and hikes to just visiting your parents on a weekend, a cat backpack can not only ensure your feline comes on the journey but also means they stay safe and secure.

Cats love heights, so they can look down on their kingdom beneath them. But they also like vertical space to make them feel taller, so sitting in a cat backpack may overall be more comfortable than being in a traditional cat carrier, where they lie down and are nearer the ground.

A cat backpack can also be handy when going to the vets or cattery and a carrier is out of the question. We looked for rucksacks which will allow them to look out and know where they’re going, as well as ones which offer security, comfortability and ease for you as the carrier.

This includes wide, adjustable straps, padded shoulder sections and easy close zips. You should also look for security beyond zips, such as inner clips for their harness. Extendable backpacks are ideal if you’ll be hiking and they’ll have rest breaks and, of course, breathability is essential. Look for mesh panels and air holes.

After all, if it is good enough for Taylor Swift (as seen in Miss Americana), it is good enough for the rest of us too.

Here are the Best Cat Rucksacks…

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Fat Cat Cat Backpack Carrier
    • Carpet lining for comfort
    • Choice of bubble or top opening for viewing
    • Adjustable straps
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    Dulcii Pet Carrier
    • Sturdy
    • Lots of ventilation holes
    • Colour choice
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    Pecute Expandable Pet Carrier Backpack
    • Mesh panels
    • Best seller
    • Widened adjustable shoulder pads and straps to help reduce load
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    The Top Cat Backpacks Reviewed

    Fat Cat Cat Backpack Carrier

    If your cat is on the hefty side then this rucksack can actually hold the most weight out of the majority on the market. Specially designed for larger cats, around 11.5 kilograms can be held at any one time, which is just over 25lbs.

    There is a little clip on the inside which can attach to a harness or collar, and two side pockets on each side will ensure you can keep treats, water bottles and other accessories to hand without it taking up your luggage space.

    A little bubble allows your cat to see the world when they are in the bag, so they won’t feel too enclosed but will still be fully safe. If you do trust your cat 100% for a bit of fresh air, however, a smaller opening on the top of the backpack can be rolled open so they can pop their head out.

    Enough airflow will get into the bag if not though, with mesh sections and air holes. It is one of the best-selling pet rucksacks over in America and internationally so we are thrilled to see it in the UK now too.


    • Carpet lining for comfort
    • Choice of bubble or top opening for viewing
    • Adjustable straps


    • Dimensions: 38 x 29 x 45cm
    • Weight Limit: 11.5kg

    Upet Bubble Pet Carrier

    If you want something which is a hard case to ensure no damage when you’re on your travels, such as scratches from branches or when you’re in the car, this backpack is a sturdy yet accommodating option for any cat.

    It is a great pick if you are planning on having little breaks on your trip, as it can open out and extend slightly, acting as a bit of a bed or rest area. It also means that there is enough space at the base to give them a choice of whether to lie down or sit, depending on how they feel best.

    The soft washable pad in the base will keep them comfortable, and there are also mesh panels and ventilation holes because airflow is vital. The leash attachment on the inside will keep them secured, and the cat can get into the backpack from the back, side or top so they can remain comfortable and calm.

    A benefit of most of the build being the hard case is that you can just give it a wipe if it gets dirty. It is a little pricier than some others on the market, but uPet actually have the patent for the revolutionary bubble design so high quality and ease are guaranteed.


    • Bubble viewer
    • Large plush base
    • Comfortable straps


    • Dimensions: 34 x 33 x 42.9 cm
    • Weight Limit: 7kg

    Dulcii Pet Carrier

    A sturdy space design backpack for any smaller, calm cats who like to live the life of luxury.

    Made of high-quality oxford cloth & high-density acrylic material, it is scratch-proof, dirt proof and solid to protect it from any slight bashes. There is breathable mesh on the back, front and sides, as well as two pockets either side so you can keep cat treats and food to hand.

    It can be worn either on your front or back (although is designed mostly for the back). And while no pet should be a fashion accessory, it doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with the accessories – this pack is available in a choice of six colours, so could complement your coat, your cat’s harness or just be your favourite pick.

    We will say that the large mesh lining could get ripped ever so slightly if your cat is a little scratchy, and the plastic dome also seems to not be the best quality, but for the big price saving, it will be enough for calmer cats.


    • Sturdy
    • Lots of ventilation holes
    • Colour choice


    • Dimensions: 32 x 30 x 42cm
    • Weight Limit: 6kg

    Pecute Expandable Pet Carrier Backpack

    When you go on a trip with your cat, do you have little breaks or pauses so everybody can stretch their legs? Maybe you take Fluffy to the park but need to keep her relatively closed in until she gets used to the environment?

    This is an expandable backpack, which does the job of both carrying and leg stretching very well. It goes over twice as long when opened up, so they can have a snooze or a dinner break in comfort.

    Venting mesh panels let in plenty of fresh air, and the extendable section is entirely meshing material, so you can keep an eye on what they are doing as well as letting them breathe.

    We love that it is waterproof, so if you are out and about and a sudden rain shower comes on, there is no issue. The top can open up to allow them out or just zipped open to reveal the mesh part if they need to be kept secure.


    • Mesh panels
    • Best seller
    • Widened adjustable shoulder pads and straps to help reduce load


    • Dimensions: 35 x 28 x 42 cm
    • Weight Limit: 6kg

    K9 Pursuits Pup-Pocket Front Mounted Carrier

    Carrying your pet on your front is a good idea if you have to either keep a continuous eye on them or if you will be on public transport and don’t want to have to keep taking them off and on your back.

    The material is water-resistant and has reflective elements which will help if it starts to go dark when you’re still out. Despite being primarily for a dog, it will happily suit any cats which are on the larger side.

    A short lead on the inside can clip onto the collar or harness to prevent escape attempts, and the shoulder straps are adjustable for you so the pet can sit as best as required.

    The idea is that their head will stick out of the opening of the carrier for air and visibility, so it isn’t a model for everyone. If your cat is quite lively or uncomfortable with being carried, you don’t want to risk any escapes even if they are secured with the lead.


    • Good for larger cats
    • Secure head hole with toggle to tighten


    • Dimensions: 36 x 30 x 21 cm
    • Weight Limit: 9kg

    Pawaboo Pet Carrier Backpack

    Don’t like the idea of popping your precious Princess in a bag where they are mostly cut off from the world? This is a leg out, tail out design which sits at the front of your body for those inquisitive cats who still need a bit of security.

    The breathable mesh panels around the bag allow for air to the cat’s whole body, which is good if you are concerned about them getting too hot. There is also sponge padding around the back, so they aren’t going to be uncomfortable up too close to you.

    We love how it is available in small, medium, large and extra-large – for a cat, small or medium is probably the pick but ensure you measure well first, including for leg girth and height.


    • Size choice
    • Huge colour choice
    • Limbs-out design


    • Dimensions: Small 27.9 x 19 x 1.3 cm
    • Weight Limit: 6kg

    Petsfit Fabric Foldable Pet Carrier

    If you will be riding a bike or being quite active while carrying your cat, you will want something relatively sturdy and spacious so they can perhaps lie down but still see out.

    This is quite a bulky backpack, but good if space is the priority. There are four mesh windows for both visibility and airflow, which is good if you feel the plastic bubble style may not suit your cat or your lifestyle.

    There are footpads on the base to keep it stable if set on the floor, and the adjustable shoulder straps and waist strap mean you can get it sitting at just the right angle around your body. A soft fleece mat in the base will both provide warmth and comfort, and when it isn’t in use, the whole lot can be folded down for easier storage.

    A clip inside will keep your animal inside the rucksack if it is unzipped, and the top can be opened if you trust them not to bolt when strapped in.


    • Mesh viewing holes
    • Strong scratch-proof material
    • Firm base


    • Dimensions: 43 x 32 x 29 cm
    • Weight Limit: 7kg

    POPETPOP Portable Pet Cat Backpack

    Does your cat seem to get a bit anxious if they can’t entirely see out when being transported? Rather than the spaceman design, this carrier has an entirely clear front, so they can fully interact with the outside world.

    There are large ventilation holes all around too, which gives good airflow and also a bit of the feel of the outdoors. It will either fit in front or behind you, whichever you feel safest and most comfortable doing.

    The clear front doesn’t just let your cat see out of course, but also allows for easier checking up on them, especially if they feel comforted by your presence. There are two pockets on the outside, which allow you to keep valuables or treats to hand.

    If you feel you could struggle to get your kitty into a carrier, the entire front panel opens out for an easier job until they get used to it. There isn’t a huge amount of space on the base, so measure up first.


    • Fully clear front
    • Large ventilation holes
    • Large opening


    • Dimensions: 42 x 31 x 25 cm
    • Weight Limit: 5kg

    SSAWcasa Cat Backpack

    This backpack will allow your cat to see the world completely (and for you to see your cat).

    The durable oxford fabric is strong and will be water-resistant too, so your cat is completely safe. Nine ventilation holes and a sturdy base will ensure your cat is comfortable, and there are some handy pockets at the side for treats and other essentials.

    In terms of your comfort, there are padded shoulder straps and chest straps so your cat also remains stable. You can also wear it on your back or front, and it is nice and roomy for medium cats.


    • Complete visibility
    • Available in blue and grey


    • Dimensions: 41.6 x 33 x 20cm
    • Weight Limit: 7kg

    Trixie 2882 'Connor' Rucksack

    This is a long rucksack, great if your cat always wants to lie down and are also on the longer side. It would be a good alternative to a carrier for when you want to free up your hands, and there are also handles for any time you need to take it off your back.

    Able to open at the front and side, your cat has a choice of how they make their entrance, and there is a nice short lead which can be attached to the collar or harness of your cat to keep them safe and in place.

    Adjustable shoulder straps ensure you are comfortable too, and there is a small pocket so you can keep any extras for the day to hand. If you will be transporting your animal in the car, there are flaps at the back so you can safely strap them in with the seatbelt.

    The floor is fairly sturdy, and you just need to pop a blanket or towels in there to make them more comfortable. As well, the top can be rolled open slightly in case your moggy likes to be inquisitive.


    • Backpack or carrier
    • Longer than others


    • Dimensions: 42 x 29 x 21 cm
    • Weight Limit: 8kg

    Buying Guide

    What we looked for when choosing the best cat backpacks

    There are a couple of things you must really think about, both to ensure the safety of your kitty and to make it a comfortable experience for you, too. These factors were taken into consideration by us when choosing our top 10.

    You need to think about the size. Just as with every other carrier, always measure your cat first. There should be enough extra room to help them get comfortable, but unlike with an ordinary carrier, they shouldn’t have an excessive amount of space – you don’t want them moving about dangerously. We chose carriers that can fit the average size of a cat comfortably, as well as other models for kittens or larger breeds.

    Both the weight of your cat and the weight of the backpack matter. For the former, most bags will take cats up to 10 pounds but there are some stronger out there. We looked for features like thick, adjustable padded straps too, which should make your life a bit more comfortable.

    We also checked for things such as waterproof material, and decent materials at that. There is no point in buying a cat carrier that can take your cat’s weight but that they could scratch and chew their way out of.

    A dedicated pet rucksack should also have an adequate amount of airflow. This may be holes or mesh, but it should be suitable for your cat and especially prevalent in hotter weather. After all, we’d imagine that most cat backpacks will be used in nice weather when you’re going for picnics and walks.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    Are cat backpacks cruel?

    There are people who firmly believe that taking your cat out on a lead or in a carrier on a trip is cruel and should be reserved for dogs.

    But some cats genuinely do enjoy being with their owners and exploring in a safe manner. After all, it is in their nature to be inquisitive. A cat backpack is just the same as a carrier – a way to transport your cat in a safe and secure manner.

    Some people may even argue that they are miles better than carriers, as not only is the cat high up (which many appreciate), but they are often a bit more compact too, and less likely to be shaken about which could cause your pet to move around. They’re also more comfortable for humans as the weight is spread across their body.

    Are cat backpacks safe?

    They are safe in many ways. Firstly, your moggy is secure in one, as they are often fastened with zips and buckles which aren’t easy to accidentally get into or break. There are also lead clips and fasteners on the inside to ensure they don’t escape when it is opened until you’re ready.

    A rucksack could also be safer for you to carry, as it spreads the weight and frees up your hands.

    How much should I spend on a cat rucksack?

    Prices can vary anywhere from around £20 to over £100.

    Those at the higher end of the price scale will likely be the best built, with stronger materials, more comfortable straps for you and some extra security to ensure your cat doesn’t do a Houdini. There may also be extendable areas in these.

    Think about how much you will use it. If it is for an annual vet trip, then spending near the top end on a bag that does everything could be unnecessary. But if you take Socks on a hike every weekend as you explore Britain, you don’t want to be spending less money yet have a bag they can escape out of. Losing him in the Lake District when you live in Essex is not ideal.

    Do remember that spending that bit more could mean a product that lasts for many more years than one at the lower end, however.

    How long can a cat be in a cat backpack?

    Some people say a cat can be in a carrier for up to 8 hours, with short breaks in between every 2 hours. We would say you’re best to factor in a break every hour if this is the case, or even train your cat to walk on the lead and harness if you’re going to be out all day.

    If in a car, it is a good idea to keep your cat secure in a large crate instead of in their cat backpack.