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Best Dog Dental Chews for 2021

Dental sticks and chews will keep your dog’s teeth in top condition in between brushes, and could even keep gum and other oral issues at bay.

It is much easier to give your dog a chew than to try and brush their teeth, and they have a host of other benefits too. From ensuring they don’t chew your shoes and skirting boards, to giving them a distraction when you’re trying to watch Line Of Duty, dental treats are a cupboard must-have.

There are dozens of varieties out there, so we have picked out some of the best for every dog (and human).

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Purina Dentalife Medium Adult Dog Chew
    • Low in fat
    • No artificial additives
    Check Price
    Lily's Kitchen Woofbrush Dental Chews for Dogs
    • Completely natural ingredients
    • Helps freshen breath
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    Pedigree Dentastix Fresh Dog Treats
    • Effective with bad breath
    • Natural additions
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    Top 10 Best Dog Dental Chews and Sticks Reviewed

    Purina Dentalife Medium Adult Dog Chew

    Able to reduce tartar and prevent it from building up, the porous yet chewy texture is sure to keep them entertained until their teeth are fully cleaned.

    The eight ridges of the chew help to get to the hard to reach teeth and get right down to the gums as well, ensuring they have no difficulties along their gum line and no trapped food.

    Available for small, medium and large dogs, with one chew per day you will soon see a huge difference. Each chew is made largely from corn and wheat, so is natural with nothing artificial.


    • Low in fat
    • No artificial additives


    • Flavour: Meat
    • Capacity: 15/45/75
    • Active Ingredients: Glycerol, Oils

    Pedigree Dentastix Large Adult Dog Treats

    One of the bestselling options, these long chews reduce the likelihood of tartar buildup by 80% when given daily.

    They are designed to be chewed for long enough to be effective, yet easy to eat as well. The idea is that your dog will use their very back teeth to eat the chew with, cleaning the teeth which usually get neglected.

    They’re available in various sizes for small, medium and large dogs, and different packet sizes as well in case you want to stock up or save some money buying in bulk.


    • Free from artificial ingredients
    • Freshens breath


    • Flavour: Meat
    • Capacity: 7/28/56/105
    • Active Ingredients: Sodium Tripolyphosphate, Zinc Sulphate

    Lily's Kitchen Woofbrush Dental Chews for Dogs

    Lily’s Kitchen prides itself on relying on natural ingredients to make their treats and foods, and the Woofbrush is no different.

    The spongy texture keeps them chewing for longer, which goes right down to the gum line in order to wipe away plaque. The company believes that the chews have to be kind to your canines tummy as well as their teeth, so the natural ingredients will not cause any aggravation.

    The likes of parsley, coconut oil and fennel do the job without any nasty additives or unnecessary ingredients. Dogs are also proven to love the taste, so they won’t turn their nose up at their healthcare. Available in small, medium and large dog varieties.


    • Completely natural ingredients
    • Helps freshen breath


    • Flavour: Fennel and Parsley
    • Capacity: 7/28/35
    • Active Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Algae

    Pedigree Dentastix Fresh Dog Treats

    These chews use the same popular ingredients, texture and size as the original Dentastix, but the Green Tea Extract and patented Eucalyptus Oil addition works wonders for their breath as well as their teeth.

    It’s designed to be chewed long enough to be effective and is gently abrasive, enough to remove plaque but not enough to be harsh on gums. They can be given to dogs from the age of four months, and are low in calories and fat to make it easy to adjust their daily meals.

    They’re available for small, medium and large dogs, based on weight.


    • Effective with bad breath
    • Natural additions


    • Flavour: Mint
    • Capacity: 7/28
    • Active Ingredients: Vegetable Protein Extract, Zinc Sulphate

    Whimzees Variety Box Dog Chew Treats

    A brilliant selection box for any dog who likes a bit of variety and easily gets fed up of the same thing time and time again.

    The vegetable-based ingredients make each chew nice and healthy and include ingredients such as alfalfa which are proven to help teeth. With shapes such as Alligators, Hedgehogs and Toothbrushes, when given on rotation, different areas of their mouth and teeth will be cared for.

    Based on research, Whimzees are 80% more effective at removing plaque compared with competitors, which is great if this is something your dog particularly suffers with.


    • Vegetarian
    • Natural Ingredients


    • Flavour: Vegetable
    • Capacity: 12/24/48
    • Active Ingredients: Potato Starch, Alfalfa Extract

    Virbac Veggie Dent Dental Dog Chews

    Available for extra small, small, medium and large dogs, VEGGIEDENT FR3SH chews incorporate the latest technology to eliminate the causes of halitosis.

    They cleanse the mouth, cool it to fight bad bacteria, and address any digestive problems which could be causing bad breath – making them one of the few on the market to work on the stomach as well as the teeth and gums.

    They can be given daily, and work to tackle the issues for a full 24 hours. 90% of owners asked in a trial said that they noticed a big difference in their dog’s breath, and the Z shape gets into all corners of the mouth.


    • Plant-Based
    • Free of Wheat


    • Flavour: Vegetable
    • Capacity: 15
    • Active Ingredients: Sorbitol, Chicory

    Scrumbles Gnashers Daily Dental Chew Dog Treat

    If you’re looking to support independent businesses and ensure your pup has quality treats at the same time, then Scrumbles may just be what you’re looking for. Based in the UK and family-run, Scrumbles is known for its fantastic ethics and nutritious dog food and uses active ingredients like probiotics and slippery elm to promote digestive health.

    The treats are hand baked here in the UK and are packed in recyclable, compostable plastic-free packaging. The dental chews are designed to keep your dog’s breath fresh and include active ingredients that are supposed to tartar buildup by up to 80% with daily use. They’re also low in fat, grain-free, have no added sugar and are free from artificial colours and flavours.

    Scrumbles also donate 10% of their profits to animal charities to support cats and dogs in need, so you’ll be taking care of your own dog as well as others.


    • Reduces tartar build-up by 80%
    • Ethical brand
    • Suitable for adult dogs and puppies over 4 months


    • Flavour: Plant based
    • Capacity: 7 Pack 200g
    • Active Ingredients: Sweet potato, rapeseed oil, pumpkin seeds, parsley, spinach, sesame seeds, coconut oil, slippery elm, peppermint oil

    HiLife Special Care Daily Dental Original Dog Chews

    If your dog prefers something a bit more difficult to get through compared to the soft, porous alternatives in this list, these natural hide chews should keep them well occupied.

    The only ingredients are rawhide and rice flour, so you know what your dog is eating. They can have between one and three per day, and because they are natural, each will vary in shape so some can give your dog a real challenge.

    They can be given to small dogs over the age of 9 months and large breeds over 6 months. Because of the harder makeup, they will have to be observed when eating to ensure it isn’t a choking hazard, but the tougher chewing should ensure their teeth are fully cleaned.


    • Tougher texture
    • Natural basic ingredients


    • Flavour: Hide
    • Capacity: 12/60
    • Active Ingredients: Rawhide

    Pedigree Dentastix Advanced Dental Dog Treat

    Rather than multiple smaller chews in a box, this is a big chew which will offer a deep clean and keep them occupied!

    The large, porous X shape will go into all of the corners and small bits of their mouth, and as it is chewy, it will rub on their teeth for longer and wipe away all of that plaque and tartar. 

    They come in several sizes, for different dog weights, and can be given daily or as an occasional alternative.


    • Scientifically proven
    • Long-lasting action


    • Flavour: Chicken
    • Capacity: 1
    • Active Ingredients: Sodium Tripolyphosphate, Calcium

    Greenies Teenie Dental Dog Treats

    These dental chews are shaped like toothbrushes, so every ‘bristle’ gets behind teeth and right to the gum line.

    By freshening breath and giving your dog a healthier gum line, their oral health will improve without too much intervention from you. They were once only available from veterinary clinics, so the proof is there that they are approved by professionals.

    As a bonus, they are highly soluble so are easily digested and won’t upset sensitive tums.


    • Low in calories
    • Easy to chew


    • Flavour: Poultry
    • Capacity: 3-Oz, 11-Count Pack
    • Active Ingredients: Dicalcium Phosphate, Dried Apple Pomace

    Buying Guide


    Look for something which is X-shaped, S-shaped etc – this means that the pointier bits can get into where an ordinary stick couldn’t, and offers a deeper clean right to the gumline.

    Most are long so they can work down the stick, making it more likely they will chew with the very back of their teeth which are often neglected.


    Sticks come in a range of flavours. You can either pick one which you think will appeal to your dog’s tastes, such as beef or chicken, or one which tastes like mint or similar and will freshen their breath more notably.


    Bear in mind that for most chews, your dog should be given one per day. Therefore, most packets will come with around 7 chews which will last one week, but it is good to think about this when buying.

    Occasionally, a chew may be larger and for occasional use as opposed to daily, but it is still good to buy in bulk and be prepared.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    Can the dental chews help with bad breath?

    The most important part of tackling bad breath is gum care, as most cases are caused by gum disease. Dental chews can help to reverse this if used properly, as well as keeping it at bay for any dogs not currently suffering.

    Some chews are specifically for bad breath too, containing ingredients such as mint or parsley, which can help cover up any breath until it is sorted.

    Which size do I get?

    Dental sticks come in various sizes, mostly for different sized dogs. This is often based on their weight. Getting the right size will reduce their likelihood of choking and make it easier for them to handle. Most are available in small, medium and large sizes, but you may be able to find some for extra-small or extra-large dogs.