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Best Indestructible Dog Toys for 2022

There’s nothing more heart warming than watching your pup’s face light up with excitement as they play with a wonderful new toy you’ve just bought them.

And there’s nothing more heart breaking than watching them absolutely tear it to shreds a few days later!

For some dog owners, excessive gnawing and destructive behaviours can leave you with a house full of broken toys and a burning hole in your wallet in next to no time at all.

So to help you save money and potentially curb your dog’s antics, we’ve scanned the market for some of the best indestructible dog toys available.

Made of tougher materials and designed to survive the wear and tear of rough housing dog play, these toys are the challenge your mighty toothed pup has been waiting for!

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    KONG Classic Red Dog Toy
    • Mentally stimulating dog toy
    • Great for stuffing with lickable treats!
    • Made of all natural rubber
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    Nylabone Dura Chew
    • Durable nylon material
    • Designed for extreme chewers
    • Choose from Chicken, Peanut Butter or Bacon flavour!
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    Chuckit Ultra Tug Dog Ball
    • Extra-thick, natural rubber core
    • Attached strap to prevent dirty hands!
    • Easy to clean
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    The Top Indestructible Dog Toys Reviewed

    KONG Classic Red Dog Toy

    If you’ve not heard of KONG’s original rubber chew toy, then your dog is without doubt missing out on one of the best indestructible toys on the market.

    With an erratic and unpredictable bounce, it’s a great fetch toy, and made of the thickest and most durable rubber, ensuring its place as one of the most difficult to damage products out there.

    It also boasts a stuffable inner centre, which we’d recommend stuffing with everything from peanut butter to standard kibble, which will attract your puppy’s attention and ensure they stay interested in the toy long after just a couple of chews. Hiding treats within the toy unlocks its mentally stimulating properties, as pups will spend hours manipulating the KONG and its small opening in order to get at the good stuff!

    Simple and easy for dogs of all breeds to understand, it’s also dishwasher safe, meaning cleaning up the messy centre is a doddle.

    We DARE your dog to try and tear up this absolute tank of a toy!


    • Mentally stimulating dog toy
    • Great for stuffing with lickable treats!
    • Made of all natural rubber


    • Weight: 204 g
    • Dimensions: 10.2 x 7 x 7 cm
    • Sizes: L

    Company of Animals Boomer Ball

    The ultimate, indestructible plaything for ball-busting mutts, the Boomer Ball from Company of Animals is a durable, hard-wearing rubber sphere designed to stop feisty pups from puncturing their favourite ball.

    Made from extra-tough polythene, it would take a hound of supreme strength to tear up this toy, and it’s a great choice for owners looking to promote exercise and stimulation along with their dog’s playtime!

    The ball is not intended for dogs to pick up and carry, and is instead a football-like object for them to chase, conquer and roll around! This means the size of the Boomer you choose should be larger than your dog’s maximum jaw gape to prevent them from taking advantage of a teenier ball!

    So say goodbye to constantly buying new footballs and let your little pooch go to town!


    • Polythene material for anti-puncture
    • Designed to be chased & rolled
    • Promotes exercise & mental stimulation


    • Weight: 227 g (6”)
    • Dimensions: 15.3 x 15.3 x 24 cm (6”)
    • Sizes: 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”

    Nylabone Dura Chew

    It’s no secret that dogs love chewing on bones, but if you’ve got a seriously toothy dog on your hands, there is a danger they could manage to break up the bone and potentially swallow dangerous sharp fragments.

    There are plenty of safer chew toy alternatives on the market that will do the job just as well.

    Our favourite of these is the Nylabone, a bone-shaped, durable nylon toy complete with raised bristles to help clean teeth and control plaque and tartar!

    And what’s more, it’s much tastier than a real bone! Nylabone flavours their material with Chicken, Peanut Butter or Bacon flavours that dogs love, and do so without being sprayed, dipped or coated, meaning the flavour runs throughout!

    This Dura Chew range is also specifically designed for the most powerful of doggy biters and so will keep them entertained for hours as they attempt to break into their new bone.

    However this time it will be to no avail and you can rest easy knowing your pup is safe!


    • Durable nylon material
    • Designed for extreme chewers
    • Choose from Chicken, Peanut Butter or Bacon flavour!


    • Weight: 90.7 g (M)
    • Dimensions: 13.7 x 2.2 x 3.8 cm (M)
    • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

    Tough Toys Frame Ball for Dogs

    This unusual toy is shaped perfectly to encourage chewing, keeping your dog’s teeth in check. It is solid yet durable, giving your dog’s gums a safe place to chew on too, without risking injury or bleeding gums.

    The ridged edges will get right into their teeth, helping to keep them clean in between brushes and vet visits. It will be able to remove any stuck food and plaque which is settling.

    The shape allows you to throw it if you’re looking for something in the summer in the garden or beach. Because of the soft rubber, it is really easy to keep clean – just rinse it under the tap if it gets muddy and dusty.

    The colours vary, but they are all bright which again will encourage your dog’s natural instinct to play. Blue, green, red or pink are all easy to spot, and it is suitable for all ages which is a bonus.

    It is heavy, so probably not the best for a tiny chihuahua to try and carry around. But for larger dogs who have got through every other toy, it is ideal.


    • Made from a soft yet durable rubber
    • Large toy with plenty of chewing possibilities
    • Bright colours


    • Weight: 450 g
    • Dimensions: ‎14.8 x 13 x 11.1 cm

    Starmark Bento Ball

    Starmark’s Bento Ball is a hard wearing toy for dogs that boasts a material that’s even stronger than rubber, making it virtually indestructible!

    Free of latex, vinyl and phthalates, this ball provides hours of challenging, ball-biting play while simultaneously promoting dental hygiene and helping to reduce anxiety and boredom behaviours.

    It appeals to pups thanks to an insertable Everlasting Chicken Treat, a kind of edible dental chew with dental ridges designed to remove tartar and plaque from your doggy’s dentures.
    And when this is combined with the strong surface of the ball, Starmark’s product essentially becomes an all-round mouth strengthening marvel!

    Best of all, it’s also dishwasher safe, meaning cleaning is a hassle free experience for every owner!


    • Nubby surface cleans teeth
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Comes with insertable Everlasting Chicken Treat


    • Weight: 249 g
    • Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 6.5 cm
    • Sizes: M

    Ruffer & Tuffer Jumbo Stick With Rope Toy

    We’ve all done the classic tug of war wrestle with our pups over a slipper or a stuffed toy, and there is only ever one winner, as your pup will happily tear it to shreds if it means winning a game only they are playing!

    But with a name like Ruffer & Tuffer, it’s already clear that this toy is not going to put up with your carnivorous canines’ usual chewy antics, as this fantastically fun tug of war stick is designed to be stronger than the average toy!

    Exclusive to Pets at Home, this stick gets you more involved with your pup’s rough house play, thanks to two easy-grip handles either side of a shock blue ridged chew toy.

    Although seemingly just a pretty design, this colour has actually been chosen specifically to appeal to your mutt, as canine’s see in yellow and blue colours, meaning this toy is certain to catch the eye and appetite of your pesky pooch!

    A unique construction also gives it added durability, while the specially formulated soft rubber material helps massage the gums of your dog and also manages a bit of teeth cleaning too!

    It’s the perfect solution for owners who want to be able to play nicely with their destructive, heavy-chewers!


    • Super-strength handles for tug of war
    • Colour appeals to dog’s dichromatic vision
    • Soft rubber massages teeth & gums


    • Weight: 124 g
    • Dimensions: 48.26 x 6.1 x 6.1cm

    Ruffer & Tuffer Sumo Skittle

    Another of Pets at Home’s Ruffer & Tuffer range, the Sumo Skittle is R&T’s answer to the classic treat dispensing rubber toy, helping to keep dogs entertained for long periods of time while curbing destructive chewing habits!

    Like all of the R&T range, the Sumo Skittle boasts an attractive blue colour that naturally appeals to your mutt’s vision, while it’s material lends to promoting dental hygiene and is hard to break down or tear due to an innovative composition.

    tTe skittle can be stuffed with goodies and is designed to randomly dispense the treats based on your dog’s interaction with the toy. This encourages your dog to constantly explore the skittle for a reward, preventing boredom and extending playtime beyond the usual 15 minute chew off

    Strength tested and approved, it’s the perfect partner for rough house playing pooches!


    • Randomly dispenses treats
    • Strength tested
    • Unique construction for superior durability


    • Weight: 113 g
    • Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 12cm
    • Sizes: M

    KONG Air Squeaker Tennis Balls

    Sick of your tennis balls being torn to shreds by your over-aggressive pooch? Well fret no longer, as KONG have once again come to the rescue with one of their revolutionary rubber material toys!

    Hoping to one up the humble tennis ball, these squeaker balls may look and feel like a Wimbledon plaything, but their features are in fact entirely different!

    As you might have guessed from the name of the product, these balls contain a squeaker sound when bitten by your mutt, encouraging energised pooches to play while creating a more sensory experience!

    Rather than standard wool and rubber, the balls are also made of a tough, non-abrasive material which is difficult for dogs to destroy while also not being abrasive or harmful for their teeth.

    This provides a better quality and longer lasting item, which can bring great enjoyment and mental stimulation to your mutt while allowing you to build on your already brilliant bond through a classic game of fetch!


    • Extra-tough tennis balls with squeakers
    • Float in water
    • Non-abrasive material


    • Weight: 816 g
    • Dimensions: 6.4 x 6.4 x 6.4 cm
    • Sizes: 3 x pack

    Benebone Durable Wishbone Dog Chew Toy

    Benebone says that their bones are tougher than real bones, which is good for a) keeping your dog’s teeth busy and b) ensuring they can chew without the risk of splinters and choking.

    You can choose from three flavours – bacon, chicken and peanut butter – as well as a variety of sizes. The flavour will appeal to their tastes, and the sizing means you can buy for a toy breed or a large Doberman. Because sometimes, the little dogs are the most ferocious!

    The wishbone shape gives them a long, wide area to chew as well as two little ‘prongs’ which are great for resting their paws. Dogs will love to grip this and really get stuck in.

    It is made in the USA with strict quality control and is stronger than rawhide. Of course, no toy is completely 100% indestructible so always watch out for signs of wear and tear such as deep teeth marks.


    • Grip for paws and teeth
    • Flavoured
    • Available in different sizes


    • Weight: Medium 170g
    • Dimensions: Medium ‎17.78 x 3.81 x 12.07 cm

    Chuckit Ultra Tug Dog Ball

    Tennis balls have long been the beloved best friend of dogs, and have been utilised as a primary utensil in the game of fetch for years.

    This is probably due to their hollowed rubber core, which makes them one of the stronger options for sharp toothed tykes.

    However, they are far from indestructible, and there is nothing worse than having to pick up an old, dirty, ripped up and soggy tennis ball during every trip to the park.

    But it doesn’t always have to be that way…

    Enter the Chuckit, a tennis ball designed to last longer thanks to an extra-thick natural rubber core and a rubber surface that resists mess and allows owners to easily remove dirt and pet slobber!

    The lightweight rubber provides a higher bounce than the average tennis ball, encouraging pups to leap and jump around to get them some all important exercise and it even floats in water, meaning there’s no chance of it getting lost in a park pond or river.

    But our absolute favourite feature on this ball is the lightweight strap attached to it, meaning you can finally hold the ball without touching it and avoid mucky fingers and slimy saliva palms!

    So what are you waiting for? Put down your tennis balls and get chucking it!


    • Extra-thick, natural rubber core
    • Attached strap to prevent dirty hands!
    • Easy to clean


    • Weight: 99.8 g (M)
    • Dimensions: 6.6 x 9.5 x 11 cm (M)
    • Sizes: S, M, L

    Buying Guide

    Defining ‘indestructible’

    Although everyone wants an indestructible dog toy, it’s important to remember this is an idyllic fantasy and that no dog toy can promise you that it won’t eventually succumb to some wear and tear or be torn in half by your extreme chewing pooch.

    However, there are designs of toy and material combinations which come very, very close and in the vast amount of cases will last you and your pup a long period of time. This is why you’ll see many toys described as ‘virtually’ indestructible or ‘essentially’ indestructible as it is a more positive way of saying they are almost, nearly or in most instances indestructible. Which of course, would sound ridiculous.

    This means, unfortunately, that you should always supervise a dog while they are playing with their toy, no matter how durable or super strength their toy promises to be!

    However, there are plenty of very, very tough toys available if you know what you’re looking out for, and if you make the right choice, there’s a very good chance your gnasher will finally meet their match on your next toy purchase.

    Features we looked out for


    Obviously this is absolutely the most critical thing to get right if you want to avoid a totally torn up toy.

    While a lot of dog toys are made of plastic, rope or plush materials – these are all so easily damaged, and so will never be the longest lasting toys in your puppy playbox.

    The most trustworthy choices are instead rubber and nylon material toys, as these are durable and flexible, meaning they can handle your pup’s bite without snapping or wearing down easily. It also means that if in an unlikely incident your super-toothed pup does manage to break his toy, it won’t shatter into sharp, dangerous parts.

    However, you still wouldn’t want a pup to ingest rubber and nylon materials, which is why supervision is still necessary!


    Believe it or not, colour can actually be very important when it comes to appealing a dog’s interest! They see in yellow and blue colours, so if you want your pup to naturally love their playthings, those are the colours to go for!

    Bonding possibilities

    Not every pup likes playing alone, and so getting a toy such as a ball to play fetch with or a tug of war toy can help you bond with them while curbing their destructive chewing behaviour. It also means you can be in direct supervision and ensure the toy doesn’t break or become damaged!

    Dog’s interests

    Think about what your pup likes to do! If they don’t particularly like running around and chasing a ball – don’t get them one!


    One of the easiest ways to get a dog interested in a new toy is to choose one which allows for treat dispensing. Such toys are also likely to keep them occupied for a much longer period of time as they encourage mentally stimulating play in which your mutt will spend hours figuring out how to unlock their hidden goodies!


    Unfortunately, no matter how tidy your pup is, they’re never going to slap on a pair of marigolds and help you wash the dishes. The same goes for their toys and so it’s always left to you to ensure that their playthings stay relatively free of slobber and dirt once they’re finished with them. That’s why it can be helpful to watch out for dishwasher safe options, as they will save you from some tedious scrubbing sessions!

    Dental hygiene

    As your dog is going to be chewing your chosen item half to death, it’s often beneficial to check what a toy can offer your pet in terms of dental hygiene. In a perfect world, you want to find a toy that is soft enough to massage the gums, durable enough to strengthen their teeth and if possible boast ridges, bristles or another feature which help clean and remove plaque from a dog’s teeth!


    Naturally, you want a toy that is neither too small for your dog to swallow in one, nor so large that they can’t quite get their jaw round it.

    Always check the dimensions and recommended size guidelines of a product to ensure your pet is getting the perfect fit for them.


    And of course, finally, there is the price.

    For a lot of people, the whole point of buying an indestructible toy is so that you stop wasting money constantly buying new products only for your pup to tear them to shreds in a matter of days or weeks.

    That may lead you to think that an indestructible toy would be deservedly more expensive and so you should expect to pay more. However, you must remember that indestructibility as such is a myth!

    While you will likely be buying a pretty non durable product if it is ridiculously cheap, don’t be tempted to pay over the odds on the basis of a product being indestructible.

    It will only lead to disappointment and a burning hole in your wallet if your pup manages to pulverise it without effort.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    How much should I pay for an indestructible dog toy?

    Nearly all of the toys listed in our top ten best reviewed items above range between £5 and £10 and so this is what you should expect to pay.

    Anything over £15 would have to offer some seriously innovative and unique features to be worth it!

    What indestructible dog toy should I get?

    For starters, we would recommend anything made by KONG, quite easily the most trusted dog toy brand in the world.

    They are one of the originators of durable rubber toys and are consistently one of the most popular and well reviewed dog toy makers on the market.

    Their classic treat dispensing toy is their biggest hit and probably your best bet if you’re unsure of what toy to plump for.

    What is the most indestructible dog toy?

    Toys made of rubber and nylon provide the most durable options, with very thick rubber toys probably being the best option.

    Again, the general consensus seems to be that KONG products can withstand more wear and tear than the average ‘indestructible’ toy.

    For example, one review on Amazon claims his dog’s first KONG product lasted eight years before it began to break down, and that beats eight minutes any day!