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The Best Christmas Outfits for Dogs

From the discovery of their new toy and a bowl full of Christmas turkey to the secret biscuits from grandma and the giddiness of their favourite humans… we’ve got a sneaky suspicion that dogs might love Christmas just as much as we do.

And so to help them get into the festive spirit, we’re on hand with our list of the cutest Christmas Outfits for Dogs.

From a casual bow-tie to a full Christmas pudding… we’ve got something for everyone to make sure your pup is party-prepped and family-photo ready.

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    100% cotton… cosy fleece lining… and a cute snowflake and reindeer knitted pattern, this Norwegian pullover is perfect for looking festive yet sophisticated.

    And with a turtleneck, stretchy undersides and velcro tabs, this pullover is designed for complete comfort and will feel as good as it looks!

    Make sure your pup looks the part at the Christmas do’ with this suave velvet bow!

    Red with a glittery gold centre, this bow is festive, elegant and understated making it perfect for the handsome and gentlemanly dog in your life.

    And thanks to the adjustable velcro tie, you can place it over their collar and change the size to fit your dog perfectly.

    Move over Saint Nicholas, there’s a new Santa Claus in town!

    With it’s Ho, Ho, Ho lettering as well as baubles and pom-pom embellishment, The Klaus Dog Jumper is a party in a jumper and will no doubt have your dog stealing the limelight from a certain round, jolly man.

    The turtleneck helps to protect your dog’s neck area while the stretchy material and clever cut of the jumper ensures high comfort and easy removal.

    Naughty… nice… or they tried. We think your pooch will certainly make it onto the funny list with this super cute slogan t-shirt.  It sums up cheeky pups pretty well and is bound to bring some festive fun to the big day.

    And since it’s made from 100% cotton that’s stretchy and breathable, it’s comfortable as well as fun.

    For your little pudding, it has to be this adorable Christmas Pudding Dog Jumper.

    Embroidered with a large sequined Christmas pudding, your dog’s outfit will be kitted out in the sparkle of Christmas and will stay warm and cosy all day thanks to the jumper’s tightly knitted design.

    There’s nothing that says Christmas quite like reindeer antlers and the red and white fair-isle design of this number. Your dog will be snug as a bug in this hooded Christmas pull-over with it’s 3D felt antlers.

    But just be careful that Saint Nick doesn’t mistake your pooch for one of his reindeers.

    If your dog already has a Christmas jumper, why not try something a bit different with this festive cardigan?

    Navy with red buttoned edges and decorated with a 3D Santa pocket, your dog is bound to look dapper and will have the added benefit of a trusty pocket to store their treats in.

    If your dog has a no-frills kind of personality then this jumper will suit them to a tee. Embroidered with the slogan, ‘This is my Christmas Jumper,’ your dog’s festive addition will be great fun with it’s no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point declaration. 

    And the best bit? You can also buy one for yourself so you and your pooch can sport matching Christmas jumpers all day long.  What could be better?

    With brown fleece, white fur lining, antlers and a red nose, this reindeer hat will have your little buddy shining brighter than Rudolf this Christmas.

    The hat comes complete with a fleece lining and a sturdy velcro strap to help keep it in place, so your pet can join in on the festive fun in comfort.

    If you’re looking for the perfect festive accessory for the Christmas family photo, these festive Sparkly Reindeer Antlers are perfect. 

    With cute gold glitter ears and adorable holly detailing, this headpiece is a great way to add some quick Christmas magic for dogs that don’t like to wear clothing for a long period of time.  They’re designed to fit comfortably on your dogs head and are easy to use so you can quickly whip them on when the camera comes out and off again afterwards.

    Make your puppy’s first Christmas magical with this adorable Santa Claus cape. With adjustable straps for a comfortable but snug fit, this festive outfit is perfect for keeping your little buddy warm through the chilly season.

    What do you get when you put your dog in a penguin jumper? Cuteness overload!

    From the experts in dog couture, House of Paws offers another great choice with this knitted grey jumper that has a baby penguin embroidered on.

    You’ll have the family cooing over your pup all through the big festive day.

    Whether you call it a neckerchief, bandana or cravat, there’s no denying that this doggy accessory looks super cute. Your dog can celebrate this season the refined way thanks to this Christmas cravat that oozes sophistication.

    And with a soft, fleece-like material and a red tartan design with embroidered snowflakes, it’s got all the festive feels to ensure your dog doesn’t feel left out of the celebrations.

    Go full ‘White Christmas’ for your dog’s seasonal outfit with this vintage Hollywood festive cape.  With the big red fur collar and velvety cape, your dog will be wrapped up in luxuriousness and will fit in perfectly with piano singing by the fire-side and a cosy sleigh ride while they dream of a white Christmas.

    If your dog really doesn’t like dressing up, why not choose the alternative of collar sliders instead? That way, your dog can still wear something festive for the big day without being bothered.

    The set – a Christmas pudding, a reindeer and a Christmas tree –  is made up of three felt slide-ons with elasticated backs, so they can be attached to a collar all day without your dog noticing that they’re even there.

    That way, you can ensure everyone stays jolly this Christmas.

    Get the pipe and newspaper ready, this festive blue tartan bow will make any dog Lord of the House with it’s elegant and suave design.

    Perhaps the most subtle of Christmas outfits and accessories, the blue and red tartan adds just a little festivity without being gaudy and is classy enough to be used throughout the year as well.

    Whether your dog is going for a cool ‘Jack Frost’ styled snowman or they want more of a ‘walking in the air’ kind of snowman look, this costume will seal the deal. If you’re heading to a party or your pup just needs to stay warm on their walks, this snowman outfit is super cute with coloured buttons, a hat and a snowman face on top. It’s made from polyester that’s soft and fluffy to the touch, so this snowman outfit will feel like a cosy duvet around your dog, keeping them warm all winter long.

    Is there anything cuter than a matching outfit with your pet? We didn’t think so. These red and white striped dog leg warmers and matching socks for you means you can both share candy cane legs on Christmas day. Perfect for the family photos and great for staying cosy!

    The gift can even be personalised and also comes with a Dog IQ test so your dog can show their skills in style while they prance around in their new leg warmers.

    As the ultimate Christmas outfit, this choice is sure to win all the costume competitions with the Santa Claus Riding saddle. As Santa sits at the front, the reins in his hands, your dog is in charge of making sure the presents are delivered on time!

    The outfit is made from felt, making the Santa figure light on top so your little buddy isn’t aggravated by it. It also has an adjustable fastening so you can fit it to your dog’s size.

    Don’t leave the elf on the shelf this Christmas, let your dog channel their inner elf instead with this green and red striped flashing hat.

    Whether they’re a worker bee or up to mischief, this Christmas accessory is great for letting your dog join in on the fun with an outfit that’s not too invasive.

    Things to consider…

    With one of the outfits from this list, your dog is bound to be the talk of the big day and the centre of attention!

    But while many dogs enjoy the fuss and don’t mind wearing clothing, if your dog is feeling stressed or uncomfortable, it’s important to take the outfit off so they can truly enjoy the festive fun.

    Look out for signs of distress including panting, scratching or pawing. If this is happening then take the outfit off straight away.

    As a rule, a Christmas outfit should not be worn for a long period of time. We recommend maybe just using it for the pictures.


    And from all of us here, we’re wishing you and your pooch a season full of joy and merriment!