How To Make Homemade Guinea Pig Toys

While there are lots of toys out there that you can buy for your guinea pig, there are also things you have lying around can also make for great activities too, and since you know your guinea pig better than anyone, you can create things that they’ll enjoy the most. Not only this, but making homemade toys for your little buddy is fun and relaxing, and you have the added satisfaction of giving them something that was made with love!

Each one of these ideas has been chosen because of the way they enrich your guinea pigs life, if you’re not feeling up to it, however, then check out our round-up of the best guinea pig toys. Otherwise, let’s get this show on the road and explore 8 fantastic ideas for homemade guinea pig toys.

1. Tunnel

A tunnel is a wonderful addition to the guinea pig pen since guinea pigs are natural foragers and love little hideaways. A tunnel also encourages them to move around the space more and explore which is a great way for them to stay fit and healthy.

Many people often suggest using toilet paper rolls when it comes to homemade tunnels, but they’re actually too small. So try to find larger rolls that your guinea pig will be able to walk through easily.

To ensure it’s safe, strip the roll completely and make sure there isn’t any glue left on the roll – as this can be harmful to your guinea pig. Guinea pigs can eat anything wood related, so if they nibble on the tunnel, it’s okay; however, if they’re chewing it endlessly, then it’s best to take it out.

2. Foraging Bag

Take a small paper bag and cut small holes into it (mimicking a Wiffle ball). Then fill it with straw and treats before sealing it up at the top. You can do this with eco-friendly, biodegradable tape or PVA glue. All that’s left then is to place it the pen and watch your little piggies get to work as they push the bag around to get the tasty treats and straw inside.

3. Chocolate Bar Chew Toy

Guinea pigs need things to chew on; it relieves frustration, and while it may not seem like a very exciting toy, it’s actually what guinea pigs like to do best. So if you’d rather not buy the store-bought toys, all you need is a natural block of wood that’s pet safe as well as pet-safe (soy) paint.

Start by painting a wrapper onto the wood up to just over the halfway point of the block. Then create a swerve at the top of your painted section so it looks like the wrapper has been opened. For the wood that hasn’t been painted yet, simply paint it brown, followed by adding a white grid on top of the brown to show the chocolate segments. This toy looks really cute in their house and will keep them entertained for hours.

4. Dumbbell Roller

Dumbells make for a great toy since your little guys can chew on them and push them around.

You will need two wooden circles (usually found in craft shops), preferably with a hole in the middle, but if not, you can drill a hole through easily. You will also need some pet-safe soy paint, two wooden dowels (cylinder rods) and pet-safe glue. You can make your own glue using flour and water or just use child-safe PVA glue.

Simply paint the wood in whatever design you like and then glue the dowels into the holes. If the dowels are too long, simply saw them off with a handsaw.

 homemade guinea pig toy tunnel

5. Dangling Guinea Pig Toy

Guinea pigs are usually more interested in hanging toys, so it’s always a good idea to make sure you’ve got various things hanging around the place. Toilet paper rolls are another great accessory for this since you can quite easily pierce them with a hole and tie a knot in them to hang them up. You simply fill the centre with treats and then stuff it with staw before hanging it up.

If you want to make it look more like a straw rack, you can cut vents into it following a cylinder shape all the way around. This will encourage the guinea pigs to pull the straw from the centre rather than just the sides and will make it harder for them to pull large amounts out so the toy will last longer.

6. Seesaw

Seesaws are a great way to inject some fun into your guinea pigs pen and will make exploring their environment that little bit more dynamic. All you need is a piece of pet-friendly natural wood (in the shape of a rectangle) as well as a second piece of wood that is a triangle shape. Simply glue the triangle onto the flat piece of wood with the pointed bit towards the bottom and the flat surface at the top (so it’s like an upside-down triangle) – this will provide the mechanism it needs to tip to one side and back again.

You can then choose to paint it or leave it natural, and then all that’s left is for your piggies to enjoy it!

7. Mini Jump Gates

Mini jump gates create a perfect opportunity for your little piggy to learn some tricks as well as getting their daily exercise in. You can also use these jump gates as part of an assault course, with treats being the prize. This is an excellent way to bond with your guinea pig and to give them mental stimulation.

All you need is two small blocks of wood and a dowel. Depending on whether you want to increase the height each time will depend on how you stick the dowel onto the wooden blocks. If you want to increase the height to challenge your guinea pig, then we recommend using pet-friendly biodegradable sticky tape. However, if you’d rather not use tape, then you can glue the dowels on with PVA glue or homemade glue using flour and water.

8.Weave Assault Course

An assault course is an excellent bonding activity for you and your guinea pig to enjoy, plus it gives your guinea pig a chance to show off their impressive brainpower and recall skills. And in order to create a weaving assault course, surprise surprise, you need toilet rolls and a piece of long, flat wood.

Simply cut the toilet rolls to your desired size and then stick them onto the wood in a zig-zag pattern using PVA or biodegradable tape. You want the space in the zig-zags to be big enough for your piggy to weave in and out of them freely. Once it’s dry, simply place a trail of treats throughout the zig-zag and watch your guinea pig learn to weave through them.

By now, you’ve learnt that toilet rolls really are your best friend when it comes to guinea pig toys and hopefully, by now, you’re feeling inspired to get DIY-ing!

So that’s all, folks! We hope you guinea pigs enjoy the toys as much as ours did!