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Best Pet Hair Removal Tools for 2022

It doesn’t matter how much you groom, wash and towel clean your dog or cat – you still end up finding pet hair on your soft furnishings, clothes and bed, even if they have been nowhere near these items.

Once hair is in one place, it can spread. Before you know it, you’re finding hairs absolutely everywhere. Even if you brush your pet daily, it doesn’t stop them scratching and creating another pile.

Getting out all of the attachments for the vacuum cleaner every day seems like a lot of effort, but you have had enough of overzealously wiping down your suit before the work meetings every morning. Sometimes, the vacuum doesn’t even do a proper job.

Reaching for a small handheld tool which can remove the pet hair from your home before they start to spread would be ideal, so below are some handy options which can help to remove hairs, and tackle it before it becomes a real issue.

From rubber brushes that can gather up the hairs on your sofa, to lint rollers that the hairs stick to, via lint removers which work deep into carpets, wherever you find the hairs, there is an answer.

We have highlighted the best (and the wide range) in the reviews below.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    CarPet Hair Remover & Cleaner
    • Four sided for longer cleaning
    • Lightweight
    Check Price
    Home Premium Lint Remover
    • Gets really into carpet pile
    • Perfect for stairs
    • Easy to drag along floor
    Check Price
    Fur Magic Pet Hair Remover Lint Brush
    • For multiple surfaces
    • Super easy to clean
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    The Top Pet Hair Removers Reviewed

    CarPet Hair Remover & Cleaner

    Able to remove pesky hairs from carpets, blankets, clothes and upholstery, or horse rugs, this hair remover can help to leave areas completely hair-free.

    The CarPet Hair Remover is perfect for animal lovers on the go as well as in the home, as it can be used to de-fuzz car seats and bedding as well as sofas, and is both durable and easy to clean afterwards.

    Just run it under some water and give it a wipe to clean it, before leaving to dry. To use, just wipe it over your chosen surface and it will pick up all loose hairs as well as fluff, dust and bits of mud from walks.

    It is great to use on the likes of the car boot, which can become full of hair, sand, dirt and other bits and pieces but can be hard to clean fully without the hassle of the vacuum and various attachments. We also think it would be ideal for carpeted stairs.

    The only downside is that there is no handle, so it can be hard to hold, but it is a tiny niggle.


    • Four sided for longer cleaning
    • Lightweight


    • Dimensions: 14.22 x 5.33 x 12.07cm

    Home Premium Lint Remover

    You may have seen these little gadgets on TikTok, Instagram Reels and various other cleaning social media accounts. They are actually worth the hype.

    We love these ones here at Petz. Despite having pretty decent vacuum cleaners (being pet owners), we all find that it doesn’t quite do 100% of the job. We know there is still pet hair, fluff and everything else in our deep pile carpets, particularly on areas like the stairs which are hard to clean.

    So one of us bought one of these, and the amount of hair, dust and goodness knows what else it brought up was astounding. Word soon spread, of course. Despite vacuuming every day, using these lint rollers every week or so brings up anything the vacuum doesn’t capture.

    Don’t overuse them, because it could damage the pile over time. But if you have kids who roll on the floor, or simply think your plush cream carpet isn’t looking great because of the black dog hairs, they’re a lifesaver.


    • Gets really into carpet pile
    • Perfect for stairs
    • Easy to drag along floor


    • Dimensions: 12.5 x 2.1 x 15cm

    Fur Magic Pet Hair Remover Lint Brush

    Traditional lint rollers, where you tear off the sticky paper, are obviously the original way to remove hair. But this version is a 21st-century adaptation.

    The brush surface is thousands of micro bristles as opposed to paper, so there is no waste (great for eco points). The handle includes an arrow, which tells you the best way to brush – just go against the grain and no hair will be missed.

    But we haven’t even mentioned the best part. When using some of the other methods on our list, you can end up dropping half of the hairs again before you reach the bin. But with this lint remover, just insert the brush into the base and pull it out. Voila – a clean brush.

    All of the loose hairs are gathered in the base, and when you’re done, just remove the base and empty them all out straight into the bin.

    The hairs come out as one clump, so you have a better chance of not losing any. Great for car seats, chairs, pet beds, clothes and human beds. And no need to buy refills or throw anything but the hairs away.

    There are a few copycats around out there, but this is the original and still reins far superior.


    • For multiple surfaces
    • Super easy to clean


    • Dimensions: 33.9 x 8.1 x 5.7 cm

    Spontex Catch & Clean Indoor Rubber Broom and Dustpan

    A lot of the other items on this rundown are good for soft furnishings such as carpets but with small handles (if a handle at all), covering your entire carpet with them on your hands and knees will be back-breaking work.

    So you need a rubber brush. There are hundreds out there and a lot of cheap picks, but this one from Spontex is a winner for us. Not only is it a trusted brand, but the dustpan is a great extra which ensures that the hairs are gathered up without the use of a vacuum – and that you don’t have to bend down to do so.

    You can also store the brush within the dustpan if it is left upright, so any remaining hairs on the brush are kept in one enclosed place until it is next used or has a big clean.

    The telescopic handle can take on four different positions to clean hard-to-reach areas and under furniture, and the dustpan features a rubber lip to ensure it all goes in. It will even collect wet mess, in case you’re just in from a muddy walk.

    You can also use it on mats, rugs and curtains. When it is time to clean, just hold everything under running water. One review says it even beats using their Dyson on their carpet, which is praise indeed.

    While it may not be as targetted as a small brush, you’re never going to capture every hair anyway so you may as well make it as easy as possible for yourself…


    • Flexible handle for positioning
    • Storage keeps all hairs in one place


    • Dimensions: Handle 1.25m-1.40m

    Furminator Hair Collection Tool

    Furminator has a host of hair removal products for both pet and home, and this tool is able to get those embedded soft furnishing hairs gathered for easier removal.

    It is similar to those powerful handheld attachments you can get with dedicated pet hair vacuum cleaners, except the dedicated hair collection tool wheel will gather up all of the hair into a collection chamber where it can be binned straight away. This will save your vacuum from getting bunged up and will keep the attachments largely hair-free too.

    The ergonomic non-slip handle makes it easy to run over larger areas, such as in the car or on carpets. Just turn the knob regularly to get a fresh section of the roller, which limits the spread of hair even further.

    It will stop further hair from being collected, so just press the button for non-contact disposal and go back to using it if the job isn’t quite finished.


    • Good handle
    • Section which keeps hairs in one place


    • Dimensions: 16.51 x 5.08 x 25.72cm

    Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver

    Your bedding has pet hairs on it. Your bedding needs to be washed. You wash your bedding. The bedding comes out with the pet hairs still on. Now they are practically stuck on your bedding.

    To make matters worse, your washing machine is now also full of pet hairs. Which then gets on everything else you wash.

    Yep, we have been there too.

    This product, which comes as a powder and you simply put in the washing machine drawer, can dissolve pet hair on clothes and in the washing machine. It can help to prevent blockages in pipes due to hair, too.

    What are the downsides? You have to wash on a hot cycle of 85-95°C for it to work, which isn’t very planet-friendly. So, you may only want to use it occasionally when washing pet bedding. For bigger problems, we also found one sachet wasn’t enough so it could get costly.

    Some people in the reviews said it was a miracle product and others said it was just “an expensive washing powder”,  so we’d use the other products on the list before opting for this one.


    • Smells really lovely and gets rid of dog smell
    • Can also help to maintain washing machines


    • Weight: 100g

    Moorland Rider Petwear Wash Bag

    Items which promise to dissolve or grab hair from washing machines are generally poor and hit-and-miss, which we found when reviewing them, so it is best to just ensure the issue is not repeated when you’ve finally got on top of it.

    So this is not a *remover* as such, but if you find that washing your dogs blankets, towels and bedding is the root cause of most of the hairy issues in your home, then this washbag will keep all of the hairs out of the machine.

    If you were to wash them loosely, the machine would pick up the hairs in the drum, which would then sit there until you go to wash your bedding, or the kid’s football kit, or your work clothes, and before you know it, you’re finding the hairs everywhere.

    You could also use it on products which already have hairs on, such as cushion covers or your dog walking clothes. All of the hairs remain inside the bag, good for simply removing outside and then hanging up for the next use.

    It attracts the hairs too, so you will be able to bring their blankets out without fear. You also won’t need to run additional cycles to clean the machine or hand wash, and you can even wash the items at the same time as a human wash if you’re looking to conserve water and energy.


    • Great for horse riders, too
    • Easy to remove captured hair


    • Dimensions: Large 58 x 75cm, Jumbo 75 x 80cm

    Buying Guide

    How we chose the best pet hair removers

    Pet hair removers come in a few different forms. You have the rubber brushes you can use on any surface, the metal lint rollers for carpets, the fabric or paper lint rollers which are great for delicate clothes, and also items for the washing machine.

    Some are really not worth the money, so we opted for the ones which had hundreds of reviews stating that they do a great job as well as trying most ourselves. They needed to be comfortable to use and hold, and easy to use too. They also had to actually pick up most of the hairs which a vacuum couldn’t, or keep the hairs in one place.

    There are thousands of like for like products out there in some cases, such as the metal lint removers which have gone viral on TikTok. So to find the best of everything, we looked at price, comfort to use, ease of use and performance.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    Are these pet hair remover tools better than a vacuum cleaner?

    When used alongside a vacuum cleaner, they can pick up any hairs left behind. This includes hairs deeper into carpets, or in tight corners.

    The issue with a vacuum is that it is usually bothersome to bring out and set up. You can’t be bothered one day, and before you know it, your home is a hair-bomb.

    Handheld tools are much easier to bring out at a moment’s notice and will gather the hairs up for safe disposal too. Depending on how good your vacuum is, the hair could just sit on the handheld accessories, in the tubing or in the container, and could escape the next time it is turned on.

    Handheld hair removers are also better for bedding and other delicate areas, which a vacuum may simply be hard to use. After all, if you have a pet vacuum cleaner, the main ‘pet hair’ part is the upright suction and not the nozzles.

    But this isn’t to say don’t use a vacuum of course, as it still picks up recent hairs as well as dust and other particles such as dead skin.