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Best Riding Boots for 2022

An absolutely crucial bit of kit for any keen horse rider, the ever-reliable horse riding boot isn’t just needless fancy footwear!

A high-quality pair will protect feet, give better control of your steed, and ensure no slips or accidents when placed in the stirrups.

But with long and short options available, as well as various styles from paddock and jodhpur to dress and field boots – it can admittedly be a confusing experience trying to pick the correct boot for your favourite riding disciplines which will also keep you safe and secure.

So to ensure that you find something which exceeds both professional and personal standards of footwear, we’ve looked far and wide for the very best horse riding boots from adult competition crushers to casual kiddy boots for beginners!

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Dublin Universal Jodhpur Boots
    • Comfy slush moulded upper
    • Durable rubber soles
    • Easy slip on and off action!
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    Harry Hall Frost Boot
    • Fleece lining
    • Dirt & water resistant coating
    • Reinforced inside leg
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    Mark Todd Tall Synthetic Field Boots
    • Practical & smart look
    • Dress lace front
    • Easily wiped clean
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    The Top Riding Boots Reviewed

    Mark Todd Short Country Boot

    An elegant and high-class country boot that keeps your tootsies feeling warm but looking cool, making it an ideally fashionable choice for around the yard and casual rides.

    Coming in a stunning brown leather with a Mark Todd embroidered signature, these ¾ length boots offer a durable rubber sole with good grip and a soft inner footbed, making them the ultimate stable boot in that they are both hard-wearing and comfy.

    Its elasticated side vent and buckle top are the cherries on top of the cake when it comes to achieving the perfect fit and their easy slip on and off action makes switching to longer or dressier boots for competition a doddle!

    We’d recommend these more as a paddock boot, but their large and supportive heel means they are also suitable for casual riding.


    • Elasticated side vents
    • Great for all weather types
    • Fully waterproof


    • Material: Leather, Rubber
    • Sizes: 40, 42, 45

    Dublin Universal Jodhpur Boots

    Jodhpurs are the optimum choice of boot for riders who like to feel flexible and stylish on their rides and this modern shoe from Dublin offers both features in abundance!

    Coming in a fully waterproof synthetic material with leather aesthetic, this snug boot is breathable and offers a strong rubber sole to withstand the pressures of everyday riding activity. Slush moulded for a smoother and silkier fit, they’re also an easy access pull-on boot which provides greater comfort for beginner riders.

    Available in black or brown colours, you can also pick the pair that best suits you and your steed, with sizes for both children and adults!

    This truly is the universal jodhpur!


    • Comfy slush moulded upper
    • Durable rubber soles
    • Easy slip on and off action!


    • Material: Synthetic, Rubber
    • Sizes: 2/35 - 9/43 (Adult), 9/27 - 1/33 (Childs)

    Dublin Universal Tall Boots

    The idyllic choice for new riders, these tall boots from Dublin are a modern long riding boot designed to bring class and practicality to both everyday riding and competitions.

    One thing many boot manufacturers forget is just how hot and stuffy long boots can get, but thankfully this issue has been addressed by Dublin with these boots, utilising a polyester jersey lining to create maximum breathability and increase moisture absorption.

    Dublin hasn’t sacrificed on a hard-wearing outer layer either, with a slush moulded upper, fully waterproof synthetic material and durable sole to increase longevity and give you long-lasting performance when it matters!

    Offering adult sizes and the most expansive range of child options, this is a riding boot that everyone can thrive in!


    • Simple design for new riders
    • Breathable jersey polyester lining
    • For competition or everyday riding


    • Material: Synthetic, Rubber
    • Sizes: 2/35 - 10/45, W or R Fit (Adults), 9/27 - 4/37 (Childs)

    Brogini Tivoli Paddock Boots

    It doesn’t really get any better than authentic Italian leather does it?

    These Brogini Tivoli Paddock Boots are crafted from the smoothest and high-quality leather and as you’d expect from an Italian bootmaker, also one of the most fashionable short riding boots on the market.

    With a reinforced leather panel toe in an enticing brogue design, it could easily be mistaken for a Milanese catwalk shoe, but there’s still plenty of practicality here as well as pizzazz.

    A zip-along front and pull tab make slipping the boots on and off a breeze, while an anti-slip grip rubber sole makes staying in those stirrups a stress-free experience.

    There’s also an included spur stud to help keep your spurs in place and restrict the risk of wear and tear to your beautiful boots!


    • Zip-front for smoother fit
    • Reinforced leather toe
    • Spur stud to prevent wear & tear


    • Material: Leather, Rubber
    • Sizes: 3.5 - 11 (Adults), 10 - 2.5 (Childs)

    Harry Hall Frost Boot

    Straying away from classic leather or synthetic materials, this Frost Boot from Harry Hall boasts the unique material Neoprene.

    This funky fabric is a perfect combination of all the comfiest materials of all time often consisting of synthetic rubber between either nylon or polyester fabric and occasionally some spandex mixed in for added flexibility and stretch.

    As you can imagine then, this boot is quite easily one of the most malleable and manoeuvrable boots on the market, with little need for long foot-swelling, breaking in periods.

    So named due to its suitability to harsh winter conditions, the Frost Boot comes with a fleece-lined foot for added warmth and is dirt and water-resistant with a tough moulded sole to help move through mucky terrain.

    As well as an enemy against the elements, it’s also a sworn ally when it comes to your ease of fit, with full-length zip fastening, deep heel and reinforced leg, meaning they can be worn comfortably around the yard without becoming a nuisance or impractical.


    • Fleece lining
    • Dirt & water resistant coating
    • Reinforced inside leg


    • Material: Neoprene, Rubber
    • Sizes: 3, 4, 8 (Adults)

    HyFOOTWEAR Durham Jodhpurs

    One of the most premium jodhpurs on the market, this HyFOOTWEAR Durham model adds a little extra to the world’s most renowned short riding boot thanks to it’s buff leather upper.

    Cambrelle lining provides a moisture-wicking inner, while elasticated sides and pull tags help make this a smooth and sleek fitting, so you’re literally suited and booted in just seconds!

    Perfect for riding, their heel grip rubber sole offers the very best in stirrup support and comfort, giving you great control and security when riding in full flight.

    Coming in attractive black or brown colours, these jodhpurs are a rare pair in that they are both ideal for everyday use but also elegant enough to stand out in shows, should your competition allow short riding boots.


    • Buff leather upper
    • Cambrelle lining
    • Comfy elasticated sides


    • Material: Leather, Rubber
    • Sizes: 4 - 8 (Adults), 1 - 13 (Childs)

    HyFOOTWEAR Canterbury Zip Jodhpurs

    Seemingly all named after our nation’s most beautiful and adored cathedrals, this is another HyFOOTWEAR jodhpur, only this time it’s been given the moniker Canterbury, which implies these boots really are the cream of the crop when it comes to horse riding footwear!

    A far more fashionable affair than the Durham model, these boots offer a quality YKK nylon zip front for a far slicker slip-on action and some eye-catching elasticated sides in honeycomb hue for breathability.

    Then like all of HyFOOTWEAR’s jodhpur range, it boasts those same enviable qualities of a deep heel grip rubber sole for optimum comfort and buff leather upper with cambrelle lining.

    In these silky pumps, it’s impossible not to be the envy of every other rider on the yard.


    • Zip front
    • Heel grip rubber sole
    • For shows or casual riding


    • Material: Leather, Rubber
    • Sizes: 4 - 8 (Adults), 11 - 3 (Childs)

    Mark Todd Fleece Lined Tall Winter Boots

    A fantastic option for riders who brave all seasons for the love of their horse, these fleece-lined full-length field boots from Mark Todd are some of the lushest leather boots available to equine enthusiasts.

    A favourite of many equestrians, these beautiful boots boast a nubuck leather upper and entire leg length zip to ensure squeezing into them is a flexible and well-fitting process.

    In a nod to the short riding boot, they’re also one of the few long models to feature elastic side panels which add extra breathability and range of motion.

    As a final flourish, they’re also embossed with a Mark Todd Signature!


    • Elastic fastening tab
    • Spur rests & rubber zip pull
    • Nubuck leather upper


    • Material: Leather, Rubber
    • Sizes: 37 - 45 (Adults), Child 32 - 36 (Childs)

    Mark Todd Tall Synthetic Field Boots

    A proper old fashioned field boot with some classic modern twists, this elegant pair from Mark Todd is a superb option for the experienced rider looking for something traditional and smart.

    Designed to provide the utmost in comfort, these leather aesthetic boots utilise a rear zip, elastic inserts and a standard dress lace front.

    But if that wasn’t enough, they also provide a shaped knee to prevent digging and pressure on the back of the leg, an elastic zip guard to stop unwanted catching and an easy wipe-clean synthetic material ensuring fast maintenance and added longevity.

    Coming in adult or child sizes, they’re a recommended boot for more serious riding and seasoned competitors.


    • Practical & smart look
    • Dress lace front
    • Easily wiped clean


    • Material: Synthetic, Rubber
    • Sizes: 37 - 41(Adults), Child 33 - 36 (Childs

    Buying Guide

    Boots To Avoid

    Perhaps in an attempt to save money, or just through their own naivety, many new riders reject traditional footwear when they first take up the reins, believing they can get along just fine with trainers or heavy-duty work or hiking boots.

    However, these people often find out the hard way that these sorts of makeshift boots can be incredibly damaging and dangerous for riders, as they often lack the sufficient heel grip to stay on the stirrups and don’t promote a prompt and comfy seating position. If a hiking boot, they will also usually display a deep or unique thread that increases the likelihood of your foot getting caught at odd angles in the stirrup.

    Types of Riding Boot

    Although there are many different types of riding boot, they tend to be broken down into two main sections, the traditional long riding boot and the short boot.

    Long Riding Boots

    Otherwise known as tall riding boots these are pretty much the standard footwear for riders and are a classic, traditional item used in competitions and designed to provide protection and coverage for most of the lower leg.

    Extending up to the knee, there are a few different versions of the long boot to be found on the market, with each one providing slightly varied functionality to help them thrive in more specific riding.

    Field Boots

    Probably the most popular choice of boot for show jumpers and event horse riding, field boots tend to feature laces to fasten which allows for more movement in the ankle. This helps jumpers easily manoeuvre their feet on the stirrups to quickly change into a jumping position.

    Dress Boots

    A more traditional and formal looking boot, these are more favoured by dressage riders, although they do still get some use in event riding. They are the most commonly worn style of long riding boot and are suitable for every discipline of horse riding. Typically they are leather or synthetic material with a rubber sole.

    Short Riding Boots

    A more casual option for the experienced or simpler, less uncomfortable choice for very young riders, short riding boots are often the chosen boot of those who ride for fun, not competition.

    Unlike long riding boots, they’re also a far more cost-effective option for those on a budget and still provide some great safety features. They’re also a far better general and all-purpose boot because they can be worn around the yard or in your everyday life without looking bizarre or difficult to walk around in!

    The most common short riding boots are jodhpurs and paddock boots.

    Jodhpur Boots

    Coming up just above the ankle, jodhpurs are a seriously comfy leather boot, which offers a lot of flexibility and is generally made of leather. They’re a stylish boot with a pointed toe and low heel and look great out and about as well as in the yard, providing great cushioning material and a weatherproof rubber sole. They tend to be paired with gaiters or half chaps to provide more comfort when in the saddle, but with more added motion and easier wear than a long riding boot.

    Paddock Boots

    As their name suggests paddock boots aren’t generally used for horse riding despite often being sold as ‘riding’ boots. Instead, they tend to be designed for yard and stable activities and all the work that needs to be done when caring for horses. Designed to be able to withstand the muck and the mire they’re far more durable and comfortable than a standard wellington.

    Things To Consider


    Believe it or not, no one wears riding boots just because they look nice! Horse riding boots actually offer optimum support for the heel, sole and ankle for your comfort and protection, helping you maintain a good posture and position on your horse.

    A safe and secure boot should always be closed-toed, with a small tread and larger heel of an inch to an inch and a half. This elongated heel ensures your foot traps securely into your stirrups and won’t slip and slide during rides.

    Riding Activity

    Your riding boots need to be able to provide the suitable fit and protection for the discipline you’ll be using them for! Showjumping and competition riding naturally puts a lot more pressure and demands on your feet than a slow trot along the countryside!


    In general, most manufacturers seem to utilise a combination of rubber sole and leather to construct their boot. However, some models use a synthetic material or specialised fabric and so you’ll need to check what features or hindrances a certain material provides. For example, some may require more maintenance and cleaning, while others may be more prone to wear and tear!

    Material is often the most important aspect to ponder over when it comes to surviving the elements too, with many boots offering waterproof or insulating properties based on their linings or outer layers.

    Easy Fit

    If you plan on constantly switching between boots and shoes, it helps to choose something which provides easy-fitting features. The most obvious of these is zip fastening, which will allow you to open up the best part of the boot in order to easily slide your foot in. Pulling tabs at the back of a short riding boot can also help you slide your footwear on and off a lot quicker.


    Obviously, the most crucial thing when buying a riding boot is to make sure they’re a good fit.

    Looking at the sizings of horse riding boots can be super confusing, but you needn’t panic as this is only because manufacturers differ as to whether they display their size in standard UK shoe sizes from around 1 – 11 or European sizes from around 35 – 45. To avoid confusion, simply consult our size chart below.

    European Size UK Size
    36 3.5
    37 4.5
    38 5
    39 6
    40 6.5
    41 7.5
    42 8
    43 9
    44 9.5
    45 10.5

    Another thing to consider if buying long riding boots is the fit required for your leg. Most long riding boot manufacturers will offer regular or wide fits to provide room and comfort for your calves as well as short or regular lengths so the boots are not too high or short. However, the extra room and length offered differs substantially between manufacturers. It’s therefore wise to always look up a bootmaker’s own size chart so you can better ascertain the perfect fir for you.

    When sizing up a children’s boot, it can also be confusing to work out the correct fit as, after a certain point, children’s sizes reach the very lowest threshold of adult sizes. So here’s another handy size chart, because confusingly a child’s size 9 is far smaller than a child’s size 1.

    Child’s European Size Child’s UK Size
    27 9
    28 10
    29 11
    30 11.5
    31 12
    32 13
    33 1
    34 2
    35 3
    36 3.5


    Although the least important aspect of your boots, there’s no need to purchase an ugly pair of jodhpurs just because they’re the absolute safest option out there. Try and strike a balance between some booties that are going to make you feel comfy and confident as well as safe and secure!

    Other Buyers Ask...

    How Do I Measure For Horse Riding Boots?

    Although knowing your riding boot size might seem as easy as knowing your shoe size, most shoes don’t extend past your ankle and so measurements for a riding boot are a little different.

    So before you wing it on a pair of long riding boots, make sure you have a much clearer idea about your leg measurements.

    To properly work out your size you’ll need a cloth tape measure and something to record your results with like a phone or pen and paper.

    Then follow these steps:

    1. Mimic the horse riding position by sitting on a chair, with feet flat on the floor and knees at a 90-degree angle.
    2. For your boot width, measure your calf around its widest point.
    3. For your boot height, measure from the floor to the back of your knee

    Now you know your calf and leg length measurements, you can consult the sizing charts of your desired boots and be able to work out whether you need wide or regular fits for the perfect fit.

    The size of the boot itself will simply be the same as your standard shoe size!

    How Do I Ensure That I Get The Right Fit?

    Look, we admit it, finding an exact fit for your horse riding boot can be hard.

    Take a pesky pair of jeans for example – your waist size always seems to vary depending on what brand of denim you’re putting on, as all manufacturers’ sizes slightly differ.

    This is the same for riding boots and given how many components there are to get right for a riding boot, it’s also unlikely you’ll find a boot which accommodates perfectly for your exact leg height, width and shoe size, as we’re all very unique creatures!

    If you find there’s no ‘perfect’ boot for your measurements, consider making these adjustments:

    Width and height aren’t available in your size…
    Consider going up a foot size which does accommodate for the length and width. It’s obviously best not to increase this too much (increasing by a half-size is preferred). But if you have to go up a whole foot size, there are inserts available to remove the extra space.

    Calf is too tight…
    The calf of a boot always needs to be the closest to your exact measurements but can afford to be slightly larger to avoid putting pressure on zip-up models. It still needs to be tight enough though so that it doesn’t drop during riding.

    Boot height too long or low…
    How long you want your boot height to be differs from rider to rider and there is no set height you have to choose. But in general, they shouldn’t be much lower or higher than your kneecap.

    For particularly sturdy long boots, people often add a couple of inches to their height measurement so that it is slightly more over the middle of the kneecap.

    Just make sure your chosen boot will not have a height that covers your entire knee or noticeably does not quite reach it.

    How Do I Break In Horse Riding Boots?

    The whole reason many first time riders choose short riding boots as opposed to long ones is because long ones often take a while to break in, as the hard leather needs time to adapt to your shape and soften.

    This can be painful and often ends in blisters after the first several rides!

    Although this is not really the case for a dressage boot, field boots usually do require quite a bit of patience.

    Here’s how to help break them in a bit quicker or at the very least, save yourself from a world of hurt early on!

    Wear In Short Bursts:
    This might seem counter-productive, but introducing your long boots into your routine slowly rather than jumping into competitions and rides can help you avoid blisters and irritation in the long run. We suggest wearing them around the house or going for walks in them every so often before using them for their real purpose. As soon as you feel rubbing or discomfort – take them off and try again later!

    Fake Riding:
    It might seem a bit sad, but as well as walking around in them while in the house, it’s also even smarter to play horse in your home to mimic the movements your boot will be doing. The easiest way to do this is by standing on the edge of the very bottom stair with your heels hanging over the tread.

    Believe it or not, good quality thick socks can be all it takes to minimise rubbing and prevent blisters!

    Professional Boot Stretching:
    Yes, this actually exists. If you can afford it and need to get using your boots ASAP, it’s a good choice.

    Heel Lifts:
    A type of shoe insert, heel lifts can lessen the impact of a boot digging into the back of your leg.

    Leather Conditioner & Boot Stretch Spray:
    Applying products to your boot to help naturally soften and stretch the leather is a great homemade remedy for breaking in boots. These are mostly applied to the ankle area which needs to be able to have the largest range of motion.