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Best Rabbit Water Bottle for 2022

Rabbits need constant access to pure water. They can drink between 30 and 500ml per day depending on circumstances, so it is vital that they have a container which can hold enough.

This is why many people choose a water bottle which fixes to their cage. This way, the water stays clean, is easy to access at all times, and the bottle can easily be removed by you to top up and clean.

Despite what you may think, not every rabbit water bottle is created equally, and there are a lot out there which are more hassle than helpful. So we have found some which will keep both you and your bunny happy and hydrated.

DON’T FORGET: You will also need set of animal water bottle cleaners to ensure it stays clean

Here are our picks of the best rabbit water bottles.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Ferplast Drinky Water Bottles
    • Secure fastening
    • Flexible in terms of positioning
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    Crystal Deluxe Bunny Bottle
    • Large size available
    • Low price
    • Sturdy metal sipping tube
    Check Price
    Ancol Sippy Water Bottle
    • Can affix to almost any surface
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    The Top Rabbit Drinking Bottles Reviewed

    Ferplast Drinky Water Bottles

    With a choice of three capacities (leaving you to decide whether one big bottle or several little is the best option), this one is a popular pick from a trusted brand.

    Your rabbit just has to lick the end of the spout and they can easily access the drinking water. The remaining liquid will stay safely in the bottle, so it won’t run out or mess up their cage. A coated wire fixture can be attached to wire cages or mesh hutch doors, so it is flexible in terms of positioning.


    • Secure fastening
    • Flexible in terms of positioning


    • Capacity: 150/300/600ml

    Crystal Deluxe Bunny Bottle

    This is the best bottle if you want to leave your rabbits with a large amount of water to be on the safe side, or if you’re out at work during the day and can’t check on it.

    It is crystal clear and durable, so you can see at a glance how much is left. Each bottle is made from fully recyclable bottle material, so if for some reason you need to replace it, the bottle will end up being reused. The good news is that it is practically unbreakable, however, so it won’t be for this reason.

    There is handy capacity graduation printed on the side so you know exactly how much your rabbits are drinking, which is great if you have concerns. It is great value as a bonus.


    • Large size available
    • Low price
    • Sturdy metal sipping tube


    • Capacity: 320/600/1000ml

    Universal Bunny Water Bottle

    Able to hold enough water for the average single bunnies needs, this bottle is simple, good value and sturdy.

    It doesn’t drip or leak, and it is a universal shape and size so should be suitable for pretty much any small animal, whether rabbit or similar.


    • Standard measurements
    • Low price


    • Capacity: 300ml

    Classic Colortone Water Bottle

    These are the high strength Crystal Deluxe bottles but in a colour variety, just in case you want something a bit less plain and boring.

    It is a good idea if you maybe have multiple rabbits or small animals and want to ensure you don’t mix their bottles up when you’re cleaning them.

    The smaller size is only really good for a hamster unless you will want to top it up several times per day, but the largest size will easily see even a couple of bunnies through the day.


    • Colourful option
    • Large size available


    • Capacity: 150/1100ml

    Ancol Sippy Water Bottle

    This is a little different to your usual cylindrical bottles. The drinking tube points vertically downwards so is good for smaller rabbits who could struggle to reach other tilted designs, but it is still non-drip.

    The opening lid is convenient for you to top up throughout the day if necessary, too.

    It can be attached to wire cages via the yellow screw-on clip, which is more secure than wire tags and also allows you to keep it as tight or slack as you wish.

    Or, there are some suction pads which will allow you to affix it to a clean, smooth surface in case your pet is in a cage with one solid glass or plastic closed off side. Small and medium sizes are also available, but get large for a rabbit.


    • Can affix to almost any surface


    • Capacity: 600ml

    Classic Glass Bottle for Small Animals

    You may think that glass is a strange and somewhat unsuitable option for a small animal drinking bottle but it does have its benefits.

    Firstly, it is really hygienic and easier to clean in the dishwasher, which is perfect for anyone concerned about being able to keep everything really safe. This bottle is also made from eco-friendly recyclable glass for anybody who wants to avoid plastic, and the metal tube keeps it chew proof.

    We love the little tiny floating carrot in the bottle which gives you the option to glance at the bottle and know how much water is left but do be aware that glass is heavier than plastic so it will need to be fitted really securely.


    • Heavy and sturdy
    • Easy to clean


    • Capacity: 175/350/750ml

    Pets At Home Deluxe Water Bottle

    Made from tough clear plastic, with sizes suitable for mini bunnies and giant bunnies alike, this is a great bottle at a low price.

    There is a wire holding rod included so it can be fitted to almost any cage, and it is also fitted with a stainless steel twin ball point sleeve to reduce leaking. The measuring guide on the side keeps you on top of how much water is available, and the cap it gnaw resistant.


    • Choice of sizes


    • Capacity: 150/320/600/1000ml

    Living World Eco Plus Water Bottle

    Chew proof, with a safe hanger and attachment for affixing to any cage, this bottle gets its name thanks to the environmentally friendly materials.

    A stainless steel drinking cap and glass bottle are strong and keep everything plastic-free. We like the fact that the back of the bottle is flat so it sits flush against the cage, and there is a little floating carrot which alerts you to the water level if it is otherwise had to see.

    It is a bit more expensive than the others on the list, but the quality is there.


    • Glass is strong
    • Eco friendly


    • Capacity: 355/769ml

    Kerbl Rabbit Water Bottle

    Thirsty bunny? Several bunnies will be using it? Occasionally someone who forgets to top up the water of your pets? (Don’t worry – we all do it).

    This huge 2L bottle is the biggest rabbit water bottle available to buy. It is plastic given its sheer size and can be hung between two rails. The material is transparent so you can monitor the contents, and the water is instead delivered in a small metal cup as opposed to through the tube.

    When the cup is empty, it will refill with water, then when it is filled again, the water will stop the rest from flowing out. For this reason, it is best on bars as it won’t fit through a mesh wire. But it does come with connecting wire, and it is good for rabbits who tend to struggle accessing water.


    • Huge capacity
    • Drinks bowl rather than a tube


    • Capacity: 2000ml

    Large Bolt-On Stainless Steel Bowl

    Yes, we have said that we think bottles are better than bowls for multiple reasons, which you can read in our FAQ section. But there are situations where it will be the best option, such as if your pet struggles to access water from bottles, so this is the best rabbit water bowl we found.

    It clips onto their cage, which raises it off the ground and keeps it away from the possibility of contamination while still allowing your bunny to reach it. They also won’t be able to remove it or drag it around with them.

    The bowl is made from stainless steel and is dishwasher safe and rustproof as well to ensure your bunny stays safe, and the bowl lasts.


    • Bolts on to cage for raised position
    • Stainless steel is lightweight and easy to clean


    • Dimensions: ‎10.4 x 10.2 x 4 cm

    Buying Guide


    A bottle at around 600ml should be adequate for two regular rabbits for everyday use over a 24 hour period, but always keep an eye to ensure it isn’t looking empty. Giant rabbits will need a bit more.

    If you do have more than one rabbit, you may wish to have more than one bottle in the cage just so they both have access to water at the same time. Two bottles at around 300ml each should be ideal.

    But you may wish to buy one closer to 1 litre to be on the safe side or for more than two rabbits. Another alternative is buying one not much more than 150ml and topping it up throughout the day so they always have a very fresh supply of water, but do be aware that this is only the best option for people who are at home with their rabbit throughout the day and can keep an eye on everything.

    As a guide, a rabbit will drink 50 to 150 millilitres of water per kilogram of body weight daily. Every rabbit is individual, but it does mean that the common Dwarf Lop, which should weigh between 1.9kg and 2.4kg, could have between 95ml and 360ml every day.


    Most are made from plastic, which makes them shatterproof and safe to have around your small animal. This will be very strong, unsquashable plastic however so they will remain strong and sturdy no matter how much they are used and handled.

    Some glass options are available too which are great for anyone avoiding plastic, and they are easier to recycle or clean. But they can be heavier so you’d need to ensure it was really secure to avoid it falling off and shattering.

    The big issue is the material of the drinking cap. This should be metal ideally, as then your pet will be unable to chew it either to access the water or out of boredom.


    The majority of bottles will attach to your wire cage via a hook or wire ties. Some come with screw fittings where one part goes on the inside of the cage and screws tightly to the bottle on the outside.

    The latter is usually only best for wire cages and not mesh outdoor huts. Whichever you think is best, just be aware that bunnies could try and chew any fixtures. If you have a particularly frantic chewing bunny, wire ties may be harder for them to access than the large screw caps.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    Can I give my rabbit a water bowl instead?

    Rabbits in the wild will find their water source from the ground, so a ‘crock’ (rabbit water bowl) would emulate this.

    However, pet rabbits could easily find that this water becomes contaminated with hay, food or other items when it is in a cage. It will also evaporate quicker. During summer if outside, it can become contaminated with bugs and anything carried in the wind.

    It is also common for rabbits to nudge bowls and play with them, or even accidentally knock them over when hopping about, which causes both mess and a lack of water – not ideal if you aren’t there to check on things.

    If you do use a bowl, buy one that clips to their cage but they can still access. But bottles have three main advantages: water goes straight down their throat with little wastage, the water is less likely to become contaminated, and it keeps cooler for longer.

    How do I clean a rabbit water bottle?

    As we mentioned in the introduction, it is also worth buying a bottle cleaner. We like the idea of having a set of different shapes and sizes to hand to help you reach the entire inside. Be aware that most animal water bottles are smaller than human ones, so you won’t be able to use a standard human bottle cleaner.

    Use water and a small amount of pet-safe disinfectant. Ensure this is rinsed out efficiently and it is allowed to dry before reusing.

    Some glass bottles can also be put into the dishwasher which is a good alternative if you’re particularly conscious about hygiene.

    What do rabbits drink?

    Just water! You may not like the taste of plain old H2O, but it is the best option for your rabbit and they will be just fine with it.

    So this is what you should put in your water bottle.