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The Best Gifts for Horse Lovers

Trying to pick the perfect gift for the horse-lover in your life can sometimes be a total night-mare.

But to help you avoid a rough ride, we’ve trawled through nearly every pony present on the internet to ensure you don’t make a foalish decision before the big day.

From premium pony presents to quirky clothes and books, we’ve rounded up the best gifts to please filly fans of all ages and impress even the fussiest of neigh sayers.

Whether you’re in desperate need of a stocking filler, birthday gift or just want to please the horse-mad lad/lady in your life, these hot to trot prezzies will win your loved ones over hands down!

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    Tall, dark and handsome, always dependable, good legs and loves long walks on the beach – no, not the man of your dreams, but merely a description of nearly every horse ever.

    For the horse-lover who always puts their mare before the man in their life, Tina Bettison’s 100 Ways a Horse is Better Than a Man is the definitive novelty gift to have them whinnying with laughter.

    Essentially a book of 100 witty gags comparing man and horse, it’s a sure cure for the long-faced filly fan.

    While being a style icon of the stables is a near-impossible task, this personalised jacket from Luvponies is still bound to turn some heads – both human and equine.

    Available in black or purple, this waterproof riding jacket comes with a horse and rider motif on the chest with the option to add your name underneath, making it an extra special gift for the rider in your family!

    A warm inner fleece means it could also make the perfect winter coat for those that just love horses, and is suitable for plenty of other outdoor pursuits.

    For ages 7-13, there’s also an adult version if your cob connoisseur is a little older!

    If you know someone looking to spruce up their garden or stables this year, nothing will impress their neigh-bours more than this Sunset Vista Horse Wind Chime.

    A mixture of horses and horseshoes mingle with chime rods to create an ornament which produces a peaceful and relaxing tone throughout your yard, for both aesthetic and audible pleasure.

    Although intended for outside use, there’s no reason why it couldn’t hang inside a home either, its beautiful combination of metals and beads providing an elegant accent to any room.

    It’s decor specifically designed to entice the equine admirer!

    A trip to the racecourse can get incredibly cold come winter-time, and sometimes wrapping up warm can seriously sacrifice your style, which is always a no go on Ladies Day.

    But this horse printed scarf from Hat to Socks allows you to battle the elements on race day without compromising your look.

    Available in Navy, Cream, Grey, Red and Black colours, this Chiffon/Satin style scarf brightens up autumn attire, but would equally complement a spring or summer look.

    Most importantly though, it’s emblazoned with fillies, meaning it’s a wonderfully chic clothing accessory for any horse-lover.

    For kids who are deep into their drawing and colouring phase, this delightful stamp and colouring activity set is sure to unleash their inner Claude Mo-neigh!

    Stamps include a barn, corral, jump and six different horses to help your little horse-lover conjure up a stallion scene that George Stubbs himself would be jealous of!

    The stamp pads use washable, non-toxic ink and with five coloured pencils, there’s still plenty of room for creativity!

    A sturdy wooden box also provides excellent storage and helps keep mess to a minimum!

    For those who like to keep their pony obsession a little more under wraps, this necklace from YFN provides a classic and stylish look while subtly hinting at where your true passions lie.

    A pair of simple but sumptuous polished stirrup pendants with Rolo chain and spring-ring clasp, it’s a necklace that brings a touch of splendour to any steed owner.

    Available in both gold and silver, it’s a beautiful anniversary gift for that special someone.

    A spot-on gift for stable-dwellers and horse owners, these customisable stable door signs allow you to colourfully adorn a horse’s home with a nameplate in the font and style of your choice.

    Personalisable with any wording you like, there are 10 base colours to choose from and an additional metal heart shape in the corner of the plate to cram in some extra lovely words.

    Weatherproof and made of high-quality metal, they’re great for indoor or outdoor use and can be attached easily to doors thanks to rounded corners and 4 screw holes.

    Let the world know your horse’s name and how much you love them!

    This truly is a special gift for equestrian fans with the chic illustration,  blue background, and personalised names!

    Simply add the human name and the horse’s name, and then pick from our wide range of horse colours to reflect your recipient’s darling pony. The illustration is hand-drawn by the artist and framed with a quality oak frame in the size A4 or A3.

    All the illustrations are then printed in-house by our professional printer using archival quality inks to maintain the portrait’s colour. You can also decide whether to have it framed or not, and instead of using glass, the frames have high-quality perspex for added safety and ease of transportation.

    An incredibly pretty pony trinket, this equestrian-themed bracelet is the idyllic present for a horse obsessed friend or family member.

    Coming in silver or gold colours, this bracelet features a subtle stirrup joining, so the wearer’s devotion to riding is never in doubt, without them having to shout about it!

    Available in a great gift package, you can personalise an engraved plaque for its accompanying organza bag, making it an extra special memento for the lucky gal in question.

    Delicate and distinguished, this is how all jewellery should be!

    Horseshoe themed gifts are a fantastic choice for filly fanatics because as well as celebrating a pony passion, they also bring the recipient plenty of luck too!

    A symbol of good fortune for centuries, horseshoe’s make fantastic charms for bracelets and necklaces and this personalised chain allows you to combine the famous hoof support with a custom charm featuring the initial of the recipient.

    Constructed from high-quality sterling silver, it will bring protection and luck into the receivers life and we’re sure they’ll send you a lot of love and gratitude in return!

    Remember the days when everyone used to carry around a lucky coin?

    Us neither, and if you do have a faint memory of that bygone era, we’ve got terrible news for you… you’re very very old.

    But why should such a lovely idea be relegated to the past? People still crave luck and good fortune all the time and this thoughtful gift is a lovely way to help fulfil their wishes and desires.

    Made of solid pewter, it’s the perfect keepsake to carry with you in a wallet or purse, magically paving your way to prosperity without you even realising it!

    Whether you’re 7 or 70, there’s nothing quite like diving into an arts and crafts project on a rainy day.

    A perfect family bonding experience, this unusual Sock Pony sewing kit is the little filly friend you never knew you wanted!

    This sewing kit package contains socks, stuffing, needle and thread, and everything else you need to help bring your crafty colt to life (including instructions of course!).

    There’s even a birth certificate and some sweeties as a reward for any junior sewers first attempts at the famous pastime!

    Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to afford a horse, but a good old sock pony might help appease a mare mad loved one!

    “Does my bum look big in this?”

    The dreaded question that sends shockwaves of fear into every man on the planet…

    Thankfully, this time it’s coming straight from the horse’s mouth rather than a loved one, as the oft-asked phrase is the basis of this silly cartoon mug horse lovers will rear back and giggle in delight at.

    Featuring a cute horse and their rather portly backside, this hilarious mug sees the pony sporting a tiny ribbon in their tail, which while flattering… does accentuate the backside.

    Coming in a high-quality mug, it’s a superb choice for crazy horse friends who like a laugh.

    For the champion competitor in your life, there’s nothing like showing off their cavalcade of trophies and celebrating their success than with a quality rosette hanger.

    You can choose to have it in stainless steel or brushed black, and it features 8 looped ribbons allowing you to easily slide in rosettes with safety pins and attach as many as you like! It doesn’t matter whether you’ve only won a few or a few hundred; everyone will notice once they’re up on the wall on this eye-catching hanger!

    Although they’ve not quite taken Britain by storm, the Dala horse is a traditional carved, wooden horse ornament originating from Sweden, which is usually painted with pretty colours and patterns.

    Once a children’s toy in the province of Dalarna, Sweden, it’s now a symbol of the region and the country as a whole, much in the same way the Matroyshka doll is a symbol of Russia.

    This means for horse lovers, the Dala horse is the optimum gift and home decoration, celebrating a pony passion in a subtle and beautiful way.

    Forget Ikea, this is a truly authentic piece of Scandi furniture to brighten up your home!

    Although mostly just a pleasant name tag, this bridle attachment is also handy to have on your horse should they ever get lost, allowing you to become reunited in record time.

    Practical and pretty, the front side can be decorated with a choice of illustrated horse from a series of 33 different colours and breeds, helping you find the best likeness to the horse in question. You can also then personalise with their name on the front.

    To complete the unique tag, you can then add your contact details on the reverse!

    What is it about horses that makes them just so darn sophisticated and beautiful?

    Well, while we may never know the answer, this funny ‘anatomy of a horse’ print from Wraptious certainly goes into some detail trying to explain it… with ridiculously funny results

    Although sounding scientific and decidedly undecor-like, this fantastic frame piece is actually a rip-roaring read featuring an hilarious horse cartoon and several labels denoting the various body parts of a horse.

    But rather than going all Charlie Darwin on us, this print is purely here to entertain with such annotations as ‘cavalrous cowboy groove’ for the back and ‘lardy-dardy gas brewer’ for the stomach.

    It’s a certified chuckle extractor for your nearest and dearest colt collector.

    A cracking colt-themed present for any horse crazy teen, this personalised dandy brush has plenty of space to add both a prized pony’s name and their owners, complete with a ‘100% Dream Team’ stamp laser engraving.

    With a horse name of up to 8 characters and a rider’s name of up to 9, there’s plenty of room for customisation here, unless of course it’s a gift for Bernadette and her lovely horse Jacqueline.

    A grooming gift like no other, it’s a good medium size which will fit small and large mitts and will keep your horse’s mane smooth and silky!

    A great quality, medium-sized dandy brush that is a great size for small and large hands alike. Available with vibrant red bristles and a fully personalised reverse, this is a grooming gift like no other.