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The Best Advent Calendars for Cats

Advent calendars aren’t just for kids and humans, but they also aren’t just for the dogs of the pet world either.

Your cat needs spoiling just as much, and in the run-up to Christmas, what better way than a feline advent calendar? That way, they get a treat every day, and can also get in the festive spirit.

Below are the best cat-friendly advent calendars around, whether you’re after something ready-made or want to put your own stamp on it with their favourite treats.

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    One of the best brands when it comes to pet treats and this calendar is a bestseller for good reason.

    They’re grain-free and oven-baked, so gentle on tums and healthy as well. The two varieties, festive turkey treats with cranberry and tasty chicken treats with liver, will mean they have a bit of variation to keep them on their toes.

    Enriched with taurine, they don’t have to be a guilty addition to your cat’s diet, and the eco-packaging will also help when you come to dispose of it all.

    This is definitely for those cat owners out there who want to spend a bit more on their furry companion.

    It’s crafted from wood with a natural finish and filled with sparkling twinkle lights, so isn’t going to ruin your Christmas decorations. As it is personalised, their name is engraved in the middle, and there are 24 boxes to open ready for the big day.

    It requires 2 x AA batteries because of the lights, and the ability to put any treats in there is great for cats on a controlled diet.

    This is a really lovely advent calendar idea that is suitable for cats, dogs, and even humans!

    It is definitely something different, consisting of 24 little drawstring bags which can be hung from a tree, as well as a larger bag for keeping them all in (which is personalised).

    They’re available in either red and white or black and white, depending on your decor choices for the festive period, and the little ribbon ties can either be directly hung from a tree or garland, or you can use pegs.

    This is a great advent calendar if your cat is fussy and you think something different every day will be the best approach.

    You get 24 days of small snack surprises, ranging from little fish shapes to stars and flowers. Behind each door is a little bag of several treats, so it is actually a great calendar if you have a few cats but want to stick to just having one calendar to stop any sibling rivalry!

    The calendar has won rave reviews from people saying that their cats have adored the treats, so even if your feline is fussy, this should still be a safe bet.

    The cat always got a hairball? Upset stomach? Trouble with their teeth? Are you always telling them they will have to give the traditional Xmas treats a miss?

    Fear not, because this advent calendar has been made with them in mind. The Anti-Hairball cat treats and dental treats support your cat’s digestive health, killing two birds with one stone and ensuring that they can join in on the advent tradition without any trouble.

    50p per pack will be donated to Wood Green, a charity supporting vulnerable cats, so not only will you be able to put a smile on Socks’ face, but that of dozens of others felines too.

    Something which you can really put your own stamp on, this jar would be great if your cat responds well to “reaching into the treats jar to reward good behaviour” actions.

    The jars come empty, so you can fill them up with a selection of their favourite treats which is a failsafe option. Why pick these over an old jam jar, though?

    Well, they’re personalised and marked with a beautiful lasting finish, as well as being wipeable and washable. You can personalise it with three lines of any text, so while your cat can’t read it themselves (or maybe they can…), you know that it is just for them!

    Rosewood is a well-trusted brand when it comes to pet products, and these treats will go down a storm.

    They are yoghurt and catnip treats, and we don’t know about yours, but that is two ingredients which our office cats will definitely not turn their noses up to! Just be prepared for the madness which may ensue…

    It’s available for kittens over 3 months, and all cats will be pleased that Cupid and Comet left them something and didn’t just think about the kids (big and small).