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Best Cooling Dog Beds for 2022

While we’re all living our best lives in the beer garden or at the beach, our unfortunate canine friends are less than enthusiastic about the summer weather. This is why a cooling dog bed could come in handy.

Their warm fur coat is like the equivalent of us wearing a sheepskin jacket every day throughout the summer months. Imagine that whilst you’re trying to get to sleep? If they cannot cool down through panting, they could suffer from heatstroke. This is potentially lethal.

As dogs spend the majority of the day sleeping, a cool, comfortable bed is crucial in maintaining their wellbeing. Cooling dog beds will provide additional airflow to your dog in warmer weather. This will provide much-needed relief.

So to give your little buddy a restful night and an easier summer, we’ve compiled a list of the best cooling beds available right now including self-cooling beds and raised beds.

If you’re not sure that a bed is what you’re looking for, then check out our round-up of the best dog cooling mats instead. In our guide below, we’ve also included our top tips on what else you can do to keep your dog cool this summer.

But first, let’s kick off with our top choices!

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Sealy Lux Pet Dog Bed
    • Removable cover is machine washable
    • Quad Layer Technology
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    Veehoo Cooling Elevated Dog Bed
    • Great choice of sizes
    • Option to add canopy
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    The Top Cooling Dog Beds Reviewed

    K9 Pursuits Warming/Cooling Reversible Orthopaedic Bed

    By far one of the smartest designs, the K9 Pursuit Reversible Bed not only has high-density memory foam to relieve joint and muscle stiffness but two reversible sides that allow the bed to adapt to the changing seasons.

    One side of the bed has a 100% cooling gel-infused memory foam layer for those warm Spring and hot Summer months. In contrast, the other side has another layer of memory foam that’s covered in thick, luxurious thermal Sherpa for the cold Autumn/Winter months.


    • Can use all year round
    • Thick memory foam for comfort as well as coolness


    • Dimensions: 10 x 89 x 56cm
    • Size: Medium
    • Material: Memory foam, sherpa

    Scruffs Cooling Dog Bed

    As a long-established pet product brand, Scruffs is trusted by many to deliver quality products, and once again, they’ve delivered for our summertime problems!

    The Scruffs Cool Dog Bed has an inner self-cooling mat that’s filled with a non-toxic gel and will be typically 5-10 degrees cooler than room temperature. When in use, the mat will maintain its cooling properties for approximately 1hr depending upon the environment. That doesn’t mean you only get an hour out of this bed, however. To reset the cooling properties, simply leave the bed unused for 1hr, and it will be back to normal – there’s no need to freeze or refrigerate.

    To ensure comfort, it features a foam base for enhanced cushioning and support, along with a breathable 3D mesh for improved airflow that will help your dog regulate their temperature better.

    It has sidewalls constructed with a 100% recycled polyester filling, a naturally cool and water-resistant material, which is handy if your pooch is hanging by the pool. The polyester also provides greater cushioning characteristics and enhanced durability during washing.


    • Padded sides
    • Water-resistant


    • Dimensions: XL - 100cm x 75cm
    • Size: M, L, XL
    • Material: 100% Polyester

    Gen7 Dog Cool-Air Cot Trailblazer

    As another fantastic brand, Gen7 is at the forefront of innovative dog products that truly meet the needs of our canine friends. The Cool-Air Cot Pet Bed is one of these said products being the only cot offering a comfortable back for your pet to snuggle into and relax.

    The Smart Air-Flow mesh provides cool air to flow through and promotes water drainage after it rains, reducing the potential for damp, itchy hotspots on a pet’s fur.

    The cot is also ideal for raising your pet off muddy, hot or wet surfaces, and as with any raised bed, there is less pressure on the joints because they’re not lying on a hard surface.

    The Gen7Pets Cool-Air Cot Pet Bed snaps together or apart, making it ideal for beach days and convenient when travelling. It’s extremely durable with double stitching for extra strength and robust with a powder-coated steel frame that won’t rust when left outside.


    • Great airflow for cooling down
    • Great for travel


    • Dimensions: L - 17.78 x 95.89 x 66.4cm
    • Size: M, L
    • Material: Canvas

    Sealy Lux Pet Dog Bed

    As a popular choice amongst other dog owners, we couldn’t not have the Sealy Lux Dog Bed in our lineup for cooling beds. It has premium orthopaedic Quad Element memory foam for ultimate comfort while having a thick cooling gel layer on top.

    The bed is comprised of four smart layers that target specific: Cooling Energy Gel layer, PetRest Memory Foam, Orthopedic Foam and Charcoal HD Foam. This ensures that your dog experiences complete comfort and support of their joints without overheating.

    This Lux bed is also built with a Pro-Charcoal base to help absorb odours which is pretty handy for keeping your dog’s bed fresh throughout the summer months.



    • Removable cover is machine washable
    • Quad Layer Technology


    • Dimensions: 91.4 x 71.1 x 17.8 cm
    • Size: S-M
    • Material: Memory foam, Polyester

    Veehoo Cooling Elevated Dog Bed

    While there are many lifted dog beds on the market, there are few that cater to large dogs and few that are truly chew proof. If you have a young pup that’s still teething or your dog struggles with anxiety, then the Veehoo Original Elevated Dog Bed incorporates indestructible Textilene mesh that’s difficult to bite through.

    However, the main event is the way that this vet recommended bed will cool your little buddy down, and that’s taken care of in two main ways.

    The mesh alone creates better air circulation and breathability, but Textilene fabric is also heat-resistant to prevent heat spots from occurring on the bed.

    Being raised off the floor also prevents heat from being trapped under the bed allowing for better airflow and circulation of warm air.

    In short, it means your pup doesn’t have to be on a hard, hot, dirty surface.

    And since durability is crucial when your dog’s weight is suspended off the ground, the bed is composed of powder-coated poles to prevent rust and is square-shaped, which is stronger than circular poles. The Textilene mesh is also incredibly durable and hard-wearing as the corners are also reinforced with tee-union feet for added strength and durability as well as featuring a canopy hole so you can add a cover.



    • Great choice of sizes
    • Option to add canopy


    • Dimensions: XL - 125 x 83 x 22.5 cm - Can hold a maximum weight of 150 pounds (68kg)
    • Size: S, M, L, XL
    • Material: Textilene Mesh and Powder-Coated Steel

    Petorrey Plush Memory Foam Orthopaedic Dog Bed

    A great cooling option if you’re looking for memory foam for the larger dogs; this Orthopaedic dog bed from PETORREY caters to big canines and allows your dog to have all the comfort of memory foam without the stuffiness.

    Naturally, bigger dogs need more support for their joints, but memory foam is notorious for holding heat which is not ideal in the summer months. Luckily, PETORREY has thought of this and designed an orthopaedic bed that has a thick layer of cooling gel on top of the memory foam to keep your dog chilled on a hot summer day.

    The surface of the cooling dog bed is also made of high-quality materials which are plush, soft and scratch-proof, allowing your dog to relax in the kind of softness that other cooling beds don’t offer.


    • 100% waterproof lining to protect the memory foam
    • Non-slip bottom


    • Dimensions: 104 x 74 x 10 cm
    • Size: M-XL
    • Material: Fleece material, memory foam, cooling gel

    Bunty Foldable Raised Dog Bed

    This raised dog bed uses a woven fabric that encourages airflow beneath your dog to regulate their temperature. Since it’s excellent value, it’s a great choice if you’re on a budget or looking for temporary use as well.

    It’s constructed using a high-strength and durable material with a rust-resistant, stainless-steel frame, and since many of us only want to use cooling beds on the summer days, this is super handy in having foldable legs, so you can simply slide it away when you’re done.


    • Portable
    • Prevents aches and pains with lack of hard surface


    • Dimensions: 105 x 65 x 18 cm
    • Size: S, M, L
    • Material: Woven fabric, stainless steel

    Buying Guide

    How we chose the best cooling dog beds

    As with buying any bed, there are certain things to look for that will ensure a cooling dog bed will be effective, and this generally includes the size and material of the bed.

    It’s common sense to know that a small bed won’t keep a large dog cool, and yet many people guess the size will be right for their dog without measuring them first. We understand that trying to put a tape measure next to your dog may be tricky, but it will certainly pay off in the long run. We recommend measuring the distance from your dog’s nose to the base of its tail, so you have a clear picture of what space the dog has when fully stretched out.

    We tried to find beds which are available in a range of sizes, from small through to large. If you think your dog may be on the edge of a measurement, always size up. If they’re warm, they will likely stretch out, even if they usually sleep huddled up.

    Again, weighing your dog is not an easy task, but checking your dog’s weight is especially important if you’re going to buy an elevated dog bed. A lot of the lifted dog beds have a maximum weight capacity, so it’s always a good idea to check. As a general rule, 30 pounds (14 kg) or less is generally considered a small dog. Dogs weighing over 55 pounds (25 kg) is usually considered a large dog. We tried to find the most substantial raised dog beds around.

    The choice of material largely depends on what your priority is for your dog’s cooling bed. The coolest possible material is mesh because it allows the most airflow. Canvas materials, nylon and polyester are going to be cool as well, although they won’t provide any cushioning on their own.

    Naturally, memory foam is the most orthopaedic and comfortable material, but even with cooling gel, you may still lose some of the coolness because there is just not the same air circulation.

    If you don’t want the heat of memory foam, but you have a senior dog with joint problems, then lifted/elevated dog beds are actually vet recommended since lying on a hard surface puts pressure on joints, and an elevated bed makes it easier for older dogs to get up anyway.

    Many of the filled cooling beds will have a removable cover that’s machine washable. We opted for these versus beds that can’t be cleaned easily.

    However, some of the elevated dog beds may require that you dismantle the bed to take the machine washable cover off, while some may be spot clean only. You can spot clean stains with an enzyme cleaner that’s designed to break down deep-set stains.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    Do cooling dog beds work, and how?

    This is a question that gets asked a lot, but if you understand why a cooling bed works, then you can see that it’s inevitable that they will provide some relief to the heat, and as always, the reviews will always give you an indication as to how effective the product is.

    Most cooling beds have cooling gel in them, made up of beads designed to help absorb heat and draw it away from the sleeper. However, because the gel beads have nowhere to go once they’ve collected that heat, the bed may lose its initial coolness after time. To avoid this, put the bed in the shade where less heat will be collected and give the bed short intervals where your dog is not sitting on it so it can lose the heat that it’s absorbed.

    When it comes to elevated dog beds, the simple process of air circulation will always work as opposed to a solid object with dense material. If you walk into a large room with open windows, it’s naturally going to feel lighter and cooler than a small room filled with furniture and no airflow. Material conducts warmth, so it makes sense that if the material isn’t touching a warm floor, it will not conduct it. Yes, warm air rises, but this can pass through the mesh inserts rather than sticking around in the fabric.

    Where can I buy a dog cooling bed?

    The best place to find dog cooling beds is online – since they’re seasonal, many shops don’t stock them. Pets At Home, Amazon, Pawfect4Paws, Pawtastic, Bunty and Not In The Doghouse are all online stores that will provide a great range of both self-cooling and lifted dog beds. You can also be electric self-cooling dog mats on Amazon as well.

    What can I do to keep my dog cool?

    You want to do everything in your power to make it cooler for your dog, so as well as cooling their sleeping space down, we also recommend having fans in the room to continue to circulate the air.

    • Have plenty of clean, fresh and cool water dotted around at various places outside or in your home
    • Don’t let your dog spend too much time outside. It’s also a good idea to have a doggy paddling pool; it might be a pain blowing it up, but it’s the most efficient way of cooling your dog down.
    • Shelter them, whether that be a big umbrella over their bed or some kind of canopy.
    • Create some frozen treats that they can gnaw away at throughout the day
    • Take them for walks in the early morning and evening when it’s coolest, and avoid tarmac/asphalt as this surface can get very hot.