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Best Riding Gloves for 2022

High-quality, hard-wearing horse riding gloves are vital for anyone who wants to keep a controlled and firm grip on their steed.

With plenty of materials, features and weather types to consider though, choosing the right pair is never as easy as borrowing a pair of your mum’s leather driving gloves.

Instead, you need finger huggers which can offer you supreme strength and durability while being able to provide relief from the various elements which may affect the comfort and stability of your riding.

From winter warmers to super summer options, we’ve cast our expert eye over the riding gloves market to help you seek out the perfect glove for you – whether that’s a big pair of leather mitts, or a soft and lightweight dexterous duo!

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Mark Todd Winter Gloves With Thinsulate
    • Attractive pigskin leather
    • Elasticated wrist panel
    • Insulating thin lining
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    Hy5 Grip Glove
    • Tough nitrile coating
    • Lightweight nylon
    • Great grip when wet or dry
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    MacWet Climatec Long Cuff Gloves
    • Climatec fabric
    • Water-resistant
    • Warm fleece lining
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    The Top Horse Riding Gloves Reviewed

    Noble Outfitters Ready To Ride

    By name and by nature, these Ready To Ride Gloves from Noble Outfitters will have you prepared for any obstacle in your way, providing the full range of motion needed to guide your steed to success.

    A great fit thanks to a stretch mesh panel design, they offer a comforting feel and the synthetic leather material ensures you have all the style and anti-abrasion features without the stiff, ungainly feel of the real thing.

    Superb for summer months, it’s breathable construction allows for cooling ventilation and it’s even touch-screen friendly, meaning the modern rider can safely find their way without any fussy gloves on-off moments!


    • Stretch mesh panels for better feel
    • Extra durable material
    • Double stitched seams


    • Material: Synthetic Leather
    • Sizes: 6 - 9

    Mark Todd Winter Gloves With Thinsulate

    Robust and regal in appearance, these Mark Todd Winter Gloves with Thinsulate technology are the perfect weapon when it comes to tackling the harsh winter conditions that can make end season riding such a battle.

    One of the few pairs to boast an authentic and attractive pigskin leather material, the gloves outer layer should be enough to make it top of your wishlist. However, it’s the inner lining which makes these gloves a true must-have riding implement.

    Coined as Thinsulate technology, the inner lining of the glove is incredibly thin whilst also managing to have supreme thermal properties, keeping hands snug and warm without sacrificing on your grip or flexibility. There’s no thick grip-lacking fleece material to be found here!

    Finished with Mark Todd embroidery and a press stud fastener, this is one of those rare items in life which brings style AND substance in one package.


    • Attractive pigskin leather
    • Elasticated wrist panel
    • Insulating thin lining


    • Material: Leather
    • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

    Mark Todd Winter Grip Fleece Gloves

    Another superior winter warming set from Mark Todd, these Winter Grip Fleece Gloves are a softer, more flexible winter glove which can provide a range of motion and warmth in even the most miserable of conditions.

    Rather than being thick and stiff in feel, these gloves use polyester material to keep your hands lightweight and your fingers dextrous, improving your handling on the reins.

    Then to combat those wet and chilly conditions, the lining of the glove features a fleece material to keep your mitts warm and your wits about you as you manoeuvre.

    They’re also a great choice for those who always find their grip slipping, as a silicone rubber material across the palms creates better friction for the reins and ensures you remain the ruler of your ride.

    Keen fans of the Mark Todd label will also notice these grips are embroidered in the style of the brand logo, making them a phenomenal collector’s item for followers.


    • Perfect for cold weather
    • Thin material for grip
    • Silicone branded signature grips


    • Material: Polyester
    • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

    Dublin Track Riding Gloves

    A trustworthy and tested glove that’s great for everyday use, these Track Riding Gloves from Dublin have everyone catered for with a range of adult sizes, as well as one for kids!

    Made of comfortable cotton material, they provide a snug and soft feel without sacrificing on grip, as reinforced wear patches on the palm add extra durability and strength.

    Not enough riding gloves put comfort first, and these gloves also feature a touch tape wrist adjustment, meaning taking the gloves on and off is a doddle, and you can choose how tight or loose a fastening you require!

    Available in nine different colours, there’s a style here for almost everyone!


    • 9 different colours available
    • Touch tape wrist adjustment
    • Reinforced patches for durability


    • Material: Cotton
    • Sizes: Child One-size, XS, S, M, L, XL

    Hy5 Grip Glove

    The all-purpose glove for those who don’t mind mucking in at the stable, these Hy5 Grip Gloves are the perfect combination of protection and performance.

    Versatile and tough they’ve been given a unique nitrile coating, an oil and water preventative material used on worker’s gloves, which here prevents windy and wet weather from impacting your handling.

    The main material though is a lightweight nylon fabric, which gives you plenty of dexterity and flexibility while still being strong enough to survive tons of wear and tear.

    Best of all, they’re machine washable meaning you can maintain an odour-free natural feel for every ride!


    • Tough nitrile coating
    • Lightweight nylon
    • Great grip when wet or dry


    • Material: Nylon
    • Sizes: S, M, L, XL

    Hy5 Cotton Pimple Palm Gloves

    Doing exactly what it says on the tin, these Hy5 Pimple Palm Gloves utilise hundreds of small pimple grips on the palm to help riders end their loosey-goosey grip and get a tight, firm hold of the reins.

    Made from a 100% cotton knit, they’re some of the snuggest fitting and softest feel gloves on the market, with velcro fastening wrist straps so you can always find the perfect fit for you.

    Unlike a lot of other riding gloves, this Hy5 pair is also washing machine friendly, meaning sweaty and stinky gloves can now be a woe of the past and fresh and clean rides can be a joy of the future!


    • Pimple palm grip
    • Machine washable
    • 100% cotton


    • Material: Cotton
    • Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL

    MacWet Climatec Long Cuff Gloves

    One of the few gloves on the market to come with its very own motto, these weather warrior gloves promise an ‘all grip, no slip’ experience for anyone taking up the reins on a regular basis.

    A versatile glove designed to withstand the elements for a calm and controlled ride, the MacWet Climatec Long Cuff is especially supportive in harsher conditions thanks to it’s unique patented Aquatec fabric.

    This impressive hybrid material combines dexterous and waterproof material to create a lightweight glove with phenomenal grip and feel, which also increases warmth and comfort due to an inner fleece lining within.

    A short mesh sports glove able to provide a competitive edge in plenty of activities, its particularly brilliant for riding in the rain, as it can thrive in the wettest conditions, the waterproof material still allowing you to achieve maximum grip

    With a thick elasticated cuff and velcro strapping, it keeps hands dry and in the driving seat at all times.


    • Climatec fabric
    • Water-resistant
    • Warm fleece lining


    • Material: Polyamide, Polyurethane, Elastane
    • Sizes: 6 - 10

    Riders Trend Soft Shell Horse Equestrian Riding Gloves

    Coming only in traditional black or white designs, the Riders Trend Softshell Riding Gloves are more than just a great glove… they’re a fashion statement.

    Constructed of easily manipulated synthetic leather, they’re a relaxing, breathable material which can stretch and react to your dexterity without issue.

    But that’s only half the story because while the palms are giving you the adaptability you need, the backs of the gloves are offering comfort and warmth with a softshell material and inner fleece lining.

    Forget trotting around on a horse, these finger huggers wouldn’t look out of place on a Milanese catwalk!


    • Breathable material
    • Nylon fleece backing
    • Velcro fastening


    • Material: Synthetic Leather, Nylon
    • Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL

    Shires Cotton Pimple Gloves Adults

    If you’re constantly finding that overly expensive gloves are going kaput from abrasions and tears week by week, it might be time to start shopping for reliable budget pairs which won’t break your heart when they finally break their seams!

    These Cotton Pimple Gloves from Shires may be cheap, but they do the job just as well as any other finger sheath!

    Made from 100% cotton, they offer a soft and sleek, lightweight feel while high-quality rubber pimple palms help reinforce your rein grip to promote a confident and quality ride.

    Even if you fancy something a little more upmarket, they’re still a handy spare pair to keep in your kit in case your top of the range leathers ever give out on you!


    • Reinforced riding grip & rubber pimples
    • 100% cotton
    • 8 available colours


    • Material: Cotton
    • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

    Saddlefast Gripfast Gloves

    Finding suitable gloves for fussy young riders can be a real difficulty, as bulky mittens with little range of motion can leave children feeling heavy-handed during rides.

    Most junior riders perform better with light, cotton style gloves which don’t feel irritating or clunky and these Saddlecraft Gripfast Gloves are one of the best options for them.

    Reinforced with rubber micro-dots, these lightweight and durable gloves offer excellent grip and crucially more control and feel for lesser experienced horse lovers!


    • Lightweight & durable
    • Rubber micro-dot grip
    • Soft cotton material


    • Material: Cotton
    • Sizes: 10 - 12 years

    Buying Guide

    Things To Look Out For

    Breathability or Insulation (Winter or Summer Gloves)

    Riding gloves are typically designed with either the summer or winter months in mind and so it’s rare a pair will cater for the opposing climates those seasons provide.

    You need to, therefore, pay special attention to the features your riding gloves offer to determine which pair you need.

    Summer gloves tend to focus on providing a lightweight, breathable fabric that’s easily washable. This stops things getting clammy too quickly and prevents the gloves from getting too dirty between uses.

    Winter gloves, on the other hand, offer much more waterproof and weather-strong materials and tend to be either thick and fleeced or just contain thermal lining to help keep your digits warm!.


    Whether a winter or summer glove, you’ll want your finger coverings to have some protection from the elements to ensure you always have full control even in the wettest and windiest of weathers.

    Waterproof material and wind-proof coverings help you stay focused while riding and prevents the reins from getting slippery and dangerous while riding.


    If you wanna hold onto your horses a little better, it can be helpful for the palms of your glove to feature small gripping textures such as rubberised dots, pimples or shapes.

    This reduces friction between the reins and your hand, allowing you a firmer grasp and tighter control.


    Choosing good material for your riding gloves but can be tricky, as each type of fabric has its positives and negatives. It’s often up to you to weigh up these good and bad points and then decide for yourself which gloves are going to give you the most personal benefits.

    Strong and hard-wearing materials tend to be leather and lycra, and any added rubber or silicone grips help to increase control on the reins.

    Nylon and polyester materials often provide weatherproof qualities and also give more dexterity and a lightweight feel.

    Cotton and woollen gloves are also popular for warmth and are incredibly easy to wash and maintain. They tend not to be as strong or weatherproof though.

    Strength & Durability

    Holding and manipulating the reins of a horse is wearing work, both for yourself and your gloves!

    The whole reason we wear gloves while riding is to give ourselves better grip and to prevent burns and injuries to our hands and so your chosen pair need to be able to withstand that kind of friction and stress without becoming worn and torn within weeks.

    Good quality riding gloves will often feature added reinforcements to the area between the thumb and the palm as well as double stitching at the seams for added longevity and strength.

    Of course, the material has the most impact on a glove’s durability and so if you’re looking for something hard-wearing, try and go for leather or spandex/lycra materials as opposed to soft-touch cotton options!


    When you’re riding hard and fast or in the middle of tense and heated competition, the last thing you need is a glove falling off!

    It’s important to find a pair which provide quick fastening functions such as either velcro or studs to ensure the item can be securely put on and taken off with ease.

    Style & Colour

    Although this isn’t going to be the most important factor in what makes a glove great, let’s be honest, it’s probably going to have a huge impact on whether you purchase it or not.

    While most brands stick to black, white and navy colours, some riding glove collections can feature a whole range of colours to help you make a statement on your steed.

    Style is, of course, important too, but this can often depend more on the material used as opposed to the design of the glove itself.

    Easy To Clean

    Given horse riding is a form of exercise, you can fully expect your hands to work up a sweat in your gloves and overtime they can become quite smelly!

    So, like with any item of clothing, you’re going to need to wash them from time to time! Try and find gloves which are machine washable to make your life easier or at least ones that can be easily wiped down.

    And whatever you do, don’t go ignoring a troublesome whiff, because you’ll likely end up picking up a nickname to forget around the stables!


    The most important factor of all when buying riding gloves is, of course, making sure you have purchased the right size, so you can have a secure and snug fit!

    Confusingly though many gloves manufacturers list their sizes in centimetres, traditional numbered glove sizes or XS to XL sizes.

    It’s therefore important to know what glove size you are personally in all three of these categories so that no matter what size increment a glove throws at you, you’ll know where you fall in that particular range.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    What is the best riding glove material?

    The best riding glove material is the one which can provide you with the most durability and longevity to survive hard-wearing reins. This is why leather is often the most popular riding glove material, as not only does it look stylish but it also is undeniably the longest-lasting material.

    However, if leather is too bulky for you or so stiff you lack control, it might be better to choose a synthetic leather or lycra material instead. These are lighter weight and still offer great grip and durability without feeling clunky or heavy!

    How to measure riding glove size?

    There’s no use purchasing a pair of gloves on a whim only to discover they’re far too large or small for your hands. It’s therefore important to always know your exact size and to get some accurate measurements taken before you go out browsing!

    To determine your accurate glove size, all you’ll need is a fabric tape measure, with inch or centimetre measurements.

    Then measure around the widest part of your hand and exclude the thumb. Don’t wrap the measure around tightly as you’re not looking to purchase a glove that cuts off your circulation! It should be firmly placed around but feel snug there than tense or uncomfy.

    Then record the measurement of your hand. It’s best to do this in inches, as universal glove sizes tend to go up in half-inch increments.

    This means if you are sized 6 ¼ inches, you should round up to the nearest half-inch, as you always want things roomier than too tight. In that instance, you would purchase a 6 ½ inch glove for your 6 ¼ inch hand.

    What size riding glove am I?

    As glove manufacturers often display their sizes in a number of different increments, it can be confusing to know which size you are if you only know for example, that you have a 7 ¼ inch hand size, as that doesn’t mean anything if you don’t know what equates to a Medium or a Large.

    To help better understand what size you are, consult our size charts here:

    In Ladies sizes:
    XS = 4 – 4 ½  inches
    S = 5 – 5 ½ inches
    M = 6 ½ – 7 inches
    L = 7 ½ – 8 inches
    XL = 8 ½ – 9 inches

    In Men’s or Universal sizes:
    XS = 5 ½  – 6  inches
    S = 6 ½ – 7 inches
    M = 7 ½ – 8 inches
    L = 8 ½ – 9 inches
    XL = 9 ½ – 10 inches

    However, as with anything, sizes can slightly change between manufacturers and so it’s always best to find a brand’s own sizing chart to help determine which size of their glove is going to be the best fit for you!