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Best Pet Safe Cleaning Products for 2020

As much as we love our pets, they don’t half make a mess around the house!

But cleaning up after them can often seem counterproductive when you consider how many popular disinfectant and cleaning brands contain chemicals which irritate animals or make them seriously ill should they lick up some solution!

Although you might have come up with a brilliant scheme to segregate pets from rooms you’ve been spring cleaning, it can often be easier just to purchase pet-safe products to eliminate the  stress of having to constantly mind your pet post-clean.

From carpet cleaners to hard surface sprays, we’ve rounded up some of the most effective pet-friendly products on the market which will allow your animal to safely intervene while you clean!

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Fresh Pet Kennel/Cattery Cleaner & Disinfectant
    • 20 fragrances available
    • Dilute by up to 100:1
    • Use as cleaner, disinfectant or deodoriser
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    Simple Solution Extreme Pet Stain and Odour Remover
    • Enzymatic cleaning solution
    • Discourages repeat marking
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    Cooper & Gracie Pet Friendly Cleaning Disinfectant
    • Antibacterial and fungal fighting formula
    • Instant, fast acting solution
    • Controls odours and kills 99.9% of known germs
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    The Top 5 Best Pet Safe Cleaning Products Reviewed

    Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator

    One of our favourite brands for when it comes to removing tough and smelly pet stains, this handy spray cleaner from Rocco and Roxie is both effective and simple to use.

    Combining the best in cleaning technologies, this formula contains natural bio-enzymatic bacteria to ensure it can deeply penetrate through seriously stubborn stains and feeds on ammonia crystals and organic matter to remove nasty odours such as urine, faeces and vomit!

    A professional strength formula, it is certifiably gentle and safe for both pets and children, being completely chlorine and colour safe.

    As well as having no hazardous propellants it also leaves no residue behind, so you don’t have to worry about slipping or inquisitive surface lickings post-cleaning.

    Gentle on carpets, it works on a multitude of surfaces from floors to furniture – essentially anywhere stains might happen!


    • Natural bio-enzymatic formula
    • Professional strength solution
    • Safe on carpets and with children


    • Weight: 907 g
    • Dimensions: 12.7 x 5.1 x 25.4 cm
    • Size: 945 ml

    Johnson's Clean and Safe Disinfectant for Small Pet

    While there’s plenty of solutions out there helping cats and dogs stay safe, there’s few disinfectants that advertise their non-toxicity when it comes to smaller creatures.

    So for lovers of rabbits, guinea pigs and other rodents, we suggest seeking out Johnson’s Clean and Safe Disinfectant spray, which features versions for every type of animal.

    This specific spray is designed for small animals and is a fantastic fast action disinfectant for cleaning the home and living areas of your little fluff ball.

    Helping to clean away surface dirt, it’s a spray which effectively destroys harmful bacteria and viruses whilst also deodorising unpleasant smells and leaving in its place a much fresher fragrance.

    Perfect for sprucing up hutches and cages, it’s an incredibly versatile, non-toxic product which ensures the protection of your small animals!


    • Quick and easy spray solution
    • For hutches, cages and animal bedding
    • Kills bacteria and viruses


    • Weight: 699 g
    • Dimensions: 28 x 9.5 x 4.5 cm
    • Size: 500 ml

    Fresh Pet Kennel/Cattery Cleaner & Disinfectant

    One of the more powerful disinfectants and deodorizers on the market, this mega Fresh Pet Cleaner is a professional quantity, coming in a 5L bottle originally designed to help clean kennels and catteries.

    Destroying a wide spectrum of bacteria, fungus and viruses, it eliminates odours and leaves behind an extra fresh smelling fragrance of which they’re are 20 to choose from.

    But whether it’s lavender or lemon that floats your boat, what truly matters is this formula’s effectiveness on all water washable surfaces, making it a fantastic option for floors, walls, cages as well as all your pet’s toys and utilities.

    Unlike conventional disinfectants it has no detrimental effect on pets and so can be used around them with no hassle and without need to constantly re-rinse the treated area. It’s free of phenols, bleaches and pine oils too, meaning it won’t irritate a pet’s paws should they walk on it.

    One of the most economical products available, it can also dilute by up to 100:1 whilst remaining effective, and with a 5L size you may never need to buy another one again!


    • 20 fragrances available
    • Dilute by up to 100:1
    • Use as cleaner, disinfectant or deodoriser


    • Weight: 5 Kg
    • Dimensions: 16.3 x 13.5 x 6.9 cm
    • Size: 5L

    Simple Solution Extreme Pet Stain and Odour Remover

    Simple Solution’s Extreme Stain and Odour Remover has been made three times as strong in it’s latest instalment and is the only formula which combines both pro-bacteria and enzymes effectively to eliminate pet problems at a super fast rate.

    A professional strength formula, it’s specially designed to be able to tackle pet-created messes such as vomit, urine and faeces as well as discouraging repeat marking.

    Certified as both safe and effective, it contains no bleaching agents or optical brighteners and is non-flammable and non-hazardous. This means when used as directed, they are safe to use in the vicinity of your pets and family!

    Perfect for carpets, upholstery, bedding and any other water-safe surface, it utilises a handy trigger spray action for easy, targeted use which kills bacteria in just ten minutes.

    Because sometimes simple solutions are the best ones!



    • Enzymatic cleaning solution
    • Discourages repeat marking


    • Weight: 1.03 Kg
    • Dimensions: 11.4 x 7 x 28.2 cm
    • Size: 945 ml

    Cooper & Gracie Pet Friendly Cleaning Disinfectant

    Cooper & Gracie are highly regarded for their high quality and natural pet products and so it’s not a surprise that this disinfectant offering is one of the safest and most reliable options out there.

    Carefully formulated to keep kennels and pets surrounding clean and free of odour, it can be used worry-free due to its rejection of harmful products such as aldehydes and bleach

    But although it’s safe to use in the company of a four-legged friend, don’t expect them to pick up a mop and help out!

    In contrast to many other conventional bio enzyme formulas, C&G’s solution acts at a much faster pace, killing germs instantly and attacking odours at the source, helping it to protect you, your family and your pet from sickness and viruses.

    It’s also easy to use, with a dilution rate of 10:1, you can simply sprinkle over your surfaces with a watering can or spraying device to enjoy a fresh and hygienic environment.

    Best of all, it features a citrus and coconut scent which will leave your home smelling sumptuous and your mood feeling calmer and relaxed!


    • Antibacterial and fungal fighting formula
    • Instant, fast acting solution
    • Controls odours and kills 99.9% of known germs


    • Weight: 422 g
    • Dimensions: 18.2 x 6 x 6 cm
    • Size: 500 ml

    Buying Guide

    Features To Look Out For


    We don’t mean to insult your intelligence, but the whole reason your here is to find a pet-safe disinfectant, so make sure to read the small print to see how safe it is for your animal.

    Enzymatic Solutions

    When looking for cleaners that are pet safe and also designed to clean tough animal stains, you may often see the word enzymatic used.

    Enzymatic products help break down stains using macro molecular catalysts which speed up chemical reaction, helping to break down tough stains.In the body enzymes help break down different chemical structures for the process of digestion, but in cleaning, they break them down so they may be more easily wiped away.


    Sometimes, when looking at solutions of well over a litre, you may see them being described as concentrated, which means they will require dilution before use to prevent them being too strong.

    The only real negatives of this is that they therefore don’t come with handy spray bottles or some such application method, however they are certainly more cost-effective than any other type of disinfectant.

    This is because for one huge litre bottle, you can often create up to ten times the solution by diluting it, for very little extra price.

    Spray Bottles

    No one particularly enjoys faffing on with diluting mixtures and pouring formulas into buckets or home made devices, so it’s often easiest to just purchase a product which comes in a ready to use spray bottle.

    Sprays allow easier handling and targeting of stains!


    Having one cleaner for carpet, another for floor and another for clothes can get complicated and annoying and before you know it you’re traipsing around a big bucket of cleaning tools every time you spring clean.

    But by choosing a product which works on all kinds of surfaces, you can ensure your pet is safe no matter what they’re putting their paws on.

    Kills Bacteria

    The whole reason people use non-pet safe products when cleaning is because the harsh chemicals used in these sorts of products can often guarantee a bacteria kill rate of 99.9%.

    However, more natural products can be just as potent, so it’s worth checking how broad the spectrum of viruses it fights off is and what percentage of germs it destroys.

    Odour Removal

    Chances are, if you’ve got a pet at home, a lot of your cleaning involves battling against some of the funky smells they leave around your home. It’s therefore important to choose a solution which can wipe out the organically made smells and in particular urine to discourse remarking.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    How do I use concentrate disinfectant?

    When searching for pet-safe products, it’s easy to be put off by cleaning items that need dilution, as it sounds like extra hassle.

    However, it’s actually not complicated at all and often works out as far cheaper and more eco-friendly than splashing out on new spray bottles every few months.

    Most concentrate solutions will describe a ratio in their instructions such as 30:1, and all you have to do is determine how much mixture you want to make.

    Let’s say you’re using a bucket and you need 500 ml of diluted solution to get cleaning.

    To make this 500 ml of formula, you need to split it into 1 part disinfectant and 30 parts water (30:1 ratio).

    To find out how much 1 part is…

    Take the total required (500 ml) and divide by all the parts in the ratio (in this instance 30:1 = 31 parts)

    500ml divided by 31 = 16.12 ml.

    This means one part is around 16ml.

    So for 500ml of diluted disinfectant, you would take 16ml of solution and then add 484ml of water!

    How can I keep my pets safe from cleaning products?

    Other than using pet-friendly products, there are several other ways of keeping pets away from toxic chemicals.

    Firstly, always store your products well out of reach of your pets, as animals are inquisitive creatures and so if you leave them lying around, there’s no reason why they couldn’t end up knocking over and spilling bottles full of toxic material.

    You should also always pay very special attention to the instructions of cleaning products. A pet may only be ‘safe’ for pets once a product is dry and so it will still require you to be vigilant when cleaning.

    Finally, if your pet can’t be trusted not to get themselves into trouble, why not try home-made cleaning solutions such as vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice?

    How much should I pay for pet safe cleaning products?

    For a standard 500 ml spray bottle, you don’t really want to pay anything more than £10.

    For concentrated solutions which can in effect become litres and litres of formula, you will tend to have to pay slightly more, but there’s no reason why this should ever stretch over £20.