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Best Reptile Humidifiers for 2022

Reptiles are one of the most interesting groups of animals to keep as pets, but there is no denying that they also require a lot of setup in order for their environment to be perfect.

Every species will need different levels of UVA, UVB, basking areas and humidity, but it is the latter which we are focusing on below. Humidity is vital for comfortable shedding and movement, and will also help them maintain their temperature.

You can, of course, do this manually with a spray bottle but let’s be honest – that is incredibly time-consuming, and will be a lot of stress between getting everything right and at the right moments.

So, the below humidifiers will ensure that your pet’s tank is always kept in just the right conditions when it comes to the hydration levels required.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Zoo Med Repti Fogger Terrarium Humidifier
    • Easy to top water up
    • Good price
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    Exo Terra Monsoon Rain System Multi
    • Really adaptable
    • Great sized tank
    Check Price
    MistKing Misting System
    • Everything included
    • Various levels of equipment to choose from
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    The Top Reptile Rainmakers & Foggers Reviewed

    Zoo Med Repti Fogger Terrarium Humidifier

    Using ultrasonic technology to create a fine mist in your terrarium when needed, this fogger is a favourite of keepers of amphibians.

    It can be used in environments which require minimal humidity as well as jungle systems where more moisture is needed. Compact, it sits just outside the tank so takes up no valuable space inside.

    Just use the one-litre bottle included for the water supply, and it has a fully adjustable fog output control so you can fine-tune everything. There is a ‘no-spill’ valve to make refilling easy, as well.

    It can be integrated with a timer or humidity controller to regulate the levels in the terrarium, and everything can be monitored with a hygrometer. You can also use the Zoo Med Multiport Fogger Attachment if you want the water to stretch to up to three different tanks.

    Depending on how much humidity your pet needs, you may still need to manually mist occasionally.


    • Easy to top water up
    • Good price


    • Capacity: 1L
    • Dimensions: 13.5 x 25 x 13cm

    Exo Terra Monsoon Rain System Multi

    This system can be programmed to automatically simulate a bout of rainfall in your terrarium, giving it the ‘Monsoon’ name. But it can also make very fine mist at regular intervals, for a fog effect.

    This is the best way to naturally replicate the environment of a rainforest, where one big rain shower will keep the environment damp for a while. It is programmable, maintaining optimal humidity by generating a fine mist at intervals. Spray duration can be from every 2 seconds up to 2 minutes per 24 hours.

    The huge 8-litre tank will keep the tank moist for days, making it perfect if you want minimal monitoring or if you go away for the weekend. This water can be replenished without having to remove the entire system.

    It comes with two easy-to-install nozzles, but the system can be extended to accommodate up to 6 nozzles, making it ideal for multiple terrariums. Extra-long tubing also makes it simple to conceal the tank in a nearby cupboard.

    Because of the high output, you will need a way for the moisture to escape over time too.


    • Really adaptable
    • Great sized tank


    • Capacity: 8L
    • Dimensions: 21.84 x 21.84 x 33.02cm

    MistKing Misting System

    This system is available in three different levels – starter, ultimate and advanced.

    The best one for you will depend on your setup, taking into consideration things such as the number of nozzles you need, and how much tubing is required.

    Every model comes with a timer and can be run on one nozzle up to 70 with the Advanced variation. The mist is fine, with an ultra-quiet pump and long-life performance.

    MistKing is a brand which has helped enhance the keeping and breeding of reptiles and amphibians for hobbyists and zoos across the globe, so your tank is in good hands.


    • Everything included
    • Various levels of equipment to choose from


    • Dimensions: 6.2 x 6.2 x 19.35 cm

    Lucky Reptile SuperFog II Humidifier

    Great for larger terrariums, this fogger is able to provide rainforest reptiles with the optimum levels of humidity.

    It can be installed outside the tank, which not only saves valuable space but also ensures that your pet does not come in to contact with the unit. There is a lengthy tube included for more flexible positioning, and to ensure all of the moisture goes where it is needed.

    You can adapt it to fit more than one tank with additional accessories, and the water reservoir is simple to remove for easier refills.


    • Good water capacity
    • Can be expanded to more vivariums


    • Capacity: 2.1L
    • Dimensions: 19.5 x 18.5 x 27cm

    Exo Terra Turtle Cliff Filter

    Got turtles? This 3-in-1 device is a great place for your turtle to bask, enjoy a waterfall effect, and use the clean water.

    The waterfall not only helps when they want a splash, but it makes the tank look great for anyone looking in too. There is also a great water filter, helping to keep your terrarium water at its best, which creates a healthier environment for your turtles

    It is available in two sizes, perfect for mini and regular tortoises or terrapins. These animals need somewhere to bask and eat out of the water, which the cliff provides. The filter is concealed too, so it won’t be unsightly.

    With the filter is an airflow control device, and a water flow adjuster, so you can control all aspects easily. It also uses a three-stage filtration system of mechanical, chemical and biological media.

    The overall item is designed to look just like a real rock, and fit in with the rest of the decor. The size means it is a real focal point, but the practicality gives it the edge. There is room in the rock to add an additional heater, as well.


    • 3 in 1 for turtles
    • Keeps water flowing too


    • Dimensions: Medium 23 x 17 x 19.5 cm, Large 37 x 23 x 23.5 cm

    Trixie Fogger Ultrasonic Mist Generator

    Able to increase the humidity in relation to the size of the terrarium by up to 100%, this fogger can do morning dew in desert environments just as well as tropical fog clouds.

    Dry run protection will keep it all safe, switching it off automatically if the water is running low. It produces a fog, so won’t be ideal for animals who need a heavier mist but you can connect a timer for easier control.

    There is an adjustable output dial for how much water is released, and a 180cm tube will give you plenty of room for flexibility.


    • Good for range of environments
    • Stimulates fine fog for less impact


    • Capacity: 3L
    • Dimensions: 28 x 27 x 15cm

    Buying Guide

    Rainmaker or Fogger?

    The former is the best for tropical or semi-aquatic reptiles who are used to very high amounts of water in their ecosystem, such as regular rainfall. It’s larger than a normal dose of humidity, good for those which need something over 70%.

    Whereas a mister or fogger is for those who need humidity, but not necessarily a completely wet or saturated environment. This is often suited to temperate or desert animals, and most foggers can be still be adjusted to accommodate as low as 10% or as high as 100%.

    The best for you will depend on the animal you have. Most misters will create a bit less mess than a rainmaker, however.


    One thing to note is that some humidifiers come with tanks which you can put the water into, and others require a separate tank, so we have included the capacity of any which come ready-prepared.

    It is no surprise that the larger the water tank, the longer it will be able to work until it needs to be filled.

    But if you have a tank which needs to be kept very humid, this water will be used quicker than one which will only need to be used a few times per day, so also bear this in mind. Most will hold around 2 or 3 litres of water, which should give you a few days of use.


    Consider the dimensions of the tank, the length of the extension hose and the size of the mister to check that it will all look and fit okay with the tank you have.

    The longer the hose, the more flexibility you have in positioning the water tank, being able to hide it in a cupboard or stand. Bear in mind the dimensions of the part which has to go into the tank too, to ensure your pet will still have plenty of space.

    Type Of Water

    Most manufacturers will require distilled water in their humidifiers. Water just out of the tap will not require the correct minerals and could cause your humidifier to stop working, or create a breeding ground for bacteria and other nasties which are then released into the tank.

    Look for one which explicitly talks about the importance of water quality with their product, as well as one which is simple to clean, so you know you have gone with a humidifier and brand who knows their stuff.

    What Else To Look Out For

    There are a couple of features which will not be on every humidifier, but ideally, you should consider for peace of mind and ease.

    • Automatic Shut Off

    This sounds as though it would be a bad thing as seeing your humidifier should be keeping your reptile living in optimum conditions, but actually, you want to ensure that if the reservoir for your water runs out, it doesn’t stay on and keep trying to spray water that isn’t there.

    This could cause it to overheat and burn out, not only making the tank hotter but causing a fire risk too. You should always check on the water, and never let it go dangerously low.

    • Adjustability

    Every reptile requires slightly different humidity levels, so look for a humidifier which can be adjusted to suit them to a tee. This may be with how many sprays per minute or hour it gives out, or for how long it sprays for.

    Other factors can also affect the humidity in a tank, such as the material of the tank and how porous the substrate is, so you should bear this in mind rather than trying to find something which appears to be exact. The first few days may require some fine-tuning.

    • Timer

    Not every humidifier will have this, but most will be able to have one as an add-on. It will allow some adjustability too, but based on time rather than the existing humidity so there will be some trial and error to get it right.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    Why do reptile cages need to be kept at the right humidity?

    Reptiles are cold-blooded, so can’t regulate their own internal body temperatures. They rely on the ambient temperature in their environment to warm them up or cool them down.

    You need to try and recreate their natural climes on a smaller scale, so a reptile from a rainforest or burrow will need quite moist humid temperatures.

    The correct humidity will help with skin shedding, and dehydration, as well as their overall comfort.

    Which level of humidity does my reptile need?

    Every reptile is different. Take a look through our care guides if you are unsure.

    Bearded dragons will need something between 30-40%, Crested Geckos require around 70-80% and Red-Headed Agamas 10-20%, so as you can see it does vary wildly.

    What else do I need to buy?

    Even the most reliable of rain or fogging systems will need an additional hygrometer, which will monitor the levels of humidity in the tank. This way, you can check everything is working, make some fine adjustments and also manually mist if top-ups are needed.

    You should have a way for the moisture to be removed after a certain time too, or else it will build up excessively.