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Best Bird Bath For Cages in 2022

Just like us humans, every bird needs a good scrub in the tub from time to time. So providing them with an in-cage birdbath is a great way for them to keep their feathers looking pristine.

Dampening feathers helps to loosen dirt, making it easier for the bird to then preen themselves. It can also trap a layer of air underneath to keep them insulated and warm. After all, your pet bird still has the same instincts as those in the wild.

But with so many different sizes, styles and attachment options out there, it can often be confusing to work out what kind of birdbath your favourite wingman actually needs.

You need to look for something large enough for your bird firstly. A budgie and an African Grey differ in size quite a lot. You’ll also need a cage that attaches to your type of cage well, whether you have vertical or horizontal bars. Getting a birdbath that is covered will help keep mess to a minimum, too.

Birds also love bright colours. So, getting one with a bright finish is a great pick. It will need cleaning and refilling occasionally too, so it needs to be easy to take down and refit without too much disruption.

So to help you and your pet bird, we’ve meticulously searched through some of the best available options for your pet, so you don’t have to. We looked at hundreds of reviews and checked everything against our specifications.

From the perfect pool for a parrot to the correct tub for a cockatiel, there’s something for every bird in our search!

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Savic Splash Giant Bird Bath
    • Giant 40 x 30 size
    • Durable plastic material
    • Easy to clean
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    FunMove Hanging Bird Bath
    • Mirror to hold bird’s attention
    • Multi-purpose - use as bath or bowl
    • Fits any cage
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    JW Pet Company Insight Bird Bath
    • Quick, screw on attachment
    • Fits small and medium cages
    • For parakeets and similarly sized birds
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    The Top Cage Bird Baths Reviewed

    Caldex Classic Birdie Bath

    Coming in a classic pod design, this bird bath for budgie cages attaches to the opening of your buddy’s home with a simple plastic hook system, instantly creating a private bathroom extension to their cage!

    The transparent plastic cover creates a fantastic contained atmosphere, meaning your winged wonder can flap and splash around to their heart’s content, without creating puddles to rival Lake Windermere. It also means you can easily see what your bird is getting up to through the screen, so you can always ensure they are safe and not getting up to no good!

    This prevention of water spillage is crucial, as it helps keep their cage as clean and tidy as their bath will their feathers!

    At just 16 x 16 cm, this particular bath is best for small species such as budgies and canaries.


    • Water spillage protector
    • Installs onto most bird cages
    • For budgies and canaries


    • Weight: 140 g
    • Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 13 cm

    Savic Splash Giant Bird Bath

    For those who like their birds a little bigger, it can be difficult to find a bird bath that can accommodate the impressive wingspan of pet favourites such as the parrot.

    However there are solutions for keeping even the grandest of birds clean, and one such way is with the Savic Splash Giant Bird Bath.  As opposed to most bird baths, this is more of a bath house, coming in at a mammoth 40 x 30 cm size, which can be clipped onto almost any cage with its roof fixing hooks.

    As well as being roomy, it also makes your pet’s comfort a priority over anything else, providing a sleek, wooden inner perch for them to rest on while dipping in and out of the water.

    Whether you’re just looking to please a parrot or need a spa retreat for your aviary, it doesn’t get much bigger or better than this!


    • Giant 40 x 30 size
    • Durable plastic material
    • Easy to clean


    • Weight: 980 g
    • Dimensions: 40.1 x 29 x 21.3 cm

    Ferplast Trevi Bird Bath

    Suitable for budgies and other small birds, the Ferplast Trevi Bird Bath might not be quite as luxurious as the Roman fountain, but it certainly still does the job.

    Letting your avian friend fulfil their natural desire to bathe, this great little bath should help satisfy their needs and instincts, while a semi-transparent cover keeps splashing to a minimum and allows you to keep a close eye on your pet. To be used in tandem with a cage door opening, it’s simply attached via plastic hooks, for a no-nonsense , secure set-up.

    It’s also one of the nicer models to manage in terms of cleaning, as the base of the bath can be easily detached to make getting into every nook and cranny a simple task come wash-up time!


    • Suitable for smaller birds
    • Semi-transparent cover to keep an eye on bird
    • Easy to detach


    • Weight: 99.8 g
    • Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 14 cm

    FunMove Hanging Bird Bath

    One of the more fun and quirky bird bath products out there, FunMove’s model comes in a design not too dissimilar from our own bath tubs!

    Made of a durable and non-toxic plastic, the hanging bath is easily attached to the inside or outside of a bird’s cage with screw fitting and when filled with water helps your bird rehydrate and rid themselves of feather dust and parasites.

    It’s stable and hard to move to create less mess and an innovative mirror attachment inside the tub makes this a fun and appealing activity for birds to get involved with even when not going for a wash. Because if you think you’re vain, you just wait until your budgie gets a good look at itself!

    Unlike a lot of the other products on the market though, this hanging bath does not come with a cover/splash protector. So if keeping a bird cage tidy is already a struggle for you, this bath might be an addition which only adds to your stress!

    However, with a small size that’s perfect for budgies and smaller birds, it won’t make too much mess and remains the cutest option out there.


    • Mirror to hold bird’s attention
    • Multi-purpose - use as bath or bowl
    • Fits any cage


    • Weight: 81.6 g
    • Dimensions: 19.8 x 15.8 x 6 cm

    Trixie Semi-Circular Bath House

    By far the easiest to use birdie bath tub on the market, this structure for canaries, finches and budgies is an all-in-one plastic container which can be simply hooked onto your bird cage entrance.

    This makes it far more secure than other baths which require you to clip or attach a bath base and protective screen together, as there’s now no chance of your bath ever falling apart or breaking!

    A deep structure, it can also hold a lot more water than some of the other models and so provides the perfect place for your pet to preen it’s feathers and rehydrate!


    • Easy hanging hooks attachment
    • Non-splash container design
    • For small birds


    • Weight: 4.54 g
    • Dimensions: 17 x 15.5 x 15.5 cm

    Hagen Vision Bird Bath Cage

    If you’re looking to add a little flair to your bird cage with a necessary accessory, this unusual orb-like bird bath from Hagen might just do the trick.

    Both colourful and practical, it comes in the form of a transparent plastic sphere which gives a bubble-like appearance and offers a fantastically futuristic extension for your bird’s home.

    A textured anti-slip base ensures your pet can bathe comfortably without hurting themselves or falling and the pod itself fixes inside a cage without utilising the cage door, meaning it’s no hassle to set up.

    Although designed for Hagen Vision model cages, it does also fit the majority of standard wire cages and naturally keeps mess down to a minimum thanks to its secluded pod shape.


    • Textured anti-slip base
    • Attractive orb aesthetic
    • Safe and practical design


    • Weight: 181 g
    • Dimensions: 15.2 x 8.4 x 15.2 cm

    Trixie Large Bath House

    Another spacious ‘bath house’ design to help accommodate larger birds, this Trixie model may be great for helping parrots spruce up, but it’s also an even better chance to give your budgie their very own swimming pool!

    A medium sized item, Trixie’s Bath House consists of a non-toxic plastic base which is then clipped to a splash protective cover and further connected via some adjustable plastic hooks.

    These adjustable hooks make it a doddle to fit the bath to almost any cage without issue, while specially designed hexagonal screws ensure it remains stable.

    Beware though that this bath works by utilising the cage door, so ensure the dimensions of this bath roughly match up with your door space before purchasing!


    • Can accommodate large birds
    • Adjustable attachment hooks
    • Non-toxic materials


    • Weight: 4.54 g
    • Dimensions: 21 x 21 x 19 cm

    JW Pet Company Insight Bird Bath

    Yet another fantastic pod structure, JW’s Insight Bird Bath is one of our favourite’s in terms of the design and security it offers.

    A simple vice attachment allows you to easily clip the bathing pod onto the main door of most small and medium cages, while an entirely contained transparent cover prevents any water from splashing inside or outside their home.

    But as well as being practical, it’s pretty too, with a brightly coloured base and see-through screen so you can observe your pet having fun and enjoying their bath.

    For parakeets and similarly sized birds only, it’s an intelligent structure that keeps birds clean and bird cages dry!



    • Quick, screw on attachment
    • Fits small and medium cages
    • For parakeets and similarly sized birds


    • Weight: 186 g
    • Dimensions: 16.5 x 16.5 x 16.5 cm

    Living World Cockatiel Bath

    Living World are one of the most well respected brands in the pet market and the efforts they’ve gone to ensure every species of bird gets the perfect bath for them is to be applauded!

    This is their Cockatiel Bird Bath, a spacious tub designed to give cockatiels hours of safe, fun and relaxing bathing. It’s innovative design means it works brilliantly as either an attachable room at the cage door opening, or as just a free-standing bath within their home for your bird to pop in and out of at their leisure.

    Unlike a lot of models, it’s also designed to keep birds comfy, with a convenient perch placed within the structure. This is more likely to entice birds into their bath, and also makes the tub just a nice area for birds to congregate and hang out, with added health benefits!

    Made of durable plastic, it’s quick to clean and is also suitable for a variety of other larger sized birds should you feel cockatiels shouldn’t get to have all the fun!


    • Durable, easy clean plastic
    • Attach to cage or use as free-standing tub
    • Contains convenient perch


    • Weight: 386 g
    • Dimensions: 11.4 x 15.2 x 23.6 cm

    Buying Guide

    How we selected the best bird baths for indoor cages

    Naturally, you want your bird to be able to fit into their bath structure and so it’s incredibly important you check the dimensions of the birdbath to ensure your feathered friend will fit. However, most products will state clearly what sort of birds they can accommodate and so you hopefully won’t have to get too scientific with measurements. We disregarded any which had reviews stating they didn’t come as sold.

    We also looked for screens and protective covers. Birds aren’t one bit concerned about how much water they waste and so it can be a good idea to use a bath with a protective covering that keeps splashing down to a minimum and stops the cage or outside of it accumulating puddles and dampness.

    By far the most important thing to look out for is how the bath actually attaches itself to a birdcage. For example, we took care to notice things such as if the bath can only be attached to cages with horizontal bars, which obviously, is going to be a waste of time if your cage boasts vertical ones.

    The easiest attachment features are usually basic hanging hooks which require very little thought or effort on your part, however, they are obviously therefore not the most secure.

    For maximum security, things like vices, screws and clamps provide the most fixed and stable structures and are usually screwed onto the bars with very little effort. This is important for anyone with a larger heavier bird, too.

    For a long-lasting product, you want something that’s durable and non-toxic for your birds. Most birdbaths are made out of plastic, as this makes them lightweight and easy to mould into container shapes. This was our go-to when finding the best. They’re much easier to clean than wood, even if they may not seem as environmentally friendly.

    Also, look for something which provides shallow water. This will mimic what they’d use in the wild, like puddles or wet grass.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    Do caged birds need a bath?

    We know bird baths are popular for wild birds in our gardens, but what about pet birds?

    Bathing is still vital for the proper maintenance of feathers. Getting their feathers wet encourages cleaning and preening, and removes any dirt to ensure they always look and feel their best.

    Because the air in our homes is dry thanks to central heating, feathers and skin need extra encouragement to stay healthy. Birds should bathe daily and be encouraged to do so.

    Dirty feathers are more susceptible to disease and bacteria. Not only does this lead to dull plumage, but they could lose feathers which prevents insulation and causes chills and sickness. A simple daily bath can solve this.

    Don’t bathe them yourself – this could be stressful. If they need encouragement, a gentle spray with water and playing with the water in the bath could help. Budgies particularly love to be sprayed.

    Which colour birdbath should I buy?

    In the wild, colourful birdbaths attract birds. The same applies to your pets! Hence, most are bright colours.

    Which colour doesn’t matter, but do try to opt for something bright and eye-catching.

    How much should a bird bath cost?

    In general, bird baths tend to be around the £10 – £15 range, with much larger models potentially stretching to £20

    Much smaller or more basic plastic options may also drop to as low as £5.

    What size bird bath does a parrot need?

    To accomodate a bird as big as a parrot, you’ll definitely need to seek out a roomier bath house. A 20 x 20 cm size bath should be able to accommodate small to medium-sized parrots, but for the likes of a macaw, you’ll need to purchase a far bigger size of around 40 x 30 cm.