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Best Dog Bed Caves for 2022

There’s no denying that being huddled up in a duvet is one of the most calming and comforting things around, so it’s no surprise that dogs like to feel that enclosed safety as well. And with their hooded arches and warm cosy interior, a dog cave bed provides this, with many dog owners finding them to be truly effective in soothing their anxious little buddy.

A dog cave bed provides a space for them to relax and burrow into with a little privacy from the busy outside world. And since dogs would curl up under a shelter in the wild, their instinct will naturally tell them that a hooded space is a safe place.

So whether your dog is struggling with anxiety or you just want them to have their very own little hideout, a dog cave bed is an excellent style to choose and won’t disappoint.

To find out which ones are the best on the market, we’ve compared brands and looked at all the features deemed important to see which products measure up and which ones were worth enough to be in our round-up of the 10 best dog cave beds.


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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Furhaven Dog Nest Bed
    • Variety of foam choices, colours and sizes (one of the few beds that caters to large dogs)
    • Made from material that’s gentle on paws and noses
    • 3-inch foam for orthopaedic benefit
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    Collared Creatures Luxury Dog Cave Bed
    • Fantastic reviews
    • Luxury brand and materials
    • Machine washable
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    Charley Chau Luxury Snuggle Bed
    • Machine washable dog bed
    • Waterproof mattress lining available
    • Luxury brand
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    The Top Dog Cave Beds Reviewed

    Furhaven Dog Nest Bed

    Another widely popular choice, the Furhaven Dog Nest Bed, is impressive because it features orthopaedic foam and has a faux lambswool lining.

    With the Furhaven Dog Nest, you can choose between memory foam, cooling gel foam or orthopaedic support foam for cushioning in your dog’s bed. It’s not just buzzwords either; the beds are crafted with a medical-grade support foam underneath your choice of cushioning, so your pup will have firm support as well as comfort. This will eliminate any issues of sinking memory foam and can relieve any joint pain/pressure while improving body alignment.

    As if the design wasn’t smart enough, the hood can also transition to be used as a duvet or a tented cave, so you can adapt the bed to what your pup prefers. Finally, a lining of insulting sherpa will ensure your dog is wrapped up in cosy comfort.


    • Variety of foam choices, colours and sizes (one of the few beds that caters to large dogs)
    • Made from material that’s gentle on paws and noses
    • 3-inch foam for orthopaedic benefit


    • Dimensions: 111.76 x 111.76 x 7.62 cm
    • Size: M - Jumbo Plus
    • Material: Polyester, faux lambs wool

    Collared Creatures Luxury Dog Cave Bed

    This bed is technically the largest on our list, at 98cm, but it is a bit pricier than the rest. Having said that, if you’re willing to spend a bit more for top-notch quality and need something for a large dog such as a Vizsla, Pointer or Terrier, then it is the best you can buy.

    They will feel cosy and secluded while staying warm in winter. These breeds have short coats and often love the mud and rain, so warmth is vital. Unlike a lot of the other beds around, the hood on this bed is padded which gives extra warmth too.

    It also keeps its shape, so if you are concerned about your dog not liking having to burrow in and think something more solid will be appealing to them, it is perfect. The tubing will keep everything supported so they don’t feel trapped.

    The hood is attached with both velcro strips, and a zip at one side for a bit more reliability.


    • Fantastic reviews
    • Luxury brand and materials
    • Machine washable


    • Dimensions: 98cmcm
    • Size: One size
    • Material: upholstery grade outer material, Faux Sherpa Fleece inner, Spring-wound poly-filled cushion

    Charley Chau Luxury Snuggle Bed

    As a slightly alternative version of the dog cave, snuggle beds are becoming increasingly popular, and the Charley Chau Snuggle is the most luxe of them all. Charley Chau is a British brand that prides itself on quality and luxury, and this bed goes above and beyond.

    Let’s firstly begin with the deep-filled hypoallergenic mattress that’s soft but supportive and designed with internal channels to stop the fibre filling from moving around. This means your dog won’t ever have to put up with a mattress going lumpy!

    The outer cover is made from a premium weave that’s often found on sofas and armchairs; it’s an upholstery grade 57/43 and is known for its robust qualities.

    And just in case the deep filled mattress wasn’t cosy enough, the bed has Charley Chau’s exclusive faux fur fleece lining that’s known for its calming attributes since it replicates a mother’s fur.


    • Machine washable dog bed
    • Waterproof mattress lining available
    • Luxury brand


    • Dimensions: 100 x 80 cm (L)
    • Size: S, M, L
    • Material: Polycotton blended fabric, faux-fur fleece, polyester hollow-fibre filling

    Amazon Basics Large Pet Cave Bed

    More often than not, dog cave beds are tailored to small dogs and cats, so it’s refreshing when a brand thinks of the larger pups too.

    This model is also available in small, medium and extra-large so you don’t have to leave the toy breeds out, but the large size offers dogs something a bit roomier. It is available in tan or blue, and the faux sheepskin inner will keep your pooch lovely and warm and snug.

    We love how the hood is actually a removable zipped attachment as well, so on warmer days, you can take it off and allow them to stretch out. This also makes it ideal for use in a car or on holiday.

    The suede-like exterior is nice and easy to keep clean and also helps the whole bed look rather stylish and expensive. Dogs can get right in and either snuggle tight or spread out, depending on how they are feeling.

    The hood height on all models is 10cm, which should give dogs enough room to get in and turned around.


    • Choice of sizes
    • Easy to keep clean with removable cover and hood
    • Sophisticated colour choices


    • Dimensions: ‎Large 89 x 89 x 33 cm
    • Size: S, M, L, XL
    • Material: Outer faux suede, Inner sherpa fleece

    Snoozer Cozy Cave Dog Bed

    When it comes to cave beds, Snoozer’s Cosy Cave is perhaps one of the most popular choices in the dog community. It’s a seriously impressive bed for your dog to nestle into with its deep thick cushioning, sherpa cover and a supported arch to give them the enclosed sense of safety that will soothe them.

    It’s perfect for dogs that love to get under your covers, and it’s also available with an orthopaedic foam base in case your pup needs extra support for any aching joints.

    The cushion is puffed up with added polyfill and has cedar in for a tranquil, pleasant smell as well.


    • Machine washable dog bed
    • Great choice of colours and sizes
    • Calming dog bed


    • Dimensions: ‎114.3 x 114.3 x 30.48 cm
    • Size: S - XL
    • Material: Polycotton, sherpa

    Best Friends by Sheri Luxury Orthopedic Hooded Dog Bed

    Best Friends with Sheri is a leading brand in dog beds thanks to her ever-popular donut bed, and now she’s created a hooded version. With its soft faux fur interior, calming donut shape and deep filled cushioning, this bed is a little haven for any pup and will soothe any worries they have.

    It’s also filled with premium virgin Airloft fibres that hold its shape three times longer than other pet bed fillings.

    The high walls and hood create a sense of security as it envelops your pooch and gives them a little privacy away from daily distractions.

    The bed is also encased with a textured upholstery-grade microfiber that’s durable and hard-wearing to protect the bed from any scratches, and since the textured bottom is water-resistant, no wet surfaces will affect your little buddy.


    • Pet-safe, durable nylon material to ensure dog won’t choke on faux fur
    • Money back guarantee
    • Machine washable bed


    • Dimensions: ‎66.04 x 66.04 x 17.78 cm
    • Size: S, M
    • Material: Airloft fibres, polyfill, polyester

    Pet Parade Pet Cave Dog Bed by Jobar

    Thanks to the removable hood cover, this bed is not only cosy but multifunctional and practical too. It is the ideal hideout for winter when it is cold, and summer when they need to be able to stretch out instead.

    It also means both the cover and the hood are washable, which helps with hairs and pongs. The sherpa lining is really soft and comfortable for all dogs, and the 25″ base gives them enough cushioning for any floor type.

    The price is a real selling point, too. For under £30, it may not be a bed that can rival the top end cushioned supportive dog beds out there, but it is still good enough to make it into our top 10 and even beat some twice the price.

    Unfortunately, it is only Small, so will suit dogs up to the size of a French Bulldog or Bischon Frise. But if you have one of these breeds, it is an ideal place for them to call home.


    • Non-slip bottom
    • Removable hood
    • Holds heat in well


    • Dimensions: 76.1 x 47.4 x 16.5 cm
    • Size: Small
    • Material: Polyester suede, faux fur

    K and H Bedding Dog Bed Cot House

    Made from 600 denier nylon, this cave bed will not only give your pup some shelter from a busy environment but from any moisture as well. It’s ideal for outside or inside, and since it’s raised off the ground, it will improve air circulation helping your pup to regulate their temperature better.

    The tent has two windows that you can open to allow more air to flow through, or they can be closed to help your dog settle better.

    A raised bed has also been found to have orthopaedic properties since the joints aren’t coming into contact with a hard surface. Mesh is naturally stretchy, so it allows your dog’s weight to sink in rather than create pressure in the way that a hard floor would.


    • Cot is machine washable, but the cover can only be spot cleaned in order to protect the waterproof coating.
    • Non-skid rubber feet
    • No tools necessary and easy to assemble


    • Dimensions: 9.5 x 76 x 107cm (L)
    • Size: S, M, L
    • Material: Nylon

    TRIXIE Junior Cave

    Designed especially for puppies, this plush little cave is perfect for the new addition to the family. The warm padding inside will surround them with a sense of warmth and comfort, while the tent will give them the privacy they need to relax and settle in.

    The faux fur fleece lining covers the inside of the tent, giving a soft to the touch feel, and a fur-like texture that’s comforting in the way their mother’s fur would be.

    The bed is also a sophisticated grey colour that will fit perfectly with any decor, and the dome shape is reminiscent of the kind of luxury yurt that you can expect to find on Airbnb.


    • Polyester fleece filling
    • Built-in cushioning
    • Non-slip base


    • Dimensions: 45 x 30 x 40 cm
    • Size: One Size
    • Material: Polyester

    Best Friends by Sheri 2-in-1 Honeycomb Hut-Cuddler

    We love Best Friends By Sheri so much that we decided to feature them twice, and while the other option is more of a snuggle, the Honeycomb hut is more cavelike with its complete roof and dome inside.

    It’s perfect for small dogs and acts as a 2-in-1 since the roof folds in on itself to make an open bed. So you can alter your dog’s space depending on how they’re feeling.

    If your dog gets cold easily, this bed is an ideal choice since it’s by far one of the best on the list to keep the heat in. And for extra convenience, the exterior is made from tightly woven microfiber for extra durability and to keep out dust mites.


    • Machine washable dog bed
    • Flexible, lightweight foam construction
    • Removable insert for easy maintenance


    • Dimensions: 40.6 x 33 x 10.2 cm
    • Size: Standard
    • Material: Micro-fiber foam, nylon

    Buying Guide

    How we chose the best dog cave beds

    It’s never easy knowing what sets a dog bed apart from the rest, so follow our guide of things to look for to feel confident in your purchase and avoid any buyers remorse.


    When it comes to dog cave beds, we always recommend going a size up to accommodate the small space inside cave beds; they’re designed to be cosy, so naturally, the room inside them is a little tighter than usual and this needs to be accounted for. Dogs tend to curl up inside cave beds anyway, but to ensure your dog has enough room if they want to lie flat, we recommend measuring from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail. It’s a good idea to measure height as well since some cave beds require the dog to climb in from the entrance.


    The material you can expect to find with cave beds is polyester, nylon, faux fur, and sherpa. Polyester and nylon are really practical because they both have water-resistant qualities and are usually machine washable. Fleece sherpa also has water-resistant properties and is quite common in dog beds since it feels a lot like lambswool. When looking for a dog cave bed, it’s always a good idea to check the padding material inside the cushion and to decide beforehand what properties are most important to you; for example, some materials are more breathable (cotton and polyester are the most breathable), whereas some hold heat better and others are water-resistant. Once you know what properties you’re looking for, it will be easier to decide.

    As a general rule, you want the material to be durable, and it’s also important to check that the material is pet safe. Best Friends By Sheri, for example, has certified pet-safe material, so you can always trust that it isn’t going to cause your dog harm.


    A key thing to look for is how easy the bed is to clean with any dog bed. It’s always a good idea to buy a bed with a cover that’s machine washable. However, if it’s not, you can still clean the bed by soaking it in warm soapy water, or you can try spot cleaning it with a soapy sponge and a little baking soda to remove any stains – it just may take a little longer.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    Are cave beds good for dogs?

    There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ rule with dogs, because as we know, they’re all so widely unique. However, generally speaking, dogs do seem to love cave beds, and any initial reservation from them may just be an adjustment to something new. Many people have detailed the positive effect that a cave bed has had on their dog’s anxiety, so we believe this style of bed is certainly worth considering.

    How do I get my dog to use a cave bed?

    While dog cave beds may have plenty of benefits for your little buddy, there’s still the saying that ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ for a reason, and if your canine is a little on the stubborn side, then maybe try putting a few treats in the dog bed and put familiar scents in there as well like one of your t-shirts or one of their cushions so they identify it as comforting familiar place.

    Why do dogs like cave beds?

    Dogs are pack/den animals, so finding a place to sleep that offers them both warmth and protection is going to be on top of their agenda. While many of our dogs are now a long way from wild living, their instinct will still be there, and safety means a place where nothing can sneak upon them, while they have an optimal lookout.

    A cave bed provides exactly this by covering their body and allowing them to watch on from the entrance. The shelter, padded comfort and warmth are what makes these beds so appealing to dogs.

    Where can I buy a cave bed?

    As with many other specialised dog beds, it’s often tricky to find one on the high street, so shopping online is the best way to find the one you want. Not In The Doghouse and Pets At Home may occasionally have cave beds, but you’re better off looking on Amazon, Not On The High Street, Pawtastic, Etsy and Pet Prestige. Also, check out brands like Kona Cave, Best Friends By Sherri, The Collared Creatures, Trixie and Orvis.