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Best Soft Dog Crates For 2021

When whisking your dog away on an adventure or holiday, it can often be difficult to create a comforting environment for them to feel at ease in.

However, soft dog crates have proven to be a fantastic solution, providing your pup with a little home from home with an easily portable and cosy kennel!

Soft-side models are now the chosen crate for dog owners always on the move, but should you join the revolution?

Whether you just want a comfier crate for your canine or you desperately need a 2-in-1 pet carrier, we’ve dipped our paws into the market to find the best soft dog crates for you and your pooch!

Not what you were looking for? We’ve also reviewed the best dog crates and cages, and car crates.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Crufts Soft Dog Crate
    • Official Crufts logos
    • 2 free fabric bowls included
    • 3 doors with roll down blinds
    Check Price
    Pets At Home Fabric Kennel
    • Suitable for indoor & outdoor use
    • Four-sided mesh walls for good ventilation
    • Tear-resistant fabric
    Check Price
    Amazon Basics Premium Portable Soft Pet Crate
    • Fleece pet bed included
    • Shoulder strap for easy carrying
    • Easy fold-down for storage
    • 5 different colours available
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    The Top 8 Soft Dog Crates Reviewed

    Crufts Soft Dog Crate

    If you’re after distinction for your classy canine, it doesn’t get more official than this Crufts soft dog crate!

    Made from a strong tubular framework, the crate boasts an easy to erect structure in a green and grey design adorned with official Crufts logos.

    But far from being style over substance, the cage has plenty of features which make it a cut above the rest in both reputation and function!

    Each crate comes with two free fabric bowls for water and food, as well as security straps to fix your crate in place when travelling by car. A storage pouch offers a nifty space for treats and toys, and there are also three meshed windows for ventilation and easy access.

    And as if that wasn’t enough, it’s also The Kennel Club’s recommended soft crate of choice.

    It’s a crate of the highest order!


    • Official Crufts logos
    • 2 free fabric bowls included
    • 3 doors with roll down blinds


    • Sizes: 24", 30", 35"
    • Dimensions: 76 x 55 x 62 cm (30")
    • Weight: 2.5 kg (30")

    Henry Wag Folding Fabric Travel Crate

    Perfect if your dog needs their own space to relax, the Henry Wag Folding Fabric Travel Crate can easily be popped up when required and then stored flat when not.

    It is available in sizes from Small right up to Jumbo, with a good guide on which to pick for your dog. To assemble it, it just zips together, and fabric mesh panels on three sizes will ensure they can still see out and have enough air. There are flap covers just in case this isn’t needed though, for instance, if they are in a place which makes them nervous.

    The inner floor panel with foam insulation is washable which is good for mud or accidents. Each crate includes a faux Sheepskin/nylon pad, carry case and pegs to secure the crate to soft ground which is good if you want something which you can take camping.


    • Easy to store away
    • Can be fastened to ground


    • Sizes: S, M, L, Jumbo, Giant
    • Dimensions: Small 47 x 36 x 40cm, Giant 102 x 71 x 79cm
    • Weight: 2.3kg

    Pawhut Folding Fabric Soft Pet Crate

    While plenty of soft dog crates make life easier for owners, nowhere near enough of them actually benefit your pup. Because even if a crate has all the innovations in the world, if your dog doesn’t find it comfortable, they won’t like using it!

    Luckily Pawhut has thought of that by adding a warm lambswool mat to the soft crate. Not only is Pawhut’s crate incredibly cosy, but it’s also practical and durable with 600D oxford material outer fabric that’s water-repellent with a PVC coating as well.

    The crate can be anchored into the ground with the supplied loop and ground stakes if you want to take it outside, or it can be folded up and carried in a bag. There’s also a handle on top of the crate for easy transportation as well.


    • Removal lambswool mat
    • Mesh windows on all sides for four way air flow
    • Durable pet carrier design


    • Size: One Size (suitable for small dog or puppy)
    • Dimensions: 46 x 36 x 41 cm
    • Weight: 1.15kg

    Pets At Home Fabric Kennel

    Although soft crates provide a fantastic, portable alternative to wire dog crates, their fabric material is not always the strongest against dogs that like to scratch and tear.

    This is where nylon mesh can be a dog owners best friend. Significantly more durable than polyester, nylon won’t succumb so easily to claws and biting!

    Not only is mesh sturdier, but it’s also great for proper ventilation as well, so your dog will feel even more comfortable thanks to the four mesh walls within this crate. And since it is an easy pop-up design, you can take it with you to the park or a beach when your dog needs a little shelter from the elements.


    • Suitable for indoor & outdoor use
    • Four-sided mesh walls for good ventilation
    • Tear-resistant fabric


    • Sizes: L
    • Dimensions: 55 x 85 x 65 cm
    • Weight: 5-6 kg

    Amazon Basics Premium Portable Soft Pet Crate

    Let’s be honest, a lot of what you’re looking for in a soft dog crate is portability.

    You need a home for your pet which you can take you from A-Z with absolutely no fuss, and this Premium Portable model from AmazonBasics could hopefully be just that!

    It’s a great option for travel-anxious pets, as unlike other dog crates, it offers a high-ceilinged interior to ensure that your prized pooch has plenty of room and doesn’t feel claustrophobic or caged. It even includes a free fleece pet bed, so your dog is always comfortable, and thankfully won’t need too much enticing to get inside! A top handle and adjustable strap make coming and going a breeze, and there is also plenty of storage options for treats, toys and more.

    It’s the stress-free travel survival kit that you and your mutt have both been begging for!


    • Fleece pet bed included
    • Shoulder strap for easy carrying
    • Easy fold-down for storage
    • 5 different colours available


    • Sizes: 21" (53 cm), 30" (76 cm), 36" (91 cm), 39"(1 m)
    • Dimensions: 66.5 x 45.2 x 46 cm - 106.4 x 78.5 x 78 cm
    • Weight: 1.64 kg - 5.9 kg

    Petsfit Indoor Dog House

    If you’re looking for a soft crate that gives off less of a travel bag vibe, this Indoor Dog House from Petsfit finally gives your pooch their very own luxury room in the house!

    Coming in a lush oxford cloth design, this four-poster dog bed makes the perfect accent to any home and comes with a washable, soft fleece mat to turn your pet’s home into a palace. Three zipper entries offer an open and spacious feel, and a patented steel frame provides a sturdy structure.

    It’s best used as an indoor home for your pup, as although it provides easy set-up and fold-down storage for travelling, it’s small handles don’t make it the easiest to carry once a pet is inside.

    The fabric used by this crate is also not the strongest material, so if your mischievous mutt loves to tear it up at all times, it’s not going to be the right option for you.


    • Patented steel inner-frame for sturdiness
    • Clips to secure door zippers
    • Removable and washable soft pet pad


    • Sizes: S, M, L
    • Dimensions: 51 x 43 x 41 (S) 76 x 51 x 48 (M) 92 x 60.2 x 7.6 (L)
    • Weight: 3 kg (S) 2.5 kg (M) 4.6 kg (L)

    Fauna Dog Puppy Lightweight Grey Travel Crate

    Able to act as the perfect travel crate, this soft carrier with a sturdy lightweight frame for extra support and stability is secure and able to hold its shape.

    There are mesh windows for ventilation and to allow your dog to see out. The zippers will lock for safety, which is great if you’re using public transport, and two accessory pouches will keep items such as treats and collars or leads to hand.

    Despite being sturdy and well built, it goes up in seconds and can easily be taken down and stored when not in use. Available in three sizes, you will be able to choose the one which best suits your breed.


    • Top and side entry
    • Machine washable soft felt pad
    • Ventilation mesh


    • Sizes: S, M, L
    • Dimensions: 60 x 42 x 42cm - 91.4 x 63.5 x 63.5cm
    • Weight: 2.98kg - 5.01kg

    AmazonBasics Folding Soft Dog Crate

    Providing comfort and convenience, this AmazonBasics Folding Dog Crate lets you and your prized pooch set up home just about anywhere!

    Perfect for vacations or visiting friends, this soft-side dog crate uses a pop-up design, meaning it can be set up or folded down in seconds without the need for any tools.  For dog owners on the move, this makes it far more practical than a wire crate as you can continue crate training your dog whether home or away!

    Bone-shaped black mesh windows offer ventilation and views, while a three-sided zipper door allows you to roll up the fabric walls and secure to its roof, creating a kind of doggy gazebo. This gives your pup easy access to their den on hot summer days, and it can alternatively be zipped shut to keep your pet secured safely inside come winter. A door on the roof also allows you to carefully place your pup into their crate, should ushering them in ever be a problem.

    Because sometimes basic is best!


    • Sets up in seconds
    • Ventilating mesh windows
    • Crate sizes for dogs from 15-80 lbs!
    • Soft, polyester fabric


    • Sizes: 21”, 26”, 30”, 36”, 42”
    • Dimensions: 53 x 39.2 x 39.2 cm - 106 x 78 x 78 cm
    • Weight: 1.92 kg - 4.77 kg

    Buying Guide

    How To Choose A Soft Dog Crate

    If you’re looking at soft dog crates, chances are you’ve already realised wire crates aren’t the best option for you or your pup. But while a soft-side crate will undoubtedly make a comfortable spot for your prized pooch, they are several key features you need to look out for depending on what you want to use your crate for, especially if you plan on taking it on trips!


    Unfortunately, most soft crates are only suitable for smaller dogs, so be sure to really pay attention to the size of your crate. You don’t want your pup to feel confined, and so the ideal crate should offer them plenty of room for them to move around in. If you’re not sure about the size of your dog and what they’ll need, please consult our crate size by breed and weight guide further below.


    If you want to be able to move your pet’s portable home around at will, you’re going to need it to be as lightweight as possible! Luckily, most soft crates are generally light anyway due to their materials, but if you’re purchasing a particularly large one, make sure to check the specified weight of the product to make sure you can lift it!


    As well as the crate being lightweight, if you plan on transferring it around, you’ll need it to have suitable handling. Things like long top handles and adjustable over-the-shoulder straps can make life a lot easier!

    Foldability For Easy Set Up and Storage

    Many soft-sided crates are foldable, which means they don’t require tools to assemble. A good soft crate should be a fabric material with an inner steel frame which can be manipulated to pop-up into shape or fold down for quick storage. If you’re only going to use the crate on holiday’s and trips, this is a great feature as it means you can stow away the kennel when not in use.

    Durable Material

    The one huge con of soft dog crates is that they can often be made of materials which are easily torn and ripped. This is especially the case if you’re pup is the type to go out of their way to rip them up! Try and find a soft crate which is made of a more durable nylon or polyester material as opposed to a soft cloth.

    Windows and Ventilation

    Naturally, none of us particularly enjoy being thrown into a box with no windows, hence why prisons have never really caught on. Therefore you need to choose a crate which provides plenty of visuals for your pup to relieve any anxiety they might feel. More importantly, these windows must also offer plenty of ventilation so your pup can breathe easy!

    Comfort Mats or Beds

    Despite their name, a soft crate’s base is never actually that comfy, especially when against the ground or a hard floor. A comfy bed or fleece partition is incredibly useful in making your pooch feel at home, and will save you shelling out for a dog bed to put inside!


    If you want to use your crate outside, it almost definitely needs to provide some form of protection from bad weather! Thankfully there are plenty of soft crates made from tent-like fabrics which will keep your pup dry in wet conditions.

    What Size Soft Crate Do I Need? – Crate Size By Breed and Weight

    Soft crate sizes are usually listed in inches and tend to range between 18” and 42”. However, sizes toward the upper end of the spectrum are slightly rarer.

    Dogs need at least 6” of extra height and width to their crate to be truly comfortable, and so it’s crucial you pick the appropriate size. If you plan to carry your dog while they are in the crate, you also need to check what kind of weight each size can accommodate.

    To see which size of crate best suits your breed of dog, consult the guide below.

    Extra Small – 18″ to 22″

    – For very small dogs under 25 lbs.

    Breeds: Affenpinscher, Brussels Griffon, Chihuahua, Chiweenie, Japanese Chin, Maltese, Maltipoo, Morkie, Papillon, Teacup Pomeranian, Puggle, Russian Toy Terrier, Teacup Yorkshire Terrier, Toy Fox Terrier, Toy Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier

    Small – 24″

    – For small dogs under 30lbs.

    Breeds: Australian Terrier, Bichon Frise, Border Terrier, Boston Terrier, Cavapoo, Chinese Crested, Dandie Dinmont Terrier, Smooth Fox Terrier, Havanese, Jack Russel Terrier, Italian Greyhound, Manchester Terrier, Miniature Dachshund, Miniature Poodle, Norfolk Terrier, Norwich Terrier, Parson Russell Terrier, Pomeranian, Pomsky, Poochon, Pug, Schipperke, Shichon, Shih Poo, Shih Tzu, Silky Terrier, Skye Terrier, Tibetan Spaniel, Yorkie Poo, Zuchon

    Medium – 30″

    – For small or medium dogs of 25 to 40 lbs.

    Breeds: American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Water Spaniel, Basenji, Bedlington Terrier, Boykin Spaniel, Cairn Terrier, Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Cockapoo, Cocker Spaniel, Dachshund, French Bulldog, German Pinscher, Irish Terrier, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Lhasa Apso, Miniature Pinscher, Miniature Schnauzer, Pekingese, Redbone Coonhound, Scottish Terrier, Shetland Sheepdog, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Tibetan Terrier, Welsh Springer Spaniel, Welsh Terrier, West Highland White Terrier, Wirehaired Fox Terrier

    Medium/Large – 36″

    – For dogs between 40 and 70 lbs.

    Breeds: American Eskimo, Australian Cattle Dog, Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog, Basset Hound, Bavarian Mountain Scent Hound, Beagle, Brittany Spaniel, Bull Terrier, Bulldog, Chinese Shar-Pei, English Setter, English Springer Spaniel, Finnish Spitz, Harrier, Keeshond, Kerry Blue Terrier, Norwegian Elkhound, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Portuguese Water Dog, Segugio Italiano, Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Standard Schnauzer, Treeing Tennessee Brindle, Whippet, Yakutian Laika.

    Large – 42”

    – For dogs between 70 and 90 lbs.

    Breeds: Airedale Terrier, American Bulldog, Aussiedoodle, Australian Kelpie, Australian Shepherd, Bearded Collie, Belgian Sheepdog, Belgian Tervuren, Bernedoodle, Border Collie, Boxer, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Chow-Chow, Clumber Spaniel, Dalmatian, German Shorthaired Pointer, Golden Retriever, Goldendoodle, Gordon Setter, Ibizan Hound, Irish Setter, Irish Water Spaniel, Labrador Retriever, Pharaoh Hound, Plott Hound, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Saluki, Schnoodle, Sheepadoodle, Poodle (Standard), Vizsla

    You’ll probably struggle to find a soft crate any larger than this, so if you own a particularly large breed you might have to admit defeat and get a wire cate!

    Other Buyers Ask...

    Are soft dog crates as good as wire ones?

    The best thing about soft crates is that they fold a lot flatter and easier than wire ones, meaning you can take a pup’s home with you wherever you go. If portability is crucial for you, they are undoubtedly a better option.

    Is a soft dog crate right for me and my dog?

    If you have a small to medium dog and are looking for a comfortable, portable pet home, the soft crate is the choice for you. However, you must consider these things before purchase:

    Destructive pups

    If your dog is boisterous and doesn’t enjoy being put in a crate, a soft-side model is not a great choice. The material they’re made of is nowhere near as sturdy as wire, and so they will likely easily escape. And if your pooch just enjoys ripping stuff up in general, you might want to think twice!


    If you’re purchasing a crate for the purposes of crate training, soft crates tend not to be the greatest option. Accidents are much harder to clean up due to the fabric materials, and so will get dirty and unhygienic fairly quickly.

    Can a soft crate be used as a car crate?

    No! Although their pet carrier-like appearance may suggest they are suitable for car journeys, soft-crates are not meant to be used in vehicles! They are meant to act as homes for your pup, and so offer no safety features when it comes to actual travel!