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Best Fish Tank Stands for 2022

There is nothing in this world more fascinating and enticing than an attractive aquarium taking pride of place in your home.

But without a quality aquarium stand, it’s illuminating effects on your decor are always a little dulled.

A good quality fish tank stand or cabinet should not only help support the weight of your aquarium but also help elevate it both literally and figuratively in terms of appearance.

Many designs of fish tank stand these days could even be described as glorified furniture, providing you with plenty of room for storage and routing of wires to help make the area around your aquarium stay spotless and ordered.

However choosing the correct aquarium stand for you often means diving in the deep end, as it’s critical that whatever you buy can support your fishies and their home.

So to help you find the best fish tank stand or cabinet for you, we’ve explored the vast waters of the market to help the very best aquarium stands emerge before your very eyes!

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Fluval Roma Cabinet for 125 Litre Aquariums Oak Finish
    • Small opening for feeding through wires
    • Accommodates Large 125L Fluval Roma Tanks
    • Attractive Oak Finish
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    BiOrb Black Aquarium Stand
    • Small and sleek - takes up little space!
    • Supports complete range of BiOrb Reef One Aquariums
    • Flat packed for easy assembly
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    The Top Aquarium Stands & Cabinets Reviewed

    Fluval Flex Stand

    One of the more fashionable fish tanks out there, the Fluval Flex stand is designed to match the shape of its unusually curved Fluval Flex tank counterpart, offering you a more standout and stylish furniture piece for your home.

    Coming in a striking black or white colour, the Fluval Flex is compatible with both 34L and 57L versions of the Flex aquarium and incorporates a useful hollow centre with added shelf for storing food and dechlorinators.

    Constructed of single boards, it also boasts an impressive 11.9 Kg in weight and four non-slip feet to help your tank stay sturdy, levelled and supported!


    • Can be used with both 34L or 57L versions of tank
    • Choose from black or white colour
    • 2 storage compartments


    • Dimensions: 41.5 x 36.5 x 75 cm
    • Tank Compatibility: Fluval Flex 34L/54L Only
    • Weight: 11.9 Kg

    Fluval Roma Cabinet for 90 Litre Aquariums

    This stunning wooden cabinet is a modern Italian-style furnishing which more than lives up to it’s telling name of Roma!

    Designed to hold 90L Fluval Roma Tanks, it brings sophistication and sturdiness to your home with it’s wide, accommodating base and classic look which will superbly match your existing furniture.

    Featuring a discreet two-door cupboard, there are no unsightly handles here, as the Fluval Roma lets the aesthetic do the talking, with a soft close and push action for storing away aquarium equipment.

    Flat Packed on arrival and easy to assemble, this luscious design doesn’t even need a fish tank on top of it to be considered a top of the range home cabinet!


    • Comes flat packed
    • Easy assembly
    • Pleasing finish


    • Dimensions: 71.5 x 60 x 35 cm
    • Tank Compatibility: Fluval Roma 90L

    Fluval Roma Cabinet for 125 Litre Aquariums Oak Finish

    If walnut isn’t really your thing or to your taste, this oak cabinet is a much classier and larger version of the Fluval Roma, perfect for those with bigger fish to fry.

    Just like it’s smaller walnut edition, this stunning piece boasts a subtle and sleek handleless double door design and provides a sturdy shelf inside for all your storage needs.

    With an extra 20 cm in height, it also offers enough space to accommodate the much larger 125L Fluval Roma Tank and features a neat small opening for funnelling away all those necessary but unsightly wires.
    But while they’re both great features, it’s the oak finish alone that really makes this model a big fish in a small pond.

    If having a fish tank is just as much about appearances for you as it is about keeping tropical pets, this furniture is unmatched in terms of style and sophistication.


    • Small opening for feeding through wires
    • Accommodates Large 125L Fluval Roma Tanks
    • Attractive Oak Finish


    • Dimensions: 71.5 x 80 x 35 cm
    • Tank Compatibility: Fluval Roma 125L
    • Weight: 24.1 Kg

    Love Fish Panorama Aquarium 40L Cabinet

    A fantastic budget option for those looking to save some pennies in the frighteningly steep world of aquariums, this cabinet from Love Fish rocks a traditional design that would feel right at home with any decor.

    Designed to fit with the Love Fish Panorama 40L Aquarium, it’s made of thick, high-quality MDF wood to best support your tank and features a fashionable overhanging platform design.

    Unlike a lot of stands, it also features an incorporated shelf to help you keep food and cleaning equipment.

    It’s a modern piece of furniture for the modern tank.


    • Quality MDF Cabinet
    • Black colour
    • Attractive, doorless design


    • Dimensions: 48.7 x 26.7 x 70 cm
    • Tank Compatibility: Panorama 40L Aquarium

    BiOrb Black Aquarium Stand

    A small, sleek and sturdy design, this BiOrb Aquarium Stand is the perfect accent to one of BiOrb’s bizarre spherical tanks of the future!

    A circular platform supported by three monolithic beams, it’s a sturdy feature which is both attractive and delicate, ensuring your living space does not suddenly become centred around an aquarium.

    It also comes flat packed and thanks to very few parts, it can be quickly set up by even the direst of DIY phobics.

    Suitable for hard and carpet flooring it can accommodate any of BiOrbs unique and wondrous Reef One Aquariums, making it one of the most compatible brand options on the market!


    • Small and sleek - takes up little space!
    • Supports complete range of BiOrb Reef One Aquariums
    • Flat packed for easy assembly


    • Dimensions: 35 x 68 cm
    • Tank Compatibility: All BiOrb Reef One Aquariums
    • Weight: 7.71 Kg

    Tetra AquaArt Cupboard for Underneath Aquariums 60 Litres White

    Another solid and superior effort from Tetra, this eye-catching anthracite white fish tank cupboard is perfect for Tetra AquaArt Aquariums of 60L or less.

    Featuring super thick 15 mm side supports and four fixed position anti-slip feet, it’s a superbly sturdy cabinet option and features an elegant milk glass panel door and ample storage space.

    The platform itself boasts a trendy overhanging design, providing more space to support tanks with a larger width and a convenient hole hidden at the back of the piece allows for discreet routing of wires and hoses.

    A perfect pick for those who want something a little more out of the ordinary, but still want the assurance of a sturdy and practical stand.


    • 15 mm thick side supports for stability
    • 4 non-slip felt feet
    • Milk glass pane door


    • Dimensions: 74.5 x 35 x 11 cm
    • Tank Compatibility: Tetra AquaArt 60L
    • Weight: 14.7 Kg

    Buying Guide

    Although it can feel like you’re just buying a sturdy piece of furniture for your fish, picking the right aquarium stand actually requires a lot of thought. Before you purchase one, you need to know your tank inside and out so that you can best judge compatibility and weigh up what size, weight and material stand you need to correctly support your aquarium.

    Here are all the things you need to keep in mind when browsing fish tank stands:

    Types of Aquarium Stand


    In general, these are much taller and sleeker than cabinets and tend to offer a little more diversity in terms of style and shape. They’re better for holding smaller tanks and providing them with a bit of height, as they usually don’t have the width or strength to hold larger structures. Occasionally they will incorporate shelf-like storage inside, but this is not always a certified feature.


    These are stands which are shaped more like a traditional wooden cabinet, providing a large area with plenty of width and support for large tanks. Crucially, they are usually defined by having cabinet doors and plenty of storage space within for placing fishy food and equipment. Or anything else that needs hiding away!

    Things To Consider

    Your Aquarium

    The easiest way to get an absolutely great stand or cabinet which is the perfect fit for your aquarium is to simply buy a compatible model designed by the same brand as your tank.

    This removes all worries or stresses about whether the stand is a good match or can take the weight of your tank, as it has been specifically designed for your very model!


    Fish tank stands come in various different materials, all of which have their pros and cons.

    The most common of these are MDF (Particle Board), Plywood or Metal, with the wooden materials the most frequently used in people’s homes.

    MDF is the cheapest type of wood and also one of the most standard materials you’ll come across, being used by plenty of brands. Fairly reliable, it’s only negative is that it can be quite absorbing and if you have a saltwater aquarium it can struggle with longevity due to high humidity over time.

    A far better material is plywood, which is usually the go-to material for high-quality manufacturers. It’s much less susceptible to water damage and is far stronger than MDF, so provides better durability. They are also often painted, stained and sealed so that their quality-look lasts for a long period of time.

    Although they are a lot more expensive, you can also purchase cabinets made of premium woods such as oak, which of course offer the highest quality available.

    You may also come across metal stands on occasion, however, these are quite rare and are more often than not specially constructed or DIY stands which provide superior structural strength to a seriously large tank! But unless you’re planning on installing a living room-sized aquarium, they’re not really a necessary purchase.

    Stand Height

    If your tank is slim and short, you might want to consider purchasing a stand with some height behind it, as this can help give your tank a bit more sophistication and status within the room

    However, you don’t want it so tall that it’s impossible for you to easily reach in and adjust settings or drop in some food!


    Sometimes cabinets can be in danger of being style over substance and rather than simple access doors they’ll try and wow you with funky sliding doors or pop out draws.

    But you really don’t need grabbing a handful of fish pellets to become a complicated process. A cabinet door and a shelf will do!

    Ease of Assembly

    Unfortunately, fish tank stands rarely arrive at your doorstep fully assembled and ready to go, which means even you DIY phobics are going to have to get your finger out and get building.

    If you’re not always comfortable with furniture builds, then you’ll obviously want to look out for either a really simple set-up or perhaps a ready assembled model.

    But remember, ready assembled models will be a much more painful and awkward delivery process!

    Level & Balanced

    Naturally, an aquarium stand can’t do its job properly if it can’t provide a level and balanced support to your tank.

    Check that your desired stand is as symmetrical as possible in shape, as it’s imperative its design does not equate to one side of the structure taking all the pressure and weight.

    Storage Space

    In our opinion, this is an absolute necessity for an aquarium stand. Because if it’s going to take up that much room, why shouldn’t it offer some spacious cupboard space?

    A cabinet or shelf within a stand means you won’t end up with stocks of fish food all over the gaff and that everything you need to take care of your fishies is always within arms reach!

    Wire Accommodating

    For anyone who’s owned an aquarium for a long time, you’ll know the amount of traipsing wires from heaters, pumps, filters and lights is seemingly never-ending.

    Although aquariums are meant to be beautiful additions to your home, the number of wires protruding from them can sometimes make your house look like an electrician’s nightmare.

    Finding a cabinet which features openings or holes to feed wires through can help you make things look a lot tidier and get a bit of organisation going!

    Visual Style

    At the end of the day, a fish tank stand is just another piece of furniture in your home and it’s only natural that you’ll want it to match your decor and perhaps even become something of a statement.

    There are plenty of shapes, colours and designs out there to help bring style to your home, just make sure you don’t let a stunning aesthetic compromise sturdiness, structure and safety.

    How To Pair Different Tank & Cabinet Brands

    Look, we get it, not everyone can afford to bulk purchase a fancy fish tank and cabinet set, so it’s understandable that many people opt to mix and match between different aquarium tank and stand brands.

    The danger though with plumping for a cabinet not specifically designed for your aquarium is that it might not have the strength and sturdiness needed to support your particular tank model.

    Manufacturers are also unable to promise the same warranty guarantees when their product is mixed with random other items, as their compatibility has not been sufficiently tested.

    However, even though we don’t recommend it, we know lot’s of you are going to do it anyway.

    So here are some things you need to pay special attention too when pairing up two aquarium strangers!

    Tank & Stand Sizes

    The first, most obvious thing to consider when mixing and matching is how the size of your tank matches up with the size of your desired stand.

    You might be tempted to simply look at what litre capacity of branded tanks the stand can hold, but just because a cabinet is compatible with a certain 60L model, it absolutely does not mean it’s going to be the perfect fit for your own 60L tank.

    Instead, you need to be more studious here with your research, taking careful notes of the dimensions of your tank and the dimensions of your chosen stand.

    If a stand suitably covers the base of your tank, you’re one step closer to finding the cabinet for you… but it’s not the only thing to consider.

    Tank & Stand Weights

    Now you know your desired stand can efficiently cover the bottom of your tank, don’t think your job is done, as just because a cabinet can accommodate your aquarium, there’s no promise it has the strength to hold it there.

    You need to remember that the weight of your aquarium is very different when it’s filled with several gallons of water, which provides some pretty severe force down onto the base of a stand. Then there are things like substrate, plants and ornaments to add in too!

    Therefore your stand needs to be packing some serious Kg and this is why a standard piece of furniture or bookcase isn’t going to have anywhere near enough strength to support your fish carrying behemoth!

    Tank & Stand Shapes

    It’s also incredibly important that your stand provides level support to the areas of the tank that need it.

    Some stands have shapes which make them better for circular designed tanks while others require thick, large cabinets that provide support to all four corners of the tank.

    It’s important to note that certain tanks also need different kinds of support. As glass won’t buckle from the weight of water, it only needs support around the edges of the structure, hence why they often have spaces underneath for storage.

    Acrylic tanks though need full support across their entire base to ensure they don’t ever collapse from the pressure!

    Other Buyers Ask...

    What wood is best for a fish tank stand?

    The majority of aquarium stands are made from MDF or plywood and if you can, it’s always best to choose a plywood option over MDF.

    MDF is used by a lot of manufacturers because it is a cheap particle board material and so cost-efficient for them to make. While they’ll definitely hold up your aquarium and save you some dosh, MDF cabinets and stands just, unfortunately, can’t quite deliver as well as plywood when it comes to longevity.

    Plywood is the material used by most high-end brands and is a famously strong building material used in quality furniture builds, so you know it’s a durable material you can rely on.

    Is it OK for a fish tank to hang over the stand?

    When you ask this online, you’ll get plenty of fish owners saying that their own tanks slightly overhang their stand and that it’s not necessarily a huge problem.

    Well, we’re here to tell you that it absolutely is a huge problem and that having a stand slightly too small for any fish tank is an accident waiting to happen.

    Both glass and acrylic tanks need optimum support at the corners and perimeters of their base, with acrylic models also needing full support across the entire base.

    This means that by having areas that overhang, your tank is not getting the support it needs in areas that are completely key to the entire structure staying intact!

    While minimal overhang admittedly probably only causes slight strain on your tank, there’s no doubt you’re creating a ticking time bomb for yourself.