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Best Pet Grooming Gloves for 2022

If your cat has long fur which regularly knots and mats, or if your dog leaves your bed 90% hair when they wake up in the morning, then using a grooming glove to keep them groomed and free of loose hairs is a great idea.

Not only can it reduce the likelihood of furballs in cats or itching with your dog, but your soft furnishings will probably thank you for it too. You can often choose from brushes, combs and pet grooming gloves, but we’d say to have all three to hand.

Gloves are best for any nervous pets who don’t usually like grooming. Or alternatively, those who love a fuss and a pet! They can feel the ‘hand’ when the grooming glove is in use. It also looks a little less scary for them – big brushes going near them can sometimes be overwhelming.

But for some breeds with thicker, longer hair, you may also need a wire or bristle brush. These will get a bit deeper when dogs and cats are losing their winter coats. Combs can be great for an even deeper brush, or for more gentle areas.

Cats and dogs can use the same form of a glove. But it is worth noting that different types can offer different results. Some have longer nodules that can work deeper into the fur, but others are more like gardening gloves for shorter hair.

You also need to think about your chosen hand and how it will fit you. A lot of grooming gloves come as pairs, so you have one for each hand. But others will come as lone individual gloves. Some of these don’t have fingers (so are like mitts) or are reversible, so you can use them on either hand. But some are sold with a right-handed preference, so if you’re left-handed you may need to look further.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Mikki Grooming Cotton Glove
    • Washable
    • Adaptable to your needs
    Check Price
    Wahl Glove Grooming
    • Mitten design
    • Velcro strap for security
    Check Price
    Simply Natural Pet Grooming Glove
    • Velcro tightening around the wrist
    • Deep studs for all fur types
    Check Price

    The Top Pet Grooming Gloves Reviewed

    Mikki Grooming Cotton Glove

    Gloves are great for nervous or timid pets as they’re less scary than a brush or comb and you get to bond with them at the same time via stroking, but if yours particularly needs to get used to the sensation of the glove or even used to being touched, then you will want something which is as close as possible to the sensation of the natural hand.

    Many contain large rubber teeth to work into the fur, but these ones are just small circular protrusions which allow the loose fur to be captured without feeling too odd. The friction will keep hold of this hair, so it is easier to place straight into the bin without ending up all over your home.

    It can fit on both the left and right hand depending on your preference, and one size fits all. They are machine washable, and you get two in each packet so there is always another to go if one can’t be used.


    • Washable
    • Adaptable to your needs


    • Size: 31 x 6.6 x 1.5 cm
    • Colour: Red/White
    • For: Short hair

    Wahl Glove Grooming

    This is a mitten-style glove which is great for anyone who struggles with gloves, especially if your hand is often too small or large to fit standard sizes.

    It is great for long-haired pets as the flexible, large rubber bristles both work deep into the fur and can adapt to body shapes and skin to work right into the coat.

    Not only does the mitten style adapt to any size or shape hand, but the velcro fastening around the wrist also ensures it remains in place so you don’t have to worry about it falling off or coming loose.

    Although we say it is the best for long hair, it could also be ideal for short-haired cats who seem to shed more fur than you ever thought possible.


    • Mitten design
    • Velcro strap for security


    • Size: 2 x 18 x 23.5 cm
    • Colour: Orange/Black
    • For: Long Hair, Short Hair

    Mikki Rubber Glove For Short/Medium Coat

    With nodule teeth which can stimulate and massage the skin as well as removing loose and dead hairs, this is a good glove for cats who need some all-round care, or dogs with short hair.

    It can be used on the left or right hand, and as it is fully rubber it is simple enough to run under a tap to fully clean or get rid of hairs. This also means that it is good for both dry and wet grooming, so if you give your cat a bath often to help with hair removal and care then it can be used at the same time.

    The rubber is quite soft, so it is good for gentle grooming – perfect if you’re concerned about the effect of daily grooming on your cat’s skin, or if they have any skin conditions.


    • Both-handed
    • Easy to keep clean


    • Size: 31 x 6.6 x 1.5cm
    • Colour: Red
    • For: Short/Medium coats

    Simply Natural Pet Grooming Glove

    Perhaps the one with the most traditional style and design. In the packet, you get two gloves, one for your right hand and one for the left, so it is good if you have a preference or perhaps have a big task on your hands and need twice the power.

    It is a one size fits all glove too, and a velcro wrist fastening is there to give it a more secure fit for those big jobs. A breathable mesh back also means it won’t become too stuffy to wear for a long time.

    In action, it takes off a lot of the dead deep-rooted hair which is hard to get used to any other way. It can work on both short and long hair, and its power makes it ideal for most dog breeds but it could also be great for those cats who are a big job, such as Maine Coons with long hair.


    • Velcro tightening around the wrist
    • Deep studs for all fur types


    • Size: 15.5 x 5.8 x 6.1 cm
    • Colour: Blue/black
    • For: Short/Long hair

    Petface Grooming Mitt

    Completely rubber, this mitt is good for gentle grooming as well as helping those who have sensitive skin or are a bit nervous.

    It is actually a double-sided glove which can tackle a number of issues. On one side, the studs are tri-pimple, which is designed to really capture the loose hairs which are removed so you won’t have to get the vacuum cleaner out later. The other side is the traditional single rubber bristle design, which finishes off and leaves a nice smooth and shiny coat.


    • Double-sided
    • Gentle rubber material


    • Size: 16cm x 11cm x 4cm
    • Colour: Purple
    • For: Short/Medium hair

    Buying Guide

    How we chose the best pet grooming gloves

    The first consideration was material. Rubber is the best for the job, which is why most are made out of it. Not only does it capture hairs better than the plastic or metal used with brushes, but it is also softer on the fur and skin of your pet.

    Some gloves are made entirely of rubber, which could be good if you want something easy to clean and get the hairs off. But others are more like gardening gloves, made from fabric and then with rubber nodules on the surface.

    Fabric is more likely to literally ‘fit like a glove’, whereas rubber may be harder for you to work with. But both have their pros and cons, so the decision is up to you. We chose a variety of gloves in order to find the best of the best.

    Whether you choose a glove or a mitt is down to personal preference too – both will do the same job when removing hair. You may wish to go for a mitt if you are ambidextrous, or if you have smaller/larger than average hands and are concerned that your fingers won’t be comfortable in a glove. Mitts can also have a larger surface area so could be good for bigger animals.

    But it could be quite hard to reach more difficult areas with a mitten, such as legs or bellies. It can also restrict from that personal feel. Again, we chose a selection because we know that having a choice is vital for you.

    We also chose a variety of styles in terms of the surface of the glove. If your pet has medium or long hair, look for a glove with deeper, larger studs that can get through the thicker hair, especially if this is dense. Short studs may be ineffective.

    Likewise, if you purchase a glove with very large studs and your pet’s hair is short, it could feel slightly odd to them so take them longer to accept it. You also have to bear in mind their skin – while it is good for the glove to have contact with the skin, you don’t want it to be too harsh on this.

    Price was something we considered too. While gloves can be bought for inexpensive prices, we found that spending just that little bit more and opting for big brands really did have a positive effect on quality and the effectiveness of the product.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    Do Pet Grooming Gloves Work?

    It could be easy to think that they are not as effective as brushes, but actually, they work much better across the board.

    Not only are they a lot more gentle than brushes on the skin and fur, but because most are rubber, they capture the hair better too. The teeth are spread further apart on the glove than they would be on a brush as well, so it is less likely to just gather at the end of their tail.

    They are also much easier to clean than a brush, so next time you use it, there won’t still be loose hairs on there from the last grooming session. Gloves are also easier to move around than brushes, which is good if you struggle to work with the latter.

    How Do I Use A Grooming Glove?

    Gloves often make it easier for the cat to accept the grooming than brushes. If your pet is particularly nervous, it could be a good idea to introduce the glove during playtime so they think of it as a positive interaction.

    Aside from this, you just rub the glove over their fur in the direction it grows. This will capture any loose hairs in the best way. Go slowly, as it is more likely to do the job than rough, animated grooming.

    Always monitor your animal’s feelings when using any grooming equipment on them. If they start to become frustrated or anxious then it is good to stop.

    Can I Use The Glove Wet?

    You may want to use the glove during a bathtime if this is when you undertake most of the hair removal. It can also help you to work the shampoo into the fur, or keep your hands clean of dirt and scratches.

    Look for a glove or mitten which can be used wet. Most will be entirely rubber so they can be dried easier. Purchasing a glove which can be used wet could also help when you are going to remove every trace of hair from the surface, as it can be run under the tap ready for next time.

    When Should I Start Grooming My Pet?

    Try to start this as young as possible, whether you have a cat or a dog, even if they don’t particularly have a lot of hair to get rid of. This gets them used to the sensation, so it becomes a normal part of their routine. It can also help when cats are learning to groom themselves and will reduce the likelihood of furballs. If you take your dog on long muddy walks, having a grooming glove could reduce the frequency of baths and wipes if you need to remove dried mud, which they’ll be more accepting of if they’re used to it.