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Best Budgie Toys for 2022

Budgies need entertainment and mental stimulation to keep them occupied, healthy and happy in their birdcages. Luckily, there’s a whole host of budgie toys out there to do just that.

Finding a good toy is a matter of personal preference both for you and your bird. They could ger hours of entertainment out of a very simple ball, and yet turn their nose up at an expensive swing fit for a feathered circus. Don’t be offended if they turn something down!

Instead, consider what they do like. Do they like simple things? Bright colours? Annoying noisy bells? Stick with these, but always offer variety.

One thing is certain, though. You need to ensure the toys are suitable for budgies. Anything too big, for a parrot, is a no. Avoid sharp edges or objects with gaps where body parts could get caught. A panicking budgie can easily die of stress. Loose strings, harmful coloured dyes and flavoured toys should also be avoided.

There are four categories of toys out there:

  • Swings
  • Climbing
  • Chewing
  • Exploring.

Try to give them a range that fulfils all four senses. A fulfilled budgie = a happy budgie!

To help you find the perfect toy for your little feathered friend, we’ve searched high and low for reviews of quality, fun and budget-friendly budgie toys below.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    MXSTORY Bird Cage 12 Pack
    • Includes swing
    • Colourful climbing & bells to attract birds
    Check Price
    Prevue Henrdyx Naturals Rope Ladder Toy
    • Handmade from 100% percent natural material
    • Promotes mental stimulation & play
    • Encourages foot exercise
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    The Top Budgie Toys Reviewed

    Trixie Wooden Playground

    What would a bird want from a playground?

    Ladders, perches, a swing? Metal chain and ring toy dangling from a metal ring hook? Well, this playground features it all. It is designed to give the bird a break when outside the cage, but can also be used in larger cages.

    Because it is wooden, it is really substantial and will keep them really occupied.


    • Variation of things to do
    • Completely wooden
    • Large size


    • Weight: 480g
    • Dimensions: 34 x 26 x 25 cm

    MXSTORY Bird Cage 12 Pack

    For a truly tantalising mix of all the different types of bird toys, this 12 pack of bird gadgets means you can collect every possible form of budgie entertainment in one simple set!

    The multi-toy extravaganza features hanging bells, a 3 belled tassel, hanging chew toys, a swing, a cotton tassel and a ladder! It’s likely you’ve seen versions of these toys elsewhere in this review page, but MXSTORY has combined them all together for one seriously special budgie birthday present.

    Their bright colours should quickly attract pet birds, while their varying assortment will ensure budgies never get bored with so many different stimuli to occupy their time with.


    • Includes swing
    • Colourful climbing & bells to attract birds


    • Weight: 210 g
    • Dimensions: ‎28 x 10 x 8 cm

    Prevue Henrdyx Naturals Rope Ladder Toy

    We’ll be the first to admit that as toys go, this doesn’t exactly look the most exciting.

    However, if you cast your mind back to almost every adventure film ever made, you’ll soon realise that there is actually nothing more thrilling or treacherous than a rickety old rope bridge – especially if there’s a crocodile-infested canyon underneath.

    And while thankfully there is no such horrors at the bed of your budgie cage, there is instead the much more real and graver threat of lots and lots of bird droppings, and so in a way, even more jeopardy for any budgie who dares step foot on this bird toy-cum-jungle canyon rope bridge.

    Made from sustainable materials, it’s irregular shape encourages budgies to regularly move their feet to stay stable, encouraging exercise and requiring quick thinking to stay on the bridge.

    The aim of the toy is to inspire rugged physical play, and so it’s especially fun if you have more than one budgie, but the toy is still just as suitable if you only have one.

    Approximately 17-inches long it’s fantastic for small to medium cages and will bring a little Indiana Jones into you and your budgie’s life!


    • Handmade from 100% percent natural material
    • Promotes mental stimulation & play
    • Encourages foot exercise


    • Weight: 22.7 g
    • Dimensions: 143.2 x 7.6 x 2.5 cm

    Trixie Ferris Wheel with Little Rattling Balls for Birds

    This is a colourful toy for small birds which can keep them occupied and is full of small rattling balls.

    It is made from plastic to be easy to clean and allow them to use it, and at 10cm tall it can offer a challenge without being too difficult. Ideal to place on a cage floor.


    • Plastic and lightweight
    • Keeps them occupied
    • Colourful


    • Weight: 60 g
    • Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 10 cm

    Happy Beaks Starburst Bird Toy

    With its bright coloured stars, wooden beads and jingly bell, this Happy Beaks toy will do just as it says and make some budgies very happy.

    They’ll stay entertained for hours as they pick, bite and pull away at the rough texture of this toy. Plus, it will add a happy burst of colour to your little buddies home.



    • Colourful hanging forage toys
    • Added bell for entertainment


    • Weight: 45.4 g
    • Dimensions: 5.1 x 16.5 x 2.5cm

    Bird Stand Perch with Mirror for Budgie

    Ever met those people that spend their past time just looking at themselves? Well, that’s pretty much what budgies are like! While we may not consider a mirror as a toy, budgies are fascinated by their own reflection since they’re more colourful than most toys anyway!

    The mirror stand is made of natural wood and is designed to hold a budgie safely, and you can hang it up easily within the cage thank to the two hooks located on the back.


    • Great Reviews
    • Made from natural wood so non-toxic


    • Weight: 50 g
    • Dimensions: 10x10x10cm

    Rosewood Assorted Toys

    Take the most popular budgie toys on the market and put them all into one package. This is the package.

    The Olympic rings, mirror lantern, and lattice balls are all of great quality and the difference will keep your birds occupied for a little while.

    They aren’t strong enough if your budgie is a bit of a rascal and likes to destroy things, but great if they’re more of the inquisitive kind. They’re good value for money all the same.


    • Cheap
    • Variety to keep them occupied


    • Weight: 49 g
    • Dimensions: Various

    UEETEK Swing Chew Cotton Rope Toy

    Providing pet birds with a fun elevated place to swing, chew and climb, this cotton spiral ladder swing toy offers both a colourful aesthetic for your budgie cage and a nice spot for your bird to perch and play on.

    Completely safe to chew, it encourages exercise and stability in birds, helping to develop their balance and coordination with its unusual shape.

    It’s funky pattern isn’t just there to please your eye either, as it will actually dazzle and attract bored budgies too, who’ll be only too happy to come and inspect their cage’s hottest new addition.

    Easy to install, it’s a classic toy that creates the perfect playground and will unlock the adventurer in any budgie!


    • Fun elevated place to perch, chew or climb
    • Promotes budgie balance and exercise
    • Colourful design to catch your pet’s attention


    • Weight: 204 g
    • Dimensions: 137 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm

    LANSONTECH Bird Swing & Toys set

    Kitting out a bird cage can be a lengthy process, and an expensive one with so many toys, decorations and essentials to stock up on one by one.

    But unless you’ve seen the mother of all bird toys and just have to have it, the easy choice to make when looking to keep your budgie occupied is to just splash out on a complete set of goodies.

    This seven piece swings and climbing set from LANSONTECH should cure its fair share of budgie boredom, with an included bell swing and six climbing ropes of various materials to be pecked and prodded.

    Made from 100% natural wood and dyed with edible pigments, they’re completely safe for your bird to play with how they wish and provide a superb spot for them to rest their feet or exercise away.

    All easily clipped to the cage with an active hook, just make sure your cage has enough room for all of these delights!


    • 7 piece swings and climbing toy set
    • 100% natural wood, safe to chew
    • Helps strengthen budgie muscles!


    • Weight: 45.4 g
    • Dimensions: 7.6 x 7.6 x 12.7 cm

    Keersi Intelligence Training Skateboard

    Calling all sk8r boys and chicks!

    If you haven’t already, you can finally forget Tony Hawk, because thanks to this totally rad skateboard toy from Keersi, there’s going to be a new birdman in town… your budgie!

    Although it’s unlikely your feathered friend is going to be schooling anyone on the half-pipe anytime soon, this novelty toy is a great bit of fun, and should give you and your bird a humorous bonding experience!

    Introduce your budgie to the board and see if you can train them to work out how it moves and unlock their secret intelligence! Or alternatively, you can just let them peck at the spinning wheels and throw it around,

    Because even if they never manage to move an inch on their new deck and wheels, it’s a toy worth it for the visual value alone!

    But don’t give up too quickly, because we sense an X Games on the horizon! (Google it grandad.)


    • Novelty toy for standing on, or moving around
    • Train your budgie to skate!
    • A cool accessory for your bird cage


    • Weight: 18.1 g
    • Dimensions: 11.2 x 5 x 2.2 cm

    Buying Guide

    Things we looked out for when finding the best budgie toys

    First of all, safety should always be your priority when buying a toy for any pet. Always aim to buy toys of the highest quality to avoid being disappointed or subjecting a budgie to potentially dangerous, poorly constructed toys.

    The main things to avoid are toys with sharp edges, large gaps or dangling loose threads where they might get caught or trapped. You might think these are hardly a recipe for disaster in such a small cage, but the facts are that a stressed or panicked budgie can very easily die from fear or injury. We avoided any which had comments regarding issues with safety.

    Budgies actually have incredible colour vision unlike a lot of pets, and so fantastically coloured ropes and swings may encourage them to play with a toy more frequently. We looked for brightness and variation to attract your pet.

    But do be cautious of this, too. Don’t go for anything which doesn’t state it uses bird-safe non-toxic paints. Most made for this reason will be fine, however, we did find some cheap options on sites such as Amazon which were dubious.

    Wooden or plastic toys are the best bet for budgies when it comes to material, although wood often offers more chewing and pecking options. Rope and ladder toys are alternatively often made out of cotton or sisal. Make sure to never use ropes constructed from nylon as they can result in injury.

    With so many different species of pet birds out there, toy manufacturers have a hard time categorising what toys are suitable for what bird. And as it is so confusing, It’s quite often that most toys are just listed as suitable for every bird type, leaving you uncertain whether to go for a product or not.

    Thankfully, in the main, this is more a problem for owners with larger birds, as finding out a swing or rope is far too small for them to even grasp with a talon can be very frustrating. Budgies on the other hand are unlikely to ever have the issue of something being too small for them!

    The main issue with size for budgie owners instead usually comes down to how much room they have in the cage. Make sure to study the product dimensions and the dimensions of your own cage before buying, as you don’t want a huge obstruction stopping a budgie from spreading its wings.

    However, even if it fits well, if it looks to be quite a big, boisterous toy, then it of course still might not be entirely suitable, as you don’t want something so large it might hurt your feathered friend. While this can be in your hands mostly, all of our picks are budgie-friendly in general.

    Types of Toy


    A toy that clips or attaches to the roof of the bird cage, they’re not too dissimilar from a classic garden swing seat. Often in the form of either a platform or perch, they provide a gentle swinging motion for your budgie and can also have bells attached for added amusement.


    Things like ladders, hanging spirals and hanging rope all offer opportunities for your bird to jump from place to place, practising their stability, coordination and balance by climbing up them.


    It might sound strange but budgies get just as much an urge to chew and nibble as say a hamster or a mouse. Therefore toys that offer foraging and pecking opportunities are often a big hit with birds. These will often be simple things like a collection of rattan, or perhaps a more complicated toy with various different chewable ropes and wooden blocks amalgamated together!

    Other Buyers Ask...

    How much should a budgie toy cost?

    Considering you can get sets of 7 or more budgie toys for less than £15, you shouldn’t have to spend a boatload on these bird items.

    For one high-quality item such as a swing or a rope, you should expect to pay between £5 and £10. We will say though that we wouldn’t recommend going for the absolute cheapest options out there. Investing a little bit could mean better safety and longer-lasting products.

    What are the best budgie toys?

    Budgies like to climb on toys, so bear this in mind.

    The best toys for budgies are spiral ladders. This is because they offer the most activities possible in just one item:

    • Their spiralling structure can be climbed by inquisitive budgies or used as a perch
    • Their clipped hanging style means you can gently swing on them
    • They can easily have bells and other items attached to them

    Budgies also like round hollow plastic balls which they can climb on and move around on. They can also push these around the cage. However, offer your budgie the biggest variety possible.

    How many toys should my budgie have?

    A small bird should have around 10-15 toys at any one time in its cage. These should all offer something different, such as colour, function or texture.

    It may seem like a lot, but it gives your budgie plenty of choice and stimulation to prevent boredom.

    Signs of a happy budgie include noises such as chirping, clicking, chattering, singing, and whistling. They should love to play, spread their wings, groom, and be social. If they seem to be a bit down, they may simply need more toys!