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Best Degu Cages For 2022

A degu cage will be where your pet spends a lot of their time, so it has to be right. As they can live for 6-7 years, it also has to be quality.

More akin to gerbils than rats or hamsters, a degu will enjoy digging, chewing and jumping their way through life and so need a suitably large cage to help them thrive inside your home. You can read more about their behaviour on the RSPCA website.

This means a really big hamster cage or a low ceilinged guinea pig enclosure isn’t suitable. Instead, degus require tall, multi-levelled structures similar to a chinchilla or rat. It is recommended that they are kept in pairs too, as they’re naturally sociable animals, so this means cages have to be spacious for both.

However, you may have noticed that as degus are still a fairly uncommon pet, enclosures made specifically for them are hard to come by. So your best bet is to purchase a rodent cage that can still provide them with the space they need.

These can be costly and so it’s imperative you make a measured decision when purchasing a degu cage to ensure it provides security, durability and longevity. A degu cage will also need a solid roof, as they’re naturally prey in the wild. They need vertical space to climb, too.

To help you pick the optimum choice for you and your degus, we’ve cast our expert eyes over the small pet cage market to help find the most suitable home for your degu.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Midwest Critter Nation Animal Habitat With Stand
    • Solid ramps and platforms
    • Extra secure critter proof locks
    • Wheeled stand & space-saving shelf
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    PawHut 4-Level Metal Small Animal Hutch
    • Play area with 2 ramps & 2 platforms
    • Easy to clean removable base
    • Anti-peeling, rust free coating
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    The Top Degu Cages Reviewed

    Yaheetech Large Iron Pet Cage For Rat/Ferret/Degu

    Rodent owners discovered many moons ago that the sheer height and overall size of bird cages often make them a fantastic option for energetic and active animals like degus.

    In fact, so many rodent lovers bought bird cages for their little scurriers that eventually, lots of birdcage brands turned their back on feathered friends and began exclusively marketing some of their enclosures at furrier friends instead!

    Yaheetech is one of the most popular brands for this kind of makeshift cage, as they provide huge enclosures with plenty of accessories, that are just as suitable for rodents as birds!

    This Large Pet Iron Cage is their best model, with 3 tiers connected with ladders to provide plenty of exploration and exercise!

    One of the safest and securest cages on the market, it’s front doors are secured with crescent locks which can prevent devious degus from gnawing their way free when you’re not around and the 1 cm bar spacing ensures even the wiliest of degu can’t squeeze their way out!

    Due to its vast size, it comes with a stand on four 360° swivel smooth-rolling wheels to help make it more portable and simpler to move around the house and the cage itself is detachable if you’ve found the perfect place for them to stay put.

    With birds being such messy creatures, you may also find this is the easiest model to clean as it’s front-facing double door designs and slide-out base trays make getting in every nook and cranny an effortless task.

    Providing mountains of space for customisation and crucial accessories, you don’t need to be able to fly to enjoy all the benefits of this small animal home!


    • 3 tiers with ladder connection
    • Safe & secure crescent locks
    • Wheeled stand for manoeuvrability


    • Weight: 22.3 Kg
    • Dimensions: 77.2 x 46.3 x 128.9 cm
    • Bar Spacing: 0.9 cm

    Midwest Critter Nation Animal Habitat With Stand

    Providing everything a rodent needs to thrive, this small animal cage from Midwest is ideal for degus, with an array of features that make their little lives that little bit easier!

    Firstly, it’s solid metal platforms and covered ramp are incredibly caring for ickle degu feet, helping them pitter patter around their enclosure without pain or needing extreme stability. The shelf offers lots of space for degus to explore and the pan ground floor helps protect against dangerous falls. Both are also easy to remove and clean!

    Helping to look out for owners too, it also provides double doors to offer maximum accessibility for cleaning and feeding.

    Best of all, there’s also critter-proof dual-locking door latches, to keep degus safe and secure!


    • Solid ramps and platforms
    • Extra secure critter proof locks
    • Wheeled stand & space-saving shelf


    • Weight: 26.8 Kg
    • Dimensions: 91.44 x 60.96 x 99.06 cm
    • Bar Spacing: 1 cm

    Tyrol Rodent Cage

    Definitely one of the more aesthetically pleasing cages on this list, Tyrol’s bright white enclosure with blue interior blends in much more nicely with home decor than a classic metal cage.

    It’s also a far more comfort conscious model than some of the others, being one of the few to utilise smooth, solid platforms and ramps to help take some pressure off your pet’s feet!

    An effortlessly adaptable cage, Tyrol provides you with three platforms and ladders which can be adjusted to a height of your choice and the base features four wheels so you can transport your degus to more acceptable areas of your home whenever you wish!

    It’s double doors also make gaining access a doddle, while an added security latch ensures this is one of the safer models on the market.

    Surprisingly, it’s also one of the few cages to offer pet owners crucial accessories such as a drinking bottle and bowl, helping you to save a few pennies and instantly turn it into your degu’s digs!


    • Adjustable height platforms & ladders
    • Removable plastic tray for easy cleaning
    • Drinking bottle and bowl included


    • Weight: 11.3 Kg
    • Dimensions: 93 x 64 x 44 cm
    • Bar Spacing: 2 cm

    PawHut 4-Level Metal Small Animal Hutch

    While we all love degus, not all of us are prepared to spend over £200 on a cage for them, as it’s a big investment that not everyone can afford.

    Browsing through cage prices can be very disheartening, and plenty of people might be put off buying degus altogether due to their large housing fees.

    However, budget options exist, and this 4 tier Small Animal Hutch from PawHut is a perfectly suitable abode for a pair of degus at a solid price!

    A heavy-duty affair, the cage comes with ramps and resting areas for degus to relax or exercise on, as well as a generous bottom play area for general scurrying about. This also means there’s plenty of room for enrichment toys, equipment and a running wheel too!

    For those who hate cleaning out cages, PawHut’s model also boasts an easy to detach base pan with 4 clip design, meaning you can easily click and unclick it into place during quick cleanups.

    This is also one of our favourite designs in terms of interactivity, as there’s nothing more important than spending quality time with your degus! With an expansive front door and specialist extra-wide roof opening, it’s simple to get into your cage for handling and feeding, making it a pet owner’s paradise!


    • Play area with 2 ramps & 2 platforms
    • Easy to clean removable base
    • Anti-peeling, rust free coating


    • Weight: 14 Kg
    • Dimensions: 81.2 x 52.7 x 110 cm
    • Bar Spacing: 2.4 cm

    Savic Small Pet Cage Zeno 2

    Small pet experts Savic know what you need when it comes to a Degu cage and has created the Zeno 2 Cage, which comes with two floors, one being a pink platform, a ladder and a cosy hammock for your little buddy to kick back and relax in.

    Made from plastic (Polypropylene) and coated metal (100% non-toxic), this cage is both cute with its pop of colour and sturdy. It comes with a large front door with an intelligent snap lock and benefits from thin bars to ensure your little degu stays safe.

    Accessories wise, it’s also pretty handy as well with one steel bowl with hooks for hanging it up and one plastic water bottle (500 ml) with hooks for hanging up.

    If you were to buy this cage, we’d recommend that it was only for a single degu, as it doesn’t offer much height.


    • Insertable divider
    • Easy clean, pull-out floor pan
    • Chewing damage protection


    • Weight: 17.03 Kg
    • Dimensions: 80 x 50 x 70 cm
    • Bar Spacing: 1.1 cm

    Buying Guide

    What we considered when choosing the best degu cages

    Firstly, as degus are quite new rodents in the UK, there isn’t much professional advice out there to go by. So, we have used our knowledge of other small pets as well as advice from animal charities such as the RSPCA to find the best cages.

    As a prey species, degus can get frightened by movements over their head. Birds are their main predator in the wild. Therefore, the RSPCA recommends a cage with a solid roof. These can be hard to come by, so bear it in mind. You may prefer to opt for a flat roof that can be covered by a separate lid, or plan ahead and buy a fabric covering.

    Avoid placing their enclosure at ground level as overhead movements would be more likely. Opt for something waist height. You can buy a raised cage, or purchase a suitable stand for their cage.

    Like all rodents, degus have particularly sharp teeth that grow continuously and so they will often gnaw and chew on just about everything to keep their gnashers in tip-top condition. Unfortunately, this includes their cage.

    It’s therefore incredibly important to avoid cages constructed from plastic or wood that can be easily gnawed through. Go for a metallic wire option that will resist their chompers and prevent unwanted escapes!

    Bar spacing needs to be 2cm or under for a degu cage, as otherwise, they may be able to squeeze through the gap. This means that cages for birds or rabbits may be inappropriate.

    Degus are energetic and active rodents who need plenty of space to thrive and their enclosure needs room to be filled toys and tunnels. You need a pretty big cage and general advice is that their enclosure needs to be around 70 L x 70 H x 45 W cm to sufficiently house two degus.

    We’ve found cages that meet these limits. For every extra degu you have, you’ll need another 100 sq cm of room to accommodate them.

    Remember though, these are just the minimum dimensions required by degus. Therefore general advice suggests that you simply purchase the very biggest cage you can fit inside your home.

    As degus love to run around and explore their environment, it’s always best to choose a cage with lots of platforms or levels for them to get more exercise and enjoyment out of their enclosure.

    Although not many cages are specifically designed for degus, you will often find that rodent cages designed for rats or chinchillas are tall and multi-levelled in design and so usually do perfectly. Don’t go too tall though as there could be a risk of falls or injury.

    Something that’s often overlooked when people purchase cages is the flooring, which can occasionally be made up of wiring rather than solid, smooth flooring. Wire flooring is painful and uncomfortable for a degu’s feet and so it’s best to avoid cages which don’t provide solid footing.

    Make sure to watch out for ramps and platforms that are solid too! These are admittedly a lot rarer and so if your cage doesn’t come with solid ladders, consider purchasing specialist degu platforms or customising the ladders with something like cardboard and felt to help make them comfier.

    Unlike a lot of pets, degus thankfully aren’t a very smelly creature, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t messy. While their poop should be firm, odourless and easy to clean up, their urine is less so and if you don’t clean regularly and allow it to build up, your pets can get ill and your nostrils will eventually take a beating!

    Deep bases can help keep bedding and faeces from flying out from between the bars while degus play and expansive access doors can help you get into every nook and cranny during clean-ups.

    Features such as pull-out cleaning trays can also make things much more simple. Cages which featured wide doors and other easy to clean functions made our list over their competitors which were less so.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    How much is a degu cage?

    Due to their size and material, a well-constructed degu cage can often be somewhat pricey.

    For a premium quality, durable and secure cage, you’ll generally pay between £100 and £200, most typically around £160.

    However, if you are on a budget and simply can’t afford this kind of degu cage, there are much more affordable options for owners of just one or two degus.

    Some smaller rodent cages can be priced under £100, however, they obviously come at the price of being much smaller and less accommodating to active and energetic degus.

    How big should a degu cage be?

    Because degus can get lonely when kept as a single pet, it’s common practice to keep them in at least a pair. They’d live in clans in the wild.

    A pair of degus need a 70 x 70 x 45 cm cage to thrive, but what about if you have more than two?

    To help you out, we’ve put together this handy list of cage sizes based on how many degus you own.

    But remember, these are just the minimum requirements and you should always be aiming to just give your pets the most spacious environment you can.

    3 Degus: 80 x 80 x 55 cm

    4 Degus: 90 x 90 x 55 cm

    5 Degus: 100 x 100 x 55 cm

    6 Degus: 110 x 110 x 55 cm

    Technically you’re just adding 100 square cm (10 cm increments to the length and height) for every extra degu you own.