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Best Guinea Pig Cages for 2021

Not everyone wants their gorgeous little guinea pigs to be hidden away in a hutch outside and many pet owners would prefer their little cavies lived somewhere a little closer to home!

Better yet, why not inside it?

A good quality guinea pig cage can be just as safe and secure for your pet when it comes to caring for them indoors, with many providing just as many facilities and accessories as a premium outdoor hutch.

From large two-tier structures to vast indoor play-pens, we’ve picked out some of the absolute best cages currently on the market for guinea pigs, so you can help provide them with the security and space they thrive on!

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    SONGMICS Guinea Pig Playpen
    • Promotes exploration
    • Hygienic & easy to clean
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    MidWest Homes Guinea Pig Habitat Plus
    • 8 square feet of living space
    • Durable, easy to clean PVC lining
    • Divider panels & multi-access folding wire roof
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    The Top 6 Best Guinea Pig Cages Reviewed

    SONGMICS Guinea Pig Playpen

    The most important thing for ensuring the well-being of guinea pigs is to have more than one and to give them ample space; the Juli Cage with Ramp makes that possible with two floors and a large open area.

    The transparent panels allow the cage to blend in with your interior as well as allowing you and your guinea pigs to feel connected. And because the panels join together through self-assembly, you can decide how large the cage will be.

    Place a plastic base underneath as well as some hay and puppy pads, and you’ll have yourself a perfect guinea pig gaff!



    • Promotes exploration
    • Hygienic & easy to clean


    • Weight: 8.7 Kg
    • Dimensions: 143 x 108 x 93 cm
    • Material: Plastic

    Ferplast FSC Wooden Rabbit Cage ARENA 80

    Ever wish your guinea pig could live somewhere with the look and feel of a wooden hutch but still have all the practicality and portability of a cage?

    One of the more unusual designs available, the Ferplast FSC Wooden cage combines the wooden hut aesthetic with cage portability and structure, featuring a wire mesh roof and eco-friendly forested wood.

    The cage comes fully accessorised with a hay feeder, drinking bottle and food bowl and under a staired platform also acts as a small pet house, with hidey-hole for relaxation. 

    It’s also fantastically easy access, with a slide-out tray feature, which makes clearing out dirt and changing bedding a breeze!

    Comfortable and large, it will provide plenty of space for a sole pipsqueak!


    • Made of FSC eco wood
    • Slide out litter trays
    • Accessories included


    • Weight: 10.24 kg
    • Dimensions: 82 x 52 x h 45.5 cm
    • Material: Metal, Wood

    MidWest Homes Guinea Pig Habitat Plus

    C & C stands for cubes and correx, a cage design that is hugely popular with pet owners thanks to it’s simple, spacious appearance that’s both easy for access and a doddle to clean!

    In general, a C & C cage is one made up of cubed wire grids and then lined with a durable, padded plastic lining (coroplast/correx) for it’s base, making them incredibly basic play-pen style structures.

    This combination of limited design and easy to source materials has meant that many small pet owners opt to create their own DIY C & C cages, but for those who aren’t fans of doing it yourself, MidWest have thankfully released a ready to assemble habitat which boasts the same popular design.

    Fantastic for children and piggy cuddlers thanks to it’s open and interactive style, there’s also plenty of high quality security features here to help keep your pets safe and healthy.

    A fully removable wire mesh with multi-access folding top door protects guineas from predators or other household pets and a clever divider panel with lock in place doors helps separate areas for play and living.

    Then there’s the unique PVC canvas base which provides a durable surface that won’t leak accidents and can be quickly removed for washing or maintenance. It’s also a lovely, soft padded material for piggies to play on, with sensitive protection for their feet and also plenty of traction for smooth mobility!

    With no tools required assembly, it’s a superb choice for new cavy owners who want a hands-on experience with their little furballs!


    • 8 square feet of living space
    • Durable, easy to clean PVC lining
    • Divider panels & multi-access folding wire roof


    • Weight: 5.67 Kg
    • Dimensions: 119 x 61 x 35 cm
    • Material: Metal, PVC Canvas

    Ferplast 120 Casita Guinea Pig Cage

    Bringing a spanish villa lifestyle to the guinea pigs in your life, Ferplast’s Casita (Spanish for ‘small house’) utilises a unique and unusual curved roof to maximise optimum space for little piggies to relax in!

    Designed to be as comfortable as they are attractive, this casita is the recommended 8 square feet of space for two guineas and offers 20% more height than the standard cage to give pets a less claustrophobic feel.

    It’s special rounded roof can be easily opened for access and the front of the cage also provides a sophisticated sliding door which allows your pet to go out and explore every so often! A solid structure made of varnished metal wire, it also offers up an extra large thermoplastic resin base to collect all your pet’s litter and dirt!

    To top it all off, it also comes with all the accessories you need to keep little fur pigs happy, with feeders, drinking bottle, bowl and even a hideout house included!

    Say hasta la vista to boring hutches and say hello to your little friends new dream home!


    • Strong clip-on mesh & thermoplastic base design
    • Rounded removable roof for extra space
    • Comes with all necessary accessories


    • Weight: 6.3 Kg
    • Dimensions: 119 x 61 x 58 cm
    • Material: Metal, Plastic

    Skyline Maxi XXL Small Pet Cage

    Many children desire an irresistibly cute pet guinea pig, but the sheer price of some pet cages on the market can be enough to put off even the most doting of parents.

    However, if you really want to make your child’s guinea pig dreams a reality, this ultra-cheap option from Skyline could make looking after guinea pigs a much more affordable and enjoyable adventure!
    At almost a third of the price, this XXL small pet cage still has all the space your guinea pig could ever need, with a standard construction of a sturdy metal frame covered with plastic and a strong, durable tray for placing bedding.

    The two are quickly and simply attached with secure clips, meaning gaining access to your guineas or doing some much-needed maintenance is easy, with front-facing and roof doors also making daily spruce ups and feeding a fast and effortless action.

    It also comes with an ingenious food rack, which keeps hay and straw from sneaking their way out from between the bars, promising you less daily clean-ups around the cage!

    It unfortunately doesn’t come with many of the accessories you’ll need to help feed and water your pet, but even with those purchased separately, it’s a super cheap, reliable option for those not looking to go broke on a new set of pets!


    • Food rack prevents spillages outside the cage
    • Incredibly cheap price for its size
    • Cage handles for portability


    • Weight: 5.3 Kg
    • Dimensions: 119 x 59 x 47 cm
    • Material: Metal, Plastic

    Ferplast Plaza 160 Small Pet Cage

    While most guinea pig owners are smart enough to stop at two, we’re fully aware that many of you just want as many of the cuddly creatures inside your house as possible and so we’re here to help!

    While it may be a struggle to accommodate such a structure in your home, it’s worth knowing that pet cage brands do manufacture some cages in gargantuan sizes, which are usually large enough to house a maximum of three guinea pigs!

    One such special cage is the Ferplast Plaza 160 Small Pet Cage, featuring an enormous detachable nesting area which adds an extra 2 square feet of space onto an already magnificent complex.

    This detachable area makes segregating rest and play areas incredibly simple and means when it comes to cleaning, you can just separate the two parts and quickly change the bedding of the nesting area, without disturbing your piggies or having to remove them from the cage at all!

    Utilising a classic wire mesh with clips and plastic base construction, it’s a spacious and robust cage which also offers owners and guineas everything they need to live a healthy and happy lifestyle.

    Fixed hay racks allow you to feed them through the bars without mess while a fastened feeding bowl and water bottle provide essential feeding implements that make caring for your little one simple and efficient. 

    Do bear in mind though that these types of cages are just over a foot longer than a standard XL cage size and so please make sure you have enough space in your home to accommodate it before purchasing!


    • House up to three guinea pigs!
    • Comes with all necessary accessories
    • Detachable nesting area


    • Weight: 14.9 Kg
    • Dimensions: 162 x 60 x 50 cm
    • Material: Metal, Plastic

    Buying Guide

    Things To Consider


    Yes gents, unfortunately, size really does matter when it comes to guinea pig cages, as it is as often seen as a cruel and poor treatment to keep guinea pigs in an area that is too confined or cramped for them to live comfortably inside.

    Despite being one of the largest rodents in the animal kingdom, their cages are often structured not too much bigger than that of rats or very lucky hamsters, which isn’t ideal given how much floor space they need to thrive.

    Most people also keep their guinea pigs in at least a pair so they are not lonely, meaning even more room is required.
    The RSPCA states that the minimum cage size for two piggy pets is 120 x 60 x 45 cm.

    If you cannot accommodate a size this big in your home, you will, unfortunately, have to keep the cage outside and even then we would still suggest adding a run to supplement their experience with an area to exercise and play in!

    As always the general rule here is always to purchase the absolute biggest space you can afford and accommodate on your premises to ensure the optimum comfort and happiness of your guineas.


    The whole point of a guinea pig cage is to ensure that one, nothing can get at your guinea pig and two, it can’t escape and get itself into serious trouble! Making sure your intended cage boasts a good locking system for its doors and special clippings to keep the mesh in place could end up being paramount to the welfare of your pet!

    Easy Access & Cleaning

    While we all love guinea pigs very dearly, it’s no secret that they’re not so good at looking after their mess and cages can become seriously smelly places without regular and committed upkeep. A cage you can easily get into and has an open design is not only more fun when it comes to interacting with your pet but it also helps get in all those nooks and crannies when cleaning, making your piggy chores a little bit easier to bear!

    Easy Assembly & Accessories Included

    Not many people want to go out and build their own guinea pig cage, but unfortunately, barely any come fully built and furnished as it’s much easier for companies to instead sell them as flat packs and have you assemble them yourself. Try and look for models which describe themselves as being tool-free, which will usually mean you can quickly put them together by hand.

    It’s also not a bad idea to purchase one which already includes important accessories like feeding bowls and bottles, as this means you’ll see yourself money and that your guinea pigs will be ready to move into their new home immediately after it’s built!

    Private Areas

    Guinea pigs are notoriously shy sometimes and can often be easily spooked or upset without you quite knowing why. To prevent them from becoming very distressed in these moments, they need to have areas inside their cage which are completely quiet, where not even you, their adoring owner can see them! This is often best done in the form of a den, cave, compartment or hidey-hole with plenty of bedding they can retreat to when upset.

    Every guinea pig has the right to their privacy!


    Although it’s rarely a problem for cage structures, it’s always good for a guinea pig’s home to have good access to ventilation, which helps reduce the amount of bacteria build-up in a more closed-off environment. Try and avoid designs with boxed off areas or fancy panels and stick to large structures with lots of wire mesh to provide sufficient airflow.


    Guinea Pig cages can end up costing a serious amount of money the larger and more complicated their structures are and many cost around £100 or more. However C & C cages can be bought and made for much cheaper at around £50 to £60 and provide much more space for a guinea pig.

    Types of Cage

    There are two main types of cage structure you will see when it comes to housing guinea pigs:


    Similar to most rodent cage designs, a standard indoor guinea pig cage will usually consist of a plastic base for placing bedding and a clip-on wire mesh for securing your pet inside and protecting them from outside threats. Over the years, the inside of these cages has also become much more accommodating, with extra tiers, platforms, hidey homes and more helping to make them feel as comfy as possible

    C & C

    An increasingly popular style of cage, C & C’s excel in indoor environments as they are essentially glorified play-pens. Standing for cubes and correx, these cages combine wire grid, cube-like meshes with correx plastic lining to create a pen structure with soft spongy flooring.

    They offer a more open and interactive style of cage but do take up a lot of space in your home! But if you can accommodate it, they’re easily one of the best choices for your guinea!

    Other Buyers Ask...

    What size guinea pig cage do I need?

    How big a cage you need depends on how many guinea pigs you own.

    In general, most people own two guinea pigs, as it’s well known that they thrive on companionship and can become lonely and stressed if kept on their own.

    The RSPCA recommends that a pair of guinea pigs need a cage at least 120 x 60 x 45 cm in size, which is around 8 square feet of room you’ll need to be able to accommodate.

    Naturally, if you have more than that, you’ll need an even bigger cage! Three guinea pigs are said to need around 10 square feet minimum, which is around 160 x 65 x 54 cm big!

    If you have more than three, the numbers tend to get a little silly and unless you’re living in quite a sizable pad, probably not suitable for inside the home. So if you own three or more, you unfortunately might have to consider purchasing an outdoor hutch and run or perhaps two separate cages which you can place in different areas of the house and pair pigs together.

    Where should I put my guinea pig cage?

    You need to place your cage somewhere away from drafts and places of high temperature or sudden temperature change like radiators or windows where they are under direct sunlight.

    This is because guineas are very sensitive to temperature and can become sick or overheat very easily.

    You should also place it somewhere away from other predators or pets to keep your guineas safe and if possible make sure it has some height away from the floor. Cages which are placed on the floor can make piggies uncomfy as it means you are always looming over them and when you pick them up from a height, it instinctively may think you are a predator and become distressed or frightened.